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Sufism and Hafiz Research Paper

… Sufism and Hafiz

Sufism is a school of religious thought that developed out of Islam during the ninth and tenth centuries. It is a departure from orthodox Islam in that it advocates practices in addition to following the Divine Law -- the rules set down by Muhammad-as the path to enlightenment. While following the Divine Law is one component of the path to enlightenment, it is not sufficient without the addition of zikr, meaning "remembrance" (Bayat, 10). According to Sufism, all of creation is the physical manifestation of God or Allah-meaning that man was, is, always will be one with God -- and the key to enlightenment is the attainment of God-remembrance. In the words of Muhammad, "He who knows himself knows his Lord" (Helsinki,…. [read more]

Origination and Growth Term Paper

… This theory often leads to great disparity in negating his soul, the Sufi ends up adoring it; in negating creation, he repeal life itself.

Notwithstanding In Sufism, there seems to be a powerful inclination to reference severity as highly alluring. If nothing else, there is at least an aberrant stress on the negation of worldly life.

Sufism is not readily defined, for it is neither a particular religion nor a faith. It does not demand affiliation to prescribed conviction or ritual, and gladly receive people of all races, country, and convictions. It has dwell all over the centuries in numerous cultures.

Sufism is a method of looking at the world and a way of existing in the world. It accentuates carrying ones supreme ethics and…. [read more]

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