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Matrix, Blade Runner, and Metropolis Term Paper

… Lang's visual interpretation of the future, was as Brakhage has said continuing "the process of visual perception in its deepest sense and transformed their inspirations into cinematic experiences" (Metaphors, 67).

Metropolis is a combination of our hope for progress and our acknowledgement that every era is obliged to its many pasts, as well as its successors. The film demonstrates the need for history to encourage a belonging in society.

This is similar to the struggle of the Replicants in Blade Runner as they yearn to discover their past.

The Replicants' four-year life spans (offset, claims Tyrell, by the intensity of their lives) are suggestive of the accelerated experience of life under postmodernism.

The film's ruminations on the nature of memory (and the importance of photographs)…. [read more]

Earthquakes Occur Rapidly Warning Essay

… There's usually substantial language, cultural, as well as religious diverseness, and there's generally a populace of recent migrants, some overseas, and a few undocumented or even illegitimate. "Illegality" as well as "irregularity" may also extend towards the nonimmigrant populace, in which in depth squatter settlements have risen (Fernandes and Varley 1998).

2. For each of the impediments you described, provide specific examples in recent earthquake disasters. Describe strategies for addressing the impediments in your examples.

It's this final attribute of the mega city, its cultural diverseness, which provides not just problem but also opportunity. A study carried out over a four-tear period (1997-2001) based on the United Nations (UN) University uncovered a wealthy variety of societal systems, dealing and developing assistance systems, and citizen-centered endeavors…. [read more]

Suburban Metropolis Essay

… Los Angeles Area: Population Growth

Los Angeles consists of a five county region that has experienced incredible growth since the late nineteenth century. The population of this region has increased from just fewer than twenty thousand in 1870 to almost twenty million by 2010 population estimates. Los Angeles has become the second largest urban region in the United States and one of the ten largest urban regions in the entire world. The movement of people to Southern California during and since World War II ranks with the largest migrations in the history of the United States, and the majority of these citizens have settled in urban areas (Nelson, 1959, p. 80).

The growth rate of the region has nearly reached fifty percent in eight-year stretches…. [read more]

City of Quartz: Excavating the Future Term Paper

… ¶ … City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles" by Mike Davis and "Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir" by D.J. Waldie. Specifically, it compares the visions of suburban Southern California presented in the two works.

Is Southern California really "heaven and hell" as Davis maintains, or a "holy land" of relative comfortable suburbs as Waldie maintains? After reading these two works, it seems Southern California can be classified as a bit of both. Los Angeles and Southern California are a world away from Northeast winters, Midwest summers, and Northwest rains. For many who settled there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Southern California was truly the "promised land" full of sunshine, beaches, and dreams. Today, Los Angles is still the City…. [read more]

Urban Anthropology Our Urban Metropolises Term Paper

… Churches continue to play a major role in the middle class urban communities. Concerned residents can be powerless by legal methods to stop gangs and drug activity so informal mechanisms are the alternative source of help. This vigilantism has been shown to control these activities as church leaders, business people, and off duty police officers fill the role. Organized marches on drug blocks or houses within a neighborhood usually get organized in the local church. Churches are also the driving force in many cases that keep gang activity off of the public elementary school's playgrounds. Keeping the playgrounds unattractive for drug and gang activity again has usually come from church groups.

Urban life

Urban residents have to deal with issues not normally associated with suburban…. [read more]

Role and Process of Suburbanization Term Paper

… Thus there evolved 'contested areas' within the city and a host of issues like race relations, competitions and changes in the physical environment. While the population and its composition have an effect on the process of growth, the way the growth occurred had a deep impact on the population. (Koval; Bennett; Bennett; Demissie; Garner; Kim, 56)

A research by Massey and Denton analyzed the trend in the link between suburbanization and the ethnic communities, like African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians for a period from 1970 to 1980 and for fifty nine U.S. metropolitan areas. The study showed that African-Americans were least suburbanized compared to the other minorities and Asians in comparison with African-Americans become quickly suburbanized. This according to researchers, Massey and Denton, show that there…. [read more]

Iconography of Los Angeles Term Paper

… The facilities that make up the infrastructure of normal life, from boutiques to food outlets, churches to dry cleaners, department stores to universities, have taken shapes influenced by the presence of the universal network of roads and the universal assumption that all that matters is centered on the car. The automobile is an icon of freedom, perhaps the perfect embodiment of all the reasons why people opened up the West of the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries - to find space, liberty, individual expression. Los Angeles, the freeway city, is the sum of these ideas.


