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Sugar and Power: The Sweet Book Report

… Over time, although Britain was a major trading power, it seemed that Britain had started exporting less sugar and keeping more of the product within the country, simultaneous to this trading change, it was noted that the consumption of other foods decreased (Mintz, 1985). The idea that sucrose was proving more of a caloric lifeline to individuals was indicative of the notion that sugar was becoming more of a commonplace product in people's diets. The perceived luxury that sugar was made out to be was a status that was going increasingly weary- bringing it from something to be desired down to a very attainable product. These are all notable ideas to take into consideration, and to reflect on so that the reader become increasingly aware…. [read more]

Sugar and Salt Term Paper

… ¶ … cultural views on sugar and salt. It will examine the historical roots for those views and discuss how they have changed over time. Sugar and salt are two of the basic foods in most of the world's diets, and in modern times, these two very different foods cause fear and many people limit them for health reasons. Sugar and salt are building blocks of diet and nutrition, but too much of them can go a long way in ruining a healthy diet. They helped create and maintain entire cultures, but today, they are simply taken for granted as items we find easily on the grocery shelves.

Salt is one of the most basic minerals in the world, and yet it is one of…. [read more]

Ingredient Research This List Will Provide Information Research Paper

… Ingredient Research

This list will provide information about each of the ingredients below, and will state the health benefits and risks associated with each ingredient.

Organic Oleic Safflower Oil:

The safflower, or Carthamus Tinctorius, is an annual plant that is related to the sunflower. This plant looks much like a thistle and develops warm-hued flowers, which dry then drop, much like sunflowers, and expose safflower seeds. These seeds are high in oils, and can be either removed to be treated or left on the flower. If removed to be treated, they are dried and processed. Eventually, they are pressed into oil and then classified into two types of cooking oils: monosaturated and polysaturated. The organic component of this oil is important in that it provides…. [read more]

Marketing Mix and Strategy Essay

… Marketing Strategies - breakfast cereal Australia

Marketing Mix And Strategy

Healthy Co. Pty Ltd. is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. 'Nutri Mix' breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it's focused on nutrition and healthy life choices. The initial research was focused on six local macro-environment factors that could potentially impact the product. The factors in favour of marketing such a product on the Australian market reside in an aging population as proportion of total population, forcing the government to focus on nutrition as a means to slow down health care expenses (IGR, 2004); the local market being a stable and developed one; the country's technological development enabling advanced marketing and logistics techniques; and an increased…. [read more]

Melt Ice on Roadways and Sidewalks Project Thesis

… ¶ … Melt Ice on Roadways and Sidewalks

Project design plan.

The recent blizzards that have blanketed the United States in snow and ice are major threats to public safety and can result in injuries and deaths if they are allowed to accumulate on roadways and sidewalks. In response to snow and icy weather, most municipalities in the United States use some combination of road salt and sand in an effort to keep roadways clear, but road salt in particular can cause damage to the roadway as well as to the surrounding environment and species. Given its adverse effects, it is important to determine if road salt and/or sand represents the most cost-effective approach to clearing roadways of snow and ice accumulations.

Relevance of the…. [read more]

Risk Factors for Mr. Jablonski Term Paper

… 5 ounces nuts; 1 tablespoon or 1/2 ounce seeds;

1/2 cup cooked dry beans

Fats & oils teaspoon soft margarine; 1 tablespoon lowfat mayonnaise;

2 tablespoons light salad dressing; 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

Sweets per week tablespoon sugar; 1 tablespoon jelly or jam; 1/2 ounce jelly beans; 8 ounces lemonade

Source: National Institute of Health

The diet changes required for treating Mr. J's hypertension are more or less the same as for reducing his LDL cholesterol except that he has to reduce his salt intake to less than 6 grams per day. It is always difficult to make drastic changes in any long-time habit specially one's diet. However, Mr. J would have to be bluntly told about the absolute necessity of a diet change. Only…. [read more]

