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Education for Diversity Thesis

… Education for Diversity

Were you surprised at the categories he chose to ground his discussion of diversity?

No, not really, the categories Spenser chose seem to be some of the most important and relevant categories of diversity in adult education, and some of them, as he notes, have been ignored for far too long. Women are an important element of adult education, often because they must continue their education while working and caring for a family, and so distance and adult education courses help them manage their time more effectively. It is interesting that women were some of the first targets for adult education, and that their options were so limited in the past, even though they were often the instructors, as well as the…. [read more]

Statistical Education Trains Students Term Paper

… Learning statistics means learning to communicate using the statistical language, solving statistical problems, drawing conclusions, and supporting conclusions by explaining the reasoning behind them.

There are often different ways to solve a statistical problem.

People may come to different conclusions based on the same data if they have different assumptions and use different methods of analysis.

Once teachers have described their goals for students in statistics classes, they must address the issue of how students can learn these ideas and change their pre-existing beliefs about statistics. Many college-level statistics classes involve listening to lectures and completing assignments in textbooks. However, many teachers are concerned that these activities do not help achieve the goals for their students.

Many researchers have indicated that students are not learning…. [read more]

Education for Hispanic Students in the Elementary Schools of Alabama Term Paper

… Education for Hispanic Students in the Elementary

schools of alabama & the U.S.


Case studies are conducted by many professionals throughout the world and specifically by academic professionals and educators for the purpose of gathering knowledge and data concerning specific topics of interest for the purpose of enlightening their practice and adding to their knowledge in development of curriculum as well for assessing the needs of students and ascertaining what practices are most effective. The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at North-Carolina State University assigns the definition of a case study to be:."..a written description of a problem or situation. The purpose of a case study is to place participants in the role of decision-makers asking them to distinguish pertinent from…. [read more]

Education Theories Knowledge of Learning Styles Term Paper

… Education Theories

Knowledge of Learning Styles, Learning Theories, Approaches to Education

There is a great deal of worthwhile information for today's instructional professionals related to styles of learning psychological approaches to learning, to be found in contemporary literature. This paper will present a review and analysis of the literature, reflecting a diversity of ideas and techniques for the learning process.


In a scholarly article published by the journal Higher Education the author suggests there is a need " redefine the aims, goals, and ethics of research and instruction from a new perspective" (Tynjala, et al. 2003). In particular, the article proposes that the relationship between higher education and the professional working experience genre "...should be examined from at least four perspectives";…. [read more]

Pedagogic Model: Teaching Technology in Special Education Dissertation

… " (Dougiamas, 1998) Such trivial constructivism, though, is the bedrock from which Glaserfelds more radical constructivism springs. He continues to state that because knowledge is constructed by the learner, and because no two learners are the same, knowledge itself is not absolute. There is a degree to which knowledge is an illusion, and every individual constructs their own conception of reality which (while susceptible to the demands of "real" or normal reality) does not necessarily align with the normal paradigm. Constructivism does embrace this relativistic and existential approach to reality, but it also holds as a primary value the idea of constraint which enables the thinkers to participate in social interaction and mainstream reality. (Glasersfeld)

One interesting area of constructionist theory is…. [read more]

Gifted and Talented Education Term Paper

… The concerns over recruiting and retaining minority students in gifted education programs have persisted for several decades (Ford, 1998)."

The study presented evidence of the passing over of the issue of minority students in gifted education by pointing out the ERIC database that produced almost 10 thousand published articles about gifted education, and only 7 hundred of them had to do with minority students and gifted education.

A breakdown of those articles indicates that 1.1% focused on Hispanic-American students (n = 110), 1.3% on American Indian students (n = 132), 5% on African-American students (n = 491), and 6% on Asian-American students (n = 62). "

Further analysis of the topic on gifted minority students and their screening pointed to a further under-representation of them…. [read more]

Best Practices of Reading Instruction for Special Education Research Paper

… Special Education

Best Practices of Reading Instruction for Special Education

There are several things to consider when looking for special education resources in the area of reading. They include the students, their background, program, best practices in reading instruction, analysis of the material for reading and fluency oral and reading. A basic structure for how to best teach reading to these students is vital. There are many reading programs available online and at the local library. Special education teachers also have access to key information and materials, as do schools and businesses that focus in reading training (Special Education Resources for Reading, n.d.).

