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Strategy for Building a Community Research Paper

… Strategy for Building a Community

There are a number of different strategies that one can use to help to foster a sense of community -- not just within the classroom but within the external neighborhood and its residents and occupants -- for assisting children with their learning. Many of these methods are denoted within Hardin's Effective Classroom Management: Models and Strategies for Today's Classroom. In addition to explicating the intrinsic relationship between community building and teaching students, one of the most valuable techniques covered in this manuscript related to community-building is the idea that it should be a component of or an actual part of the learning process. From a teacher's perspective, then, it is important to realize that these two objectives -- engendering lifelong…. [read more]

Community Policing Essay

… When citizens are empowered to prevent crime in their neighborhoods, the work of policing becomes more efficient. Thus, community policing allows the freeing up of valuable resources for crime fighting and crime solving.

The three components of community policing, as they are outlined by the United States Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services department, include community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving. Community partnerships are those that need to be developed between departments and multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, community organizations, private businesses in the community, and also the media. The more aware these disparate stakeholders are about their role, and what community policing means for them, the easier it will be for police departments to put community policing into practice.

Organizational…. [read more]

Community Health Nursing Lansdowne, Phila-Delaware Case Study

… They have put in place workable mechanisms aimed at dealing with various communicable and contagious diseases.

The genogram for the Community's Social Relationships

Creating a Community genogram to present the data collected in the Assessment

Provide a short interpretation of the genogram, including the health indicators for this community

The color-coded lines in the genogram show the different kinds of relationships that exist among families and households in the borough of Lansdowne. It also shows ho family ties affect the health status of individuals in the community.

Formulating a community diagnosis of Lansdowne

Community diagnosis is the process or situational analysis that public health practitioners undertake as a way of identifying and analyzing the factors that affect health in a given community. The public health…. [read more]

Community Oriented Policing New Term Paper

… When a community will successfully reduce crime within its circle it will allow them to allocate more police resources to services that have the greatest impact on the quality of community life." (Kelling, 4-5)

The policy of a mandatory arrest will discourage crimes among the communities and will help in developing a stronger sense of security. Moreover, it will help the police to practice crime reduction more freely and more with ease without any distraction.

On the other hand, it may raise concerns relating to the individual freedom and the legal protection given to a citizen. In addition to this some of the police officers may misuse this privilege.

Statement of the problem and the purpose of the study:

The fear of crime and the…. [read more]

Community Child Care Services Essay

… It has authority over the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities, a community of hundreds of organizations created with the purpose to promote the rights of disabled children on a global level. "With a rights-based approach, the Partnership provides a platform for advocacy and collective action to ensure the rights of children with disabilities are included and prioritized by both the Disability and Child Rights Movement." (Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities) The magnitude of this project reflects positively on children with disabilities worldwide, as its ideas are promoted in a series of areas and this encourages the masses to contribute to helping children with disabilities.

Children with a disability are in a particularly critical situation, as many are likely to be abandoned when they…. [read more]

Community Participation Is a Key Case Study

… Chen (2005) said:

"A community-based sentence allows, where appropriate, a child or young person to stay living in their usual home, and continue their existing school, training or work commitments. Community-based sentences vary in relation to the level and type of supervision." 11

10. Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, "The Wellbeing of Young Australians: Technical Report," Journal of Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, no.7 (2008):117.

11. Chen, S, "The transition from juvenile to adult criminal careers," Crime and Justice Bulletin, New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, no. 86 (2005): 9-11.

enough to build a community; the most important is to run the community on its norms and rules. Welcoming people of any age or background will bring different…. [read more]

Community Analysis: Columbus, Ohio Research Paper

… They promise to bring a higher standard of living, attract residents with higher incomes, and lead to the establishment of more services for all of the residents.

Community Resources

An assessment of community resources for help and family's to achieve the optical level of wellness focus is on Mount Carmel Health System. Their won the largest hospitals in Central Ohio and there are few services, either general or specialty that cannot be found on the campus. Residents who have Health Insurance or who receive assistance by way of Medicare or Medicaid have easy access to the services at this facility and will not be the focus of the study. The study will address resources that are available for those who do not have access to…. [read more]

Community policing is a strategy Term Paper

… In order to produce such a working environment the bureaucratic rank and file structure can be maintained; however, transformational leaders encourage the subordinates to participate in the decision-making process. Officers would be encouraged to bring creative viewpoints to the table regarding issues at department faces and work on these issues together. This type of attitude can be extended to the relationship that police departments have with the community. For example police departments should encourage regular open meetings with the public regarding issues and listen to citizens' complaints, suggestions, etc. And then work together with citizens in order to find solutions for them. Such a policy results in everyone feeling as if they are part of the whole process and this can create stronger ties between…. [read more]

