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Ford Motor Company Is an American Essay

… Ford Motor Company is an American company specializing in the manufacturing of auto-cars. In 1903, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor and the company was based in the Michigan. Major company brands are Ford and Lincoln. The company also owns small stakes in Mazda, Japan and Aston Martin in the UK. Ford is the second largest auto-maker in the United States and fifth largest automaker globally. Ford has also established its stake in Europe and become the fifth largest automakers in Europe making the Ford Motor to be listed as the 9th largest company on the 2012 Fortune list. At the end of the 2011 fiscal year, Ford recorded $128 Billion total revenue and the net income of $20 Billion. Between 2009 and 2011, the…. [read more]

Ford Motors Company Essay

… Its dealers are also treated with dignity as they are Ford's representatives in different parts and play a role in the broader image of Ford Company. Ford's suppliers are also key to the business as the expansion into the emerging markets keep rising, the suppliers are the most important partners to make this a success which therefore calls for a chain of suppliers to increase and enhance efficiency in the production lines.

Ford boasts of a wide portfolio of investors who have a stake in the company and enjoys a free communication culture welcoming the investor input through constant and periodical conferences with the investors to champion the way forward for the company. Lastly Ford's operations largely affect the communities in which they operate in…. [read more]

Ford Motor Essay

… The funds out of this sale ought to offer Ford with elevated flexibility in the coming year and also bring about current strategic objectives (Dornbach-Bender et al., 2009).

2) Ford ought to extensively prepare for its bankruptcy of Chrysler model and/or General Motors. This kind of bankruptcies cause a great deal of threat to Ford, which includes although not restricted to: the chance that the federal government might select a winner, the prospective for GM to come out from bankruptcy having a substantial price benefit, and supply chain dysfunction caused by liquidations of shared suppliers. Whilst some analysts think that any liquidation of Chrysler ought to be considered a strategic prospect, many of them continue to be deeply worried about the way the future of…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Business Research Paper

… The investors of the sector would like to ensure that their long-term economic interests are served through investment in the sector. Therefore a requirement for the appropriate corporate governance is increased. The business should develop a plan to increase investor confidence through establishing a sustainable growth strategy. Following key principles are identified and explained in detail to address issues of corporate governance.

Ethical business Approach:

The organizational business area should be in line with the ethical business practices including the culture, society, and organization's perusal for its goals. Ford Motor Company requires highlighting the importance of value for the society, its organizational culture, and markets in which the business operates. The business should develop and work towards ethical business objectives. The possible goals for the…. [read more]

Ford, GM Study Ford Reaction Paper

… Ford, GM Study

Ford and GM have seen many turbulent periods prior to 2008. The very nature of the auto industry is that of various cycles of optimism and pessimism on the part of the consumer. As economies move through their natural cycles of boom and bust, so too do the autos that are prominent within that particular region. Tata motors goes through the came cycles in India as Honda does in Japan. Such is the nature of a capitalistic society in which many of these businesses operate in. The latest financial crisis was no different in this regard. However, one key difference was the extent of the losses incurred by many of the American auto makers. Due in part to irrational exuberance of the…. [read more]

Ford Case Strategic Case Study

… Streamlining and cost-savings are laudable and necessary objectives for the company, however they can have the effect of reducing flexibility and market reaction if not carefully monitored (Johnston & Bate, 2003). Tight control on operations combined with a culture that promotes creative thinking and innovation would be of key strategic benefit to Ford, as the explanation of specific strategies in response to opportunities and threats given below will show.

A major opportunity facing Ford and indeed all auto manufacturers in the current environment is foreign growth, especially in China and India, with the number of consumers able to purchase cars growing dramatically and infrastructure development that actually makes this feasible also increasing at a rampant pace. Achieving a meaningful market share in these countries will…. [read more]

Ford Mustang Financials Essay

… Distribution, as with other Ford products, goes through the company's dealer network. The price is now the lowest among comparable vehicles, in the most recent survey of prices on the Ford website. Thus, the Mustang is clearly being marketed as the vehicle with the strongest value proposition within the category. Branding is also a key component of the Mustang's marketing platform, since the car has such a strong, well-defined brand. This brand is supported by the eleven different Mustangs that Ford has on offer. The higher end models appeal to an older and wealthier segment of the market, but they also create aspiration in the core market, who ultimately is more likely to buy one of the bottom three models.

The target market for the…. [read more]

Ford Mustang the Strength SWOT

… Part of the problem is that Ford might still be considering bringing back the GT (Wert, 2011), which is a higher-end muscle car. The company has not carried this model is recent years, but appears to be reserving some positioning for the GT, and therefore is reluctant to move the Mustang into this position. The marketing of the Mustang, however, can be slightly different from the Mustang that most people actually buy.

