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Strategic Management of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc Case Study

… ¶ … strategic management of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc., and analysis of the company strategic position reveals that the company provides the strategic product and services for the U.S. government. The report uses STEEPL analysis to determine the external factors affecting the company performance. The report has been able to reveal that the U.S. government is the only major customer of Huntington Ingalls and the state of the U.S. economy has affected the financial performance of the company. Based on the current recession facing the United States, the company suffered the financial loss at the end of the fiscal year 2011. The Porter 5 forces reveals that the company has high bargaining power as a sole supplier of shipbuilding as well as the only company…. [read more]

Strategic Woolworths Supermarkets Case Study

… Vision

The Australian Woolworths Supermarkets have a vision of being one of the best performing supermarkets and grocery suppliers in Australian the world as a whole. The company has vested enough energy in its strategies of trying to meet the desired needs and specifications of the public. Many other avenues of growth and development are part of the strategic options directed at the vision statement. The vision exists as a wholesome body that tries to bring every activity within its respective avenues of management in the country. The vision of the Woolworths Supermarkets has been articulated within it protocols of performance in the market. In order to be a strong force in the market, the company has established a vision that is beyond an immediate…. [read more]

Strategic Positioning Essay

… DD has options before it. First, it should privatize, second it should remain purely public service broadcaster and third, a middle path. The challenge seems to be achievable as DD's immense potential and emerge as a key player in the mass media.

i. What is the best option, in your view, for DD?

ii. Analyze the SWOT factors the DD has.

iii. Why do you think that the proposed alternative is the best?


(i) For several years Doordarshan was the sole broadcaster of television programmes in India. After the opening of the sector to the private entrepreneur (cable and satellite channels), the market has seen major changes. The number of channels has come into the market and the quality of programmes has improved, backed…. [read more]

Strategic Management Action: Strategic Position Case Study

… (, nd)

The SPACE Matrix is a matching tool in stage 2 and is inclusive of a four-quadrant network indicating if aggressive, conservative, defensive of competitive strategies are the appropriate choice for the specific organization. Numerous variables may comprise each of the four dimensions depending on organization type.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix provides a graphic representation in the differences among the organizational divisions relative to the market share position and growth rate of the industry. The Matrix four quadrants are represented as follows:

(1) Question marks: Explained is that the divisions in this quadrant have a relatively low market share position and compete in a high-growth industry. Cash needs are high and cash generation low.

(2) Stars; This quadrant represents the best long-run…. [read more]

Wynn Resort Case Wynn Resorts Case Study

… These are the long-term bets that Wynn must place if the company is going to grow beyond its current run rate and projections. Of these emerging economies, the 42% to 50% growth in Macau and the evolving social mindset in China favoring gaming show the greatest potential (Wall Street Journal, 2010). The continual investment in this area of Asia needs to continue to be the top priority for the company going forward.

Second, the company does not know enough about its core customer base, specifically why price increases actually raise occupancy levels and increase participating in programs. There needs to be a more focused strategy on using customer analytics and investment sin Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and strategies to better target these most profitable…. [read more]

Nhs Toolkit Analysis of Hospital Case Study

… NHS Toolkit

Case Study analysis of hospital assessment

The case study of King Edward Hospitals, National Health Systems (NHS) Trust reviews a 2002 change management strategy to reduce tenure of admissions-to-release patient journeys by way of Nurse-Led administration. A critical priority to the UK NHS in its effort to control fiscal waste and hospital acquired infections (HAI) incurred during unnecessarily extended patient stays in Britain's healthcare institutions, the Trust merger was a large systemic transformation in response to retraction of earmarked legislative allocations, and new internal programs followed this mandate. Barsoux and Gilmartin's (2007) review of this history in Leading Hospital Change: Improving Hospital Performance, retraces the steps to organizational change through the leadership efforts of Executive Director of Nursing, Tracey Burns. Appointed to the…. [read more]

GE- Analysis Case Study

… Cost leadership strategy focuses on offering products at low cost whereas the differentiation focuses on offering products on premium price with unique product features.

However, some organizations use strategy that encompasses both the low cost, low price with differentiation. This strategy of combining all these factors is known as Hybrid strategy. It is effective to offer low cost with differentiation in order to imply the hybrid strategy. Usually hybrid strategy is used when the market is price sensitive rather than focus on quality. I the case of GE hybrid strategy would result in success for the company. The company can focus on keeping the cost low and price low while offering price differentiation due to excessive amount of research that the company focuses on.

The…. [read more]

Best Buy CO. Inc Case Study

… This has increase the threat of legal complications in case the company fails to meet legal or social expectations. On the contrary, the task environment improvement has made it possible for the firm to use information technology to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals as well as better manage its internal resources.