Banham, Rayner, Los Angeles: the Architecture of the Four Ecologies (London: Allen Lane, 1971).

Crouch, Winstan W. & Beatrice Dinerman, Southern California Metropolis: A Study…. [read more]

Mass Transit in Atlanta Georgia Research Paper

… Mass Transit in Atlanta, GA

Mass transit in Atlanta, Georgia is not without its limitations; however, on the whole it is convenient, affordable, and progressive, and valuable to the population.

The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority puts out an annual report on metro Atlanta's transportation systems. It is a comprehensive and detailed accounting of the condition of transit in the state of Georgia. The GRTA annual report covers a variety of transportation factors, such as the increase or decrease in traffic congestion and its influencing forces, statistical data about morning and afternoon rush hour, transit safety and accident and death rates, the budgetary and financial concerns of county, city, and state agencies, the status of various road and bridge projects, and even the state of Georgia's…. [read more]

Urbanization Chicago Case Study

… Urbanization

Chicago has from its beginnings been a city of immigrants and migrants. In the early days, these were German and Irish immigrants. Around the turn of the 20th century, large waves of immigration from Eastern Europe rolled in made up of Poles, Jews and Ukrainians. The era of World War 1, the 1920s. World War 2 and the post-war period saw a migration from the southern United States of poor whites and blacks to work in the smokestack industries located there. The 1960s, 70s and 80s saw a large emptying out of the city (largely by the white population) as the city deindustrialized. In the 90s, this was mitigated greatly by the service industry boom and the city was a magnet again for people…. [read more]

Participatory Budgeting Cma Research Proposal

… S. case offers comparative realism to the conceptual framework of public choice, where legitimacy stems ostensibly from policy, and code is a merely bedraggled stepchild to the actual decision making processes of co-optation and bi-lateral business partnerships.

In the U.S., it should be noted, where provision of basic services is considered elsewhere, and defendants typically sustain dismissal with anticipatory repudiation at the pre-trial stage. Irrespective of distinctions between the two nations, in the final instance it can be effectively argued, it is Law, rather than participatory decision making or civil service oversight that constitute the rules of the game. It is in the details of municipal and regional code that we source true meaning beyond what Lightbody calls the "sudden dramatic bursts of policy theatre…. [read more]

Australian Suburbia Term Paper

… The cooperative in turn, rents those houses to its members. There are new schemes in Australia, but despite attempts to make it popular in Australia, the project has failed considerably because Australians prefer to own houses outright.

For a proposed increase in the density of houses in Australia, individuals need to understand future housing designs. Previous generations in Sydney had a positive response of their neighborhoods. An experiment of the year 1979 showed that 90% of children had positive evaluation about their neighborhood. These children had a positive response on the physical amenities as well as the open space. Children in these neighborhoods were sensitive on the bush land, parks, residential streets and gardens. These open spaces are very essential for children development. Over the…. [read more]

Memory and Place of Carlton With Relation to Melbourne Term Paper

… Memory and Place of Carlton With Relation to Melbourne

This focus of this study is Carlton, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia. It sits on the edge of the CBD, and has a strong role in tying the city together. The Carlton United Brewery Site sits at very edge of Carlton and the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne, and has historically had a major influence on the two. It has been abandoned for years now, but sits on the Swanston Street axis, which pierces through the city and has the city's famous Shrine of Remembrance at the other end, the Anzac memorial. There remains, though, a clear need for the renovation of the Carlton United Brewery site make Carlton more connected with this burgeoning part…. [read more]

African-American Housing: Chicago Study Chicago Term Paper

… African-American Housing: Chicago Study

Chicago Housing Study

African-American Housing Disparities

Historical Chicago Housing Facts


The Gautreaux Case

Recent Studies and Their Findings

Chicago Housing Study

African-American Housing Disparities

The objective of this work is to examine the status and condition of African-Americans as compared to whites in the area of housing specifically in the city of Chicago, Illinois both historically and presently relating to access to and cost of affordable housing with statistical information included relating to the proportion and number of both groups that occupy public and privately own housing, the median/average monthly payment for housing. Finally this work will review how these facts relate to the overall lives of African-American living in the United States.