Mass Marketing/Mass Customization

The Mustang will always be a mass-market product, in part because that is part of Ford's business model, and in part because the high brand recognition of the product ensures that there will be sufficient unit sales. However, the marketing should see a shift in focus away from the mass…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Research Paper

… This is because they have been focused on increasing the total return for shareholders, there are tremendous amounts of liquidity and it is oversold in comparison with historical averages. In the long-term, these factors will help the company to see upward price appreciation and an increase in the dividend. However, everyone should understand that there are times when the company will have uneven results. This is because the firm can be affected by sudden changes in the economy or the auto industry. In the short to medium term, this may create some volatility. The rationale behind selecting the three ratios is they can provide specific insights about valuations, debt levels and investor returns. ("Ford Motor Company," 2012) (Hiraide, 2012) ("2011 Annual Report," 2012)

Based on…. [read more]

Ford Mustang Marketing Research SWOT

… As a result, there are few opportunities for the Mustang brand. Ford already utilizes brand extensions within the category, and there may be room for growth overseas. As a result of the limited growth opportunities for the brand, the Mustang is under threat from competition. The Hyundai Genesis is listed as a competitor on the Ford website for head-to-head Mustang comparisons (, 2012). Such competition is likely to gain market share at the expense of existing players on the market. Additionally, the Mustang occupies the middle position in the market, with the Challenger as the low cost model and the Camaro as the more expensive premium car in the space, creating a difficult competitive environment for the Mustang.

Marketing Environments

The current market is an…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Objective Essay

… On the other hand, fixed costs are the costs that do not change with the change in the production of goods and services. Within the 2012 Second Quarter for Ford Motor Company, the total costs were $31.5 billion while the variable costs consist of material costs, freight and duty costs, commodity & component costs and warranty expense. However, the fixed costs consist of administrative costs, costs of machinery, manufacturing and engineering costs. Other fixed costs are salary of manufacturing and engineering personnel, utilities, taxes, and expenses that company incurs to launch new products.

Table 4 and Fig 2 present the overall costs that Ford Motor Company incurred to produce the total quantity of 1,450,000 vehicles within 2012-second quarter.

Table 4: Ford Company Costs of 2012…. [read more]

Ford Decisions Decision-Making and Management Research Paper

… Ford Decisions

Decision-Making and Management at Ford Motor Co.

Provide a description of the decisions managers make based upon the information that they have been provided with by the management accountants and the MIS.

Ford Motor Company has held itself in a position of relative insulation from the financial crisis which appears to have targeted the automobile industry with as much severity as any. However, this is mere presentation, with Ford struggling to find creative ways to present the balance sheet so as dissuade the view that its fortunes have declined with the economy. Today, as its contemporaries in Chrysler and General Motors have accepted massive bailout packages from the federal government, Ford's management has been forced to address decisions primarily based on accounting scenarios.…. [read more]

Ford vs. GM Essay

… Ford has also struggled mightily at times in the last 10-20 years but one thing that they can say that GM cannot is that they did not take a government bailout (or government money of any other sort) during the recent economic crisis which is something that Chrysler and General Motors cannot say.

Ford's brand offerings are a lot slimmer than General Motors, even when taking other nameplates into account. At this time, Ford is really limited to just its Ford flagship brand and Lincoln. The prior-owned companies like Land Rover, Volvo, Aston Martin, Merkur and Jaguar were all sold off to other companies. Mercury, which was active since 1939, was eliminated by Ford in 2011. Much like GM and their Volt offering, Ford is…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company -- Flowchart Essay

… The Learning Curve -- The concept of the learning curve is a way to think about the way an average person -- or persons doing a process, learn over time on a given activity. The idea is based upon the notion that repetition increases both skill and retention. Within the business model, using the learning curve as a measurement device ensures more efficiency and profitability. It allows organizations to make more informed decisions, and achieve balance between output and quality. For Ford, then, the implementation of the Quality Control measures within the assembly line process means the time required to complete a single task should decrease with repetition until it is at optimal levels. However, we must also make an assumption that the testing procedures…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Essay

… This should continue to spur economic recovery. There are mixed signals from the job market, but overall there is a slight decline in unemployment and the gains in the help wanted index in January should be taken into consideration as well. In addition, higher fuel prices are not only expected to have a negative impact on GDP, but they are also set to affect Ford in other critical ways. Higher fuel prices equate to increased demand for smaller cars, which are less profitable for Ford. In addition, higher oil prices typically increase the value of the Canadian dollar vs. The U.S., and Ford has substantial plants and suppliers in Canada that sell their product in the U.S. market -- such a currency shift would eat…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company: The Future Essay

… When HR is mindful of its use of resources, it sets a good example for employees.