IV- Internal Environment: Strengths and Weakness

A- Corporate Structure

The corporate structure of Best Buy is hierarchical as well as cross-functional. Having viewed the composition of executive management and board of directors, it becomes evident the company lacks talent that can anticipate the future trends in retail sector, specifically the impact of online retailing upon the traditional bricks and mortar retailing. Most of the members of board of directors have rich experience…. [read more]

Strategic Management Case Analysis Essay

… Moreover, the risks and uncertainties in the external environment are also an important part of the global segment.

Porter's 5 Forces & the Competitive Environment for Nestle

The food and beverages industry constitutes a large number of competitors that are offering their wide array of products for the final consumers. Being the market leader in its industry, Nestle has to focus on two things; to keep its top position in the industry intact and keep expanding into other geographical regions on the basis of its core competencies and competitive advantages. The following paragraphs discuss the intensity of competition for Nestle from five different angles using Michael Porter's Five Forces Model of Competition:

a. Rivalry among existing competitors -- the Competitive Environment for Nestle:

Nestle operates…. [read more]

Analysis About Fairfax Media Limited Case Study

… ¶ … Media Analysis

The following pages focus on analyzing the situation of Fairfax media, one of the most important companies in the media industry. The paper presents the most important factors in the external environment of the company that are able to influence the evolution of the media industry, but also the internal environment factors that characterize Fairfax Media. In addition to this, the paper identifies some of the most important problems that affect the situation of Fairfax Media. The factors that determine these problems are also presented. The Recommendations section presents certain strategies that the company can develop in order to improve its situation.

Situation Analysis

External Environment

Industry Situation

Competitor Analysis

Market Analysis

Internal Environment

Evaluation of the Company's Internal Capabilities and…. [read more]

Ethics Case Study

… This is the identity of the company and a mark of its excellence as well. The company has been known to produce products that have helped businesses reduce their pollution levels. The company can use this as social capital against arguments that it supports industries that increase environmental pollution. The company can then diversify into other products based on its research and development competency. The company can argue for its environmentally responsible goals by stressing scientific evidence from its research and development efforts. Letting go of a key market and core competency would damage the credibility and reputation of the company as it would be perceived as erratic and marred by knee-jerk responses to ethical challenges.

The second alternative for The Lubrizol Corporation is to…. [read more]

Strategic Use of ERP Systems Term Paper

… Smorgon Steel Case Study Analysis

The many challenges that Smorgon Steel faces are symptomatic of manufacturers globally. First and most urgently there is the need to become more demand-driven and demand sensing with their supply chains including the urgent need to synchronize their production cycles with their other divisions' needs. Second, strategies aimed at working capital reduction need greater coordination and integration points within the it infrastructure to be successful. Third, the use of analytics and intelligence within it is limited and nearly reactionary in its timing and approach. This clearly needs to change for Smorgon to stay competitive not only in its home markets but also globally. Fourth, Smorgons' need to consolidate ERP instances is symptomatic of what many manufacturers are grappling with today.…. [read more]

Strategic Plan With Any Shift Term Paper

… Measurement creates accountability for those managers who have roles to fulfill. Measures for the implementation of HIPAA could be the percent of medical records that have been transferred to electronic, measures on security compliance, measures of staff training levels and measures of customer satisfaction with respect to the transfer to electronic health records and other parts of HIPAA implementation.

The measures need to be concrete and achievable. This means that the actual results will like fall within a tolerance range, and that the organization would be happy with any result that falls at the minimum of this range or higher. The tolerance range will be different for each metric. At this point, the tolerance range should be set more by government guidelines contained within HIPAA…. [read more]

Coca-Cola Macro-Economic Analysis Case Study

… "

For the structure that Coca-Cola has employed over the years, the cost-benefit analysis when talking about their water consumption and management policies has been balanced out by the corporation's wide and open investment in efforts to create more awareness as well as the overall international water stewardship that they constantly enjoy. The fact of the matter is that the rising population of the world, the decreasing resource, increased hazardous discharge and threat of water deficiency is leading to a very unstable environment in the future (Brennan, et al., 2008). Hence, it is important for corporations like the Coca-Cola Company with huge resource consumption to make sure that they participate in activities that help with the preservation of the raw materials and resources as well…. [read more]

Strategic Management USA Truck Case Study

… Strategic Management - USA Truck Case Study

Mission/Vision/External Analysis

The company has specializes in commodity transportation in the U.S., as well as in small areas of Canada and Mexico. With its main headquarters in Van Buren, Arkansas, the company has also developed additional maintenance facilities throughout the U.S. According to the company's website, the main objectives for the company have been revenue growth and increasing the company's operating margins. These, in turn, are bound to increase the added-value for the company's shareholders.

There are several important external factors that need to be looked into.

