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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Essay

… However, according to Jeff Eck, who works for Global Exchange Services located in Gaithersburg in the United States, among the strong points of NIST is the capability for it to give vendor neutral testing areas which is used to figure out the product interoperability.

Meanwhile, the movement and efforts towards supply chain cost cuttings will go ahead regardless of whether the funding legislation from the congress receives the green light or not; this is because most manufacturers have realized that there is significant potential in cutting back costs with the use of supply chain management and by implementing supply chain standards, a great deal of benefits will be obtained by most industries. However, the benefits for the companies to pursue and make an effort on…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Purchasing Research Paper

… There are many considerations besides price that should be considered when selecting suppliers. For instance, if a supply is cheap, but when the product arrives is not found to be of acceptable quality to be useful, this is not only wasted money, but wasted time as well. The supplier then is in the position of having to find a substitute product and is under a tighter time schedule than if the first supplier had been the right supplier. Product will have to be rejected and shipped back, often causing additional cost and delay. Quality is a major consideration in the selection of a supplier.

How the supplier operates internally and their ability to deliver the right product at the right time is also an important…. [read more]

Supply Chain Annotated Bibliography

… " (p. 30) This is an idea which may figure prominently into further research.

Duke, M. (2010). "Next generation Wal-Mart." Vital Speeches of the Day, 76(9), 425.

The article by Duke (2010) indicates that by pushing toward improved logistical management of the supply chain, Walmart feels it can continue to serve the evolving needs of its target consumers. According to Duke, "we can combine our stores, our systems, and our logistics expertise into one continuous channel to drive growth and serve the Next Generation Customer around the world. In global e-commerce, we will not just be competing. We will play to win." (Duke, p. 1)

Hugos, M. (2003). Essentials of supply chain management. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

The above source denotes a shift…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management in Fmcg Term Paper

… The focus of business in terms of reaching out to new opportunities for growth is also a notable factor in reducing business challenges faced in current environment. Large product volumes and increased customer preferences effects global manufactures and distributors. The internal and external factors influence business performance. The developments in technology have also enabled the manufactures to perform mass customizations and developing environment friendly products and services.

The capabilities of supply chain management have enabled the companies to treat suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, distributors, and customers as strategic business partners. The concept of one time sales has long been vanished from almost all industries including FMCGs. The strategic partner's status also helps small scale partners to increase their capacity and overcome capacity shortages through…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Related Case Study

… "The process of dialogue allows any side to express their opinion regarding the business activities and how they feel about anything, this greatly helps in creating more understanding" (Chong, 2002).

4. Eliminating waste in supply chain

The steps taken in order to eliminate waste in supply chain are as follows, firstly it should be decided what to analyze i.e. products, processes and so on. A thorough and detailed analysis now is the key towards future successes since it allows the assessment of all the things with detailed description. Secondly, a value stream map should be drawn for the subject that has been chosen. Third, analyze all the information flow as well as the material flow. Fourthly, a drawing of the ideal flow should be created.…. [read more]

Supply Management the Line Essay

… Therefore it is an objective of primary importance of the organization when it comes to vendor selection. The designing of criteria that will be used in the determination the supplier to be used by the organization is within the objectives of the department. Therefore the building and maintenance of solid vendor relationships is a very crucial goal in supply and purchasing department (Simon, 2010).

The setting of a contracts terms and conditions involves negotiating and therefore a very key responsibility in the department is the ability for the department to carry out effective negotiations. This involves he preparations of contract meetings in advance and therefore for successful negotiations there should be the ability to be persuasive and taking a lead role for steering the process…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Term Paper


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Boeing Updates Customers, Financiers about…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Hypothesis Thesis

… It requires the total dedication from organization within which it SCM implementation is being planned. SCM "expands the scope of the organization being managed beyond the enterprise level to include interorganizational relationships." (Strader et al., 1999)

Supply chain depends heavily on the relationships that organizations can develop and sustain through personal interactions and using the latest technology. Earlier studies in SCM focused on identifying the supply chain network (SCN) developed by organizations. Later, studies focused on supply chain demands, supply chain operation and information sharing. In the present organizational environment, competitive advantages are not just single company or organization-based. Rather, they are supply chain based. (Muralidharan et al., 2002)

There are many independent models within the SCM methodology. Each of these deserve discussion. Some of…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Essay

… Supply Chain Management

The concept of the supply chain has enjoyed a large amount of attention in the business world, especially during the current economic crisis. In many ways, the supply chain can either make or break a business. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy supply chain in order to finally result in satisfied customers and a good bottom line for the company. The supply chain implies all the entities involved in the process ranging from raw material extraction to the final product bought by the customer. Some theorists go as far as including the "supplier of the supplier" and the "customer of the customer."

