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Human Resources Management: Health Services Essay

… " (BTEC Higher National -- H2, nd, p.2) The third stated strategy for quality achievement is that of establish quality systems including "ISO 9000 series, Investors in People, charter Mark, Business Excellence Model, European Quality Mark and other specialist standards." (BTEC Higher National -- H2, nd, p.2)The work of Kabene, et al. (2006) examines the health care system from a global perspective and the importance of human resources management (HRM) in the initiative to improve patient health care outcomes and delivery of health care services. Kabene et al. states that there is an increased level of attention focused on human resources management and that specifically "human resources are one of three principle health system inputs, with the other two major inputs being physical capital and…. [read more]

Human Resources Change Management Term Paper

… The third discipline is shared vision. This collective discipline establishes a focus on mutual purpose, by developing shared images of the outlook they seek to create, and the principles and guiding practise by which they hope to get there. The fourth discipline is team learning. Through methods like dialogue and skilful discussion, teams alter their collective thinking, learning to mobilize their energies and ability beyond the sum of individual members' talents. The fifth discipline is systems thinking. In this discipline, people learn to better understand interdependency and change, and thus to deal more effectively with the forces that shape the consequences of actions (Green, 2007). This means that change must be driven by developing competence within the organization, by managers and workers in each unit…. [read more]

Human Resources Change Management Term Paper

… They did a very bad job when it came to explaining to the employees the reason for the change in the first place. The real reason for the change was communicated to all managers but not to the line staff who were the ones who were being asked to make the biggest change.

Another mistake that Humana made in trying to carry out this change initiative was that they tried to change the culture of the company from the bottom up and not from the top down. As with most companies those who are at the top do not really understand what goes on in the daily activities of those on the front line anymore than those on the front line understand what goes on…. [read more]

Strategy of Strategic Staffing Human Term Paper

… What is useful is the exercise itself and the thought-process it compels people to go through when considering changes in the work environment.

Some companies give up on the [strategic staffing] process right away because managers lack the skills and understanding to predict their long-term staffing needs reliably. In other companies, predictions are made and staffing plans based on those predictions are produced, but the plans are not implemented because the predictions they are based on are not perceived as accurate. Consequently, managers often view these long-term staff planning efforts as something that may be nice to have, not as a required, valued component…think of [strategic planning] as a way of creating a longer-term staffing strategy that can be used as a context within which…. [read more]

Strategic Positioning Essay

… DD has options before it. First, it should privatize, second it should remain purely public service broadcaster and third, a middle path. The challenge seems to be achievable as DD's immense potential and emerge as a key player in the mass media.

i. What is the best option, in your view, for DD?

ii. Analyze the SWOT factors the DD has.

iii. Why do you think that the proposed alternative is the best?


(i) For several years Doordarshan was the sole broadcaster of television programmes in India. After the opening of the sector to the private entrepreneur (cable and satellite channels), the market has seen major changes. The number of channels has come into the market and the quality of programmes has improved, backed…. [read more]

Management vs. Leadership in Nursing Essay

… They also emphasize the need for increased collaboration of both managers and nurses in order to consolidate their efforts and increase the benefit to the organization Jennings, Scalzi, Rodgers, & Keane, 2007()

According to Denehy (2008)

, leaders are expected to possess traits such as intellect, trust, courage, optimism and communication. Other characteristics that are mentioned include objectivity, flexibility, and consistency of behavior. They are also expected to have wide experience in their field in order to be mentors and to ensure the growth of the organization. They are agents of change in the organization and ensure evidence-based practice.

Specific examples from previous practice setting

In the organization where I used to work, we had both managers and leaders and they were both valued differently.…. [read more]

Strategic Management of Human Resources Performance Term Paper

… Strategic Management of Human Resources

Performance management in an organization is a vital function of successful business. Managers therefore need to ensure that all personnel are encouraged to perform at their best possible level at all times. Because the process of performance management involves people, it can be a varied and complex issue. Different people for example will be motivated by different means. It is therefore advisable to create several systems within the organization in order to encourage the maximum amount of people to perform at their highest level. To create such systems, a variety of structures are available to the business manager. In general, the integration of these should help the personnel within a business to operate individually as well as in teams.