Reading is the pivotal skill that allows children to achieve at high levels and become reflective, lifelong learners. Becoming a fluent reader…. [read more]

Bilingual Education the United States of America Term Paper

… Bilingual Education

The United States of America is home to a large variety of cultures and languages. This is the result of immigration, and also of many generations of immigrants who have preserved the habits and languages of their home country. This has important implications for the world of language teaching. Children from cultures whose native language is not English, for example, tend to struggle in schools where the only medium of instruction is English. In this way a need arises to uplift these children and give them the same educational opportunities and quality of teaching as English-speaking American children. On the basis of this perceived need arose the paradigm of bilingual education. It is interesting to not that not all critics and educators see…. [read more]

Mixed Research Solution to Help Research Proposal

… Risk statistics supply the probability that the certain student is going to be classified under a particular domain or personality type inside his/her respective group. On the other hand, the aim of the composition statistics is to recognize and highlight the probability that the certain student inside a certain classification (as indicated in the risk analysis) - e.g., mentally retarded-- will be of a particular race or ethnicity. He claimed this confusion results in the regrettable stereotype that the large proportion of African-Americans have been in special education. This isn't the case, he asserts, as nearly all African-Americans have been in general education structure (Reschly, 2007).

In majority of the stats, the white and Asian schools, however, have managed to provide special education services that…. [read more]

Traditional Teachers vs. Alternative Trained Case Study

… Alternative Trained Teachers vs. Traditional Trained Teachers

High attrition and low retention are serious problems that limit the number of teachers. One third of all teachers leave the field during their first 3 years, and roughly 50% leave after 5 years"

Now, more so than ever, educators must determine new ways to retain good teachers. This research will explore teacher retention and attrition, comparing alternative trained teachers to traditional trained teachers, to discern whether one method or the other results in higher retention. The researcher predicts teachers with higher retention rates are those that have an alternative teaching background. Many studies suggest now, more so than ever before, school need to look at alternative forms of training so teachers are more inclined to stick with…. [read more]

Distance Learning Term Paper

… Both the lecture sessions and the course laboratory require substantial individual study, concentration, and practice to demonstrate mastery of related concepts. Likewise, ME 172 has enduring linkages to industrial practices.

The Distant Education component offered a fifty-minute connection made three times a week for fifteen weeks during each semester. Collaborating students from both University locations were required to complete nineteen laboratory exercises (ten tutored lessons, and nine production drawings -- including final assembly drawings), using the Pro/E software to model and define each mechanical component or assembly. The Pro/E software was resident only at Brigham Young University's CAD Laboratory. Before the professors assigned each lab project, a live lab session was conducted, similar to the lecture periods. The only difference being that instead of PowerPoint…. [read more]

Studying the Impacts of Globalization on Tools and Facilities in Iranian Education System Article

… Iran Edu

Added Text in Introduction:

Nowadays, the role of Information and Communication Systems in simplifying the flow of information and preparing the path for decision making is clear to almost everyone. Development of the availability of communicating in the shortest time has conquered the time and has led to some new circumstances or so-called "Globalization (Shahi et al., 2008).

According to Ginkel, these changes were rooted underground about half a century ago (Ginkel, 2002). One the other hand, Madison regards globalization as an advanced human dynamic (Madison, 2001). Alberto believes that modernity has come to an end and a new era has begun in which the world has completely changed and is approaching to become a whole unit (Alberto, 2001). Based on Charlton and…. [read more]

Australian Doctoral Students Educational Institutions Term Paper

… ¶ … Australian Doctoral Students

Educational institutions around the world have undertaken various benchmarking initiatives in recent years in which they compare themselves to other universities on various metrics in an effort to document their current levels of performance and to identify opportunities for continuous self-improvement. This study on the research experience of doctoral students will compare students enrolled in traditional PhD and taught/professional doctorate programs such as DBA, EdD, using the "Postgraduate research experience questionnaire"; in addition, the study uses a qualitative method for interviewing respondents to compare the interview data with the publications "Research training in doctoral programs: What can be learned from professional doctorates" and "The doctoral education experience: Diversity and complexity." An introduction to the issues involved is provided in the…. [read more]

Higher Edu Program Eval Higher Education Term Paper

… Higher Edu Program Eval

Higher Education

Program Evaluation

The objective of this work is to explore the institutions' requirement of community colleges in evaluating their programs of instruction. Give of the 77 recommendations of "The American Association of Community Colleges 1988 Report: Building Communities: A Vision for a New Century." This work will further develop a set of questions that might be utilized in the effort to evaluate the recommendations chosen. Statistical methodology that might be used for analyzing these recommendations will be determined and an evaluation management plan developed.

Technological advances in the past few decades are astonishing and with these great technological feats have come challenges in all areas of life and most particularly in terms of educational challenges. Educational provision has in…. [read more]

Learning Styles and Student Achievement Term Paper

… Learning Styles and Student Achievement

According to William Watson Purkey and John M. Novak, in order to teach a student, you have to be able to reach the student. They do not mean 'reach' in the physical sense, as in touching the student, but rather making a mental or emotional connection between the teacher and the student (Purkey, 1984).