In terms of Ford's efforts to sell off lagging brands and to create a more cohesive and efficient company, HR can offer support by communicating a clear sense of this organizational mission to all employees. In an organization as large as Ford, it is easy for different branches to become so separate from one another, they develop different corporate cultures. There must be a centralized HR authority that sets the tone for all personnel, and a clear sense of ethics and mission must underline all interactions between HR and employees at every rung of the organizational ladder.

As Ford tries to grow more efficient in its operations, HR may…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Essay

… The role that HR plays is to find ways to attract, retain and train that talent, so that it is able to contribute to the competitive advantage.


My preference lies with HR strategy and with workplace planning and recruiting. It is the big picture, analytical components of these positions that I find the most attractive. The other tasks within the HR department, it seems to me, are more about fulfilling the broader HR strategy. I prefer my thinking to be on a grander scale, seeing how all the different pieces of HR strategy fit together, and how they align with the firm's overall strategy. This is why I prefer the broader subject matters. Planning and recruiting is not just a place for macro-level thinking,…. [read more]

Organizational Structure, Culture and Knowledge the Nature Essay

… Organizational Structure, Culture and Knowledge

The nature and dynamics of organizations today are shaped by various factors, often implicitly manifested rather than explicitly shown. Both an organization's nature and dynamics provide it its distinct identity from other organizations. In fact, a review of extant literature on organizational studies highlights the importance of structure, culture, and knowledge base as critical factors contributing to organizational identity and dynamics. In the texts that will follow, a review of three (3) journal articles on organizational studies will be discussed, centering on the abovementioned three critical factors: structure, culture, and knowledge base. This paper will conclude with an assertion of how structure, culture, and knowledge base describe or characterize the nature and dynamics of most organizations today.

Ozman's (2010) study…. [read more]

Legal Structure of Business Case Study

… A franchisee who gets involved with McDonalds as a corporation still has risk. Corporations are not licenses to get away with anything and simply walk away free and clear when things go bad. For example, it generally costs between $500,000 and $750,000 to invest in and be awarded a franchise. McDonalds will not franchise to people (or corporations) that have no capital. If something goes wrong, the corporation (and thus the people or persons owning and operating it) could easily lose that money. If the corporation has other assets, they could also be taken and sold to pay off debt or satisfy the judgment of a lawsuit. However, the advantage that franchisees have when they open a franchise as a corporation is this: the liability…. [read more]

End-Of-Life Decision-Making and the Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse Term Paper

… End-of-Life Decision Making

End of life decision-making and the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Description of the Ethical Issue:

End-of-life decision making has gone through some great changes in the last 50 years. These changes have to do with societal attitudes about death, dying and healthcare at the end of a person's life and how they have evolved due to new innovations in healthcare -- technological, pharmacological, and surgical innovations (Daly 2006a). With these new innovations in healthcare have come very difficult challenges for patients and their families -- as well as for the people who provide the care towards the end-of-life -- nurses and doctors (Wilkie et al. 2001). The ability to be able to prolong life in patients with grave injuries or…. [read more]

Story Good Country People by Flanner O'Connor Essay

… Good Country People

Pride in "Good Country People": An Analysis of O'Connor's Story

Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People" is a story about pride. All the characters are touched by pride to one degree or another, including the "nice" Bible-selling boy who "teaches" Joy-Hulga a lesson in humility. This paper will analyze the story from the theme of pride and show how O'Connor's main character Joy-Hulga comes to a revelation of sorts regarding her own sense of "superiority."

The title of the story is ironic. "Good Country People" is Mrs. Hopewell's name for people she can get along with, people she can understand -- people she can control, like Mrs. Freeman. Mrs. Freeman is a busy-body who has to know everybody else's business. She is not…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Analysis Term Paper

… Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick and Chevrolet all present cars based on the same chasis but with different appointments such that they are geared at purchasers with disparate income levels and purchasing power.

Ford has consciously avoided this strategy to the extent possible but it too depends on branding -- Lincoln at the high end, then Mercury, then Ford. Ford's corporate strategy is to allow each sub-brand to find a niche and expand market share within that niche, and as a result, Ford will have growing market shares in all individual niches.

Analyze Business Level Strategy

Ford's business level strategy stems entirely from its corporate level strategy. Ninety years after Henry Ford decreed that all Model T's would be painted black, most automobile buyers still wait…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Essay

… Ford

Define and discuss Ford's business-level strategy. Ford's business level strategy is to produce automobiles and light trucks at the mass market level, all around the world. This orients the company to a cost leadership strategy, but Ford also attempts to differentiate as well. This split tactic is common in industries characterized by monopolistic competition, as is the case in the automobile industry.