At…. [read more]

Human Resource Management: Job Analysis Essay

… Human Resource Management:

Job analysis is the organized procedure of gathering information for identifying the skills, knowledge and abilities that are necessary to perform a certain job and determining the nature of that particular job. This emphasis on the required knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics has been the focus of both traditional and some existing job analyses. Strategic job analysis involves the integration of strategic issues that may impact jobs in the future into the job analysis. Therefore, strategic job analysis involves the organized process of collecting information to determine the necessary skills, knowledge, abilities and other characteristics for a specific job with a future-oriented approach. One of the major advantages of strategic job analysis is that its implementation enables human resource practitioners and…. [read more]

Strategic Planningmanagement Term Paper

… Vision defines what an organization desires to be, and/or how it wants its world to be. In the long-term, it acts as the source of inspiration to the organization. Similarly, mission defines the fundamental purposes of an organization, concisely describing the reason for an organization's existence, as well as what it does towards achieving its vision. Schraeder (2002) elicits the values of an organization to be the beliefs shared among the stakeholders, which drives the organization's culture, priorities and offers the framework upon which decisions are generated. Finally, strategy defines the art of combined goals for which a company or an organization strives to achieve, and the means through which such goals are met. Through setting ofstrategies, an organization is capable of predicting its favorable…. [read more]

Strategic Plan With Any Shift Term Paper

… Measurement creates accountability for those managers who have roles to fulfill. Measures for the implementation of HIPAA could be the percent of medical records that have been transferred to electronic, measures on security compliance, measures of staff training levels and measures of customer satisfaction with respect to the transfer to electronic health records and other parts of HIPAA implementation.

The measures need to be concrete and achievable. This means that the actual results will like fall within a tolerance range, and that the organization would be happy with any result that falls at the minimum of this range or higher. The tolerance range will be different for each metric. At this point, the tolerance range should be set more by government guidelines contained within HIPAA…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management (Shrm) Essay

… Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment (Pynes, 2009, pg 56).

The utmost purpose of an external legal environment is essential in an organization's human resource management as well to its practitioners. It is vital fro an organization to comprehend laws that regulate a corporation's human resource management actions. Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment and associate the experience to their professional expertise (Storey, 2009, pg 71).

Legal circumstances are perceived as a foundation on external environmental subsystems and should be directed towards comparative sectors of business such as HR. A firm is necessitated…. [read more]

Strategic Role of Human Resource Case Study

… ¶ … Strategic Role of Human Resource

The Human Resources Management role comprises of a number of activities, and chief amongst them is choosing what staffing requirements which are in existence within an organization. Furthermore, choosing whether to use sovereign contractors or employ employees to fill up these requirements. Better still, to hiring and training the excellent employees. Additionally, to make sure that the employees they are high performers. Further, to deal with performance matters, and to make sure that personnel and management practices match to various regulations. Activities in addition comprise of managing one's approach to employee gains and reimbursement, staff records and personnel policies. Nevertheless, they must at all time make sure that employees have and are conscious of personnel policies which comply…. [read more]

Human Resources Change Management Plan Term Paper

… " Next stated in the work is the fact that "Unfortunately, the federal government's strategic human capital approaches are not yet well positioned to enable the needed transformation."

The GAO report stated that the challenges still faced are in "four key areas stated to be:


"Strategic Human Capital Planning"


"Results Oriented Organized Culture"

In the area of leadership the statement was to the effect that those agencies who are the top leaders need to make provision of the commitment and inspiration in addressing human capital and other interrelated issues in transformation. In the article "Strategic Human Capital Planning," the planning efforts toward the human capital within the organization need to be more "fully and demonstrably integrated with mission and critical program goals. The…. [read more]

Human Resources Technology Essay

… , 2012).

The major purpose of the performance evaluation is to aid in providing accurate information concerning job performance of the prevailing organization. The prevailing data are extremely accurate and effective since they possess potential value within the organization. Examine performance, identify of effectiveness and efficiency of staff via the creation of the advancement of the human resource is a significant information. Performance evaluation normally provides legitimate and correct information to the prevailing managers. Moreover, it also grant the prevailing employees suitable information concerning them. Employees' job performance accompanied by the behavior depicts the corresponding strength and weakness on their performance (Bayat, 2011).

Performance evaluation management is a perpetual process with the main aim of providing accurate information concerning job performance of the organization. The…. [read more]

Human Resources Labor/Management Relations Which Events Case Study

… Human Resources

Labor/Management Relations

Which events do you feel were most important in shaping the labor relations system? Do you feel that earlier events from the nineteenth-century still have an impact today, or are the current system more of a product of the twentieth-century?

Modifications in labor markets and employment relations in the United States have received substantial attention over the years. The opening position for recounting these changes is usually the institutional construction of labor relations of the postwar era of 1945 to 1975. This era was distinguished by normal full time positions and open ended, long time employment associations that were frequently ordered inside solid inner employment markets. Employees characteristically played out their careers with one company who often treated them like family,…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management Ethical Essay

… Such responsibilities can be utilized in the creation and achievement of long-term organizational wealth hence, benefiting all the stakeholders and honors the business' obligations to the entire society. Ethical stewardship therefore, refers to the honoring of employees' duties, stakeholder roles and the society's responsibilities by an organization (Caldwell et al., 2011). This has been found to be in pursuit of the long-term creation or organizational wealth.

