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Statues of David I Choose Term Paper

… The right side shows David's movement, his stride is almost a leap as he aims his sling; seen from the front the pose is frozen, just one second before the fatal shot, and seen diagonally there is a rhythmic balance between movement and pose."

Contrary to Michaelangelo where David is self-sustained, here we have David, an unseen Goliath in the distance and the spectator who is caught in the middle, sandwiched as it were between David and the invisible Goliath.

A discussion of Similarities and differences


Both Bernini's and Michaelangelo's David's are life-size statues and both opposed conventions by having their David in alternate poses to that of previous statues.

Aside from the fact that both are statues and both portray the same saga,…. [read more]

David Caravaggio the Figure of Caravaggio's "Saul Term Paper

… David


The figure of Caravaggio's "Saul" is sensual and a recognizably physical human being. He looks like a man one might see on the street rather than a Biblical prophet who has undergone a profound conversion. Although the focus of the painting is on the figure of Saul, this converted saint's changed inner life is only signified by the softly glowing light on his face, and the name of the painting. By locating Saul in 'reality,' and even suggesting that Saul might have been taken for an ordinary drunk lying in the street, Caravaggio reminds the viewer of the fact that the figures we read about in the Bible are not stick figures, with no human needs and fears or physicality. This is not…. [read more]

Sculpture an Unconventional Equestrian Statue Essay

… Moreover, the man's musculature is as chiseled and well defined as the horse's. The horse has met his match; free trade has met its match wit the FTC. Using the geometric forms common to socialist art, Lantz also offers a rather compelling view of American commerce at the height of Roosevelt's New Deal.

"Man Controlling Trade" has few absolute parallels in the world of public art and sculpture. Most equestrian statues are rendered to glorify military leaders rather than to impart a democratic political message. A case in point is Andrea del Verrocchio's fifteenth century equestrian monument of Bartolommeo Colleoni, Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, in Venice, Italy. The very pedestal upon which the bronze statue is placed is much higher than that used…. [read more]

Trips Thesis

… I will never forget the visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, which is actually two camps that are a few miles distant, with tour buses running regularly between them. Auschwitz I was the original concentration camp near the town, and I noticed that people were actually living in a number of the two and three-story red brick buildings that had been turned into apartments after the war. It occurred to me that someone would have to be very desperate for housing if they wanted to stay in a place like that, but then again there is even a Holiday Inn Auschwitz for the tourists and a McDonald's too. I walked around inside the gray concrete gas chamber at this camp, which is the only one still…. [read more]

Regarding Donatello's David, Julie Mentions Term Paper

… Regarding Donatello's DAVID, Julie mentions that this magnificent
sculpture "looks like a dandy or a cavalier" and expresses romantic traits,
along with much power and force. According to Horst de la Croix,
Donatello's DAVID, a bronze representation of the biblical David who slew
Goliath, is based upon "a new realism via the study of man and nature,
classical forms and the power of individual expression," all being
characteristic of the Early Renaissance period, circa 1430 when Donatello
created his DAVID. Thus, Donatello "defined and took as his province the
whole terrain of naturalistic and humanistic art," two very important and
necessary traits for true artistic expression during the Early Renaissance
period (de la Croix, 435).
Regarding Michelangelo's superb marble sculpture of DAVID which
exemplifies the…. [read more]

Sculpture Michelangelo Term Paper

… Art

Michelangelo and Me

Michelangelo, welcome to my home. I'm so happy to finally meet the sculptor of 'David,' that most magnificent of creations."

Thank you, your highness. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free" ("Sculpture Gallery").

I am hoping you can do the same for me. My husband, the King, is my shining light, and I wish for you to sculpt him in the manner of David, larger than life, so I may install your masterpiece in my sculpture garden, based, of course, on the Medici garden where you first began your study of sculpture so long ago."

How would you like him portrayed, my lady?"

Heroically, like David, as my dearest husband is my own conquering…. [read more]

High Degree of Misinformation Essay

… Discuss the changes.

Prior to taking this course, in many ways I considered Christianity to be a static religion. I had not given thought to the notion that Christianity changed rapidly in the first few centuries of its practice. I noticed several critical changes in the practice of Christianity in the first century AD and its later practice. The first change was the idea of a Christ centered church with Jesus as the only leader. The second change was the idea of a church with multiple elders to focusing power on a single leader. The third change was the idea that church leadership should remain local to the shifting of power to leaders located away from the church's physical area. The fourth change was a…. [read more]

Art Period's Styles Represent Research Paper

… The statue of David largely contrasts the Artemision Bronze, as the former demonstrates that individuals were no longer inclined to value physical strength during the Renaissance. Instead, they focused on promoting the importance of intellectual power and Donatello thus used the feminine aspect of David with the purpose of showing that people had to focus on more complex matters in their struggle to achieve greatness.

