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Ndes a Near Death Experience Essay

… Therefore, it is highly likely that researchers working with the assumption that near death experiences teach us about life after death work under a biased presupposition.

Potential for Future Research

Because it can be studied from a scientific, spiritual, psychological, or cultural perspective, the near death experience offers the means to bridge the gaps between these disciplines. Scientists studying the near death experience "support the need for a radical revision of mainstream views concerning the relationship between the brain and consciousness," (Braithwaite, 2008). Near death experiences have been linked with experiences of telepathy (Blackmore, n.d.). The link with telepathy suggests that studying the person's brainwaves and psychological state before, during, and after the experience could yield potent information about consciousness and reality; these are the…. [read more]

Substitute for Experience Term Paper

… This is a relatively new phenomenon that has arisen in the modern society, especially in the United States.

In the planned mentoring programs, mentors are selected from religious, corporate, or neighborhood communities by seeking volunteers. These mentors are then matched to the mentees through interviews, personal profiles, comprative interests, or getting acquainted sessions. The need for such 'planned' mentoring programs have arisen due to the changing family structures. In the traditional families such mentoring or 'role-modeling' for the youth is provided by the parents. With the increasing number of single-parent families or broken families, the need for 'natural' mentoring is fulfilled by these planned mentoring programs.

Not everyone can be a good mentor. This is because a good mentor, just like a good coach or…. [read more]

Economics and Apocalyptic / Theology Experience Term Paper


All of the guidelines are both beliefs of the Catholic Church and are directly from Biblical teaching. The main component of all is the moral issue because it seems that this portion has been overlooked for too long by the people who control the economy.

It seems to me that the economy has become such a large and imposing thing that the people who are responsible for its management are afraid of it. Instead of the economy supporting the people as it was meant to do from the first teachings of Alexander Hamilton and other forward thinkers, it has become a tool of large governments to control the people. Governments first have to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln that they are by the…. [read more]

Experiencing Art in Person Essay

… People clapped, sang along with some of the songs and cheered. There was an almost 'revival'-like atmosphere as the cast interacted with members of the audience and made them feel as if they were part of the show. I had never been to such an interactive theater experience. Even I walked out of the theater feeling light at heart and full of joy, not quite knowing what to expect from the experience and coming with no preconceived notions about the play. The design of the production, with its lack of a 'wall' between audience and singers made me feel as if I was part of an experience, rather than merely watching a play as a passive observer.

One link that was useful in understanding the…. [read more]

United States Automotive Industry Research Paper

… The automobile industry of the United States is saturated by a large number of well-established local and international brands. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are the local automobile giants whereas Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Hyundai; the big five international brands have more than 80% share in this industry. All these local and international brands are competing with each other on the basis of technology, exterior design, performance, prestige, price, fuel efficiency, and environmental impacts of their automobiles.

In order to attract customers from the potential markets, these competitors are expending a huge amount from their budget on their marketing and promotional activities. Advertisements are done on all the electronic, print, and social media in which target customers are directly addressed and persuaded using different…. [read more]

Nintendo Video Game Revolution Threat of Substitutes Chapter

… Nintendo Video Game Revolution

Threat of Substitutes

Under Porter's Five Forces model the threat of substitutes is when competing products are introduced that will have an impact on the industry. ("Porter Five Forces Analysis," n.d.) in the case of the Nintendo Wii, they face the possibility of substitutes entering the market from one of two sources: Microsoft and Sony. This is because Wii is using various motion gaming technology to create a unique experience. However, during the last two years, both Microsoft and Sony have vowed to create alternative products that can compete against Wii. This means that the threat of new substitutes entering the market is high. (Eaton, 2009)

As Microsoft, has been working on their own device that is using similar kinds of…. [read more]

Women in Film Noir Teaching Term Paper

… A deal with kids daily and yes sometimes it is negative, but the outcomes are usually positive. I take time for the frequent flyers that are in my office. I am consistent, fair, and honest.

Kathy said her own emphasis on supporting teachers and giving them leadership roles allowed her to contribute to the daily improvement of learning and said she experiences as a staff developer helped her as an administrator.

I saw the difference in a building where the collaborative leadership was evident and initiatives from Central office were supported. I saw a huge difference in the outcome based upon the leadership of the principal.

