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Ann Petry's the Street Term Paper

… By not hearing the advice, she loses her husband, who feels emasculated when he cannot support his family, and so finds his manhood in the arms of another woman.

At every stage, Lutie is made to face the problems caused by her gender, compounded by her race. When she is in the Chandler's employment and away from home, she pay's the price for transgressing her role in society when her husband turns to another woman: "There [Lutie] had been sending practically all her wages, month after month, keeping only a little for herself; skimping on her visits because of the carfare...Month after month that black bitch had been eating the food she bought, sleeping in her bed, making love to Jim." (54)

Lutie experiences racism…. [read more]

Street by Ann Petry Term Paper

… ¶ … Street by Ann Petry

Racism and Prejudice in Ann Petry's the Street

Ann Petry's novel the Street is the story of the tribulations suffered by a black, young woman during her life in and out of Harlem, in the early nineteen forties. As a black woman, Lutie Johnson is beset with both racial and gender discrimination and with sexual abuse from both white and black men. Thus, her struggle to maintain a decent life and provide for her child as a single mother is ultimately defeated by the abuse she encounters at every step of the way. From the intelligent, well-educated, disciplined and attractive woman she is at the beginning of the novel, she transformed in a murderer and a mother who abandons…. [read more]

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