Opening up to students is very important for teachers. While it is obviously not appropriate for a teacher to confide intimate personal details to the class, or gossip about others to try to be more accepted, there are ways that a teacher can seem more 'real' to the students. For example, crying over something very sad or letting the students know when the teacher is getting…. [read more]

Inclusive Educational Institutes Term Paper

… Conclusion

With many researches indicating that inclusive education has a positive bearing on academic performance it is definitely a positive move to move towards an inclusion environment. There are two important considerations, which need to be evaluated in context of implementing inclusive education. Firstly the question as to whether inclusion is a complete solution for the students with all levels of disability has to be addressed. As discussed above this question is a bit complex and needs a specific approach based on the degree of disability of the student. Secondly, the effects that inclusion will have on the standard of normal students has to be analyzed. The success of the whole system hinges on the committed effort on the part of the teachers in understanding…. [read more]

College Worth It?' Weighs on Local Students Research Paper

… ¶ … college worth it?' weighs on local students.

The Press Democrat. Jeremy Hay, May 18, 2013.

Ever since the post-Second World War era, a college education has been the traditional path of those focused on professional success in the United States, and elsewhere in the industrial world. As a result, there is a general expectation that pursuing a college degree is, necessarily, more consistent with long-term success in professional life and life in general. Typically, high school graduates are encouraged to continue on to college, whether or not they have any specific idea of what course of study or professional field to pursue. However, the increasing cost of a college education combined with reduction in demand for labor in a less optimistic national economy…. [read more]

New York State Education Department's Special Term Paper


The New York City Department of Education is responsible for providing high-quality educational services to well over a million students in the New York City school system, and a significant percentage of these students have profound learning disabilities that require individualized and specialized services. Because an enormous amount of scarce resources are being allocated for these educational services, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions over time. To this end, this paper reviews the relevant literature to determine the extent to which federal and state mandates are being satisfied and an evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the New York City Education Department's special education services in meeting the needs of its students…. [read more]

Special Education Teachers Term Paper

… The key element is the teachers' perception of threat (either this is self-imposed or imposed by others)." (Kyriacou, 1987).

Further, occupational stress that occurs at high levels leads to dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and ultimately turnover. Kyriacou & Sutcliffe concluded that the work conditions were the contribution factors to teacher dissatisfaction and leaving, rather than the experience of teaching itself. (Kyriacou & Sutcliffe, 1979). The work conditions referred to in this case include the combination of the wage structure and the job responsibilities and the inequities between the two.

Multiple studies have identified causes of teacher stress, identifying commonalities such as a high pupil to teacher ratio, limited pupil progress, unreasonable workload, role overload and role conflict, relationship issues with colleagues, a poor working environment, insufficient wages,…. [read more]

Learning Disability Students Research Proposal

… Inclusion for Children With Autism: Both Sides of the Story

For the past several decades, full classroom inclusion has been the standard for the education of children with learning disabilities. This practice is based on the belief that inclusion in the regular classroom setting will automatically result in positive outcomes for the learning disabled student, as they will seek to mimic the behaviors of the general school population. This may be true for some learning disabilities. However, for children with autism, evidence is mounting that inclusion may have a destructive effect on their ability to socialize and learn. The proposed research will explore the effects of inclusion for the child with autism and its impact on the student.

Problem Rationale and Statement

The Individuals with…. [read more]

Visual Literacy in Higher Education Term Paper

… Visual Literacy in Higher Education

The contemporary learning and experiential environment is highly visual. Students are exposed to Web sites, television and a plethora of other sources of image and visual data. This increase in the pervasiveness of the visual aspect in our daily lives has also changed the meaning of being literate. As Ron Bleed states in an article entitled Visual Literacy in Higher Education, "The Literacy of the 21st century will increasingly rely not only on text and words but also on digital images and sounds" (Bleed R. 2005).

This view of the importance of visual literacy in contemporary higher education is expressed by a wide range of articles, studies and reports. Furthermore, this trend also has important consequences. Not only does it…. [read more]

Adult Learning Adult Education Essay

… ¶ … Adult Learning

Adult education is by and large any type of learning grown-ups get involved in past conventional schooling age. In narrower sense, adult education concerns literacy, about grown-ups being trained how to read the most basic materials. However, some cover almost every aspect ranging from basic literacy to personal fulfillment as a lifelong learner, even eventual achievement of advanced degrees at the advanced ages. Adult education is intended to teach adults how to read texts, common documents like maps, directions and catalogs, and how to make basic calculations.

