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System Test and Evaluation Plan Research Paper

… " () The systems engineering process for DoD is shown in the following illustration.

Figure 3 -- Systems Engineering Process

Source: Defense Acquisition University Press (2011)

III. Discussion of Validation and Verification

It is reported that component and breadboard validation in the laboratory environment: basic technological components are integrated to establish that the pieces will work together. This is relatively 'low fidelity' compared to the eventual system. Examples in clued integration of 'ad hoc' hardware in a laboratory." (Defense Acquisition University Press, 2011) Component and breadboard validation in relevant environment -- Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The board validation in relevant basic technological components are integrated with reasonably environment. realistic supporting elements so that the technology can be tested in simulated environment. Examples include…. [read more]

General Systems Theory and Modern Research Paper

… System Theory

The origin and foundation of system theory

System theory as a general frame of inquiry

System and environment

Living System Theory

Boundaries of Living System theory

General system theory

Social Entropy Theory (SET)

16A comparison of the theories

In this paper, we analyze Bertalanffy's General Systems Theory by comparing and contrasting the analysis of Bertalanffy's General Systems Theory and its influence on social networking and modern social systems. Other than comparing and contrasting the theories, we synthesize and integrate Bertalanffy's system theory with those of Bailey, Miller and Weick to gain a greater understanding of social systems and the environments in which they interact and exist and a greater appreciation of modern social systems structure.


The trend of change evidence in the…. [read more]

System of Inquiry Essay


Police Ethics Codes and the Problem of "Professional Courtesy"

In contemporary American policing, every duly authorized federal, state, or local municipal police agency maintains an official code of professional conduct or "code of ethics" (Peak, 2002; Schmalleger, 2008). Generally, police codes of ethics outline the professional responsibility of professional police officers to adhere to high standards of personal and professional conduct in the performance of their official duties. Additionally, many police codes of ethics also apply to the private conduct of professional police officers in their private lives as well (Peak, 2002; Schmalleger, 2008).

Within contemporary American policing, there is a fundamental problem in connection with the existence of unofficial and unauthorized "codes" of "professional…. [read more]

System of Inquiry Verizon Is a Large Research Proposal

… System of Inquiry

Verizon is a large telecommunications provider, with operations in 150 but focused primarily on the U.S. market. Their focus is on both the wireline and wireless segments of the industry. The company has annual revenues of $93 billion and 239,000 employees.

For a company of Verizon's size and scope, it has been relatively free of major ethical problems in the past.

Perhaps the most notable incident in 2007 when the company banned an abortion rights group from sending text messages to its supporters. The company reversed the decision, saying that it was based on an old company policy. In 2008, the company published a new code of conduct, outlining the ethical expectations of its employees and subcontractors.

Verizon is now faced with…. [read more]

System of Inquiry the Code of Ethics Essay

… System of Inquiry

The code of ethics, or the code of professional responsibility as it is sometimes referred to, represents one of the most important tools that help regulate a profession, whether one refers to private businesses or to governmental organizations. The importance of the code of ethics determines the importance of developing a suitable system of inquiry that should be used by the organization in case in order to evaluate important processes for the organization, like decision making, problem solving, or behavior.

The importance of the code of ethics and of the system of inquiry associated with it is even greater when applied to an organization like the National Association of Child Care Professionals. The organization's code of ethics clearly states that the Association's…. [read more]

System of Inquiry for the University Essay

… System of Inquiry for the University of Houston

There are many different factors that contribute to ethical decision-making in an organization. Since every individual has their own personal 'moral compass', it is up to the organization to lay out a consistent and comprehensive guideline of what types of behaviors are accepted, and what types of behaviors will not be tolerated. The foundation of such a system of inquiry is the formal code of ethics. A code of ethics that is formulated to address the specific needs and goals of an organization can go a long way in ensuring compliance. However, in order for this code to be effective, it has to not only be properly devised, but also properly distributed and enforced.

The organization that…. [read more]

Systems Thinking and Leadership and Change Term Paper

… Systems Thinking: Leadership & Change

Systems thinking may be differentiated from traditional analysis of the organization in that analysis concentrates upon the whole instead of analysis of the parts of the system. The work of Peter Senge is reviewed in this work in relation to systems thinking, leadership change, and leadership in the learning organization. Dialogue is stressed in the work of Senge to be a critical component of effective leadership. Also reviewed are others works related to systems thinking and the basic principles behind this type of system analysis. Regardless of the authors in the area of systems thinking, the work of Peter Senge serves as a guide as his work is referenced throughout other works on systems thinking. Peter Senge views leadership as…. [read more]

Appreciative Inquiry How Does Responsible Essay

… The second distinctive characteristic of appreciative inquiry is that it involves the art of appreciation, which involves the discovery and value of life-giving attribute demonstrated by an organization (Barrett, 2008). Storytelling and interviewing activities are used to discover shining and successful moments of the past in order to effectively imagine positive future successful scenarios that attract energy and act in the mobilization of intention (Barrett & Fry, 2008).

