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Strategic Marketing and Health Care Research Paper

… Healthcare Strategic Marketing

Marketing in the healthcare sector is an interesting endeavor to engage in, given that healthcare is considered an integral part of an individual's daily maintenance of his/her well-being. Because healthcare is imperative and needed, it could be assumed that it does not require the same level of effort and creativity when it comes to developing marketing strategies that would increase preference and loyalty of the clients/patients to the healthcare organization.

Healthcare strategic marketing can be likened to a telecommunications company's marketing strategy: from the moment a product or service is bought up to providing after-service care to consumers/clients, telecommunications companies are involved ('high touch' involvement) with them. This same strategy must be adopted by the healthcare sector. In a healthcare organization, such…. [read more]

Health Care to an Indigent Essay

… The plan will also provide a means for lower income families to afford and take advantage of health care offerings that they might not have otherwise received. The plan also significantly reduces wait times and customer service which often contribute to the low overall enrollments.

Discuss five (5) factors that point to the need of change by Cooper Green Hospital.

First, the rapid change in the U.S. health care system was a factor that required the Cooper Green Hospital to change its approach to costs. Another factor was massive lay-offs that ultimately harmed the firm's image in the public arena. Cutting programs, lack of resources to invest in capital projects, poor customer service and long waiting times were are factors that pointing to the need…. [read more]

Marketing in Healthcare Catholic Term Paper

… The mission of the CHW is to provide those in disadvantaged financial positions with excellent health care. It is also their mission to do so in a spirit of Christ-like compassion and love.

If a paradigm of wellness is to be adopted, programs such as community education events could be implemented. These could focus on educating the public regarding the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness. The focus can still be the poor and of course the acute illness care unit can still operate for those who need it. However, if wellness is a greater focus within the organization, some of the existing facilities could be converted to become education centers to help people focus on wellness.

For any organization to grow, new…. [read more]

Health Care Marketing in Practice Research Paper

… Healthcare Marketing -- Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity Analysis: Good Samaritan Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)

In understanding Market Opportunity analysis in the context of healthcare marketing, I have chosen the Good Samaritan Hospital website as the case for my analysis. I was struck by the hospital's website because of two reasons: (1) it has a clear and interesting branding as a healthcare institution, not to mention that the hospital was able to develop a catchy tagline, "Good Sam. Good Doctors" and (2) the hospital's website is well-organized, very informative, and has diverse yet organized content within.

Good Samaritan Hospital has a clear and effective branding, reflected in its usage of the name "Good Sam," a shortened version of the hospital's name and at the same time,…. [read more]

Healthcare Administration the Six Stakeholders Essay

… HealthGrades recognized the hospital's orthopedics and stroke programs as well.


HealthSouth, one of the nation's largest providers of inpatient and outpatient services, needs to be strengthened in the areas of rehabilitation and outpatient surgery in Gadsden. These services are being offered on a continuum of services, including acute medical home care, outpatient surgery, diagnostic imaging, and occupational medicine. Most hospitals in Gadsden could not ignore the opportunity for residents to travel outside the local area for non-emergency care. The proximity to the interstate network which facilitated out migration to urban areas is meant to boast larger medical facilities. Part of the programs that are offered in the Birmingham…. [read more]

Healthcare Programs Article Review

… ¶ … healthcare access, quality, and costs have been vocally addressed. This is because of the growing concerns by the consumers of these services. A number of scholars have conducted research on the effectiveness of health care programs. They have also looked on how these programs can be improved. However, as this happens, the issue of awareness and acknowledgement of quality healthcare as an essential aspect of life has received less attention. The article titled "Social marketing in healthcare" by Aras (2011) addresses this concern as shown in this study.

Review of the Article

The article advances the importance of social marketing in healthcare. For effective delivery of healthcare services, Aras (2011) indicates that a background of social market is necessary. The article further suggests…. [read more]

Health Care Discussion Quesstions. Marketing Health Service Essay

… Health Care Discussion Quesstions.

Marketing Health Service magazine as a reliable source of information


Administrators and managers of health care organizations face huge problems as a result of the dynamic nature of healthcare provision. There are revenue operations, program activities, standards, monitoring and research activities which the managers need to focus on in order to propel the organization towards success and achievement of its goals and objectives. Therefore any source of reliable and timely information for the senior-level managers could prove to be beneficial for the organization since they will be able to make the appropriate decisions for the situation at hand.

