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Superstition Is a Belief Essay

… Superstition is a belief in something that is not based on reason. In other words, it is the opposite of faith -- which, as the medieval world understood and tried to show (in the works of Thomas Aquinas, for example), was based on reason. Superstition is usually associated with what are called "old wives' tales," and they usually deal with luck or things that might occur in the future.

I do not believe that I am superstitious about anything, even though I sometimes play along with superstitions. For example, I might root for the number 8 (which is said to be lucky) and shy away from the number 4 (unlucky).

The difference between science, pseudoscience, philosophy and religion is that in a modern sense science…. [read more]

Sikhism Is a Progressive Religion Research Paper

… Sikhs center their lives on their connection with God, and being a part of the Sikh society. The Sikh ideal joins action and belief. To live a good life a person should do good deeds as well as contemplating on God (Singh, 2011). Sikhs believe that human beings spend their time in a sequence of birth, life, and rebirth. They share this conviction with followers of other Indian religious traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The excellence of each particular life depends on the law of Karma. Karma sets the excellence of a life according to how well or badly a person acted in their preceding life. The only way out of this sequence, which all faiths regard as painful, is to attain a…. [read more]

Persuade People Superstition Is Real Essay

… Superstition Is Real

Imagine believing arguments that are not sensible! This is possible and it is a reality to some people who have normal thinking capabilities. Taking of thinking, rational reasoning/thinking makes human beings the most intelligent living thing on the planet. Through our behaviors, we are able to stay at the top. However, Superstition tends to be more influenced by rational thinking. On this note, I think now it is a perfect moment to describe superstition. This is a belief that has no sensible arguments, especially associating with a particular bad lack in some communities. It is mostly associated with death. Though no scientific proofs on superstitions as it is not physical, it cuts across different cultures, even in those with complex organizations, influenced…. [read more]

Ethical Hospice Care Creative Writing

… C (community)

I strongly identify with Judaism but not in a religious sense.

A (address)

Leading a high-quality life and minimizing suffering is important to me, more so that simply extending life

Spiritual distress in this patient might be indicated by an expressed crisis of meaning; depression or despair; and a lack of a sense of leading a meaningful life. Or it might simply be expressed as a general sense of depression and malaise without a spiritually-articulated component. Even though he is not formally religious, traditions are clearly very important for the subject. Patients without a strong spiritual orientation (although the individual has a strong cultural orientation regarding his faith community) might say things like: "what does it all matter," or "I don't think I…. [read more]

William F. Albright a Study Research Paper

… Burke O. Long asserts that Albright's worldview was not fully formed until his face-to-face meeting with the historical place of Christ's life and death, when the gathering of empirical evidence and the accumulation of historical fact finally compelled him to admit certain conclusions regarding Christianity: "When he was about 55 years old, W.F. Albright wrote that his move to Jerusalem some 27 years earlier and the discoveries he made while anchored at the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) were decisive in defining his attitude toward the Bible."

Long quotes Burke as stating that he himself had held a rather skeptical view of the veracity of the "Israelite historical tradition," but that this skepticism "had suffered repeated jolts as discovery after discovery confirmed the historicity…. [read more]

Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare Essay

… ¶ … Midsummer Night's Dream


A Midsummer Night's Dream uses the play inside of the play to make a positive statement about the acting profession. When the characters watch the play at the finale of Midsummer, they laugh and make fun of what they see, but they do not realize that it is themselves that are foolish because they cannot recognize themselves in the play. Shakespeare employs this ending, nearly the whole of Act V, in order to show how actors are able to see the truth in humans and thus interpret the actions that they see. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare was pointing out the non-actors' folly at the end of Midsummer, yet the non-actors were completely blind to it. Shakespeare seems to be saying that…. [read more]

Sun Chief: Autobiography Book Report

… Hopi society seems more mysterious than before Talayevsa wrote his autobiography Sun Chief. This is because more questions are raised than answered during the course of the book. The book is powerful because the author talks about superstitions and ways of life that are completely foreign to anyone but a Native American. Yet there are common points that all people can share. The one issue that is not addressed with sufficient sensitivity is that of gender, because the author is a male. Gender issues are problematic in Sun Chief: Autobiography of a Hopi Indian. For example, the author states that he was thought to be "lucky to be born twins and lucky to just miss becoming a girl," (Talayevsa 27). The author does not critique…. [read more]

Cultural Superstition Essay

… Chinese Superstition

There are many superstitions that my grandparents tell me about. They range from such things as if a dog howls at night it means someone has died to if a baby cries for no apparent reason it means there are ghosts around or if you have a dream about snow it means your parents have died. One superstition that they tell me about has to do with the number eight, which in Chinese is a very lucky number. The reason for this is that in Chinese, the word for eight, "ba," sounds similar to another word in Chinese, which means wealth, "fa," in native dialects. Therefore, whenever Chinese people who believe in such a superstition receive something like a bank account that has…. [read more]

Religious Life of Planet Earth Essay

… 2) An imaginary or un-provable existence of an individual or thing

3) Symbol of spiritual potentiality in the human being.