Pat's experiences and beliefs were similar:

Sometimes it is through overseeing, evaluating, supervising teaches, and noticing how they implement…. [read more]

Leading Organizations -- Starbucks in a Local Term Paper

… Leading Organizations -- Starbucks in a local Airport

The hectic nature of coffee shops in airports is an excellent location to validate or refute a given company's stated vision, mission and values. Starbuck's has built one of the most valuable brands globally by balancing their exceptional focus on sustainability and concern for the environment on one hand, and their continued emphasis on customer service and unique drinks, both hot and cold, always being available and customizable to any customers' requests. In observing a Starbucks in a local airport during a recent very hectic Saturday morning, the vision, mission and values of the company and its culture became very clear.

While this Starbucks, tucked down at the very end of an airport concourse, did an excellent…. [read more]

Ford Motor Essay

… The funds out of this sale ought to offer Ford with elevated flexibility in the coming year and also bring about current strategic objectives (Dornbach-Bender et al., 2009).

2) Ford ought to extensively prepare for its bankruptcy of Chrysler model and/or General Motors. This kind of bankruptcies cause a great deal of threat to Ford, which includes although not restricted to: the chance that the federal government might select a winner, the prospective for GM to come out from bankruptcy having a substantial price benefit, and supply chain dysfunction caused by liquidations of shared suppliers. Whilst some analysts think that any liquidation of Chrysler ought to be considered a strategic prospect, many of them continue to be deeply worried about the way the future of…. [read more]

Promoting Fuel Efficient Cars Essay

… Testing for emission is therefore important since it tells us which cars can be allowed to drive and are less pollutant to the atmosphere and which vehicles need to be corrected in order to reduce environmental pollution. Some cars may be simply emitting unnecessary air pollution due to their being poorly tuned. Emission tests detect that can correct the tuning. This is a simple test that prevents a great deal of exponential air pollution.

The trade-off is that the government provides the price for this and setting up the machines, resources, space, hiring and training the qualified people as well as running the test is expensive. Organizing the entire system is also expensive as well as complicated and time-consuming. Persuading people to take off time…. [read more]

Adult Liver Transplantation a Study of the Lived Experience of Patients Waiting Chapter

… Post liver transplant patients how does lifestyle modification such as physical activity compare to sedentary lifestyle affects patient quality of life within 4 months

Overview of Evidence

Search Strategy

Quality of Life in Post Liver Transplant Patient

Quality of Life for Those with Liver Issues

Pivotal Examinations Linked to Physical Activity in Transplant Patients

Physical Activity and Quality of Living

Interventions: Dietary Counseling After Transplantation

Quality of life measures.

Strong point of the Evidence

The purpose of this quality improvement project was to look into post liver transplant patients and to see how does lifestyle modification such as physical activity compare to sedentary lifestyle affects patient quality of life within 4 months. Quality of life has been shown to improve dramatically after liver transplant, as…. [read more]

Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Essay

… The second perspective focuses on the links between international divisions based on learning and information transfer (Handout 1). In addition, such founding principles of the practice of counseling encompass key elements of what it takes practitioners to achieve their professional goals. Practitioners who do not create connections with clients fails to create learning that can only be derived through interaction with different clients. High diversity levels are driven by the benefits of tapping communicative, cultural, and creative skills of different clients. Practitioners engage such skills to enhance their counseling policies, client experiences, and services. Diversity practitioners have cited the benefits of having an open discussion with clients because this profession requires that clients must come out of their areas of comfort and have an experience…. [read more]

Grief Counseling Experiencing Loss Essay

… " The IGTS is a 9-point scale meant to measure in a similar way as the TRIG. [7: Unknown. (2006). "A Systematic Review of the Literature on Complicated Grief." Australian Government: Department of Health and Aging. Retrieved April 14, 2011, from <>. ]

These two measures were thus administered for the participants at four times over six years, according to the study, and at three different junctures: pretest, posttest and 11-month and 6-year follow-ups. The results of this experiment are described below, and help us understand this important process and how we can help those bereaved grieve:

"Compared with the control group, the FBP group showed a greater reduction in their level of problematic grief (IGTS) at posttest and 6-year follow-up and in the…. [read more]

U.S. Department of State: Public Essay

… Complaints will need to be submitted as soon as possible right after an incident of the alleged sexual harassment takes place. The Albany Fire Department then set up a system where the manager of human resources will be the ones that would assist the complainant in finishing a sexual harassment objection form at the department. In order to make sure the quick and detailed investigation of a sexual harassment complaint, the complainant should deliver as much of the following information as is likely:

The department, name, and position of the individual or persons supposedly causing the harassment.

A report of the incident(s), as well as the date(s), location(s) and the attendance of any observers.

The supposed effect of the occurrence(s) on the complainant's situation, salary,…. [read more]

Mind's Eye Oliver Sacks Essay

… He did this by relating their situations at times with his, in order to also create empathy and sympathy among the readers. This would connect his readers more fully to the individuals portrayed in his book in order to establish some sort of relationship.