Marketing Channels and Methods Term Paper

… "What is the right strategy to follow in a highly competitive market in which demand is relatively flat?" stated one executive recently. "The answer for us is to identify what our niche is in the market. For us, it is producing ... hamburgers." Healthy hamburgers! (Collins, 2002) Stressing return traffic for those hamburgers is an acknowledgement that McDonald's "fries and soda are where the fat [profit] margins really lie," for fast food companies -- but that does not have to mean fat consumers! (Munarriz, 2003)

Core Strategy

A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using a company's products and services (Konrath, 2005). McDonald's has always offered its customers financial value, in the form of cheap, tasty food.…. [read more]

Dutch Invasion of Brazil Term Paper

… .. far surpasses everything the Portuguese managed to produce in the hundred years preceding."

The success of the Dutch colonization was, as has been suggested, largely the result of the good governance of Maurice of Nassau. He was thirty-three years old when arrived at Pernambuco and was an experienced and capable military man who had served as a colonel in the Thirty Years' War. He was also instrumental in obtaining slaves from attacks on the Portuguese. Beside this ability to put the Portuguese on the defensive militarily, he was responsible for the development and construction of "New Holland."

This incursion into Brazil was also one of the most extensive and long lasting in that counties colonial history. It was to have a profound impact on…. [read more]

Drug Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome Term Paper

… Drug Treatment of Metaboilic Syndrome

Drug Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome


Introduction and rationale for drug classification selection and its impact upon hypertension

It is significant considering a patients pressure of up to 160/100 with medication prescription for stage 1 treatment of necessity (140/90 to 159/99 mm Hg). Doctors regard the control of blood pressure as a number game with the value of any given antihypertensive drug's judgment basing on an individual. This depends on the medication significant reduction of blood pressure. It is recommendable by experts to start taking antihypertensive drugs within the considerable lowest dose. This is with gradually making increments until the pressure attains its perceived normal level. Following the occurrence of side effects, replacement with differing medication is, however,…. [read more]

Should the Free Market System Have Restrictions on It? Term Paper

… Restrictions on the Free Market: The Gateway to Infringing on Successful Business Models and Eliminating Consumer Free Will

In Great Britain, advertisers are not allowed to use children in food ads aimed at young people, as well as in ads for foods that are high in fat, salt, or sugar which are included in programming aimed at children under 16 years of age. These government restrictions are based on the ever-increasing problem of childhood obesity which exists in the United Kingdom. Comparably, in the United States, the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on food ads within television shows aimed at children. In response, some of the country's most prominent food and drink manufacturers, fearing media attacks and limited consumerism, agreed to…. [read more]

Life Coach E Focuses Informative Essay

… As part of the therapeutic orientation, we will instead focus on what situations and moods 'trigger' you to overeat. For most of us, the foods that trigger overeating tend to be highly sugary, salty foods that overwhelm our senses and our ability to moderate consumption; junk food is engineered to short-circuit our ability to know when we are full. Switching to a whole, unprocessed diet is an essential component of weight maintenance. "Much of what we eat in restaurants is fat on sugar on fat with salt. Pick any dish in any mid-American restaurant. What is spinach dip? Fat on salt with green stuff. Look at the average salad we're eating. If you look at the bacon, the croutons, the cheese…it's fats, salts and a…. [read more]

Preamble: Josephine Attributes Her Eating Disorder Case Study

… PREAMBLE: Josephine attributes her eating disorder to dislike for the unhealthy food that her mother prepares and to her job as salsa instructor that demands that she regulates her weight. She sometimes eats only one meal per day, forcing herself to, occasionally, vomit when she eats too much junk or fried food and is overly concerned with her weight level and diet. Whilst on no medication, she occasionally takes multivitamins and is trying to reduce her weight of 117 pounds to her former count of 110 pounds.

Based on her height and weight, what is her BMI and is this considered underweight, normal or overweight/obese?