Red Hook Brooklyn Community Assessment Research Paper

… Community Assessment, part 1-

Red Hook Brooklyn

Red Hook is a neighborhood in south Brooklyn, NY that rests along an industrial waterfront. The region is predominately poor and mostly African-Americans reside in this area. The movie on the Waterfront was based on this part of New York and the famous international cruise liner, the Queen Mary, docks in this area. This neighborhood has experienced much change in the last decade with mostly positive economic gains and improving infrastructure. Currently, the area is in a state of disarray and confusion as Hurricane Sandy's recent devastating impact on the area has left many of its residents and businesses at a loss. This area could be described as going through a serious recovery period currently and is in…. [read more]

Lisa Was a Sophomore Essay

… In order for the patient to adapt to her own philosophy, we must get her to accept herself for who she is without seeking approval from others. To do that, we need to ask her what she likes about herself and her life and encourage her to put emphasis on those things in order to build up her self-esteem so that she would be more inclined to adapt to her own philosophy of life.

"One of the main elements of Erikson's psychosocial stage theory is the development of ego identity.1 Ego identity is the conscious sense of self that we develop through social interaction. According to Erikson, our ego identity is constantly changing due to new experiences and information we acquire in our daily interactions…. [read more]

Policing Community- and Problem-Oriented Essay

… As problem oriented policing is based on the analysis of the situation and discovering the solution, it can be beneficial for the community for the reduction of the crime rate in future as well. The results of this policing model are transparent and based on the detailed analysis of the crime/situation. POP enables the police officers to work with more authority and power. Contrary to that, in some cases improper use of authority can also be faced. However, police officers are also held responsible for any misuse of power ("The Key Elements of Problem-Oriented Policing").


The example of money snatching incidents can be taken to understand problem-oriented policing. A police officer can visit a neighborhood and detect any suspicious characters. This approach will never…. [read more]

Community Policing Research Paper

… 23). In fact, there are serious roadblocks when authorities try to define "community," Pfeifer concludes, and this paper agrees with him. There is nothing wrong -- and everything right -- with law enforcement and community organizations teaming up to fight crime. And certainly, having alert, sober, trustworthy citizens helping police identify criminals and other destabilizing elements is a positive thing. But this paper has pointed out many issues that first need resolution prior to it being said the community policing can work in a variety of communities and social environments. In order to work correctly, good ideas require people with patience, understanding, empathy and training in social change and relationships with other ethnic cultures. Perhaps it is a fair generalization to say that police aren't…. [read more]

Community Partnership Term Paper

… Community Partnership

The notion that the community has a role to play in the education of youth is long standing in United States. From Dewey's concept of community schools at the turn of the 20th century to calls for community control from parents and community activists in the late 1960's, community involvement has been a central theme in educational reform. Today, community involvement has taken a new significance in configurations and discussions in of school improvement. Federal, state and local educational legislation; political slogans; professional addresses; and casual conversations about schooling are likely to include references to the role or responsibility of the community (Sanders, 2005; pg: 1)."

One of the main focal points for improvement for the American Education Board as well as the…. [read more]

Community Nursing the Service Learning Research Paper

… Problems associated with validity are usually increased in survey designs because they evaluate subject's values as well as beliefs (Bouma, 2004). Contemplating, the aims and outcomes of this research, Yin (2008) argues that it must be practicable to streamline case studies towards hypothetical propositions. Nevertheless, this ought to not extend to incorporate communities as well as the aims of the study should be to relate and structure theories and not to evaluate frequencies. On the other hand, this researcher feels that social sciences lacks fixed specifications and there are a number of factors which might influence the outcomes of the study and because of this it really is unrealistic to guarantee that future scientific studies on this particular problem will produce exactly the same outcomes.…. [read more]

Community Art Education Essay

… . . . " (Efland, 1990, p. 1)

Amburgy (1990) writes that the conceptions of art education around the turn of the century "were a complex response to the new vocationalism in schooling and the changing nature of modern work. To some extent changes in art education were a recreation against vocationalism and the increasingly fragmented, alienating conditions of industrial labor." (Amburgy, 1990) The Progressive educators sought to improve the working-class children's existence through decorating the classroom and studying work of master art. Art some became focused upon as a means of personal expression.