Supply chain constraints and optimization are important concepts when considering ways of improving lead and delivery times, as…. [read more]

Supply Chain the Importance Thesis

… Supply Chain

The importance of supply chain management is broadly acknowledged by many large companies for efficiency and cost-savings gains. However, particularly in today's economically challenged environment, few companies are focused on social responsibility areas they perceive as adding only to costs or at least not having as much of a positive return on investment as alternative opportunities related to direct bottom-line impacts. For example, frequent areas on hold include risk management to improve public safety and environmental sustainability. However, Dow Chemical is a notable exception and, for this reason, the company's supply chain management practice is frequently cited as an example of what other companies should strive to replicate.

On the risk management front, Dow Chemical has implemented a radio frequency identification (RFID)/sensor system…. [read more]

Supply Chain at Ford Term Paper

… This makeover requires a remarkable modification for a lot of different functions inside Ford, and as the company progresses to realign its order fulfillment and development of new product processes, Ford hopes the logistics group to supply -- right, timely, precise and repeatable logistics cost estimates based on potential sourcing situations. An additional major expectation revolves around synchronizing inbound logistics with asynchronous material flow objectives and strategies within the manufacturing facilities which is a challenge that has deepened with the increased volumes of rail traffic which have been diverted to truck because of repeated deficiencies in service in the rail system of the country. Overcrowding at the manufacturing facility frequently destabilize the motive of the planner to have inbound trucks dump their materials at specific…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Research Paper

… Supply Chain Management

What does it mean when we say that a process is capable?

In the context of supply chain management and lean manufacturing, when a process is said to be capable, it is within the boundaries of performance as defined through statistical process control (SPC) or Six Sigma methodologies. Process capability is the characteristic of a given workflow to produce a similar level of product quality over duration of production run or process (Parry, Mills, Turner, 2010). Process capability is very important in reverse logistics strategies manufacturers use for recycling packaging and components, ensuring these items meet minimum criterion for use in production again (Cheng, Lee, 2010). In industries where the inventory turns are many times more often than once a week on…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Logistics China Has Transformed Term Paper

… Supply Chain Management Logistics

China has transformed itself in recent years from a dormant, introspective giant into a dynamic juggernaut that has major potential significance to the global economy. Indeed, China's economic performance and exports have increased dramatically during the past decade, and experts predict that these trends will continue well into the future. With an estimated 20% of the world's population, China now represents almost 4% of world merchandise trade and a substantial percentage of global production as well. A concomitant of these trends has been an increasing reliance on outsourcing as a strategic business structure in many Chinese companies today, but there are some distinct constraints to the process that have been identified in the scholarly literature in recent years. Therefore, in order…. [read more]

Supply Chain Businesses These Days Consider Web Term Paper

… Supply Chain

Businesses these days consider web sites as a large factor in packaging their products for their clients and customers. Due to the common use of the Internet by many users whenever they need a service, Web Sites are now becoming the most accessible medium in doing business. The succeeding part of this paper aims to analyse how the Web Sites of DHL, FedEx, and UPS are helping their goal to provide satisfactory service. the Web Site of DHL. As a first time user and viewer of DHL's Web Site, I find the site to be user-friendly. The aspect of ease of navigation is definitely provided by DHL's site. This finding, however, applies to the company's site for USA. After trying to view…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Increasingly Positioned Essay

… , 2012). Its financial evolution in the past years is important in the context of the internationalised economic crisis. Specifically, as players in the business community were downsizing, reducing their operations or even going bankrupt, Tesco continued to develop its operations and consolidate its leadership position.

The success of the British retailer is based on a wide array of elements, revolving mostly around a powerful managerial and business model. As part of this model, one should also pin point to the strategies implemented in regard to Supply Chain Management.

Tesco's Supply Chain is a separate construction, wholly owned and operated by the firm. In other words, the company has its own distribution system and network, and the risks posed from the existence of other players…. [read more]

How Can We Improve Supply Chain Relationships? Research Paper

… Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Relationships

There has been a huge paradigm shift in the way that modern companies compete, and that is that they no longer just compete as autonomous entities, but rather as supply chains

This means that businesses are a part of an extremely competitive market and the success of any given company is dependent upon management's capability when it comes to integrating the businesses' intricate network of business relationships. Because there is major competition for customers, companies may need to change the way that their supply chain is operating and thus a change needs to come in the way that it is managed. For change to occur, communication is vital, and for communication to occur, people must be willing to work…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Internal Supply Chain Research Paper