With the Marketing Health Services quarterly magazine's target audience being senior-level managers in the healthcare industry, the magazine could prove to be…. [read more]

Health Care -- Strategic Planning Essay

… The solution is to devote all those assets to new, empowered, well-funded, coordinated health departments and hospitals. In 2002, a multi-disciplinary Symposium on Bioterrorism was held at Harvard University. An important factor cited by these scholars is the limitation of resources that must be devoted to both normal public health care and crises such as bioterrorist attacks (Hamburg, et al., 2002, pp. 125-6). In addition, our healthcare professionals are not commonly well-trained in handling these crises and our infrastructure is so outdated that we might not recognize a bioterrorist attack and might not be able to deal with the crisis on a sustained basis (Hamburg, et al., 2002, pp. 126-7).

Issues or Opportunities

Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities

As the American Hospital Association states, "Addressing…. [read more]

Health Care Delivery Systems Research Paper

… The best practices principles identified by the World Health Organization are: (1) The partnership or collaborative arrangement demonstrates a clear added value; (2) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has a clear goal that concerns a priority area for WHO; (3) The partnership or collaborative arrangement supports national development objectives; (4) The partnership or collaborative arrangement ensures adequate participation of stakeholders; (5) The roles of partners are clear; (6) Pursuit of the public health goal takes precedence over the special interests of participants; (7) The structure of the partnership or collaborative arrangement corresponds to the proposed functions; and (8) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has an evaluation or self-monitoring mechanism.

8. Key Strategic Planning Elements in Healthcare Systems Management

The strategic planning elements most frequently utilized…. [read more]

Health Care in the U.S Term Paper

… The Spanish System

The health care system in Spain is still reeling from the recent global recession. High unemployment rates are expected to continue, which places a strain on the ability to support the national health care system (OECD, 2011b). The ability of the national health care system in Spain to provide services depends on an inflow of taxes from the people. Anything that harms the economy also harms the national health care system. The same is true in the United States, only the impact is not as great, because the system is not entirely dependent upon government funds.

The national health care system and Spain is known as the SNS. It is operated by the National Ministry of Health and Social Policy. It is…. [read more]

Health Care Marketing Term Paper

… For home health care products, these can be sold through traditional retailers, through health care professionals, or through organizations specializing in home care services. Place strategies are the means of using 'channels of distribution'. The choice of effective channels of distribution will most often be determined by the type of product.

The prices charged for the products and services are determined by the expectations of the people that are targeted. Prices are most often a function of the expected benefit rather than a multiple of cost. However, they are also influenced by the corporate objectives, the activities of the competition, the cost of the product and external factors such as the economic climate.

The combination of the other P. strategies in the marketing mix creates…. [read more]

Health Staff the Allied Marketing Plan

… This growth within the field of nursing has led to be the fastest growing profession compared to other professions. (statistics b. o., 2010)

Market position

AHSA works in the marketing the niche of the healthcare industry hence catering mostly to nurses alone. This creates a much stronger and well penetrated infra structure into the nursing industry, and while this would be a safe move for a new company like AHSA the turnover is even higher in the physician employment rates and a similar need also exists for physicians.


well focused on a small segment of healthcare much deeper penetration of the market good contacts within the industry vast network of advertising sophisticated, predictive screening mechanisms


weak initial cash flow fresh company hence the…. [read more]

Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations Term Paper

… Health Care Management

Environmental Factors

In planning its strategic management effort, Methodist Healthcare should take into account several environmental factors. Primarily, the external environment needs to be assessed for its climate in accommodating and integrating the services provided by Methodist Healthcare. As such, any problems related to the current environment need to be eliminated. A current problem is for example that the variety of businesses and structures historically created to address specific health trends over the past decades, no longer serve this specific purpose. The diversity of these systems is too large to be effective in terms of the current, needs, vision and mission of Methodist Healthcare. This lack of focus tends to drain energy from the core business.

Environmental factors that therefore need to…. [read more]

Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Financial Planning in Health Care Case Study

… Further, these organizations must also consider healthcare inflation and the possibility of Medicare managed care.

Due to the fact that this is a long list of requirements for healthcare organizations, they must thus employ strategies to cope with all these things and all these changes. This is where financial planning is vital for them. Healthcare organizations need planning for any scenario in order to address the major uncertainties that are popping up everywhere. These uncertainties can be anything from governmental reform changes to competitor expansion or changing attitudes of the healthcare consumer. Financial planning can help one plan for all of these uncertainties.

Two methods of planning are scenario analysis and scenario planning, and they differ from traditional methods of planning in health care organizations.…. [read more]

Terrace Hospital Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… Higher level of QC set from industry benchmarks (e.g. reduction of errors from 1.5% industry standard to .5% overall).

Process Reengineering -- Annual review of processes and reevaluation of purpose and objectives based on service volume, error ratio and customer feedback. Strive for community presence; become known as the "place for quality healthcare."