The use of myth is employed disagreeably in both religious and non-religious circles. Religions of pre-technology people or cultures that were under developed are in a similar manner called myths in the religion anthropology. Thus, ancient polytheistic religions like those of Greece, Rome, and Scandinavia are a part of mythology. According to Joseph Campbell, Mythology is usually considered as religions of other people while religion itself is defined as misinterpreted mythology. When a person's religious stories or beliefs are described in terms of mythology, they are to be considered less realistic or true than someone's personal religious stories or conceptions (Kevin and Hanna, 2009).

References…. [read more]

Existential Analysis of a Man Named Ziegler by Herman Hesse Thesis

… Existential analysis of a Man Named Ziegler by Hermann Hesse

An existential analysis is essentially and inquiry or interrogation of the meaning of human existence. It is in effect a confrontation with the world around us in a deeply questioning and honest way. Existential analysis can also be very disconcerting as its aim is to penetrate the pretences, conventions and ideologies that hide true reality. In the process of searching for meaning one encounters 'existential anxiety' in that one becomes aware that the life that one has been living and the way that one perceives the world is false.

Related to the above is the theme of authentic vs. inauthentic existence and the absurdity of existence. Facing up to reality can be extremely difficult. One…. [read more]

Religion Christianity Started Essay

… Luther's edicts had established an emerging faction of Christianity that denied vehemently the papal authority. With the denial of Papal authority came the avowal of a new type of worship and new vision of Christianity. In accordance with Protestant theory, the individual believer can come to know God without the intervention of a priest. Scripture is to be read and studied by the individual, regardless of Papal authority.

The Reformation had a more significant impact on the social and political affairs of Europe than on its theological life. Disavowal of Church authority paved the way for the Enlightenment and the age of humanism. Religion had a stranglehold on European social life for centuries. The people demanded a more egalitarian state of affairs with a worldview…. [read more]

Count Dracula and Hanibal Lector Thesis

… His physical strength was that of twenty men, and being immortal, he had become immune to conservative methods of attack. The only way to have the Count killed was by means of cutting his head off and then impaling his heart with a cross that was wooden. He really required no other type of sustenance but blood that was fresh, which had a revitalizing result on him. To recuperate his strengths he also requisite Transylvanian soil that was somewhere around him or close nearby.

Count Dracula had a way of defying gravity, being able to climb upside down surfaces that were vertical. He had power that was really hypnotic and clairvoyant capabilities; he could give a command to nighttime animals for instance wolves and rats.…. [read more]

Human Sexuality a Person Essay

… The Babylonians saw their sexuality as a practice within their religion -- the "[Babylonian] impersonal provision of sex is conceived in terms of the promotion of nature's fecundity" (Shrage). Medieval French society regarded prostitutes as sought-after ladies, where they became "eligible for marriage, and were desired by men for wives" (Shrage). In a more current study, Shrage mentions a New Guinea tribe called the Etoro that practices a type of "breast-feeding" ritual -- where infants are fed semen for the children's nutritional benefit. Society today, however, would probably find all three acts highly abominable. Sexual activity and prostitution are frowned-upon in public context. It is evident within the words used by society itself to label men and women by relating them to their sexual activeness.…. [read more]

Amy Tan's Novel the Kitchen God's Wife Term Paper

… Kitchen God

The main protagonists in the Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan spend several decades fighting each other because of their differences that come from having completely different pasts -- Winnie, the mother, being born and brought up in China and her daughter Pearl, living all her life in the United States. However, when they finally begin to listen to each other, they realize that despite their different upbringing, they share more than they ever realized as women and mother and daughter. With changing circumstances, the two are eventually able to begin to open up and peel away the layers that keep them apart.

Basically, this novel is about these women -- mother and daughter -- who are keeping secrets from one another. Pearl…. [read more]

Daoism as a Way of Systems Thinking Term Paper

… ¶ … Daoism as a Way of Systems Thinking

As the "Century of Asia" unfolds, those in the West are becoming increasingly concerned that their predominance in the world will be subsumed by other worldviews, most of which they do not understand or about which they remain largely uninformed. Unfortunately, many people in the West likely consider their worldview as the only viable way of viewing the world around them, but the fact remains that billions of other people around the world go about their daily lives thinking about the fundamental realities that face everyone is drastically different ways. To help shed some light on these differences and how they apply to Western systemic thinking today, this paper will provide an analysis of how Daoism…. [read more]

Was the French Revolution a Class War? Term Paper

… French Revolution

Was it a War of the Classes?