In terms of economic factors, the company is dependant on the general evolution of the U.S. economy. The reason for this is that the more the economy produces, the more products…. [read more]

Strategic Management of Human Resources the Case Term Paper

… Strategic Management of Human Resources

The case study presents a particular process of organizational change in a specific organization - Macquarie Bank. The case study makes explicit the steps taken in order to manage change. It appears clear that - as Armstrong (2006) argued -usually a change process starts with an awareness of the need for change. An analysis of the situation and of the factors that triggered change should follow and then a preferred action can be identified and implemented. There are many types of change and it is important to understand them. Two important types of change have been identified (Armstrong 2006): strategic and operational. The operational change refers to the implementation of new systems, procedures, structures and technologies with impact upon the…. [read more]

Strategic Plan Case Study

… Government/business blends have the best (and worst) of both worlds (Gordon, 2009). As such, implementation of this strategic plan will require a two-front attack whereby the cultural issues and the systemic/setup issues are addressed at the same time. The selection and implementation of a single platform such as an ERP application will probably be the best way to go at the same time as making it clear that the government-oriented nature of Telstra is going away forever as is any idea that any single department is more important or beyond reproach than anyone else (CIO, 2014). Respect will have to be earned and kept for people to be taken seriously but everyone will be and should be treated fairly.

Measurement of achievements and the overall…. [read more]

Citibank's E-Business Strategy Analysis Case Study

… Citibank Case Analysis

How does Citibank differentiate its e-business product offering from that of its competitors? How could Citibank create its own competitive advantages in the market place?

Citibank relies on a variety of strategies for differentiating its e-business products and services over the time period analyzed in the case study Citibank's e-Business Strategy for Global Corporate Banking. Starting with a focus on how to enable greater multichannel-based banking, Citibank quickly progresses to combining multichannel services with personalization. This is only partially successful because its globally-based corporate clients are still not entirely trusting the security and level of process accuracy and efficiencies, which are the most common factors in businesses rejecting change (Yap, Wong, Loh, Bak, 2010). Citibank continues to pursue this multichannel approach of…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Case Study

… The identity is one that is split between the work identity and the personal identity (Tracy, 2000). The question that can be applied in this case study is whether or not transforming full-time employment into part-time employment, the organization apply too much pressure towards balancing the individual's identify more towards the life side of things and lose thus their partial influence on the work side.

This is not necessarily a matter of whether the employee will give the same productivity performance when he is at home against when he is the office, although a discussion can be launched as to whether the employee is potentially subjected to distractions at home that do not exist at work. It is, however, a matter of whether he will…. [read more]

Blue Nile Inc. Analysis This Company Case Study

… ¶ … Blue Nile Inc. analysis

This company was founded in 1999 and went public in 2004. Blue Nile has been dealing in fine jewelry and certified diamond. Most of their products are engagement rings of which they had sold approximately 230,000 of them by 2010. In the same year, they had achieved a sale of $332 million which was way above the $169 million in 2004. Blue Nile is also one of the top online retailers of certified diamond and jewelry of all sorts. They not only deal in rings but bracelets and earrings as well as pendants (Arthur a. & Ronald W., 2011:314).

Macro-environmental challenges

The company currently faces some major macro-environmental factors that come on its way to remain on top of…. [read more]

McDonald's Analysis Report Case Study

… McDonald's has grown significantly from the early days of having a single outlet to the current status where it has more than 26,000 restaurants which are located in 120 countries. The company no serves 15 billion customers every year with sales topping 40 billion dollars. It has, however, not been smooth sailing for McDonald's since the company has suffered from serious problems as a result of the company's decision-making being shaky and many of their products and their marketing strategies have failed terribly. One such strategy that failed was the one that involved the Arch Deluxe sandwich which was targeted at adults. The company ran a massive campaign to increase its sales which was a serious flop. Further to this, the company faces steep competition…. [read more]

Strategic Audit Format Case Study

… Social (S)

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

4. Technological (T)

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

3.1.b. Industry environment

(Five forces Analysis)






1. Industry Rivalry factors

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

2. Bargaining power of Buyers

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

3. Bargaining power of Suppliers

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

Factor 1: High/Mod/Low

Factor 2: High/Mod/Low

Factor 3: High/Mod/Low

4. Threat of Substitute

Products…. [read more]

Zappos Case Study

… Zappos Case Study

This case study analysis is based on the 2009 case study from Stanford Graduate School of Business titled Developing a supply chain to deliver WOW! It begins with the general overview of the background, philosophies and current problems faced by Zappos. This is followed by a hierarchal ranking of the four major presenting problems for the company, which are: maintaining the "wow" image without overspending, inventory management/distribution problems, transportation efficiency problems and customer behavior problems.

