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Police and Stress in a Police Officer Thesis

… Police Stress

Preventing Police Officer Stress

The stresses that police officers face as a part of their daily job often make it difficult to maintain a normal life. Police officers are more likely to experience divorce or be the perpetrators of domestic violence than the public. In addition, they also have a significantly higher suicide rate than the public. Police officers experiencing incredible strain on the job are a serious problem for administrators and managers. Often, the stress that a police officer experiences are beyond anyone's control. They must cope with the situation that they are dealt. This research concludes that administrators and managers must play an active role in reducing stress of the officers under their charger. It explores positive steps that can be…. [read more]

Police Suicide Thesis

… Police Suicide recent study revealed an increase in the number of suicides among police officers more than in the past (Volanti, 1995). A survey population of 2,662 police officers from 1950 to 1979 recorded one suicide every 2.5 years. This incidence occurred twice as often at every 2.5 years between 1980 and 1990. The findings demand urgent attention among law enforcement agencies to tackle the stubborn problem. It can no longer be ignored. The first appropriate step to take is to discover and understand the factors, which give rise to the incidence (Volanti).

These factors are the lack of available data on police suicides, misclassification of the data, and the exclusion of such data in small or outlying areas (Volanti, 1995). Pertinent data are either…. [read more]

Police Corruption and Citizen Complaints Essay

… Many people are not aware of the different categories of police corruption that exist in our society. Many police officers agree to accept gifts from people so that they are allowed to do illegal acts. In other words, they work in favor of people who are rich of influential. Even if we take the aforementioned example, it appears that Zimmerman's father was a retired Virginia Supreme Court Magistrate. Apart from this, it is also true that many police officers and other law enforcement agencies are involved in direct criminal activities. They murder people, steal money and are also involved in drug dealing but.

Although, it is not going to be an easy job since corruption is way too deep rooted among the police officers than…. [read more]

Police Ethics Capstone Project

… Statement of the Problem

The problem of this research is the issue of police ethics and how to better guarantee its enforcement. There are many models in place today in law enforcement agencies that have developed with this problem in mind -- but no single model has yet proven to be 100% effective. It is the hypothesis of this paper that a combination of models, while not expected to guarantee completely a perfect enforcement of police ethics, can effectively create an atmosphere in which police ethics are more likely to be fostered and followed.

2: Methodology

The nature of this study is qualitative in terms of assessing how police ethics are currently assessed in the world of law enforcement and how they might be better…. [read more]

Policing Through Community-Oriented Police Techniques Term Paper

… ¶ … policing through community-oriented police techniques. Community-oriented policing (or community policing) is one of the most popular forms of policing today. Some of the largest departments in the nation use it, such as the Los Angeles Police Department, and proponents feel it adds social responsibility and understanding to the police officer's responsibilities. Community-oriented policing is really a blend of police work and problem solving, and many citizens find it is much more helpful and effective than traditional policing.

What is Community Policing?

Community-oriented policing was born in the 1980s, when a group of forward-thinking police administrators and officers felt that "traditional" policing, built on foundations from the 1930s, was too old-fashioned and was beginning to fail, as well. Traditional policing was based on rapid…. [read more]

Police Selection the Selection Process Essay

… " (LEE, p. 1)

These tests are designed to serve two primary purposes. The first and more apparent of these is to ensure that the officers being brought on board at the state level are of the highest character, capability and caliber. The second purpose underlying the lengthy and sometimes intimidating screening process is to promote a rate of attrition for possible applicants. The work of a State Trooper is challenging, frequently dangerous and filled with practical pressures. Therefore, it is appropriate that the selection process should mirror these conditions. Accordingly, the variance of screening procedures imposed upon officers is designed to test the mettle and commitment of officers in the face of challenge and to help weed out those who may be well-meaning but…. [read more]

Stress Among the Police Research Paper

… Police Officer's Stress: Causes And Effects

This research will identify causes and effects of police officer's stress. The paper will also discuss various measures for managing stress in police departments. Today, stress plays a part in the lives of every individual. Stress is anything, which poses a threat or a challenge to a person's well being. For instance, stress at work often impact employees mentally, emotionally and physically; this usually happens if the employees cannot cope with pressure, which thereafter triggers physiological responses. The purpose of this research paper is to describe how stress negatively affects the police officers. The research method to be used will rely upon Internet sources and professional papers such as free access journals and published magazines. It is therefore, recommended…. [read more]