Although it would be difficult to determine the exact effect that the Artemision Bronze has had on individuals at the time when it was created, conditions are different in the case of Donatello's David. The Italian artist performed a daring move by deciding to create the sculpture, considering that it is the first significant nude statue performed during the Renaissance.…. [read more]

Raphael / Michelangelo / Donatello Essay

… That is because the physical perfection of the statue -- with it bulging and rippling musculature -- makes this David look like a super-hero or erotic fantasy.

In terms of my own taste and assessment, however, I would take the position that probably the least number of actual art historians would take: my favorite of these three is Verrocchio's. Michelangelo's David, while impressive, has stopped being about what it is meant to represent: we feel like the art here is not glorifying a religious referent, but rather itself. And Donatello's David is frankly bizarre, even if it is arresting as art. What is interesting about Verrocchio is that he occupies a crucial, if perhaps underappreciated, niche between Donatello and Michelangelo. In some sense, Verrocchio may…. [read more]

Art of Classical Antiquity Essay

… The story of the trial and death of Socrates as it is told in Plato's Republic, brought to life on canvas by David, had direct historical reference. Socrates was put on trial by those who would not listen to reason: the jury of Athenians was too beholden to the ancient social structure. David drew much from this historical reference and is making a political statement in the painting. In ancient Greece, the art was not making as much of a political statement as it was an expression of pride in the pinnacle of Hellenic culture. Other Neoclassical works, including those by David, do not address the themes of classical Greece. They are, such as "Napoleon Crossing the Alps," more squarely rooted in contemporary imagery. However,…. [read more]

Art the Renaissance Heralded in an Entirely Term Paper

… Art

The Renaissance heralded in an entirely new tradition of art form during the 14th and 15th centuries, with a wide variety of painters, poets, writers and architects that literally and figuratively saw the world in a different light from the dark and dismal Middle Ages. Humanism developed in Italy in the field of literature, once again honoring the Greek and Latin classics for their scholarship and moral ethics. The humanists emphasized an enormous confidence in the power of reason as a source to understand human nature and its place in the world's order (Art: A World History, 215). The Reformation, a religious revolution with an emphasis on individual faith, was promoted by individuals or "protestors" such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and…. [read more]

Poussin and Caravaggio Term Paper

… Caravaggio and Poussin

Michelangelo da Caravaggio and Nicolas Poussin were not contemporaries but have been linked in art history because of the criticisms Poussin made of Caravaggio and because of the differences in approach seen in their aesthetic ideas and the works they produced following those ideas. One part of the reputation of Caravaggio shows him to have been a difficult and even despised human being. Many art lovers might agree with Stendahl, who saw Caravaggio as a great painter but a "wicked man." Poussin, on the other hand, saw nothing positive in Caravaggio as an artist and held that Caravaggio "had come into the world to destroy painting."

Jonathan Unglaub states that "No two artists have seemed as diametrically opposed in their expression of…. [read more]

Home Schools vs. Public High Athletic Associations Term Paper

… Home school athletes in public school sports programs.

Home education has been expanding in the United States for the last several decades, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA, 2004). With this expansion has come a variety of complex issues regarding the rights of home educated students. In previous years, questions over the legality of home education and socialization of home schooled students were the focus of many debates, but in more recent times, the questions are much broader, focusing on the rights and freedoms of these students (HSLDA, 2004). One such complex issue for the home schooled is that of the question of equal access to public school sports programs.

Many high school athletic associations believe home schooled students and parents have…. [read more]

Postmodern Book: Proposal Colson Whitehead Essay

… The novel's many threads are anchored by a fictional device: a fictional celebration of the figure of John Henry which Sutter is covering. But as well as Sutter's story, the novel also depicts John Henry, the myth, as a real man, as recounted in the memories of those who claim to knew Henry (significantly, every person recalls Henry slightly differently). It also dramatizes characters from history in other time periods, like Paul Robeson, who was famous for singing the ballad of John Henry as well as for his leftist activism. Other musicians who tried to capitalize off of the Henry name suddenly turn up in the narrative, as it weaves in and out of the past. This suggests a common postmodern theme: the past is…. [read more]

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Thesis

… The irony of the Coens' career is that, out of the marginalized business of "independent" filmmaking, they have so often striven to re-create such period pieces of the golden age of Hollywood's studios. Although Peter Biskind points to the Coens as an example of the larger symbiotic relationship that exists between "independent" filmmaking and Hollywood studio filmmaking, in the way that independent filmmaking "emerges at the bottom to inject new vitality into the system: the Oliver Stones and Coen Brothers of the 80s, the Quentin Tarantinos and Atom Egoyans of the 90s" (Biskind 429), the fact remains that the Coens seem most influenced by Hollywood product that was not independent in the first place, and represented in many cases the quickest cheapest sort of commercial…. [read more]