By defining, explaining, and comparing and contrasting the individuals" experiences to his, readers are once again able to see everyone as normal people. There was a time when these blind individuals lead normal lives. It was because of life's unfortunate mishaps that they ended up losing their ability to see. However, because of these concepts that Sacks uses, the readers are able to fully identify with these individuals. They are able to see themselves in them and can therefore come to…. [read more]

Humanities Study Means Essay

… Warhol's work is significant because it stands for the dominion of trivial aspects over life's other, more profound, implications. To highlight this perspective, Warhol remarked that "Being good at business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art" (Plagens, 2002). Under these prerogatives, modern man is somehow perceived as an indifferent machine who indulges in a cheap, kitschy medium which is amply enforced by his often cynical attitude towards life in general. In my opinion, pop art helps to underline the proliferation of superficiality at all levels of society.

Overall, the contents of this time capsule are brought together to build a solid picture of what it means to be human…. [read more]

Psychological Themes and Issues as a Person Ages Case Study

… Aging and the Elderly: The Case of "Mrs. a"

In understanding the process of aging and segment of the population that is the elderly, a case is developed to provide more in-depth information about the daily challenges and issues that the elderly usually encounter in their lives. While the case that will be presented may not be representative of the elderly group in the United States, the case of Mrs. A would at least provide context on the way aging individuals deal with their realities and increasing limitations, if there are any, in terms of their physical and social movement within their societies/communities.

Mrs a is 90 years old, and is a wife of a retired U.S. Army General. She has (4) children, two sons…. [read more]

Music on Life Essay

… One of my favorite songs on the album is "God Bless the Child." Even though this song is associated with the holidays and Christmas, the way that Holiday sings the song makes me feel calm and at peace regardless of the time of year that I hear it. Her style of singing is wrought with her painful life experiences and helps to invoke the same feelings in the listener. Even though much of the album may seem depressing to many people, I found comfort in it because it made me feel as though my life was better than some peoples' and that there were many other things that could impact my life negatively. Additionally, Billie Holiday's voice had a soothing affect on me, apart from…. [read more]

Leader's Self-Insight 1.1: Your Learning Essay

… Leader's Self-Insight 9.2: Listening Self-Inventory

I scored about average, indicating that I need to improve some of my listening skills. However, I am generally satisfied with my listening habits. I pay attention to non-verbal communication, for example.

Leader's Self-Insight 9.3: Communication Apprehension

I have average communication apprehension. I dread speaking in front of large groups -- and sometimes small ones. However, I do like to use my body expressively and I speak up occasionally. I would do well to take a public speaking course, to improve my ability to speak to groups.

Leader's Self-Insight 10.1: Is Your Team Cohesive?

I was a member of a highly effective team in which all members were proud to be a part of the group and cared about the…. [read more]

Creating Reality Wideman's Assertion Essay

… The novel then explores the reality of both brothers' lives and how they arrive at the divergent realities they find themselves in. Again, in creating this reality, Wideman focuses narrowly on individual realities to create a better focus on the wider and more common realities that both brothers, as African-Americans, face.

Furthermore, the reality in Wideman's novel also lies in the fact that the outcomes that both brothers create for themselves are the result not of a specific chronology of events, but rather an intertwinement of personality and environment. Betty, the mother, refers to Robert's "wildness" as something that has been part of his personality since birth. The Pittsburgh Homewood district and its seedy characters then provided room for destructive growth in the young man.…. [read more]

Academic Interests, Personal Perspectives, and Life Experiences Research Proposal

… ¶ … academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the educational mix. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community.

College communities are generally formed of people with diverse backgrounds, who are brought together by common interests and goals for their future. Being in college means that you have already shaped a great part of your personality throughout your school years, but it also means that you still have to be open to new concepts. Considering that I have always had the urge to learn and to help others learn as well, I believe that my experience in break dancing and science projects will definitely provide my future college community…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Style Term Paper

… Carson's emphasis on honesty, self-honesty in particular. Her iteration of the quip "to thine own self be true" relates to humanistic leadership in a direct manner, reflecting both transformational and servant leadership. This emphasis on the character of the leader as it relates to her style reminds me of trait theories of leadership. Balancing "soft" traits like empathy and compassion with "harder" traits like persuasiveness, decisiveness, and goal-orientation, an effective leader will demonstrate an ability to get the job done. Goals should never be sacrificed; the members of the group do not always need to like the leader personally, so long as harmony is preserved. "To thine own self be true," because a leader can't please everyone.