… Like other retail businesses, Harvey Norman also gives strong emphasis on efficient inventory management by its purchase and sales department. It is the prime responsibility of the sales department to calculate, analyze, and communicate the actual demand of different products in the company's product lines to the Purchase department (Agrawal & Smith 2009). Due to the ever-changing customer requirements and seasonal affects, every product line has different demand in different seasons. Therefore, the Sales department performs this analysis on periodical basis. The Purchase department makes assessment of the availability and costs of the inventory and potential suppliers in the market for an efficient and cost-effective purchase process. All these processes are carried out in order to ensure efficiency in the overall business operations (Harvey Norman…. [read more]

Supplier Service Quality the Importance Essay

… According to Frost et al. (2001), the quality of service experienced by the consumer is never greater than the lowest level of quality experienced by the internal customers of the organization. Therefore, it is necessary for service firms to develop internal buyer and supplier relationships within the organization. Straub (2010)

explains how the performance of construction service contractors directly affects the satisfaction of end-consumers through reactive or daily maintenance activities. Similarly, Narasimhan et al. (2010)

have stated the strategic benefits of integrated supply chain management techniques to outsourcing companies.

The Costs of Ignoring Supplier Service Quality

With the increasing interconnectedness of individual entities brought about by the information revolution, firms have to ensure high efficiency levels of their suppliers for them to remain competitive and…. [read more]

Whirlpool Whirl Pool Supply Chain Case Study

… The requirements of the new system were identified in collaboration with IT depart of the organizations. The system requirements and desired results were clearly communicated by the business management. These efforts revealed quantifiable results and improvements in business performance. The business performance results can be stated as following.

Business Performance Results:

The availability of products was increased from 83% to 93% which has gradually improved over the years to currently 97% as of today. The finished goods inventory was reduced yup to 20% as a result the cost associated with maintenance of finished inventory is also reduced. The cost of freight and warehouse is also minimized up to 5%. The cost of the project implementation however remains a secret. The implementation of i2 APS has…. [read more]

Supply Chain Challenges Essay

… "eBusiness AND THE SUPPY CHAIN Management." Business Intelligence Journal - July,( 2008) Vol.1 No.1

Swaminathan, Jayashankar M. "Supply Chain Management" (2000).

Q2"IT should be considered as an integral part of the supply chain re-engineering process." Discuss this statement using appropriate references from the course module. Case studies or other source material.


IT should be considered as an integral part of the supply chain re-engineering process. This is because its applications in the forms of e-business and e-commerce have revolutionized supply chain management by improving its efficiency and effectiveness and hence enabling companies the world over to streamline their operations in order to meet the demand and supply dynamics of their products and services.

E-Business and supply chain re-engineering

E-Business is the use of…. [read more]

Purchasing and Supply Management Issue Essay

… As see above, this is in no small part due to the efficiency of their supply chain management system. In fact, despite Woolworth's distribution team holding a 55 day strike in 2006, service levels were maintained regularly throughout and customers received normal service.

Woolworth, as noted, consistently surveys and attempts to improve their supply system. Their most recent attempt was a few months ago, and their outcome was the following: "Woolworths has reported good progress against its strategic objectives, with continuing operations delivering net profits after tax up 3.2%, to AUS $1,184.3m, for the first half of 2012" (Supply chain analysis)

Woolworth invests a lot in its Project Refresh and in turn it sees clear profit. Under former CEO Roger Corbett, for instance, Woolworths invested…. [read more]

Sony's Supply Chain Management Strategies Essay

… Conclusion

Sony's rapid pace of new product introductions and myriad of product and services strategies continue to give the company a competitive advantage in the high tech, entertainment, gaming and ancillary industries. The challenges for Sony going forward are to continually improve their supply chains for greater agility and time-to-market while increasing quality as well. The approach Sony has taken with regard to The Perfect order framework, heavy reliance on intellectual property (IP) and knowledge sharing all underscore a very metrics-driven organization. Results are immediately quantified and shared across the entire organization's, which further reinforces the strategies of supply chain optimization. What is unique about Sony relative to its competitors is the reliance on a knowledge sharing organization to further enhance and strengthen intellectual property…. [read more]

Operations Strategy Supply Chain Management Research Proposal

… Supply Chain Automation at Imperial Tobacco Canada

Supply Chain Automation for Imperial Tobacco Canada

Imperial Tobacco Canada is in a highly competitive, turbulent and rapidly changing industry that requires their supply chain operations to be tightly synchronized with their packaging, fulfillment, and distribution channel operations. The catalyst for synchronization needs to be the distributed order management system that can enable Imperial Tobacco Canada to accomplish its supply chain operations, financial and long-term order accuracy and customer satisfaction objectives as well. Table 1, Tobacco Industry Supply Chain Measures of Performance explains the key performance indicators (KPIs) and measures of performance critical to Imperial Tobacco Canada attaining their strategic plans and objectives. All of the KPIs and measures of performance shown in Table 1 all combine to…. [read more]