Her BMI (weight: 117 pounds; height 5 feet 2 inches is 21.4. She is actually in the middle range of…. [read more]

Diabetes and Obesity Thesis

… (Laska et al., 2011)

Both ignorance and laziness are often cited as the reasons that people are overweight or obese: Perhaps the most common cultural narrative about overweight people is that they are heavier than would be healthiest for them because they are too lazy to exercise.

However, the students surveyed by Laska et al. As well as the students at Hostos Community College are neither uneducated nor lazy. Indeed, it is more how busy they are than how lazy they are that seems to be at the root of weight problems for many of them.

Proposed Research

The above cited research along with preliminary research that I have gathered about students from Hostos Community College suggest the direction that a future comprehensive study of…. [read more]

African Restaurants in NYC Article

… Around 4 pm, he goes to Ponty where things are being set up for the dinner shift. During dinner, Elhadji bounds through the restaurant, helping to expedite orders and making sure to greet customers. He completes his day at Manhattan home with a two-hour session on his computer to check email, stay in touch with vendors and distributors.

A variety of factors have helped propel this wave of African restaurants. Some are connected to immigration, a growing familiarity with this population, and an overall trend towards a more adventurous taste in eating. Serving African cuisine presents certain challenges. It can be harder to find African chefs due to the relative dearth of qualified people even in New York City. However, New York's African immigrants have…. [read more]

Solar Juice Timeline the Business Essay

… Solar Juice


The business plan calls for an initial time to launch of four months, and then at that point we will focus on building the business for that fourth month. The last two months of this six-month plan are likely to be dedicated to building the plans for the second juice trucks. This is important -- we hope to be able to expand to four trucks over the course of the first year, so two in the first school year and then two more for the following autumn.

Register the business, secure initial financing, find truck, draw up list of schools to target and evaluation criteria. Design the truck. Sketch out the menu. Develop accounting system (software purchase).

Select target schools + initiate…. [read more]

America's Rise to Industrial Power Research Paper

… Americas Rise to Industrial Power

From reconstruction to the onset of the Progressive Era, the United States vastly transformed itself. Slaves were freed, although many of them continued to live austere lives under the sharecropping system. The Railroad and new farm technologies revolutionized trade and commerce, creating more efficient markets, but dangerously top-heavy and centralized ones as well. And the rise of increasingly clever advertising techniques helped companies to attract customers, while also risking their alienation and stoking their mistrust. Mark Twain called this time period the Gilded Age, for its veneer of prosperity, but jugular of suffering and exploitation. It represents one of the most dynamic, and perhaps even most definitively American, decades in the county's history.

The thirty five-years, from the Civil War's…. [read more]

Nestle in 2008 Case Study

… Nestle Company

Nestle's long history began with founder Henri Nestle's infant saving formula. More than 140 years later, the company has grown into an international powerhouse centering on nutrition, health and wellness. However, the organization's recent financial success leads to a significant challenge. New CEO, Paul Bulcke, will need to ensure the company doesn't become complacent and continues to operate with a sense of urgency. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of developing and emerging markets, through the customization of recently acquired frozen pizza brands from Kraft Foods. If Nestle is ill-prepared for this, it could negatively affect their market position and profitability.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary:

Brief Problem Diagnosis:

Analysis of the Problem:


Strategic Posture:

Strategic Managers:

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths:…. [read more]

Right and Wrong Essay

… Although no chip is 'correct' strictly speaking, the baker should know the intensity of the chip so as not to be surprised by the final outcome.

The next step is to preheat the oven. Many bad cooks skip this step. They think: 'what does it matter?' But "ovens rise to very high temperatures quickly during the pre-heating process. This is not the time to have something in there cooking. You want an oven that is maintaining a constant temperature" ("How not to make chocolate chip cookies," Cookie Smart, 2012). Most chocolate chip cookie recipes specify a baking temperature of 350F. The temperature of the oven should also be correct, which can only really be determined with perfect accuracy by using an oven thermometer.

