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Strategic Planning for Effective Sport Managers Essay

… Sport Management

Identify and discuss the most important elements of strategic planning that sport managers need to know in order to be effective.

Strategic planning, evaluation and feedback are essential components to any sport manager within a business function. As sporting franchises continue to expand their reach in emerging markets, strategic planning will have a more profound role in the daily operations of these firms. Many firms including the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, and Manchester United are valued at over a billion dollars. Those teams based in developed nations, such as America or Europe, will have a strong foundation in which to evaluate strategic business initiatives as they attempt to gain international market share. As such, it is very important for individuals to…. [read more]

Manager Essay

… Self-development whether recognizable or not, boils down to it being an ongoing process of how to best use your personality as manager to do certain activities that will ensure the best results and targets and as a result bring the organization repeat clients and profits. The manager does not have to be a self-development guru to be able to figure out how best the human personnel can achieve their goals and targets. Incorporating many coaching theories or sections of them is therefore extremely helpful and an effective and simple plan / methodology of achieving goals. Coaching theories enable managers to focus and put emotions aside at the workplace and are effective strategies of finding solutions to work related problems Taylor, 2010()

Some forms of learning/coaching…. [read more]

Strategic Planning for the New Economy Term Paper

… 89). Eisenhardt asserts that, "The fundamental precept that 'strategy is about being different' continues to be true" (2002, p. 89). She posits that different strategy must be characterized by "simplicity, organization and timing" (2002, p. 89). Yet, a closer look suggests that the critical attribute of strategy is that it be agile. The high-velocity playing field, to use Eisenhardt's words, requires great flexibility in order to make speedy tactical, if not strategic, moves, ever responsive to uncertainty and ambiguity, while avoiding what can overnight become a critical flaw: an overly defined strategic position" (Eisenhardt, 2002).

Eisenhardt peppers her writing with team sports and military analogies -- the term war room having completely different connotations in the new central control room in heads of state gather…. [read more]

Sports Marketing NFL Term Paper

… The various e-marketing strategies that are used by the NFL support this idea, and the NFL, on a weekly basis, in order to consolidate this theme, uses an e-mail letter. This e-mail is sent through its e-mail marketing firm known as 'e-Dialog', which is responsible for the creation and the distribution of a new newsletter to be distributed through the e-mail network to all its various teams in the league, every week. This e-mail marketing firm was launched in the year 1999, and the e-mail that is created by the firm reaches more than a huge 1.5 million fans all over. The website of NFL, known as, is used and assessed by about 7.5 million visitors every single month. In the year 2001, the…. [read more]

Strategic Planning- Tourism Essay

… There is different data and information available on the tourism history in the Lewis-Clark Valley and the steps taken by government and officials in order to come up with effective and efficient strategic plan for the tourism industry of this Valley. A detailed analysis of the literature review is done in order to derive the results and findings and provide appropriate recommendations.

strategic management methodologies-tools and techniques applied

Systematic methodologies for performing internal assessment through analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the company and external assessment through the opportunities and threats analysis is critically important for the success of the strategic management process. The EFE Matrix, Competitive Profile Matrix, IFE Matrix and a clear statement of mission provide the basic information needed to formulate competitive strategies…. [read more]

Odor Beaters Athletic Shoes Essay

… However, excellence in customer performance must start somewhere, and that somewhere is typically processes, decision, and actions that occur internally to boost the performance of the organization. For instance, regardless of the quality of food at a restaurant, if the service is poor and the atmosphere shoddy, the clientele will have less positive an opinion than if the food were medium but the service and atmosphere superb. Often businesses call attention to internal processes part of the TQM (Total Quality Management) program, because to achieve goals, managers must equate measures of satisfaction from stakeholders based on the key actions of employees (Kaplan & Nortin, 1992).