However, the progressive movement advanced and the constructionist view held that arts education should be in the manner of "culture for the masses." (Amburgy, 1990) The constructivist view of any type…. [read more]

Community-Based Business This Discussion Essay

… Community-based business and social enterprises that posses ineffective governance or insufficient leadership system tend to have static culture and will have a more sustainable path which is stymied. The research has realized that leading sustainability orientated social enterprises or community-based business establishes their emphasis on achieving important goals in the future but not just finding ways of avoiding the current problem, therefore they tend to be very persistent, consistent and innovative making them to have the potential of accomplishing great things.

Effective and strong quality leadership will always develop with the community-based business or social enterprises stamping their philosophy on it. When these leaders or managers are effective, social enterprises will retain them for they are regarded as instrumental to the success of the business.…. [read more]

Community Engagement Fieldwork Journal Essay

… The initial attitude within the institution was marred with negativity and segregation among the residents. Most of the aged felt their life was not useful anymore and being with like individuals seemed to make their situations worse. Considering the belief that their stories were more or less similar and thus boring, they found no need of talking to one another, choosing just to stare at each other during their idle moments. These residents basically felt distant from one another since they rarely talked to each other aside from instances that were considered very necessary.

Basically, most of the residents had made any friends within the institution and thus were loners. Engaging with them at personal levels made them build trust with me little by little…. [read more]

Strategy and Decision Making Vision Term Paper

… The company engages in regular surveys thus obtaining direct complaints and compliments form customers. This is critical for improving the products and services offered by WAL-Mart stores (Power, 2010).

How Wal-Mart's strategy achieved competitive advantage

With the help of Sam Walton, Wal-Mart applied a strategy to attain a competitive advantage in the industry. Sam Walton has strong planning skills. Their products are much cheaper than those offered by competitors are. The stores have organized brands in a concise and clear manner. Any employee or manager can press a button at any time on their computer and view everything that is on the shelves, what needs to be replaced, and what has been sold. The company is leading in the industry. It is clear that Wal-Mart…. [read more]

Community Outing Risk Report: Touring Essay

… In addition, there are benches throughout Old Mesilla, so that if a person becomes unable to carry on with the tour, there are logical places for resting. There is no special equipment needed for the tour, though the participants will be advised to wear comfortable walking shoes.

The risks associated with the location where the tour is occurring have previously been discussed. The most likely risks are also some of the risks that are most difficult to manage. For example, there is a relatively high risk that at least some members of the tour will be bit by some type of insect while on the tour. For the most part, insect bites are nothing more than an inconvenience. However, for some people, insect bites, particularly…. [read more]

Community Safety and Crime Reduction Essay

… This could have a reassuring component on members of the public. With the increased utilization of public spaces as a result of increased public confidence, crime rates are more likely than not to decrease as criminals avoid crowded areas for fear of apprehension. Thus in my opinion, the installation of CCTV cameras in areas that were previously regarded criminal dens could help redeem the image of such areas by bringing down crime rates. Closely related to this, it can also be noted that visible CCTV cameras could also induce members of the public to basic precautions in an attempt to enhance their safety. For instance, it would be highly unlikely for an individual to scout for an isolated spot to answer a call of nature…. [read more]

Strategic Information Systems Essay

… Under this scheme medical care is provided to these workers through insurance dispensaries.

Question 28: Discuss McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y

McGregor developed two theory's of human behaviour at work. He said there are two kinds of workers. Theory X workers are those who dislike work and avoid it when possible and also lack ambition and prefer that they be spoon fed. Theory Y workers are those who seek responsibility and take consider work to be important. They consider work just like resting or playing.

Question 29: Discuss the terms wages and salary. What factors determine the wage structure in an industrial enterprise?

A wage is a payment which is made based on the number of hours worked while salary is paid for a…. [read more]

Social Entepreneurship Social Entrepreneur a Slum Term Paper

… Social Entepreneurship

Social Entrepreneur

A slum is a dwelling that is built on public or private real estates unlawfully. In Turkey, these illegal settlements started with movement of people from urban to rural areas in the 1950's. Main causes of the migration incident were subdivision of agricultural lands which was caused by the then heritage systems and lack of urban public services like health, education and culture among others in rural areas and job opportunities in metropolitan areas. Currently, on average 10% of buildings are slums in Turkey.

These are mostly in industrialized cities where accessibility is available and public real estates are common. As a result of the political and socio-economic factors, doing away with these slums owned by low income persons is a…. [read more]

Team Plan Strategy for Program Essay

… , 2004)is one that has report and feedback mechanisms and this is greatly assured through consistent meetings.

The meetings will be used as a report measure which will assist in understanding the position of the program and the extent that is required for the program to kick off the task force team member will also be required to give written reports on their specific assignments all the way through to implementation. These reports will also work as a measure for what else is required for the task to be completed. It will give the deficiencies of the task force team and gives guideline for corrective action.