Don't throw…. [read more]

Desiccation Tolerance in Prokaryotes Water Term Paper

… It is very possible that genomic and phenotypic factors (discussed later in this work) combine along with protectants such as trehalose. Different media concentrations induced E. coli to generate different compounds. Researchers induced the E. coli production of glycine betaine by varying the NaCl concentrations and the consequent osmotic stress. Glycine betaine has been implicated in desiccation protection for several higher plans such as grams and tobacco. Glycine betaine has also been suggested as a protectant against desiccation for certain lactobacilli. (Teunissen et al., 1992). from short-term viability experiments.

In this sense, both trehalose and glycine betaine can be considered compatible solutes because their presence (in response to the osmotic stress that draws water away from the cell) is compatible with the processes that occur…. [read more]

Water: An Overlooked Essential Nutrient Essay

… PowerAde currently has nine different flavors in the U.S.A. ( Gatorade products vary from country to country and include the Gatorade carbohydrate nutrition drink and Gatorade Nutrition Shake as well as the Endurance Formula. This contains twice the sodium and three times the potassium that the typical Gatorade formula as well as containing chloride, magnesium, and calcium. In 2007, G2, a lower calorie type also labeled as a healthy choice beverage, was released and produced in seven flavors. Gatorade Tiger (2009) contains 25% more electrolytes than Gatorade Thirst Quencher and also contains amino acid theanine. All of these are very different to the Gatorade produced in 2010 and the earliest Gatorade formula. Compositions of both Gatorade and PowerAde vary from country to country, too, depending…. [read more]

Child Obesity Research Paper

… ¶ … child obesity is and what are the causes that have contributed in the past years to its spread. It also gives many references and explanations on adverse health impacts as well as negative mental impact upon children. In the end, several preventive measures have been given as suggestions including psychotherapies to help children alter their negative thinking resulting due to obesity.

In present world, priorities have greatly shifted from one to many. What makes up a person now has collectively a large number of factors than what it had few centuries ago. One of the things that have changed in these times is the way people eat. Alternatively, more clear to say, the way people eat to live. Just as how many things…. [read more]

Lobbying Issue Obesity and the European Food Industry Assessment

… Obesity and the European Food Industry

The fact that EU parties agreed on food labeling with the aim to ensure that consumers make the right decisions concerning healthy foods legislation does not mean that it automatically becomes law. In fact the proposals will be subjected to another round of debate during their second reading in the spring of the year. It will then be finalized and maybe "The Regulation is expected to be finalized and published in early 2012. This will provide appropriate transition periods for all businesses with the Council proposing three years for the labeling provisions although the mandatory requirement for nutrition labeling will not apply for five years," according to Defra's letter. This means companies could have up until 2017 before the…. [read more]

Family Assessment Description Research Paper

… "Health is the absence of incurable issues - such as physical, mental and emotional problems." Queried individually, each member agreed with this explanation. Seeking further clarification, I asked Mrs. T to explain what they meant by 'incurable issues'. Her replay was "some physical ailments can be treated and cured such as ear infections that doctors treat with antibiotics. In other cases, such as HIV / AIDS - the sufferer is never able to overcome the disease and can only find a way to extend their life with the aid of medicine." She also stated that they believe cancer is not curable (personal communication, September 24, 2013); a misconception to be sure. It was interesting to note that the family also believed that health was the…. [read more]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diet for Well being Research Paper

… This perspective summarizes the confidence placed in food therapy by these cultures for many years. Sun continues: "If the food therapy is not enough to treat the disease then use the medicine" -- the idea being that food therapy can go a long way to contain and/or solve the problem in the body -- but the recognition is clear that it is not in every case a cure-al: "The medicinal properties is strong like an army, the army destroys all furiously at the chance. The medicine is just like an army, it beats and pound randomly" (Sun 2003).