Historical Chicago Housing Facts

The work of…. [read more]

Inman ) Term Paper

… Many feel that since they do not live within the city limits then they should not have to pay for the city's expenses. Besides the self-interest of being able to use goods and services from the city, there is a direct economical correlation between value of the city and values of property in the suburbs. A crumbling metropolis will mean a reduction in value of properties in the city and a severe decrease in property values of suburban homes as well (2003,-page 30).

Increased cost of living and economic downturn are sending people into debt and many of them are losing homes, forcing them to move to other places where the cost of living is not as high. Living in close proximity gives these suburbs…. [read more]

History of Sanitation Term Paper

… Western medical specialists claimed that bathing could balance the humors and digestive disorders. Hot water (thermal) baths were thought to promote respiration, relieve fatigue and cure headaches, while cold showers were used to relieve painful joints. A very warm bath was used to bring down a high fever by making the bather sweat. "Bathing is about the sensuality of warm and cold thermal sensations that heighten your sense of awareness, destabilize your mood, generally rearrange the contents of your mind. The experience of extreme opposite temperatures back to back (hot to cold or cold to hot) is particularly revelatory" (Koren 28).

In the west, the medical benefits of bathing were forgotten during the Middle Ages, but recovered once again during the Renaissance in France, Germany…. [read more]

Low Crime Community Essay

… Low-Crime Community

An Analysis of the Elements of Crime and how they can contribute to Harmony

A low crime community is the goal of every neighborhood and city in the world, but achieving it is unquestionably one of the most puzzling problems to solve for local governments and police forces. The problems of crime in some of the country's most dangerous communities are never-ending, and every additional crime begets more crime, creating a dangerous compounding effect. The motivations for an individual or group to commit a crime are many, from pure economic reasons, down to the most arcane violent acts that shock neighborhoods by the displayed malicious intent.

There are some communities that have significantly reduced crime, however, by adopting some common sense rules and…. [read more]

Environmental Politics Term Paper

… ¶ … Political Patterns in Environmental Issues: An Urban Environmental Re-Development Platform

America's environmental policy orientation has endured a tumultuous and often compromised path. Though at one point during its early inception in the 1960s and 1970s, the United States was considered a global leader in environmental reform and regulatory improvement, its progress would be frequently curtailed by political pressures, economic interests and the absence of a unified public will. Today, with Democratic President Barrack Obama preparing to embark on a bid for reelection, the conditions surrounding America's environmental policy have shifted. With this shift comes an historic opportunity for the president to make environmental reform a centerpiece of his campaign. A maneuver that might have been considered a politically deadly gambit for a liberal…. [read more]

Neck Sits on the North Term Paper

… ) Cape cods and ranches predominate, but the single-family housing mix also includes colonials, Tudors and Mediterranean styles.

Some older houses date back to the 1880's, with a large number of Victorians along Arrandale Avenue and scattered around the village. However, these houses are priced particularly low and many have taken to buying them, knocking them down, and building bigger, more expensive homes. While many contend that the older homes were falling to pieces, many see developers as robbing the city of its heritage. Luckily for the conservationists, the village's landmarks preservation commission is in the process of creating a landmark district along Arrandale Avenue. 2,474 of Great Neck's 3,347 houses are owner-occupied, with 1,067 of these residences built before 1940 and another 1,435 built…. [read more]

Personal Experiences of Poverty Term Paper

… Canada's government rules are not efficient in stopping income disparity and poverty (Levitas, 2005).

It is not exactly apparent as to why the current government of Canada ignores or does not offer assistance in each and every area of the country to those who are in need of assistance in terms of well-being, and who need prevention of income inequalities and who are very poor. We are not able to get the entire picture regarding why the government of Canada disregards and/or flops in providing services throughout Canada to those who are in need of enhancement of healthcare, avert income disparity and poverty. Persons who live in city areas are widely missing entree to healthcare. The populace in country regions of Canada has been inferior…. [read more]

Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia Research Paper

… Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia

Culture and globalization

Culture which refers to the symbolic systems Williams 91()

through which human beings exist and coexist has been globalized by taking ideas, values and meanings across national borders through international travel and the Internet. These global shifts in culture are seen to be creating rapid social changes in the society with some proponents of culture being seriously dislocated Thompson 214.