Matrix Overview

Marketing Considerations





Customer Purchasing Behavior

Ideal for all levels of sporting enthusiasts as well…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning for Automobile Essay

… Related supplementary courses are an added advantage. The managers need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. The manager should be highly motivated with flexible and clear judgment. The Sales Manager will be paid $35 for every hour worked.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative welcome customer as they come to the showroom. The Sales team needs to know details both technical and non-technical on all Cadillac models. They must be updated on the latest production and market trends. The Sales Representative talks to the customer and keeps a record of all prospective customers. They are also referred to as the Showroom Managers as they control whatever takes place in there.

Sales Representatives need to be a high school graduate or a college degree in public…. [read more]

Habit/Getting Things Done Effective Habits Term Paper

… This seems very clear but it appears that many people have a very difficult time understanding exactly how it works (Smith, 1994). Some individuals that observed organizational behavior are concerned about how much enthusiasm many people have for Covey's way of thinking and teaching (Smith, 1994). These individuals believe that the problem lies with the fact that management is telling individual workers in companies that these people are responsible for their own destiny (Smith, 1994).

Self-improvement on a continual basis is the way that these individuals can have serenity and security (Smith, 1994). This is particularly troublesome for larger corporations that are getting rid of a great deal of middle managers because it makes these individuals that are laid off or fired from their jobs…. [read more]

Effects of Employees Managers Interaction on Employees Attitude Towards Their Company Thesis

… ¶ … Employees'-Managers Interaction on Employees Attitude towards their Company

In the contemporary turbulent business environment, executive managers are very critical for the success of an organization. (Florescu, Stela, & Marian, 2014). A quality of a manager is to have a strong interpersonal relationship to enhance effective interactions with subordinates. An effective communication between managers and employees is critical for organization effectiveness because it creates positive relationships, breeds trust within an organization, creates a condition of commitment and foster team cooperation. The history of managerial communication started in 1916 when Henry Fayol showed that central functions of an organization are to organize a plan, coordinate, control and command the subordinates. However, modern management studies have found the system too rigid. In 1970, Henry Mintzberg argued…. [read more]

Highest Performing Promotional Tools and Strategies Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Highest Performing Promotional Tools and Strategies in the Marketing Communications Mix for Attracting Volunteers for the 2012 Olympic Games

Guideline For Length Of Words Breakdown In Dissertation Content

The recruitment and retention of a volunteer organization for the London 2012 Olympics is the single greatest influence on the experience the visitors enjoy from around the world when they attend the many venues and locations throughout the United Kingdom (UK). Attracting, training and retaining the best volunteer base for the many eclectic and varied events is highly dependent on getting the best possible volunteers with the most effective skill sets needed. The volunteers really are the face of the Olympics; they are the brand experience that visitors globally will experience when they attend events,…. [read more]

Career Orientation of Bank Managers in Pakistan a Private Public Sector Comparison Term Paper

… ¶ … benchmark regarding bank manager careers in Pakistan. Islamic banking is a growing feature of banking in the region, and Pakistan as a nation has expressed interest in being the banker of that region. That being so, it is instructive to note that the managers who worked under the old regime are significantly less optimistic than the newer, younger managers working in the growth industry of Islamic banking. They also seem, if not satisfied with their career paths, at least resigned to their fate and accepting that maintaining their jobs and what vestiges of ethical behaviour they could was sufficient. On the other hand, bank managers who had experience banking in nations in which banking had less tumultuous history, as well as those who…. [read more]

Workplace Learning and Manager's Performance Term Paper

… A manager must be careful and wise enough to keep the services perfect while generating profit. Expenses need to be handled in the way that profit margin is maintained. Liberality and good will in hospitality industry does not mean to compromise on profit while maintaining standard and providing comfort. Portion sizes must be related to cost. This will allow the management to recover the cost and generate profit ( Lucas, Employment Relations in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries, 2003).

On the whole, these tasks clarifies that managers must possess the potential to communicate effectively to employees and guests, perform the operations wisely, and accomplish operating goals within a budget (Raguz & Vrdoljak, 2007).