The purpose of this work is to research the French Revolution and answer the question as to whether the revolution was a class war.

The French Revolution began in the year of 1789 and lasted approximately a decade until the year 1799. During that decade the transformation of France took place and the political and social restructuring of the country occurred. It has been suggested that the war was one between the classes in France while there are implications, which lead one to believe that the war was based on religious differences. The French Revolution has been stated to provide the "most influential model of popular insurrection until the Russian Revolution of 1917." (MSN Encarta Encyclopedia,…. [read more]

Pet Adoption Adopting a Pets Essay

… Pet Adoption

Adopting a Pet

Pets are a mainstay of the American household. Not everyone has a pet, of course, but so many do that having a pet is almost normative. Pets are found in homes of the young and elderly alike. Even many of those who do not have pets have had experience with them growing up. I've noticed that mostly there are "cat" people and "dog" people, although there are those who prefer less conventional pets like lizards, birds, or snakes. For me, lizards and snakes are out of the question since I'm afraid of any kind of reptile. it's an irrational fear, but I can't help it and I accept that others are different. Recently, I've come to the belief that it…. [read more]

Marital Success the High Divorce Essay

… When the husband is criticized and he feels disrespected, it causes him to react in unloving and unaffectionate ways. As conflict arises within a marriage, the wife must acknowledge her husband is feeling disrespected, and husbands must understand the wife is feeling unloved. Honoring respective needs for love and respect is one of the most basic fundamentals for marital success.

Emotional intelligence within a marriage is another essential facet needed for marital success. In recent years, emotional intelligence has gained recognition for its predictive nature of a child's success later in life. Emotional intelligence refers to the degree in which one is in-touch with their emotions, has empathetic responses, and is emotionally aware. The more a child is able to understand emotions, the better a…. [read more]

Healing Rituals Across Islam Essay

… Moving east from Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Mozambique, this paper will consider the transformation of women's local religious practice where those interface with Muslim doctrine in evolving and often conflicting cultures from northern Iran to eastern China. The focus is women's Islamic-indigenous syncretism, or the combination of orthodox Islamic beliefs and traditional healing and cleansing ritual to form hybrid practices that then interact with orthodox Islam, in a world itself evolving at increasingly faster rates with global technology and contact with cultures beyond traditional local boundaries. This syncretism, or the implementation of practices from various different belief systems, mirrors an evolution Islam itself faces as the borders of the world grow closer over time at the same time the assumptions underlying gender roles and obligations…. [read more]

African-American Population Research Proposal

… Applying the Nursing Process to The

Delivery Of Culturally-Competent Care

for african-americans

This paper explores the on-going health care needs of African-Americans as they relate to the delivery of competent nursing care. As a diverse group, African-Americans currently face some serious medical conditions based on lifestyle, genetics and a lack of access to high-quality health care. Thus, this paper will address several areas, such as psychological, environmental and psychosocial factors related to communications, the influence of cultural beliefs and barriers, and some possible ethical dilemmas. In addition, this paper explores how the Giger-Davidhizer Transcultural Assessment Model could be implemented as a way of analyzing the health care needs of African-Americans and for developing a health care plan, thereby increasing the lifespans and quality of living…. [read more]

Christians as the Romans Saw Term Paper

… ¶ … Christians as the Romans Saw Them by Robert Louis Wilken. Specifically, it will discuss the roles Roman knowledge and interpretation of Judaism and their Jewish subjects played in their understandings of Christianity and their relations with Christians. Just as the Romans were skeptical of Christianity and Jesus, they were skeptical of the Jews and their religion. Romans had developed a sophisticated and well-functioning society, but their intolerance of other religions left little room for acceptance, and so, as Christianity spread, Romans either had to accept it or slowly disintegrate into a pagan and non-believing state that did not fit in the new world order. Later, the author seems to confirm this when he notes, "Christianity exposed Hellenism to acute peril. For the revolt…. [read more]

Amy Tan's Kitchen God's Wife Term Paper

… Kitchen God's Wife

All cultures have their differences. However, the similarities that exist between one and another are just as numerous. Regardless that values, religions and languages vary, human beings share a number of traits. For example, no matter where one goes in this world, it would be difficult to believe that children and their parents would not have some form of communication breakdown at one time or another. This is especially true if the parent or child has trouble opening up and sharing with someone else. In fact, it is very unfortunate that some sons or daughters lose their parents before they have ma chance to express their feelings. The Kitchen Gods Wife is about a Chinese mother and American-raised daughter whom, like many…. [read more]