Each of these problems is addressed in more detail in the discussion section and the recommendations section at the end of the analysis. Prior to the conclusion and recommendations section, a list of possible strategic alternatives is provided with a brief explanation, and potential scenarios that…. [read more]

American Airlines/U.s. Airways Merger Issues Case Study

… This tendency has the possibility of increasing the volume of fares to the consumers thus ability to reduce the value and satisfaction of the needs and preferences due to increase in the cost of travelling.

Strategic Issues:

There are various strategic issues that might arise because of the integration of the American-U.S. Airways. One of the strategic issues in relation to the merger is the decrease in the level of competition. The proposed merger will have the ability to reduce competition for 1,665 flight choices thus affecting approximately 53 million passengers. The size of the new entity will be above the current operators in the market and industry thus the tendency of eliminating the trust of effective, free, and fair treatment and competition in relation…. [read more]

Strategic Management Case Essay

… These factors are showing how there were a host of challenges facing Porsche and what strategies were used to address potential issues. (Carpenter, 2009, pp. 761 -- 767)

As a result, the firm was able to maintain its dominance inside key markets and to improve the bottom line numbers of the organization. A good example of this can be seen by looking at the net income (after taxes) from 1995 to 2002 in the below table.

Net Income after Taxes for Porsche


Net Income after Taxes (In Euros)

1995 -- 1996

24.6 million

1996 -- 1997

71.3 million

1997 -- 1998

141.6 million

1998 -- 1999

190.9 million


210.1 million

2000 -- 2001

270.5 million


462.0 million

(Carpenter, 2009, pp. 761 --…. [read more]

Strategic Management and Organizational Change Case Study

… Strategic Management and Organizational Change

Over the last several years, the retail industry has undergone a tremendous amount of changes. Where, the sales and the stocks prices of many retailers would continue to climb higher, with each positive earnings report. Then, the financial crisis began and the industry would face a severe slow down that would challenge, the most solvent of retailers. This is vastly different from an industry that first began out of mom and pop style stores, between the 1930s to the 1950s. Then, over the years, these companies would grow into large multinational enterprises, with stores around the globe. However, the overall focus on increasing the earnings of the company became more challenging. This is because the profit margins became tighter, as…. [read more]

Strategic Management Robin Hood Case Study

… Strategic Management - Case Study Robin Hood


In the past few years, several theories involving the implementation of strategic management in all types of organizations have emerged as a significant element of competitive advantage for both employees and management personnel. An analysis of such strategies using the Robin Hood Case Study provides an example of how strategic management can affect an organization's mission, vision, future and overall success. According to Thompson (2005), an organization's strategy is management's game plan for growing the business, staking out a market position, attracting and pleasing customers, competing successfully, conducting operations, and achieving targeted objectives.

A company's strategy is reflected in its actions in the marketplace and the statements of senior managers about…. [read more]

Leadership Case Study

… 30).

Third, Todman has revolutionized operations in a way that suited current Whirlpool goals. He integrated Maytag into the product line fully, cut costs by closing inept plants, and managing brands. Todman's brand management strategy is international in scope, requiring a deft understanding for language and cultural communications. He also has the foresight and awareness to understand logistical issues including time zone constraints in communications that may impact the global operations management at the Whirlpool Company.

3. Todman shows a good balance between strategic thinking and focusing on people. Strategic thinking was required to fully integrate the Maytag product line, reducing redundancy and cutting costs associated with defunct plants. Likewise, Todman addressed problems associated with introducing the new product lines to staff members around the…. [read more]

Strategic Perspectives Sberbank Case Study

… S. dollar and euro transactions. (Sberbak Receives Annual STP Excellence Awards 2009) When you put these two elements together, this shows how Sberbank is implementing its strategy, by expanding into countries where customers have different operations. This helps to improve the effectiveness of the products and services they are offering, by allowing the institution to address each customer's needs. At the same time, the high quality services for financial products and transactions are helping them to be known for addressing all of the needs of the customers (by giving them the best products / services possible). Over the course of time, this will help Sberbank be able to address the demands of various businesses.

The possible barriers that the bank could face, is the fact…. [read more]

Strategic Approach to Product Recalls Case Study

… Strategic Approach to Product Recalls

One of the major challenges for most corporations is dealing with product recalls. This is because there is the need to inform customers about these issues. While at the same time, they must be able to protect their image and brand name. To determine how this can be successfully achieved we will be examining the product recalls from: Saturn and Audi. This will be accomplished by comparing and contrasting how this was achieved through: examining the action plans that were developed, identifying the offensive / defensive tactics that were utilized, analyzing what security was needed, evaluating the chain of accountability along with which brand prevailed / the reason why. Once this occurs, it will provide the greatest insights as to…. [read more]

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