Sun Simiao (- -- ) states the golden principles of longevity in " Qian Jin Fang":

"To maintain a healthy mind…. [read more]

Fresh Foods and Canned Essay

… Fresh V. Canned Food

According to Apovian, "Vegetables fresh from the farm or just picked are more nutritious than their frozen or canned counterparts, but frozen and canned vegetables are an acceptable nutritional alternative." Fresh foods have several distinct advantages vs. their canned versions. For one, fresh foods usually but not always look better and have a better texture than canned foods. However, canned foods also have important advantages over their fresh counterparts including yearlong availability. Some canned foods actually have a higher nutritional content than fresh foods (Davies & Barrett). However, many canned foods also contain additives. The main differences between fresh and canned foods include nutritional content; taste and texture; and convenience.

In terms of nutritional content, fresh foods are "nutritionally ideal," and…. [read more]

Cystic Fibrosis. There Are Eleven Term Paper

… On the cellular level, cystic fibrosis patients find a "particular cell protein can not do its job and fight off bacterial infection. A genetic error deletes a single amino acid, which is just one of 15-hundred that make up the protein, causing the protein to become misshapen and preventing it from traveling to the cell's surface to begin its infection fighting work (" Researchers have discovered a gene which makes the protein that "transports chloride ions, one of salt's two components, in and out of cells. Because the movement of sodium ions, salt's other component, is naturally linked to the transport of chloride, the protein mutated in cystic fibrosis regulates sodium transport indirectly (Damaris)."

Cystic fibrosis affects the "epithelium, the layer of cells that lines…. [read more]

Traditional Therapeutic Food Therapy Research Paper

… ¶ … Recipes of Traditional Therapeutic Food Therapy

Yao shan?

shi liao?

/ shi zhi (?

) the food therapy

What is Yao shan (?

), shi liao (?

) and shi zhi (?

)? Yao shan translates as "the food used as medicine by itself." Shi liao (?

) or shi zhi are the terms used to describe foods used as nutritional therapy. These practices are designed with TCM diagnosis to develop, repair and balance the human body to prevent and treat diseases. These practices also assist in anti-aging and longevity. For several centuries, this tradition has been carried out as foods mixing with herbs for the treatment of disease is historically popular in Far East cultures. Traditional cuisines are essentially modified in this…. [read more]

Americanization of Foods by Americans Essay

… The Americanization occurs through experimenting and tweaking ingredients ("America's Take on Ethnic Food" par, 1). Generally, the Americanization of foods simply implies that cultural dishes or foods are transformed to suit the prevailing taste profiles of Americans. Actually, success on the American food business is dependent on pleasing the tastes and palates of the slightly exploratory customers. In addition to consideration of the customers' tastes, foods from different cultures are Americanized depending on the availability of ingredients.

Examples of Americanized Foods from Different Cultures:

The food throughout the United States is as varied as the citizens and residents of the country, which acts as a melting point for different cultures. It is quite evident that an American food culture does not exist since the country's…. [read more]

Nutrition the Familiar Food Pyramid Term Paper

… Nutrition

The familiar food pyramid, introduced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1992, consists of the six basic food groups. In the first are fats, oil, sweets and sugars; in the second are meats and other protein sources; milk and other dairy products in the third; fruits in the fourth group; vegetables in the fifth; and bread, rice and other complex carbohydrates in the sixth and last (Paul 2003). This has been the nation's primary teacher about nutrition, but experts now worry and blame the food pyramid's emphasis on grains and other starchy foods as behind the increase in obesity among Americans (Gannet 2003). The huge amount of carbohydrates recommended has not been supported by any scientific body of evidence, according to Walter Willett,…. [read more]

Monosodium Glutamate Term Paper

… In the end, monosodium glutamate contains approximately one third of the sodium as table salt. In comparison to natural glutamic acid, found naturally in our bodies and in foods organically grown, MSG contains both L-glutamic acid and D-glutamic acid, whereas naturally produced glutamic acid contains only L-glutamic acid. Both the European Union and the United States Federal Food and Drug Administration have declared MSG as a food additive and regulate when it can be used. Both have also declared the product safe for human consumption (WHO, 1998). It is estimated that demand for MSG yearly is 2000 tons as a food additive alone (Kusumoto, 2001).

There are some individuals who display sensitivity to foods prepared with MSG. Symptoms are said to include burning along the…. [read more]

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