Ethical stewardship is an organizational theory of governance, where leaders serve to obtain superlative stakeholder interests, through the creation of high level of cultural trusts, which honors the distinguished duties that organizations owe to their followers (Caldwell et al., 2011). In pursuit of the finest stakeholder interest, the responsibility of leaders is to augment outcomes, rather than compromising the…. [read more]

Transforming HR Management Essay

… However, approximately 70% of the function of human resources is consumed by the traditional activities like compliance and record keeping though people are spending more time on strategic partnering. The HR transition to a more strategic partner within the organization has focused on enhancing technology and service delivery. The focus has now shifted to the realization of human capital strategies based on the improvement of profitability and competitiveness.

Importance of HR as a Strategic Partner:

While the process of transforming human resources management requires organizations to implement a talent strategy, its benefit to the organization cannot be underestimated. It's important for human resources management to transform from being basically administrative and operational to a strategic partner because of the following reasons

Increased Productivity:

One of…. [read more]

Human Resource Management and Development Essay

… Human Resource Management and Development

Most organizations need a professional HR department that seeks the best for both the employees and management. What does an organization need to do to ensure an effective HR department? What can the HR department do to ensure its effectiveness? And what role do employees play in helping to achieve this goal?

In order to generate worth and bring about outcomes, HR experts must not just center on the employment behavior or effort of HR but by setting down the expectations of that labor. The position of Human Resources in building an aggressive business include administration of strategic human assets, organization of renovation and alter, administration of firm infrastructure, and supervision of employee assistance. HR experts have main roles in…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Practice Essay

… However, for organizational goals to be achieved, employees have to be efficiently managed. As such, human resource issues manifested in the company's product could affect the company's brand name, reducing the product's marketability and lowering profitability. Due to such implications, there is a need to tackle HR issues in the company, meticulously.

The company has experienced mechanical and quality issues. These issues are deeply rooted in the company's poor training programs, poor recruitment, poor rewards and recognition systems, poor retention and development programs. To overcome such challenges in future, it is highly recommended that Many organizations HRM adopt the high performance approach towards strategic management of its human resources. The approach would be most suitable for the company as it calls for effective training, hiring,…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management Literature Review

… Strategic Human Resource Management: An Historical Perspective

One of the principles of modern organizations is that Human Resource Management (HRM) needs to have a strategic role in business management. Mary Lippitt (2007), points out the failure to execute is a major concern of executives because it limits organizational growth, adaptability, and competitiveness. Executives are not judged by the brilliance of their strategy, but by their ability to implement it. The problem is how to close the gap between strategy and actual results. This paper looks at three articles written over the past 30 years that examine the role of human resources within an organization.

In 1984 Lloyd Baird and Ilan Meshoulam wrote of the changing role of the Human Resource (HR) specialist. They listed five…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Strategic Management Essay

… However, there is no system by which lower level employees can communicate their issues and problems to the Top Level Management or the Board of Directors (Purcell & Ahlstrand 1994). There should be some communication channel through which positive or negative feedback of lower level workers can be communicated to the Management (Robbins & Coulter 2006). This is a very effective strategy to improve the professional development programs and achieve the operational excellence in the business activities (Guest 1987).


Adobe has implemented strong HR policies and practices to manage and develop its human resource. In order to get the best work done through its employees, Adobe has set certain strategic HR objectives. These objectives constitute its aims to recruit and train the best talent…. [read more]

Human Resources Essay

… Human Resources

The objective of this work is to discuss whether the 'resource base view' (RBV) determines the design of the 'strategic human resource' (SHR) system of an organizational? Should this determine the design of the 'strategic human resource' (SHR) system of an organization?

The work of Eric D. Brown (2007) entitled; "Aligning Technology, Strategy, People & Projects" states "Most organizations don't place a high enough focus on human capital management as a component of competitive advantage. In order for an organization to be successful in any market, they must create value for their clients. This value can be created using a new strategy, new technology or some other 'gimmick' but in order to sustain this value (and the competitive advantage it brings) organizations must…. [read more]

Strategic and Tactical Planning- Definition Term Paper

… Literature in the field of planning and management cite three most potential benefits of strategic. The first benefit cited is the enhancement that strategic change brings about in the positive and progressing relationship of the organization with the environment. Calingo (1989) observes that in a price sensitive market an organization that adopts 'low cost strategy' would be most successful and in a quality market place where customers are confused with vast differences in product offering an organization that adopts a strategy to differentiate the product would be more advantageously placed. The second benefit often associated to strategic planning is that a strategic change brings to an organization new vistas of competitive advantage that is never perceived or pursued by competitors.