Workplace Learning and Managers' Performance in the Hospitality Industry in Light of…. [read more]

Reviving a Company Term Paper

… " (Mercer, 1994, pages 14-15). In the global economy, his point is well taken. Customers today come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, and every company has unique needs and wishes. Therefore, a successful company must not attempt to interpret exactly what the customer wants, based on their own experiences and values; it is important to ensure that we determine from the customer himself, exactly what he needs to make the transaction completely successful.

Atkinson attributes the success of Japanese business to their determination to target certain markets, and then thoroughly doing their homework to find out exactly what that market's customer wants. The automotive and electronics industries are examples of their success in overcoming the stereotype decades earlier of producing shoddy goods.…. [read more]

Shattering the Glass Ceiling Breaking Barriers for Women Term Paper

… Shattering the glass ceiling.

History of the glass ceiling

Although the fact of the glass ceiling has probably been around since the first woman entered the first job market anywhere on earth, the term itself originate din a Wall Street Journal report in 1986. The report, about corporate women, "most frequently refers to barriers faced by women who attempt, or aspire, to attain senior positions (as well as higher salary levels) in corporations, government, education and nonprofit organizations. It can also refer to racial and ethnic minorities and men when they experience barriers to advancement" (Lockwood, 2004).

Although workplace discrimination is illegal in the United States it exists in a number of sub-rosa forms, including hiring practices and availability of training and development opportunities that…. [read more]

Emotional Intelligence Its Relevance to Urban Community Association Managers Research Proposal

… Emotional Intelligence: Relevance to Urban Community Association Managers

Daniel Goleman published "Emotional Intelligence" in 1995. It was in this book that the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was first mentioned and comprehensively discussed as a behavioral model. Emotional intelligence theory was developed by psychologists; John Mayer, Peter Salovey and Howard Gardner. The principles of emotional intelligence provide a new way of comprehending and assessing people's management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, behavior and potential, which is why it is more relevant to development and organization of people. EQ is also important in job profiling, human resources planning, customer relations, management development, customer services, selection and interviewing. Certain concepts like spirituality and love are strongly linked to EQ. This means that those with emotional intelligence also have…. [read more]

Strategic Management of Technology for Microsoft's Cell Phone Market Entry Term Paper

… Management of Technology for Microsoft's Entry Into The Multimedia Cell Phone Market

Assessing Market Opportunities for Microsoft to Penetrate the Multimedia Cell Phone Market

The intent of this plan is to analyze the opportunities for Microsoft to enter the multimedia cell phone market on a global basis by first completing an internal analysis of the company's abilities in this area, the current market environment, and the key market drivers by dominant market segment, and assessments of Microsoft entering this market. These include a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis in addition to the application of Dr. Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis.

The market for multimedia cellphones is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 74% a year from 2006 to 2010 in the…. [read more]

Trait Leadership Definitions / Descriptions Essay

… 3).

On page 4 of his Mother Jones article Dowie points out that of all of Iacocca's objectives (price, fuel consumption, performance, comfort, appearance… et al.); safety was not one of them. "Safety doesn't sell," Iacocca was heard saying in many contexts, according to Dowie.

From this description of Iacocca's intensity and drive, one can certainly say that he had determination. His office in fact lobbied against federal safety guidelines for eight years, guidelines that would have forced the Pinto to be fixed, Dowie explains. Determination is the desire "to get the job done," according to Northouse on page 25. People with determination are "willing to assert themselves" and they have "…the capacity to persevere in the face of obstacles," Northouse writes, and there is…. [read more]

Mississippi Valley State University (Msuv) Research Paper

… ¶ … Mississippi Valley State University (MSUV) during my internship and how has that helped me in integrating my education while doing MS with the practical aspect of applying the acquired knowledge.

The paper is divided into four sections all contributing towards the final conclusion of how the internship has helped me improve and use the knowledge acquired during my post graduation.


Practical experience is necessary in any field of education. Moreover, I believe that practical exposure is necessary for a student to learn the actual application of the theories taught in the classroom as it clarifies the concepts, strengthens the ideas and understanding of theories, teach the professional discipline and methodologies and makes a person confident to pursue his/her carrier.