Betty Mahmoody and Marjane Satrapi Term Paper

… ¶ … Betty Mahmoody and Marjane Satrapi

There are many perspectives from which a certain issue can be looked at. This is true especially when considering a sensitive subject such as the image of a nation or that of a cultural and political structure. Betty Mahmoody and Marjane Satrpi are two well-known writers who dealt with the issue of the Iranian society, each in her own way; while adopting two different perspectives, they both managed to portray and describe the society as a whole, the role of women, and the general atmosphere in the country by revealing two distinct and sometimes even opposed realities. However, this is justified by the personal approach of the two writers who perceived the information through their own experiences related…. [read more]

Father Eusebio Kino Term Paper

… The area at the time was under a constant threat from the powerful Apache Indian tribes so Padre Kino's used his ability to speak to the various Piman groups to bring them together in an act of unity against a common enemy. "This skirmish was a prelude to the events of March 30, 1698, when some 600 Jocomes, Sumas, Mansos, Janos, and Apaches attacked the new Sobaipuri rancher'a at Santa cruz, a league and a half from Quiburi. The people from Quiburi and other Pimas came to the rescue and eventually sent the enemy fleeing. On the ground 54 of the attackers lay dead, and 168 reportedly died later from the effects of the Pimas' poisoned arrows." (Wilson)

Through the Piman's common enemy, Kino helped…. [read more]

Art Is to Leave My Mind Uncontaminated Term Paper

… ¶ … art is to leave my mind uncontaminated by theories. Theory can only inhibit spontaneous creation, inserting a barrier between me and my creativity." The idea of art theory and meaning has been debated for centuries. Art critics seem to instill heavy meaning into every artwork, but is that truly the artist's intention for their work? Did they mean for viewers to contemplate their works as they would a work of literature, or did they create their art for enjoyment, rather than theory? Every person has his or her own idea about art and art theory. To fully enjoy a work of art, the viewer should enjoy it and experience it, rather than attempting to fill it with vague or perhaps misplaced meaning, symbolism,…. [read more]

Time Traveling Art Historian Book Chapters Thesis

… ¶ … Travel in Art

Time traveling art Historian Book Chapters

Travels in artistic time: Ancient Rome, Renaissance Florence, the Islamic world

Early Roman recycled art

I begin my time-traveling journey through art history where all roads lead -- to Rome. There stands the triumphal Arch of Constantine, built to honor the great emperor. In Rome, it was common to build these stone structures to commemorate great battles and leaders. Here the Arch is made from bleach-white stone, a square hollowed out into three arches. Constantine's commemorated victory took place over the leader Maxentius during the battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 CE. Constantine entered Rome victoriously, and the Roman Senate awarded him a triumphal arch in return (Seindal 2003, p.1).Constantine was the first…. [read more]

Umlauf, the Torchbearers the Mannerist Term Paper

… The faces in particular render this sort of distortion of features, and look chiseled and allegorical, with inhuman expressions rendered in a deliberately masklike fashion. These aspects obviously single out Umlauf as a twentieth century sculptor, who has benefited from twentieth century modernist art's fascination with all things naive and primitive. The ribcages of the statues are where the distortion becomes most salient: when we view the meaty exposed ribs on each figure, we realize that the contrast is being heightened for effect, and in order to give the figure a more heightened appearance. Both figures also have their faces angled away from the viewer, inviting us to look upward too at the torch rather than considering their faces, which are rendered not with any…. [read more]

Political Framework of EU Thesis

… As a result, European nations looked forward to developing nations such as Asia, Africa and South America for the purchase of these necessities. For developing nations this was an opportunity to become known as suppliers of grist, therefore, they were willing to enter into this trade agreement. However, what European Leaders wanted was more than a simple trade agreement; their aim was to enforce their rules on these nations, making them colonies of the infinite European empire. Therefore, they entered into the agreement after setting out a lot of rules for the dependent nations to follow. As time passed by, these rules made the European leaders indirectly administer the nation, thus the nations became a part of European empire. History reveals that the imperialism is…. [read more]

Media Bias in America Term Paper

… Media Bias

Knowledge is rarely neutral, often consciously shaped by these special interests and then unconsciously imbibed from our earliest childhood experiences as cultural "normality." More ominously, manipulation, misinformation, and deception are inescapably entwined with one's belief in the "truth." Propaganda also impacts on the level of public discourse by positively as well as negatively influencing the democratic process. Propaganda is thus common to how image makers influence, how educators teach, how sellers sell, and how elites govern."