Implementation of the Launch Plan

Implementation of the launch plan will need to be done by the task force…. [read more]

and Analysis of a Particular Approach or Example of Community Development in Practice Case Study

… Community Development in Practice

The term 'community involvement' has actually just recently pertained to play a main role in the discourse of rural development specialists and policy makers. At the exact same time, individuals' analyses of the term and objections of other individuals' analyses have actually increased, and the purposes and outcomes of much involvement in practice have actually been questioned or even knocked (Booth, 2005; Cornwall, 2004). Community involvement as a method has actually become a "buzzword" and at its base has actually become a foundation for each developing job in establishing nations. According to Fung (2002), involvement is the energetic participation of the community, especially the disadvantaged teams such as ladies, kids, senior, handicapped and the poorest of the inadequate, in the choices…. [read more]

Abbey National Building Society Term Paper

… (Welcome)

What is the corporate strategy that Abbey has been following these past years, and how effective and appropriate is this strategy? Has the corporate strategy been successful as far as the growth of the company is concerned? After the takeover in 2004 by the Banco Santander Central Hispano by which the Abbey Building Society merged with the Santander Group, and the 155-year-old financial institution became a victim to its European Rival in the same field, the bank's shares were de-listed. All of Abbey's 1.8 million shareholders had to swap one of their shares of Abbey for that of the Spanish Bank, and in December 2004, they will receive 31 p in cash for each of their Abbey shares if they wish to sell them.…. [read more]

Organizational Profile of a Community Essay

… Just as the Kiwanis Club does not explicitly state how its social responsibilities and strategies were developed, it does not state an outright social initiative. It's stated objective is to respond to the needs of the community, emphasizing youth involvement, with a goal of helping to properly shape future generations of leaders (Kiwanis Club, 2012). What could be termed its social initiative, then, is to ensure that today's youth grown into the type of adult citizen that is beneficial to society and to the community's cultural progress (Kiwnais Club, 2012; Minkler, 2005). This type of social initiative is rather broad and abstract, and can be difficult to implement or to measure success in, however there is not a clear social initiative of this group that…. [read more]

Advocacy Strategy: Domestic Violence Against Essay

… Barriers

A lack of resources continues to be a challenge for victims, most significantly, financial resources. Since abusers often continue their power and control by withholding financial support, victims lack self-sufficiency and feel trapped by their financial limitations. The current economic crises have also taken a toll on victim choices; the increased cost for housing, food, gasoline and fewer job opportunities all combine to reduce options and increase pressure for victims to remain with their abusers. The Victim Advocates keep up-to-date on community resources and provide victims with the best information available. The current economic climate and lack of community resources require the advocates to use creativity and problem-solving skills to help victim clients address their challenges head on. Abusers often use family court issues…. [read more]

Community Prevention Drug Use Among High School Thesis

… Community Prevention

Drug use among high school athletes is often a problem in relation to the pressure to perform while also coping with other factors such as peer group, home life, and school work. The temptation to use steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs therefore increases concomitantly with pressures from the social and private lives of the athletes. In order to help curb this problem, I would therefore propose a community prevention program that focuses on preventing drug use in high school athletes in Boise High School, Idaho.


Risk factors include: a difficult home life, where there is for example constant discord between parents, or between the parents and children; parents and family members who use drugs; friends who use drugs; and the availability of…. [read more]

Worshipful Mayor Memo Regarding Building Essay

… Question 2


The priority lists for allotment of funds have been drawn up as under, and relate to the use of information for security, intelligence and second for the preparedness of the state against calamities and third generating employment and looking after citizen health.

The first priority shall be for information management as this is a crucial activity for security and commerce operations. Infrastructures today are based on the infosphere -- as a control mechanism. This in turn depends on the electric grid. Today the internet and the World Wide Web and the entire infosphere are very vulnerable especially from the point-of-view of he dependence on it for almost all transactions, and for national security. Cyber threats and terrorist interference inn the infosphere could…. [read more]

Delineates a Hypothetical Disaster Plan Essay

… With my EMT background, I don't anticipate any difficulties getting these prescriptions -- my physician has always been thoughtful and responsive in this regard. Further, any medications needed to maintain the health of myself and my family members will be included in the first aid kit. These medications require vigilant storage and renewal considerations.

(4) Radios for tracking the progress of threats and to hear warnings about travel and the like. I will keep two types of radios in the kit: A wind-up radio that does not require batteries and a battery-operated AM/FM radio with better air-wave reach. Flashlights of various sizes and types -- both those that use batteries and those that are solar-powered or wind-up powered. Extra batteries of all necessary sizes will…. [read more]

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