I am a…. [read more]

Human Resources - Critically Appraise Term Paper

… Another study on the same subject by Buller (1988) found comparable results. He had also used methods similar to Golden and Ramanujam, especially in the characterization of the firms.

Many other researchers like Rowland & Summers (1981); Lorange & Murphy, (1984); Nkomo, (1984); Mills, (1985); Buller & Napier, (1993); and Brewster in 1994 have studied the same relationship between business strategy and human resource management. All of these studies give comparable results, and the total integration between business strategy and human resource management is normally not achieved in most cases. The first such study by Golden and Ramanujam had distinguished two important factors as critical factors and decisive for achieving certain desired levels of strategic organizations. These were separated into two groups which were found…. [read more]

Talent Management on Productivity Increasing Essay

… Employee reward mechanisms help employers achieve their organizational objectives. This is because they assist can help employers to attain the goals of the organization. However, employers have to identify each goal clearly before creating tangible, as well as intangible reward schemes. Important goals like employee retention, job satisfaction together with performance enhancement and motivation of the employee can be accomplished by identifying the preferred result of employee reward initiatives. Company executives together with managers who align their objectives in the organization with employee reward mechanisms are likely to face recurrent instances of enhanced employee performance. Employee rewards should not be founded on seniority as all workers at all levels need to be encouraged to participate.

Employee Retention

High company business rates can easily be reduced…. [read more]

Organization Behavior ASDA Stores Business Essay

… It has to formulate policies and long-term strategies by keeping in view the political, governmental, and legal forces so as to avoid unwanted legal constraints in the future (Frederic, Agnes, & John 2011). Similarly, it has to offer products and design marketing strategies according to the social and demographical factors of its target markets. The competitive pressures also require ASDA Stores to focus on technological aspect of its business operations. In a nutshell, each and every environmental factor has a direct or indirect impact on the company's business and operations (Ellwood 2002).

RESOURCE Management

ASDA Stores is the second largest retailer and the subsidiary of world's No.1 retail giant, Wal-Mart. It depicts a strong brand image and financial strength of ASDA Stores in the country…. [read more]

Managing Efficient and Effective Human Research Paper

… In addition, when hiring the top notch engineers and architectures, organizations require an outstanding policy as well to keep them attached to the organization. If the employees are not being appreciated enough for their hard work they tend to swap jobs more frequently. There must be a loop hole in the organizations system of showing appreciation to the hard work of employees that leads to low level of employee satisfaction. (Arvey & Murphy, 1998). Organizations should develop a system for performance evaluation. This system shows that the employees are being valued by the organization which in turn works as a strong motivational factor for the employees.

In order to retain the top performing employees' organizations need to come up with innovative ideas of appreciating the…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Digital Camera Situation Analysis Assessment

… Marketing Plan for Digital Camera

Situation Analysis

Sony Corporation is a global leader in the research & development, design and manufacturing of optics-based products including high-resolution digital cameras for personal and professional use. The HDNA technology the company has pioneered is redefining high definition digital photography for the amateur and professional photographer alike (Smith, 2008). Sony also has exceptional control and skill in manufacturing, which has given the company the ability to quickly translate innovations into completed products (Chang, 2010). The Sony corporate culture puts a very high value on taking ownership of innovation and the development of digital platforms and products that liberate consumers to live as the choose (Cooper, 2000). This is the mission their engineers are on and one that energizes their…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Miller Inc. Marketing Management Term Paper


Marketing Management

Product or Service Idea: Bread

Is your product or service offered by:

__X__an existing company?

____a new company imagined for the assignment?


The company called Miller Inc. hopes to expand its operations to the southern part of the country. Previously, the operations of the company were limited to the northern part.

Who do you think is the target audience?

The target audience of this marketing plan is current and prospective investors for the company and the marketing department.

Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: (if your idea has no precedent in the marketplace, consider another idea).