Competition- Smaller clinics and 24-Hour Emergency Walk Ins, Large Urban Hospitals. However, noting that the larger hospitals tend to be less personal while also having the fiscal resources to offer more specialized care, Terrace Hospital embraces relationships with other clinics and hospitals that help with the overall message to provide high-quality and accessible care to 100% of the population. A potential competitive plan could also include personalized services for the shut-ins or…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage Health Care Term Paper

… Healthcare service reflects the performance of medical duties, and therefore the service component is divided into pre-service, point-of-service and post-service. The pre-service element reflects things like marketing and intake, elements that occur before medical staff see the patient. There are a number of elements of pre-service that reflect on the company. Most of the literature talks about pre-service collections. Butcher (2013) notes that in addition to collections, the pre-service can also include consultations with patients to discuss their different options, although the examples Butcher uses tend to be with respect to collections, and discussing different payment options. Butcher further makes recommendations for best-practices in pre-service consultations, for example using a script to help build trust, because apparently that works.

Point-of-service is again considered to be…. [read more]

Strategic Planning for Healthcare Term Paper

… 23). Consequently, data management and informatics are vital for the healthcare institution's success in reaching its goals of high quality patient care and thriving as a business.

c. Marketing

Both internal and external marketing are important for a healthcare institution's strategic plan. Internal marketing consists of using a highly capable staff, particularly medical staff, to constantly improve service, strengthen the institution's culture of learning and strengthen the staff's commitment to the institution (Tsai, 2014, p. 152). Internal marketing is important for strategic plans because it makes staff mindful and supportive of the organization's goals as they constantly improve their knowledge and skills. External marketing, which is concerned with business issues such as revenues, control of costs, productivity, accounts receivable, and customer satisfaction (Boden, 2012, p.…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform PPACA Essay

… The social environmental force will be affected by the new law because legal changes influence social conceptions and attitudes toward the core concept. The passing of this healthcare law may engender a wider acceptance of the importance of healthcare reform or it may inspire a widespread backlash. While projection analysis may help determine what the effects of the passing of the new law will be, it is a force beyond control to say how the social environmental force will be changed by the passage of healthcare reform. The economic environmental force is a huge consideration in the discussion and passage of the healthcare reform law as it was the economic downturn of the past several years; which underscored in reform proponents minds the timeliness of…. [read more]

Healthcare Marketer Planner Term Paper

… Health Care Marketing

Marketing Approach for Health Care Marketer

A health care marketer definitely has his or her work cut out for him. This individual needs to be able to market goods not just to consumer marketers, but eventually to consumer goods. Convincing consumers from a need-based and psychological standpoint that a given product or service is crucial to their health takes a planned and cohesive strategy. Consider the following: "Fewer than 10% of all new products are truly innovative and new; for example, a new chemical entity in the pharmaceutical sector or an innovative device to treat a previously incurable condition" (Kotler, et al., 2011). In the example given, those products are actually examples of things that can bolster and benefit the health care…. [read more]

Marketing in Healthcare Management Case Study

… Marketing in Healthcare Management

Over recent years, the healthcare industry has faced significant changes. Today, managers struggle to maintain the standard of healthcare through the effective and efficient management of resources. Yang (2010) notes "that the concept of marketing have been transformed from transaction marketing into relationship marketing" (p. 235). According to the American Marketing Association, marketing includes the processes and activities that create, communicate, deliver, and exchange valuable offers for clients, customers, partners and society in general. It is not embodied by a single technique, but instead is a broad strategy that builds relationships (cited Rooney 2009, p. 241). In an increasingly competitive industry, marketing can garner valuable market share for an organization or cost them valuable consumers.

Although marketing is not simply limited…. [read more]

Strategic Management Planning and Marketing Term Paper

… ¶ … Healthcare Case Study

Having grown in response to the need for patient care throughout northern Mississippi and Western Tennessee since its incorporation in 1981, Methodist Healthcare has grown into one of the top 50 integrated healthcare systems in the nation. This has been accomplished through a varied set of partnerships, alliances, and affiliations with larger integrated networks, most notably the University of Tennessee. Methodist Healthcare hospitals are the primary University of Tennessee teaching hospitals in the Memphis area. This affiliation is infusing Methodist Healthcare with a continual stream of state-of-the-art processes and techniques for treating the wide variety of practices supported by the integrated network of health care providers. The many partnerships and alliances, in addition, create a wide spectrum of services for…. [read more]

Strategic Management Term Paper

… Strategic Management

Adaptive strategies are those implemented by a person or organization in response to a change in external stimulus. Often in health care, adaptive strategies are implemented as the result of changes such as technological or legal, changes that force the health care industry to adapt. Being able to adapt quickly to changes can be a source of competitive advantage, especially if a firm adapts more quickly or smoothly than its competitors (BCG, 2014).