Police Officer Stress Term Paper

… There is need hence to handle the stress of an individual in the most effective manner possible since ignoring that one policeman may cause a greater disruption in the intricate web that the police operates under. There are many ways, which departments in the police force can deal with stressing the police force. The first mechanism is provision of stress management initiatives to both offices and their spouses. There is a need for identification of officers under stress and offer them counseling to assist in alleviating their stress. Periodic screenings as well as training concentrating on stress management is necessary. Confidential counseling to officers with their families has to be a priority with studies showing that psychological treatment has been proven to tackle stress. Its…. [read more]

Police Psychology the Job Essay

… Police Psychology

The job of a police officer is and has always been one of the most demanding jobs ever to have existed, as it involves normal people having to deal with and fight against injustice and what generally is defined as abnormal behavior. While the general public is mostly police officers as supernatural beings and takes them for granted, they actually are simple people that have enthusiastically performed harsh training in order to reach their goal of dedicating their lives to protect righteousness. Given the fact that police forces often find themselves outnumbered by the large number of crimes happening every day, the police management constantly has to come up with effective methods of dealing with situations asking for its assistance.

In spite of…. [read more]

Stress and Police Officials Research Paper

… As law enforcement professors have to face critical incidents and can suffer severe stress, it is significant to develop strategies and policies to assess, understand as well as solve the issues which were caused due to stress related incidents.

Finding methods to improve the environment of work place and developing relationships that cultivate the capability to communicate about frustrations is a vital step in stress management. It is also important for the recovery of psychological injury and emotional distress. Law enforcement professionals are exposed to higher risks of stressful incidents because of unpredictable situations but with the help of proper stress management everyone will have the opportunity to work even in non-favoring situations.


Bennett, W.W., & Hess, K.M. (2007). Management and Supervision in Law…. [read more]

Police Culture and the Perpetuation Article Review

… Different professions do not have the same danger of a potential loss of business when accused of domestic violence (Chambliss, 2011).

The study has displayed a common theme of occupational stress associated with police work. In addition, a number of the studies performed incorporated studies analyzing large police sections vs. rural or smaller police divisions. These studies uncovered that bigger police divisions had more exposure to critical events like shootings and more negative stressors at work as potential for continuing work identified stretch into the officers family life, bringing about domestic violence (Shockey-Eckles, 2010). Then again, different studies uncovered a much distinctive perspective of the issue to incorporate individual personality qualities of the officer, substance misuse, police training and strategies as variables answerable for violence…. [read more]

Stress on Law Enforcement Personnel Critical Literature Term Paper

… Stress on Law Enforcement Personnel critical literature review on stress among law enforcement personnel, its negative consequences and strategies used to combat it

The focus of this research is two-fold: the study attempts to identify, firstly, the negative consequences or effects of stress among law enforcement personnel, and secondly, identify the extant strategies used to combat stress in the field of law enforcement. Determining the development of negative stress among law enforcement personnel will contribute to research information centering on the significance of qualitative research in probing deeper into the occurrence and managing stress in the field of law enforcement.

As such, the general objective of the research is also two-fold. The first objective is to determine the existence and nature of negative stress among…. [read more]

Police Reform in Post-Authoritarian Brazil Thesis

… 2) This particular research will also be of immense help for policy formulators in metropolitan police departments and in police departments of small vicinities, in making effectual judgment regarding relevant development.

3) The material along with the conclusion of this particular study will certainly enhance and modernize the methodologies of the investigations linked to job performance and challenges related to police development in Brazil.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Section 1: Police and Crime in Brazil

Since the last ten years the focus of the Brazilian establishment concerning the protection of the civil society has been on the conglomeration out of three immense spectrums: (a) the police department, essential constituent of numerous problems and possibly the recurrent performer in every region of urban space; (b) violent…. [read more]

Police Brutality in Recent Years Term Paper

… "

In 1991, five New York City officers were "indicted on murder charges in the February 5 death by suffocation of a 21-year-old Hispanic man suspected of car theft. The officers were accused of having hit, kicked and choked Federico Pereira while he lay face down and hog-tied - his wrists cuffed behind his back while another set of cuffs bound his hands to one ankle (Lacayo, 1991)."

Present Cases

Cases of police brutality which have recently occurred include the October 2003 case in Minneapolis. The case involves "two officers who are accused of using a plunger to sexually assault a man during a drug raid (Chanen, 2003)." The police chief has taken the allegations seriously and the FBI is currently investigating the charges.

On…. [read more]

PTSD the Nature of Police Work Increases Thesis


The nature of police work increases the probability of developing Posttraumatic Stress disorder

Police Work

The nature of police work increases the probability of developing Posttraumatic Stress disorder (PTSD)

There is a general consensus that there are a very high number of police officers that suffer from PTSD, which has a decidedly negative impact on the individual and the functioning of the police force. As one study notes; "All too many police officers are victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" (Police and PTSD, 2005, para.1). Post traumatic stress disorder is understood as a response to traumatic stress, such as having to kill someone in the line of duty.