There are other competitor products. Bread produced by the different…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Analysis Industry Information in Completing Thesis

… Wal-Mart Analysis

Industry Information

In completing an analysis of the Big Box Retailing industry of which Wal-Mart is the most dominant participate, the key factors of the industry's growth potential, industry profitability, degrees of risk in the industry's future, and how this industry is confronting the current economic challenges in the retailing environment. As an industry, Big Box Retailing is considered to be in the mature phase of its product lifecycle (Sampson, 2008). Many research firms and the Department of Commerce consider the Big Box Retailing industry one of three industries that comprise the U.S. General Merchandise Stores Sector. According to industry analysts real sector revenue increased 14.1% over the last five years. Of the three industries that comprise this sector, the Big Box Retailing…. [read more]

Foot Locker Company Evaluation Essay

… As is shown in Figure 1, Industry Lifecycle Analysis of the Global Footwear Industry, this industry is in decline and due for a shake-out or massive consolidation.

Figure 1:

Industry Lifecycle Analysis of the Global Footwear Industry

(Foot Locker Investor Relations, 2012)

Contributing factors to this position of the industry also include the relative lack of innovation and new product development in the industry, with many product lines being stale over years of non-development. The new product development process lacks any aspect of disruptive innovation and the product lines are wlel beyond the peak earning years of their product lives. There is also a very heavy level of price pressure on the entire value chain of the industry as well over 95% of shoes are…. [read more]

Integrated Marketing Plan Essay

… Even though the cost of producing a single unit is noted to be large, the concept of mass production is helping the company in the reduction of the overall cost. This would allow the company to sell its products a much lower price than its competitors while still remaining competitive. This strategy should be used by the company iy the penetration of the emerging economies.

6.1 Marketing Goals and Objectives

The fact that Toyota is a large company gives it a competitive advantage in teams of the ability to meet the industry growth. The number of people who need cars is also increasing steadily. The perceived relevance of owning a car as a result of increased needs of travelling in the largely corporate world is…. [read more]

Startsups and Smes in Thailand Dissertation

… Business Development of Start-Ups and SMEs with the use of Technological Advancement in Thailand

Factors affecting business success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Definitions of key terms

Factors affecting business success of SMEs

Virtual and augmented Reality impact on SMEs

Challenges Faced by SMEs in a Virtual World

Selected research method

Scientific approach

This study aims to investigate both internal and external elements that hamper the growth and development of Small and Medium Enterprises located in Thailand. This study is critical, especially in present times, due to not only the economic turbulences created by global economic giants but also the vital role this section plays in the Thai economy. While Small and Medium Enterprises in the developed economies integrate and adapt well to changing…. [read more]

Gateway Report on Accomplishing Goals Through Performance Management Term Paper

… ¶ … Improving Gateway's Performance / Gateway: Report On Accomplishing Goals Through Performance Management

Role of Job Analysis and Evaluation in Achieving the Organizations Strategic Direction

Ways in Which Performance Management Can Meet the Organization's Goals

Ways in Which Performance Management System Can Improve the Outcomes for the Organization

Five Recommendations That Gateway Institute Should Implement

Role of Job Analysis and Evaluation in Achieving the Organizations Strategic Direction

Analysis refers to the comprehensive procedure of identifying and establishing the responsibilities of a certain job as well as its requirements and the significance of these responsibilities for the specified job. The procedure whereby conclusions regarding information gathered on a job is referred to as job analysis. A significant aspect of job analysis is that the evaluation…. [read more]

Policing Liquor Licensed Premises in Hong Kong Research Proposal

… Best Practices in Policing Alcohol and Licensed Premises

Today, Hong Kong enjoys a free market economy but it is highly dependent on the international trade, finance and tourism sectors for its revenues (Hong Kong 2009). The Mongkok Police District of Hong Kong is the subject of the dissertation (see map at Appendix ____ and District Boundaries as set forth in DC MKDIST'S Standing Order No. 1-01 at Appendix ____). There are currently more than 5,000 liquor licensed premises in Hong Kong, with 396 of them being situated in the Mongkok Police District. The number of bars/pubs, nightclubs and restaurants is 49, 33, and 314, respectively. In addition, Mongkok is an unofficial red-light district in Hong Kong; while the area is home to a number of…. [read more]

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