From the theories taught in class, I can…. [read more]

HITECH Act What Organizations Essay

… Price and availability of IT support staff within the community and broadband access must be considered in the decisions of using client-based or internet models. The HITECH Act recommends that organizations must select a minimum of two products in performing live demonstrations at the clinic or hospital. In addition, during the demos, the face-to-face interaction with the product and vendor employees is vital in decision-making (Anderson & Aydin, 2005).

The next step is checking references. After conducting successful demos, the HIT selection team requests references for vendors so that people can assess the product at the clinic or hospital. The team must research references that the vendors left out. The HITECH encourages that healthcare organizations must find their own references to obtain an unbiased view…. [read more]

Current Event Analysis -- Apple's Product Innovation Term Paper

… Current Event Analysis -- Apple's Product Innovation Leads to Profitability

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is one of the most financially successful high technology companies globally today due to their exceptional management of the five forces Dr. Porter describes (Porter, 81, 82) in his Five Forces Model, which is shown in Figure 1. This is the framework used for analyzing the two articles cited in this analysis. The first article is about the Apple iPad, and the second, about the best-selling smartphone the Apple iPhone 4. In each of these articles are ample proof as to how effectively Apple manages the five forces that shape competitive strategy (Porter,

Analyzing the Market Acceptable of the Apple iPad -- A Runaway Success

Apple reported that in the first…. [read more]

National Football League Term Paper

… Maintaining a large pool of talent also ensures that the competition between the team will attract fans and keep them captivated. The NFL also has the ability to provide players with the best training and medical care, which can prolong their careers.

Franchising is also a key success factor in this industry. The NFL has the ability to provide franchise owners with the tools they need to have a successful team. The better the market, the more successful the franchise will be. For instance, the Washington Redskins is the most profitable team in the league because it is in a prime location. The location is prime because there is a large population with high per capita incomes.

Is the Industry stable or unstable?

The industry…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

Porter's Five Force in Auto Industry Term Paper

… Porter's Five Forces In Auto Industry

Industry definition

Industry profile

Industry structure

Future outlook

Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis as it applies to the Auto Industry

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Threat of New Entrants

Bargaining Power of Buyers

Threat of Substitutes

Competitive Rivalry in the Industry

The American Auto industry is about to lose some of its key players; Detroit. This follows an ultimatum issued by Congress for a lifetime change in their business operations. While previous fiscal or monetary policies have played an integral role in the demise of Detroit, it is evident that the auto industry has not paid any attention to the prevailing market influences. The market is demanding vehicles that are fuel efficient, environmentally safe, and reasonable prices. The automakers must…. [read more]

Television Set Demand Analysis the Electronics Market Essay

… ¶ … Television Set Demand Analysis

The electronics market in the U.S. seems to have surpassed the financial crisis, and the television set category makes no exception. The estimated demand growth trend will continue, as it is expected that the television set market will reach $27 billion by 2010, compared with $25 billion in 2006 (Business Economics, 2007).

The reason behind this significant market increase relies on the fact that demand will focus more on the flat-panel television set. The demand for this product is expected to experience a 65% increase between 2006 and 2010.

Price elasticity of demand. Any household owns at least one television set. There are numerous types of TV sets, given their different sizes, brands, included options, quality, or technology used.…. [read more]

Apparel Industry Term Paper

… Apparel Industry

On the first of October 2001, the North American Industry Classification System defined apparel as belonging to the Manufacturing Industry under the code 315. The apparel industry was then delimited into eight subcategories, based on the particular types of items produced: "315211 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors," "315212 Women's, Girls' and Infants' Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors," "315223 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Shirt Manufacturing," "315228 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Other Outerwear Manufacturing," "315232 Women's and Girls' Cut and Sew Blouse and Shirt Manufacturing," "315234 Women's and Girls' Cut and Sew Suit, Coat, Tailored Jackets," "315991 Hat, Cap and Millinery Manufacturing" and "315999 Other Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing."

Industry's Dominant Economic Features

The apparel businesses…. [read more]

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Research Paper

… The strategic options that are laid in the market have significance when it comes to the general management and running of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. Therefore, the productivity in terms of profits and other accrued facets is a sign of the bargaining power of the buyers in the market. With the existence and dominance of completion in the market, there are many possibilities of relaying what could be best for the company. Therefore, the impact of the bargaining power of the customers is influential to the general avenues of production in the market.

The competitive advantage of the business by analyzing why some companies are or might outperform the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market

Several factors affect any organization right from the start…. [read more]

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