Another area of concern that emerges from the literature is that there is a relative paucity…. [read more]

Police Interviews Term Paper

… Police Officer Interview

Interviewing two police officers, one quickly becomes aware of some of the basis similarities between officers. These similarities are not surprising, given that research suggests that certain personality types are more drawn to law enforcement work than other personality types. However, even more noteworthy than the similarities between the officers was a fundamental difference noted by the interviewer, which seems as if it might have a tremendous impact on the different courses of the officers' future careers. Interviewing these same officers in about ten years would provide an interesting follow-up to the initial interview.

First, it is important to note that the officers shared several basic similarities. Both officers interviewed were male, relatively young, had been on the force for relatively short…. [read more]

Creating a Police Department Capstone Project

… Silver Spring Police Department

[Sealed proposals for Implementing a police department in Silver Springs, FL. Silver Springs Police Departments shall be received at Silver Springs Police Department, c/o Jessica Johnson at One North Avenue until date and time specified in the RFP and/or Silver Springs Police Department web site (]

Request for Proposal


About Silver Springs Police Department

Our Mission and Values

Silver Spring Police Department Organizational Chart

Chain of Command

Enforcement of code Ethics

Chief of Police

Bureau of Field Operations

Bureau of Administration

Bureau of Investigation

Community Relations Division

Major Crimes Division

Force Investigation Division

Internal Audits and Inspections Division

Planning and Research Division

Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB)

Risk Management Division

Fiscal Division

Sworn Positions to…. [read more]

Stress and Suicide in Law Term Paper

… (Millard, 2000) The stress that these police officers face usually affect their relationships to such a great extent that their divorce rate is nearly five times more than the general public. Also this leads to other problems like alcohol, prescription drug abuse and other sorts of domestic violence. Stress could also lead to a disturbed sleeping pattern, bad eating habits, lack of nutrition, fear, anger and depression. Including the fact that most of these officers have to face the various day-to-day problems they also have to face other post traumatic and critical incident stress situations. (Dellarte, 1989).

Lt. David Humphrey, Inspector for the Panama City Beach Police Department, states that most police officers are never over paid and when they have money problems that also…. [read more]

Use of Police Force Thesis

… ¶ … Police Force

To diffuse tense situations, to catch criminals, to protect the public and to protect themselves, police are endowed with power to use force. It is essential to properly train, monitor and carefully review the performance of the police force on a regular basis. A proactive approach such as the implementation of the 'Personnel Early Warning System' is the key in early detection and prevention of police abuse. Force when used in appropriate measure helps enforce law and order while its misuse erodes the basic pillar of our Law Enforcement system

The Use of Police Force

Police are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining Law and order in the society. For this cause, they are empowered to use force as and when…. [read more]

Law Enforcement Khalid ) Essay

… Stress is a natural part of the law enforcement profession, which is dangerous to physical and mental health. Having outlets for stress is important. Law enforcement managers need to observe signs of stress in their force.

Recommended solutions therefore include the following. First, female officers should be recruited earnestly, and with the ultimate vision of transforming law enforcement leadership. More female supervisors can result in the phasing out of the old boys' club and the phasing in of a fresher, more modern and relevant organizational culture. Second, minority officers should become project managers in charge of consulting with law enforcement agencies about addressing the root causes of lawlessness, mistrust of police, crime, and other issues in minority communities. Endemic issues like poverty and access to…. [read more]

Diversity in a Police Force Police Departments Research Proposal

… ¶ … Diversity in a Police Force

Police departments in the 21st century enjoy a level of technology that would make Dick Tracy envious, but they are also faced with several challenges that have made their jobs more difficult than ever. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the nation's law enforcement community has been tasked with a number of responsibilities that further exacerbate the difficulty of their jobs, and immigration, the flow of illegal drugs and violent crime continue to plague the nation today. In this environment, identifying more effective approaches to the provision of policing represents a timely and important enterprise and represents the focus of this study. A growing body of evidence suggests that in an increasingly multicultural society, a police…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment by Police Officers Term Paper

… Sexual Harassment by Police

Sexual Harassment Found in Police Misconduct l. Introduction

This project examines sexual harassment as a means of police misconduct. This paper explores this behavior within the context of an officer taking advantage of the role of power during an arrest situation where sexual harassment is perpetrated. This project will look at the issue from many angles including: from the department point-of-view and existing zero tolerance policies; from the officer's point-of-view including issues of occupational stress, trauma but also issues of training and morality; and finally from the public's point-of-view starting with the detainee and then covering the public perception in law enforcement.