Product and Supply Chain Essay

… Manufacturers must come up with long-term plan to enable them find a distinctive way of competing in order to guarantee profitability over a limited time span. The plan has to take into account its aims and objectives of establishing competitive advantage that can allow the company to outperform others in the same industry (Cetinkaya, Cuthbertson, Ewer, Klaas-Wissing, Piotrowicz & Tyssen, 2011). To have competitive advantage over other market players, the manufacturer can pursue cost leadership, differentiation and focus. The manufacturer can become the lowest cost producer in the industry and develop product and services perceived as unique in the industry. Any strategy that a manufacturer comes up with must take into consideration the demand, supply and the general factors. Talking of demand, the customers and…. [read more]

Supply Chain the Current State Term Paper

… Such efforts allow an organization to retrieve complex and valuable data. Case in point, was the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, financial institutions were able to retrieve data because the information was stored at another location. In addition, to mitigate risk in supply chain is to protect intellectual property. Organizations have now risen in their requests for intellectual property protection by way of acquiring patents, trademarks and copyrights. "Companies can mitigate intellectual property risk by bringing, or keeping, some production in-house, or at least under direct company control." (Chopra, & Sodhi, 2004) These efforts of intellectual property protection help for maintaining competitive edge, and preventing future long-term implications on competitive designs (Chopra, & Sodhi, 2004).


Overall, supply chain management is dependent…. [read more]

Operations Management and Supply Chain Case Study

… Another issue is the fact that X-Opoly does not have an efficient assembly plan. The assembly plan within the organization was not planned formally and well. The reason behind this is the fact that the organization went through an explosive growth which was not expected initially. This means that the founders were not ready or had not put up a clear plan on how they would handle any growth that could take place (Zigiaris, 2010).

The facts affecting sustainability of X-Opoly

The entire process of ordering new games is quite a long one, an involving process in different departments and requires a lot of time. This coupled with another long assembly line are the factors that affect or stir up these key issues on brand…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management (Scm) Term Paper

… The Central Delivery Management system serves to ensure timely supply of goods from warehouses to stores and finally to the customers. (Senheng News)

Supply chain management practices in the United States of America vis-a-vis Malaysia:

Past studies have reported that supply chains in Asian countries, including Malaysia, are fragmented and less competitive than western nations such as United States and Europe. From a general perspective, Asian countries are believed to behind their western counterparts by three to five years. Diversity in culture and language, regulations, infrastructure, taxes and organizational forms are some of the reasons that differentiate supply chain efficiencies. Companies in Malaysia have shown the tendency of not leveraging purchase activities across the organization to derive maximum value, which has been successfully adopted by…. [read more]

Contracting and Procurement in Supply Research Paper

… Supplier evaluation is highly important if the organization wants to purchase the raw material of its choice and avoid unwanted circumstances in the future. Therefore, it is done through both, qualitative and quantitative assessment techniques.

Setting Evaluation Criteria and making Contract with the Selected Supplier:

Supplier evaluation starts with the identification of all the reliable suppliers in the market that are offering the raw material of required quality and other features. The organization can list out these suppliers and rank them according to different objective and subjective parameters (Monczka, 2009). The supplier or vendors that rank the highest among all are selected for contracting and procurement process. The organization enters into a contract with the supplier for a specific period of time that he will…. [read more]

Duration Supply Chain Audit Methodology Essay

… ¶ … Duration Supply Chain Audit Methodology

Even though every supply chain is unique, it is also relatively straightforward in concept; however, in most cases, supply chains are complex in their real-world settings and such complexity can easily result in inefficiencies and duplicative practices that represent diminished profitability for the organizations involved. Therefore, auditing the supply chain from time to time represents a potentially valuable enterprise because substantive improvements in supply chain management can provide substantial reductions in total supply chain costs as well as inventory levels and resulting warehousing costs. In addition, auditing the supply chain can identify opportunities to improve the accuracy of forecasts and the organization's order fulfillment cycle time can be significantly improved (Auditing the supply chain, 2009). To this end,…. [read more]

SCM Supply Chain Logistics Term Paper

… The second most significant problem is managing the quality of the supply chain process itself, including its continual improvement and fine-tuning to a businesses' needs (MacDonald, 2007). It has often been said that the greater the ownership and visibility within a supply chain the greater the accuracy and velocity of orders. The more a given company can "own" the process of their supply chain through tight supply chain orchestration at the IT and process levels, the more effective they become at managing to quality metrics over just velocity and volume (Gilmore, 2002). Concentrating on how to create an agile, flexible supply chain network that has the capacity to flex and change to market conditions while attaining the highest level of performance possible is what separates…. [read more]

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