The readiness of an organization…. [read more]

Human Resource Management: Discussion Essay

… Recruitment and selection according to Werner and DeSimone (2011) is the basis for selection and placement decisions.

Compensation and benefits as yet another HRM function is concerned with the establishment as well as development of a wage structure and benefits package that can be regarded equitable (Werner and DeSimone, 2011). To spur optimal performance, an organization must amongst other things ensure that the compensation package it offers its employees is competitive. Employee (labor) relations activities on the other hand in the words of Werner and DeSimone (2011), "include developing a communications system through which employees can address their problems and grievances" (p. 9). Key issues in this case according to the author are contract negotiations and enhancement of relations with the relevant labor unions.

The…. [read more]

Strategic Plan in an Organization Essay

… In addition, adequate time is required for the fulfilment of each goal. For instance, the concerned parties ought to provide resources and information on a timely basis to ensure that the office gets ample time for preparing their programs. Without financial assistance, the organization cannot achieve its goal. To enable the operations within the office to be handles, the organizations administration ought to make available adequate funds on a timely basis for meeting the department's budgets.

In addition to resources for meeting the needs, there needs to be a number of skills for ensuring that the use of the resources produces results. These capabilities include, monitoring skills, interaction skills, organizing skills and allocating skills. These skills are important in that, they will enable project leaders…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning (Hrp) Essay

… (Berger; Dorothy, 2004)

The loss or absence of these valued employees pulls back the organizational growth due to their disproportionately commanding effect on the present and future performance of the organization. To take an example, legendry Bill Gates admitted that even if twenty of the best people are taken away from Microsoft, the company will lose to be an important company. In the process of organizational development, once an organization puts its commitment to excellence, it will requires a thoroughly prepared human resources processes that binds together the important constituents of human resources planning and then links them to strategies, overall policies and finally action plans. (Berger; Dorothy, 2004)


Armstrong, Michael. (2006) "A Handbook on Human Resource Management Practice,"

Kogan Page Limited.

Berger, Lance…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning for Automobile Essay

… Related supplementary courses are an added advantage. The managers need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. The manager should be highly motivated with flexible and clear judgment. The Sales Manager will be paid $35 for every hour worked.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative welcome customer as they come to the showroom. The Sales team needs to know details both technical and non-technical on all Cadillac models. They must be updated on the latest production and market trends. The Sales Representative talks to the customer and keeps a record of all prospective customers. They are also referred to as the Showroom Managers as they control whatever takes place in there.

Sales Representatives need to be a high school graduate or a college degree in public…. [read more]

Human Resource Management in Multinational Banks in Tanzania Essay

… The most applicable method of communicating the above stated policy in the company is written communication. The large size of the company makes other methods of communicating organizations change such as verbal communication a difficult process. Written communication will provide the company with a permanent record that not only proves essential for repeated referrals, but also audit evidence prior, during, and after the project.

In addition, written communication meets the requirements of effective media of communication used in a company such as circulation, frequency, credibility, and feedback opportunity. Circulation focuses on the rate at which the message reaches the employees in the company. Frequency focuses on the content and production preparation needed in delivering the policy. Credibility refers to the reliability of the method of…. [read more]

Management Research Company Work Essay

… Blocks, stages, and methods of creative decision making

In order to make creative decisions, the managers of the facility need to understand the blocks, stages and methods of creative decision making. There are three blocks of creative decision making are perceptual, cultural and emotional blocks. Perceptual blocks are those which are caused by not using all the senses in observing and investigating the obvious and the difficulty in establishing cause and effect relationships between the aspects under consideration. Cultural blocks are those which overemphasize the competition and create a disbelief in open-ended exploration and fantasy. Emotional blocks are the fear of mistakes, distrust and lack of critical examination of all aspects under consideration. These blocks should be understood in order to prevent them from causing…. [read more]

Strategic Alliances This Week Essay

… Good communications entails more listening than telling. Partners in a strategic alliance need to listen attentively to what another stakeholder is saying. What is said will elucidate not only what they require, but may also compel another partner to alter his own thoughts and views. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that solid lines of communications are always present in a strategic alliance. Additionally a conflict resolution strategy should also be established from the very beginning so that any personal grievances are easily resolved and the alliance continues to grow stronger and achieve its objectives.

What do you consider to be the likely stages of strategic alliance development? Does every alliance have to go through each stage?

Most strategic alliances are created in through a step-by-step…. [read more]

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