Literature Review: Sexual Harassment and Police Misconduct

According to a study done in France by Deschamps et al., "Stress…. [read more]

Proactive Policing Term Paper

… Moreover, opportunity reduction programs that indicate the success and is concerned with extra police patrols in high-crime "hot spots" along with the monitoring carried out by specialized police units of high-risk repeat offenders has been made (Cordner, 1997).

Additionally, the "what's promising" list includes a combination of proactive approaches for example:

Community-based mentoring to be done by the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

Greater respect is shown by the police to arrested suspects (this approach has been found to be effective in the reduction of repeat offending)

Effective way for gang monitoring by community workers and probation officers as well as police should be implemented and Field interrogations of suspicious persons in "Polite" manner (Cordner, 1997).

Other such programs include:

Community-based after-school recreation programs

For…. [read more]

Community Oriented Policing New Term Paper

… When a community will successfully reduce crime within its circle it will allow them to allocate more police resources to services that have the greatest impact on the quality of community life." (Kelling, 4-5)

The policy of a mandatory arrest will discourage crimes among the communities and will help in developing a stronger sense of security. Moreover, it will help the police to practice crime reduction more freely and more with ease without any distraction.

On the other hand, it may raise concerns relating to the individual freedom and the legal protection given to a citizen. In addition to this some of the police officers may misuse this privilege.

Statement of the problem and the purpose of the study:

The fear of crime and the…. [read more]

Law Enforcement the Police Essay

… Law Enforcement

The police are the most visible sign and symbol of authority in government and society (O'Connor 2008). They exist because they fulfill the role and perform the tasks, which citizens do not want to take. Citizens rely on them to hunt down criminals, prevent crime, maintain peace and order, interpret the law, protect citizens and, in general, keep things in order in the community. Someone said that a police officer has to be a "lawyer, scientist, medic, psychologist, athlete, and public servant" in one. The police are a conservative and fundamental institution because their function is directly linked to maintaining equilibrium in society. They are often expected to do the impossible and to do it efficiently despite limited resources. They are also expected…. [read more]

Police Leadership Crime in Britain Went Up Term Paper

… ¶ … Police Leadership

Crime in Britain went up from 25 to 40% a decade ago and is now the number-one issue among the population (Brand 2007). Only a third of them rate police performance well. Only 25% or one in five says he or she does not go out alone in their area after dark. Policing was at first mainly a local service before it became a State function. Many police authorities perform reasonably well within their limited powers, but the police, as a whole, have remained largely disconnected from other local services and the local population. This disconnectedness is the major cause of dissatisfaction with the police and skepticism among the people as to police effectiveness. The fear of crime remains a top…. [read more]

Bad Cops Term Paper

… Police Misconduct

The objective of this work is to propose a research study on the topic of police misconduct.

Police misconduct is often socio-culturally-based either within or from outside of the police department of jurisdiction and may be avoided through enhanced collaboration between the community and the police officers.

There have been many recent reports of police misconduct alleged specifically as related to officers unnecessarily tasering suspects and other detained individuals with approximately 300 individuals killed by the officers with the tasers in the past eighteen months. Because a recent study has not been conducted relating to police misconduct it is necessary that study be applied in this area in order to understand how to best cope with acts of misconduct on the part of…. [read more]

Contemporary Issues and Trends in Small Town Policing Term Paper

… ¶ … Small Town Policing

Although the literature on rural crime and justice is comparatively sparse, it is evident that rural environments are distinct from urban environments in ways that affect policing, crime, and public policy.

Twenty-first century America has turned out to be a very dangerous place, with numerous threats from within and without characterizing the environment across the country today. In fact, a growing number of small town police departments are being confronted with the same types of criminal activities that characterize their larger city counterparts, and the need for homeland security considerations has further exacerbated the problems facing police departments in smaller communities in the United States today. To identify current contemporary issues and trends in small town policing, this paper provides…. [read more]

concise Analysis of Stress Conflicts and Unions in Criminal Justice Organizations Case Study

… As explained by Patterson (2009), law enforcement organizations generally place the burden of managing personal and organizational stress on individual officers. In essence, there is often little or no acknowledgement of the role of the organizational environment in reducing stress among law enforcement personnel. This largely explains why problems such as inadequate supervision, lack of organizational support, low pay, insufficient staffing, excessive workload, poor training, as well as lack of enough equipment continue to plague police organizations (Patterson, 2009). These problems are further compounded by lack of comprehensive stress management programs.

Alternative Solution

For the department to address the problem of stress amongst its officers more effectively, it is imperative to use an organization-wide approach as opposed to targeting individual police officers. Targeting the organizational…. [read more]

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