The company supports this in a number of ways. Ford has a global manufacturing strategy, which includes building plants with similar layouts, increasing flexibility in the production process, being able to supply parts globally and increasing standardization (, 2002). Each of these tactics supports lowering production costs while increasing production quality. The company has shifted emphasis on innovation marketing so that the…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Essay

… Is it a buy, hold or sell? How promising is Ford's future anyway? We can start with a technical analysis. The company's stock has been highly volatile in recent years, which unfortunately makes technical analysis more difficult because it relies on relatively stable and predictable stock movements. The company's recent history saw its price drop to $2 in early 2009 when it looked like a government bailout would render Ford equity worthless, as happened with GM.

In very recent history, the stock has just come off a high point in the past five years. There appears to be a technical floor at $15, but the overall trend right now is downward, so it will probably break through that floor and keep moving lower. Volume is…. [read more]

Ford Motor Group Thesis

… Ford Motor Company

Company Background and History

Environmental Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Company Performance

Strategic Issues

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1908 and quickly became an American icon, built around powerhouse franchises such as the Model T, the Thunderbird and the Mustang. Ford has recently been in a downward trend, both in terms of market share and profitability.

Ford competes in an intense market, and has also suffered from the effects of the economic downturn. However, the company spurred bailout funds and has carved its own path to recovery. Despite the feel good story of its past two quarters, Ford still faces a challenging future. It has a poor market position in the world's largest and most rapidly growing auto market -- China. Although…. [read more]

Ford Future Market Conditions: The Ford Motor Term Paper

… Ford

Future Market Conditions: The Ford Motor Company a.

Market structure

The automobile industry still exists in a state of monopolistic competition. Only a few firms dominate the industry, because of the high barriers of entry to producing automobiles. This is particularly true of the car market for the average consumer, as opposed to the luxury car market, which is more fickle in regards to style. Once upon a time, Ford and GM held the bulk of the American market share because of their inexpensive, high-quality cars. Then, these American behemoths were toppled by Japanese manufacturers like Toyota in the 1980s. Japanese manufactures produced smaller cars that were cheaper for consumers to purchase and drive, and also of higher quality. Ford rebounded with the popularity…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Essay

… 28). This seems destined to continue for some time as new entrants to the U.S. And European markets, such as India and China, begin to emerge. These factors will continue to push prices down and force Ford and other manufacturers to decrease production costs to try to recoup the difference.

The European countries are currently dealing with a debt crisis that threatens to deepen the economic problems stemming from the recession. This has caused much financial volatility as the central banks alter their policies to support the financial institutions, causing increased currency exchange rate volatility. In the emerging markets, high inflation rates and capital losses have eroded local currencies further contributing to exchange rate volatility ("Ford Annual Report," 2012, p.28). Meanwhile in the United States,…. [read more]

Ford v. Honda Ford's SWOT Research Paper

… S. market is uncertain and the Japanese market is weak. The company needs to diversify its production as well, given how much damage the earthquake/tsunami did to its supply chain. Despite reduced sales and stagnant equity growth, Honda is in a better position than many of its suppliers, something that will help it to recover, if it puts money into improving the product lineup and entering new markets. There is even room for luxury vehicle growth in the emerging markets, something that could finance new product development. These strategies should be measured again with market share, revenue and profit, but also with increased supplier diversity counts, market growth and new product introductions.

Ford and Honda are perhaps more similar on key issues that people realize.…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Term Paper

… Ford Motor Company

The purpose of this work is to acquaint the reader with the Ford Motor Company, design a needs assessment which performs analysis or organizational goals and objectives. Further this work will develop a Training/Intervention Strategy to address what has been discovered through the course of the needs assessment. Finally, this work will develop a method of Training evaluation and state as to how Ford Motor Credit know if training has been successful?

Ford Motor Company - History

Henry Ford and eleven of his business associates entered the marketplace on June 16, 1903 with a mere $28,000 in cash what has been termed the "pioneering industrialists" created what was futuristically to be among the largest corporations globally. The 20th century is resplendent with…. [read more]

Ford Pinto Essay

… And did Ford engineers lobby their executive supervisors to change the gas tank when they knew they could use a tank that would not explode? If they did their efforts did not succeed. The correction needed in this case could have helped Ford's "…growth," not just in the sense of solving a problem, but also in human values (that is, producing safe cars rather than dangerous cars shows moral values). Schein write that "…correctiveness can have great effect on culture, because it could have had a positive effect on Ford's culture.

Dowie (3) notes that Lou Tubben, an engineer at Ford, a "…friendly, outgoing guy with a genuine concern for safety," had become so concerned about the "gas-tank integrity" asked his immediate supervisor if he…. [read more]

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