Globalization is the homogenization of culture not just in a spatial but also in a temporal manner Thompson 211.

It is manifested in various ways such as business, religion, language, sports, music and even cuisine.

Culture is closely related to other items such as identity and subjectivity. As argued by Thompson (217)

culture creates social identities…. [read more]

Postmodernism Is Many Things Essay

… (Berry, 1) This is another example of why historians like to think of abstract concepts such as postmodernism, because of their ability to make sense of the choices made during a specific period of human history.

Literature was an important aspect of postmodernism, and actually came slightly ahead of most other aspects of the postmodern world. Just as architecture in the postmodern style lagged behind the music revolution of the 1960s, Music lagged behind the postmodern literature of the 1950s. Literature during this time revolved around two different strains, the first being existentialism, or the ideas of anxiety and the fear of the unknown, as well as psychedelics, particularly in experimentation by authors of various illicit drugs such as Heroin and LSD. These hallucinatory drugs…. [read more]

Eleven -11, or 7-Eleven) SWOT

… These factors are considered and weighed to ensure that an appropriate decision point is made within the customer's basis for value. Then, we define 7-Eleven in a competitive atmosphere:



Grocery Store

Big-Box (Target, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer)

Discount Club (Sam's, Costco, etc.)

BP/Mini Marts, Kwik Stops


Neighborhood Saturation

In Larger Strip Malls

In Larger Strip Malls or Stand Alone

Usually Stand Alone

Neighborhood Saturation


High, 24/7, 365 days

Medium, Variable Hours

Medium, Variable Hours

Low, Limited Hours

High, 24/7, 365 days


Item Dependent

Sales and Coupon driven

Perceived as inexpensive

Lowest Prices

Item Dependent


Limited in some items; large in beverages, candy, snacks, cigarettes

Usually Broad

Usually Broad

Mid-range, packaged in bulk

Limited in some items; large in beverages, candy,…. [read more]

Latino Immigration Research Paper

… Housing Issues for Los Angeles Latinos

Certain housing issues abound for Latino residents in Los Angeles, due in no small part to particular longstanding political and private practices, a distinctive socio-cultural tradition of residents, and a wealth of legislation that is routinely bypassed to propagate systematic discrimination. The manifold effects of such discrimination may be evidenced in the grouping of housing for Latinos, in the typical standards of living to be found there, as well as in the educational and employment ramifications that result, whether by choice or through force, in a segregated "clustering" of neighborhoods of Latinos. The solution to these issues may be found within the heart of these neighborhoods, as many Latino seem to prefer to live among their own.


The…. [read more]

Gated Communities There Are a Host Term Paper

… Gated Communities

There are a host of different reasons that people live in gated communities, according to Setha Low, author of Behind the Gates: Life, Security, and the Pursuit of Happiness in Fortress America. The identification and explanation of these various reasons come as the result of extensive interviews with many people living in gated communities, in which decisions to move to and live in gated communities were explicitly explained to the author. There are also reasons, however, that the author herself determines lie at the root of the desire to move to the secure isolationism of a gated community through conjecture, and while based on the interviews that she has conducted these latter reasons do not always match up directly with what the author…. [read more]

Art in Town Planning Term Paper

… Art

Living the Good Life:

Art and Aesthetics in Town Planning

Suburban sprawl. Urban blight. The Failure of Modern Architecture. Each one of these phrases could easily head an article on the modern-day city. Wherever one looks, one seems to be confronted with the failure of some "modern" idea or plan. Government officials, architects, and academicians shake their collective head, and fret that modern man simply does not seem to understand the aesthetics of every day life. Is it corporate greed? Government beaurocracy? Is it the fault or failure of modern art? Perhaps, too many of us rush to judgment. The artistic movements of the past century and a half have struggled with problems the like of which never before existed.

Industrialization has created cities…. [read more]

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