Adult learning on the other hand this is the ability to imbibe, absorb or remember and apply whatever is learnt in the classroom and as well use it creatively in the daily environment. This…. [read more]

Departmentalized vs. Self-Contained Classrooms Literature Review

… Professional development presupposes that teachers want to specialize in a single area, and for many elementary school teachers specialization was never front and center in their minds when they began working on acquiring their educational degree. Elementary education has typically always been associated with general studies and self-contained classes—so it can be quite a surprise for teachers at the elementary levels to be told that now they must specialize their content areas when the departmentalized model of classrooms is introduced into their school. Additionally, Gewertz (2014) shows that some younger students do very poorly with transitioning from classroom to classroom throughout the day: they are not encouraged by having to pack up their things every 50 minutes or so and trudge along to another classroom…. [read more]

Different Preferences in Learning Between American and French Learners in a Multinational Corporate Setting Dissertation

… ¶ … Preferences in Learning between American and French Learners in a Multinational Corporate Setting

The way training is delivered in a corporate environment has a tremendous effect on results. This study investigates the role of culture in the learning styles of adult French and American students enrolled in online training programs at an international university. Using Kolb's learning style inventory, the learning style preferences of respondents in both cultural groups will be classified as divergers, convergers, accommodators, and assimilators, reflecting their general tendencies toward learning environments as conceptualized by Kolb (1985). The assumption is that Americans prefer to learn from action-oriented methods and are more comfortable learning from activities that are not job related, such as role plays and games, than do their French…. [read more]

Effects Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special ED Students Thesis

… ¶ … technology in learning of elementary school special ed. Students

Action Research Paper:

Effects and Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special Education Students

The use of technologies to assist in the teaching of special education elementary school children presents unique challenges and illustrates how the creative use of Web-based learning systems can accelerate and support the long-term retention of concepts with these specific students. It is the intent of this Action Research paper to illustrate how this is specifically can be accomplished through the use of a variety of teaching techniques. Despite the potential benefits of using technology-based training there is however there is a lack of adoption of Web-based training materials, websites, and strategies specifically focused on individualized learning plans…. [read more]

Statistics Term Paper

… ¶ … Statistics

The intent of this study is to define both the qualitative and quantitative statistical methodologies including the development of descriptive and inferential statistics applied to the field of education overall and school counseling specifically. Each of the qualitative and quantitative approaches to statistics are also analyzed from the perspective of how best they can be applied to educational and counseling situations to best support and serve the student. The specifics of how to apply these techniques within the context of a methodological approach to completing research projects is also evaluated. Specifically focusing on the steps of research design, data collection, data analysis, and the ethics of the interpretation of research are also discussed.

Exploring Qualitative Research Methods in Education and Counseling

There…. [read more]

Computers Are an Underutilized Resource Term Paper

… This study will be of use to the physical education departments and administration of many school districts. It will serve as a springboard for them to develop their own plans and ideas.

The focus of the study will be on the high school level, but the concepts derived from it will be applicable on the Junior High and lower levels as well. They computer technology involvement may not be as extensive as on the High School level, but it will have some use. The focus of the study is on the high school level as these students are beginning to gain exposure to computers in other areas.

The study will encompass only high schools in my state of residence. The reasoning for this is that…. [read more]

E-Learning Master's Degree Program in Teaching Literature Review

… ¶ … E-learning master's degree program in teaching at a University and the important Characteristics of a successful e-learning master's in education degree program.

E-learning is gaining great popularity worldwide for its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and speed of knowledge transfer.The number of students enrolled in e-learning classes has more than doubled in the past three years, from 670 students during the 2005-2006 to1350 students during the 2007-2008 academic year.This growth has meant more -and different - classes are being offered through e-Learning This is a great opportunity for students who are juggling work and family obligations. Some who have started their degree on campus are finding the online option a great way to finish - rather than postpone - their academic goals ( Mclaren 2010).Carnevale (2005)…. [read more]

Educational Assessment Methods and Standards Term Paper

… However, the transition to from traditional to alternative assessments can be tricky at times, particularly when students have become accustomed to conventional methods. Typically, students initially respond to alternative assessments with confusion and frustration, since they are not sure what is expected of them under this new method. Therefore, teachers that utilize alternative assessment methods are trained to explain the situation and the assignment very carefully before students begin their work on the problem, also known as modeling assessment tasks. This action provides students with a framework for completing the assignment using individual skills, and this model creates student confidence in the tasks being performed (Silbermann, 2003). However, it is somewhat of a challenge for teachers when performing alternative assessments, as they must be careful…. [read more]

Effect of After School Fcat Reading Tutoring on 5th Grade Reading Scores Research Paper

… ¶ … Afterschool FCAT Tutoring

Students in the state of Florida are assessed annually by standardized tests to ensure that students are reaching specific educational benchmarks. One of the main areas in which students are tested is reading ability. The FCAT 2.0 tests students in their ability to read against specific benchmarks. This study aimed to determine whether a tutoring-based intervention could help low-achieving students to improve their reading test scores using a pre-post random assignment design. Sixty grade 5 students from an elementary school in Miami participated in the study. They were randomly assigned to either the control group, which received no additional help with reading, or the intervention group, which received two hours of mandatory FCAT 2.0 reading-based tutoring every day after school…. [read more]

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