There are a number of environmental changes that were challenging Riverview, resulting in declines in services rendered almost entirely across the board. Industry trends included consolidation and underperformance because of poor investment. The local population is generally declining, and competition in the area is significant, with apparent overcapacity in the…. [read more]

Strategic Management Process for Implementation of Medicare Term Paper

… ¶ … Strategic Management Process for Implementation of Medicare Advantage Product in Health Maintenance Organization

The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 was signed into law in December 2003. This law makes changes of a major nature to Medicare, which is the health insurance program for those 65 years of age and over as well as some individuals with disabilities. One of the changes made by this Act is the alternation of the program dealing with private health plans in Medicare specifically Medicare+Choice. Medicare Part C (Medicare+Choice) has been renamed to Medicare Advantage and is the method of obtaining Medicare coverage through a private health plan, which are likely to be less expensive than original Medicare and as well may provide benefits…. [read more]

Data Management Systems Essay

… Healthcare Information Management Systems

Why is user resistance -- particularly from nurses and physicians -- often considered the greatest obstacle to successfully implementing patient-centric management systems?

Resistance to change is by far the most costly and commonly cited reason for all systems within a hospital to not attain their fullest potential. The lack of adoption for patient-centric management systems can be attributed to resistance to change and fear of what the new systems will do to re-align or change job priorities and status (Tan, Payton, 2010). Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) are often rejected due to these factors and those the systems are designed to support and streamline the work of often minimize their use and make them over time, less valuable from a data…. [read more]

Marketing Brochure Human Resources Essay

… Every day, the good people at Pleasant Manor work with those in need of health care. Our work has led us to realize that it is so important for people to be as healthy as possible for their entire lives. To make this dream a reality, we are raising awareness of a variety of health issues. Our nurses will be on hand at Tropical Park this Saturday for the 5-K Fun Run and the health awareness seminar, to answer your questions about how to live better.

This initiative is part of a broad community health program

Some other components of this program are:

Community Health Fair

Nutritional and Exercise Promotion

Bands and other programs for students

Speakers and conventions

The Community Health Fair will be…. [read more]

Strategic Management and Planning Term Paper

… Strategic Management and Planning

Strategic Plan Assessment for Rashid Hospital

The intent of this analysis is to provide an environmental and competitive assessment of Rashid Hospital, one of the three hospitals included in the Department of Health and Medical Services Department of the Emirate of Dubai. Included in this analysis are the following: an assessment of the external environment of Rashid Hospital including an analysis of the payers for care, population served, and competitors; an analysis of the internal environment of the organization; an assessment of Rashid Hospital using Porter's Five Forces Model; a checklist for linking strategic alternatives to situational analysis; and finally a discussion of specific methods Rashid Hospital can use in evaluating alternative technologies. Taken together these five specific assessments will serve…. [read more]

Structure of the American Healthcare Term Paper

… In any case the problems in the American healthcare system seem so complex but yet so fixable. It just seems as though the powers that be don't really care about the health and well being of Americans. In a country as wealthy and as powerful as America, 16% of the population should not be without health coverage. It is a very sad state of affairs and needs to be dealt with in a swift and efficient manner. (Richardson)


The purpose of our discussion was to examine the structural changes in the delivery of healthcare services. We discovered that the healthcare system changed dramatically during the twentieth century. These changes included the advent of healthcare plans and the development of Medicare. We also found that…. [read more]

Healthcare Organizations Performance Studies Effects Essay

… Those that meet the standards are accredited. Most of this bodies that are mandated to give accreditation base their analysis on the quality of services offered, and how safe the services are, is also noteworthy (Miller, 2006).

Once the standards are set to an organization, the standards are used to implement policies within the organization. For instance, when the regulations demand for good governance as the criteria to have accreditation, then organizations will work on their governance, and ensure it is up-to-date with the current requirements. In this manner, organizations make their policies from the standards required by the examining bodies.

The nursing staff is supposed to be trained on the compliance to these standards, which have to be reached by the organization wanting accreditation.…. [read more]

Is Diversity Important in Healthcare Organizations? Thesis

… ¶ … Diversity Important in Health Care?


Is Diversity Important in Healthcare Organizations?

One out of four persons living in the U.S. has a different racial or ethnic origin. There are 75 million of them today and increasing every year. The American workforce and its health needs are consequently turning more and more culturally diverse in character. Two of the goals of the Healthy People 2010 equate health and well-being within a cultural context and challenge healthcare professionals to promote culturally responsive care. Healthcare disparities continue to exist among culturally diverse groups but the direction appears irreversible to enforce this new value.


Recent statistics reveal that 30% of the American population has culturally diverse origins and the trend has…. [read more]

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