Sagan's Argument in the Demon Haunted World Term Paper

… ¶ … Demon-Haunted World

Lighting the Candle: Argument Analysis

What tools are available to sort through a world rife in delusion, half-truths, and undeniable mystery? Should one trust scholarship, faith, or even one's own eyes to discover that which lies beneath veiled agendas perpetrated upon a gullible public? Is there a method by which one might become reasonably educated? Carl Sagan, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author of numerous works, argues in favor of the scientific approach to knowledge. Sagan, in his book, the Demon-Haunted World, successfully establishes his claim that science and its accompanying approach to reasoning is the only way that mankind can hope for long-term survival. He uses his book to build his case. What elements of argument does Sagan use to…. [read more]

Natural Law in Apology Crito Essay

… And if any one of you wishes to go to a colony, if he is not satisfied with us and the city, or to migrate and settle in another country, none of us, the laws, hinder or forbid him going whithersoever he pleases, taking with him all his property." (13)

Having accepted these laws, says Socrates, he must die by these laws, even though men may use such laws in an unjust fashion. After all, if he had a true quibble with the laws, he could always have left before the jury made its decision. It is unfair to accept the laws only so far as they do not inconvenience him and then reject them and avoid the consequences when the consequences happen to be…. [read more]

Chinchua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Term Paper

… ¶ … Chinchua Achebe's Things Fall Apart is a story about many things, but primarily about a man trying to hold his family and life together in Nigeria during the time of colonization. History, and indeed any fair application of moral sentiment or an ethical system, has determined the acts of the colonization efforts to be unjust, and in no way is this exercise meant to veer away from this view. Yet it must be acknowledged -- and is so by Achebe in the novel, according to fair reading -- that the individuals are often involved in unjust acts without themselves being unjust people. This is true not only of Okonkwo, but also of the individual representatives of the colonizing force, typified in the person…. [read more]

Gender as a Cultural Construction Term Paper

… ¶ … subculture is one that can be used in explaining and deconstructing various behaviors, habits and social groupings that we see in everyday life. The concept of subculture is broadly defined in literature as a cultural group that exists within a larger culture and comprises of people having interests and beliefs at variance with the ones of the larger culture.In other words, subculture could be regarded as a subdivision of a larger national or global culture (Herzog, Mitchell & Soccio,1999). Subculture therefore refers to social groups that are organized around shared/common practices and interests. The term has often been used in positioning certain specific social groups as well as the study of such kinds of groups. In this paper, we compare and contrast and…. [read more]

Metaphysics and Its Relevancy to Ethics Term Paper

… Metaphysics and Its Relevancy to Ethics in the 21st Century

The first step toward knowing anything is always finding out. -- Louise Ropes Loomis, 1943

Throughout history, mankind has been searching for the secrets of the universe and what part we play in it. Early philosophers used metaphysical analyses to help them discern these mysteries, with varying degrees of success. Today, many people simply disregard metaphysics as being an esoteric blend of black magic and superstition, while others point to the fundamental knowledge that has emerged as a result of people delving further into the unknowns that have always characterized the human condition. In addition, even its proponents do not seem to be able to agree on a single definition for the term, but almost…. [read more]

Problem of the Planets Book Report

… ¶ … Total

The Problem of the Planets

The problem of the planets relates to their movement. The Ancient Greeks were the first to address the issue thoroughly, and one of their men - Ptolemy - came up with a theory about how planets moved (Knox, n.d.). This was needed, because the Greeks said there were "wandering stars" that did not seem to move in the same way as other stars. They did not understand why this was the case, and they looked for ways that could be used to explain why some planets appeared to defy the "normal" way of moving across the sky (Knox, n.d.). If some of the planets were not in sync with the rest of the planets, what was the…. [read more]

Foucault's Birth of the Clinic Term Paper

… In The Birth of the Clinic, we see the discipline of medicine grow and change into a science, and within this backdrop we see medicine tied together with sciences such as anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biology. Taking its place with the institutions in society brings medicine into a place that associates it with other political and social institutions. (Customer review 2002-08-01)

It is through this theories and understanding of Foucault that modern knowledge in the field of medicine is co- related with the modern social and political composition of our society. It is widely noted that this work of Foucault has influenced in one way or the other, modern practices on different fields of studies in modern times.

Health Information As Influenced by Birth of…. [read more]

Supernatural Elements in Shakespeare Term Paper

… Sir Isaac Newton, the father of the modern study of Physics, is himself alleged to have written more than 100,000 pages on occult practices and alchemy. Even religious leaders, such as Innocent VIII, believed in the practice of witchcraft and were more than willing to ascribe witches a wide array of impressive powers and abilities far beyond the reach of normal human means. Indeed, the supernatural in Shakespeare's work needs to be reckoned as a very real and concrete force and this fact can be seen in the profound, serious, and dramatic effects that supernatural figures have in Shakespeare's works. While a purely metaphorical reading of such works might be more palatable to the modern skeptical sensibility, it would do a gross injustice to Shakespeare's…. [read more]

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