Richard Alan Nelson

Political Media Bias

Without a doubt, political media bias exists, and has for a very long time. In fact the basis of the prolific media in the early development of the nation was simply as a voice for the varied political ideologies to demonstrate…. [read more]

Disneyland the Fading Premise of Reality in a Postmodern Society Term Paper

… Disneyland the fading premise of Disneyland: The Fading Premise of Reality in a Postmodern Society

Postmodern society is frequently accused of being rife with spectacle. The modern assimilation of sensationalism, mediatisation and commercialism combines to create a society in which the real and the unreal are only distinguishable by the outsider. Every popular scene is simulacrum of an idealized reality, unlike any that actually creates context in this world. The society as a whole is even marked by the symbolic representation of branding and the dramatic artistic expression of its standards. There is no greater example of this than Disneyland, as it is a place where the eye is clearly meant to be fooled along with the whole rest of the being. Baudrillard claims that…. [read more]

War on Terror - Afghanistan Thesis

… War on Terror - Afghanistan

Introduction / Thesis

The Afghan people have been subjected to hostile takeovers and cultural disruptions for centuries, so the invasion by the Soviet Union in 1979 and the subsequent seizing of power by the Taliban are not new dynamics in this ancient land. The Taliban were driven out after 9/11 but are now resurgent; the Afghan border with Pakistan is where Taliban fighters get their training and their marching orders. The new U.S. president has signaled a shift away from Iraq and is reportedly sending 17,000 or more troops to Afghanistan. This paper posits that the U.S. cannot "win" the war in Afghanistan because there are simply too many young Muslim men around the world who already despise America, who…. [read more]

Baroque Art and Architecture Peter's Cathedral Term Paper

… Baroque Art and Architecture

PETER'S CATHEDRAL in Rome and the PALACE of VERSAILLES convey very different stylistic messages to the viewer. St. Peter's is stately, conservative, and elegantly simple, while the Palace of Versailles seems grander and a little gaudier somehow.

The Palace is much larger than St. Peters, so the architecture must be created on a grander scale. It was also meant as a royal home, so it must convey the majesty and pomp of the French court, while St. Peters must convey the majesty and pomp of the Catholic Church. In that, their missions are similar and so are some of their architecture, such as the "boxy," square appearance of both buildings, and the columns and carvings that decorate both.

They show similar…. [read more]

Early Renaissance vs. High Essay

… ¶ … Renaissance vs. High Renaissance

The early Renaissance lasted approximately across the fifteenth century in Italy. The high Renaissance followed in the late fifteenth and into the sixteenth century, and then this historical period spread north to France, the Netherlands, Germany, and England over the course of another century. The list of superlative examples of art from this period is long, but two works of art are famous for representing the unique characteristics of the Renaissance. Donatello's second sculpture of David (c.1440) and Raphael's fresco Scuola di Atene ("School of Athens") (1511) exemplify the formal features of composition of the early and high Renaissance, and reflect the prevailing themes of Renaissance philosophy and religion.

Donatello's David can be found in the Museo Nazionale del…. [read more]

History Medical Studies Have Concluded Term Paper


"Each religion hold very diverse beliefs about their God. They generally regard their own beliefs about their God to be accurate, and the beliefs of other religions to be partly or completely false (HOW THE CONCEPTS OF GOD DEVELOPED OVER THE AGES"

One of the most interesting aspects of comparing the Jewish faith and the Christian faith and their belief in and following of God is that they believe they are following the same God, while the element of Jesus is the dividing factor and the nature of God is argued.

There are historical dates that can be used to mark the changes taking place between the Jewish and the Christian faith.

A Dispensational Chart

While the above chart can document the years…. [read more]

Palestine How Would You Feel Term Paper

… However, when they felt that Palestine was not taking this seriously, they reversed their steps which paved way for yet another failed effort (Erin, 143)

The Road Map for Peace was an agreement designed by America, EU, UN and Russia. All the countries agreed for the formation of an independent state of Palestine. It was the first one in which the country would get the status of being a separate state. The planned objectives were for both countries to end violence and live in harmony with each other. Failure of the plan was due to in cooperation from both sides. Out of all the peace accords ever proposed, the road map to peace b [picked up some pace after the death of Yasser Arafat. The…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Corporate Governance: A Review Essay

… , 2003). Increased need of capital resources to be raised from open markets has also led the importance of corporate governance to increase in recent years. Another aspect of corporate governance culture that has increasingly come to be scrutinized is the value-based governance and bottom line governance. Firms in Europe and specifically in the U.S. market have emphasized that their companies should reengage in value-based corporate governance (Du Plessis, et al., 2010; p. 11)In modern corporations, corporate governance arises through the severance of ownership and management control in the organizations.

Principles of Corporate Governance

Researchers have also identified the essential principles on which the conduct of corporate governance rests. These are:







Social responsibility (Du Plessis, et al., 2010).

Du…. [read more]

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