The third distinctive characteristic of appreciative inquiry is that it collaborative on every level (Barrett & Fry, 2008). A primary component to the effectiveness of appreciative inquiry is the cooperation and amassing of energy that results from several people discovering and creating together to attract positivity, health and success into the organization (Barrett & Fry, 2008). Once…. [read more]

Role of Information Systems in Marketing Term Paper

… The variance analysis examines the reasons for overages of costs and underages of costs; (Harmon, 2003) (6) Sales analysis -- this is used to examine the distribution of a firm's "sales by region, product, brand, sales territory as well as other matters. (Harmon, 2003) (7) Sales Forecasting -- this is utilized for developing estimates of sales according to product, region, sales territory and other such information. (Harmon, 2003, p. 7) (8) Sales force productivity -- This is utilized in conducting an assessment of the sales force of the organization. (9) Advertising analysis -- this is a method utilized for advertising "effectiveness, media choices and brand awareness." (Harmon, 2003, p. 8) (10) Distribution -- This tool is used for conducting an analysis of channel decisions "from…. [read more]

Operating System Design Case Study

… Operating System Design

Null hypothesis:

HO: Upgrading to the multi-core Operating system, multi- processor will assist the Jinx Transport & Logistics Company to do multi-tasking applications such as digital signal processing (DSP), network, graphics, and other general-purpose applications.

Alternative hypothesis:

HA: Upgrading to the multi-core Operating system, multi- processor will not assist the Jinx Transport & Logistics Company to do multi-tasking applications such as digital signal processing (DSP), network, graphics, and other general purpose applications.

This study will test the above stated hypotheses.

Company Background

Jinx Transport & Logistics Company (JT & LC) was established in the 90s by two brothers commonly known as Jinx Brothers and the company deal in ferry parcel business. The branding Jinx Brothers is specifically chosen to assist with the…. [read more]

Information Systems Have Changed Essay

… Bureaucratic theory of Max Weber

Some salient characteristics of the bureaucratic theory of Max Weber are presented below. Each feature is explained in context to outdated as well as modern features of managerial systems they were intended to do well.

Fixed division of labor

The jurisdictional areas with particular obligations and rights are stated and cannot be changed at the urge of any leader. As far as division of labor and its duties are concerned, they can be changed anytime by the leaders will ( Warick, et al., 1975). This change by the leader cannot be challenged by anyone. It basically suppresses the concept of labor unions.

Hierarchy of offices

According to this rule, each post was controlled and monitored by a high rank official…. [read more]

Environmental Systems Capstone Project

… ¶ … environmental systems in the past five years. Summarize the techniques used, the assumptions and limitations faced, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned.

Scope/Direction of the Research

The scope of the study extended to a review of relevant studies published within the last 5 years to provide an overview and recapitulation of the techniques that have been used in recent years to study the development of environmental systems, the assumptions and limitations that have been encountered along the way, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned from these efforts. The development of environmental systems includes various geospatial technologies, alternative energy systems, and other technological solutions that are designed to interact with…. [read more]

Pure Policy: The Kantian Inquiry Term Paper

… (If George Bush's Republican and religious fundamentalism were said to be a system, it would be that of Lebiniz.)

The Kantian inquiry systems strike a balance between the two. These systems attempt to give multiply data and factually-based views a nature that is still complementary to a kind of ideology. These inquiry systems thus are capable of taking in data empirically, but still provide an effective framework by which to structure the data ideologically and cognitively. The Kantian inquiry system is neither purely ideological, but it offers more vision than merely crunching numbers.

Welfare Reform

For instance, one of the problems plaguing welfare reform in this country is the Lebinizian problem that often individuals are judged punitively in terms of why they are on welfare.…. [read more]

Walmart's System of Inquiry Essay

… A system, of rewards and incentives can be instituted, and deviations checked in a covert and dignified manner where employees, violating one or other of the ethical requirements, will be informed so in a respectful yet firm manner.

Part II: The System of Inquiry

Our three basic Ethical beliefs

Respect for the individual

Service to our customers

Striving for excellence (Walmart: Global Ethics Office)

Leading with integrity in our workplace

1. How many incidents of physical harassment have been reported on this premise within the last month?

2. Has any employee reported an allegation and felt that they were punished for doing so?

3. Has anyone reported a claim via the Helpline and felt that this claim was later inadequately addressed?

4. Has any employee…. [read more]

PSI System and Other Educational Methods Personal Term Paper

… ¶ … PSI System and Other Educational Methods

Personal Statement

The Keller/PSI Concept

The Educational Benefits of Keller/PSI

The Problems Associated with Keller/PSI

Computer-assisted Personal System of Instruction (CAPSI)

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Hands-on, Inquiry-based Active Learning

Kolb's Learning Style Inventory

Conclusion and Implications for Future Avenues of Empirical Study

The Keller Personal System of Instruction (PSI) in education (also known as the Keller Plan) has been used with considerable success. A large volume of empirical research documents the relative effectiveness of the PSI approach to education in comparison with the more traditional approach used in contemporary academic education and professional training. The principle difference between the Keller/PSI method and traditional education methodologies is that the Keller/PSI method allows students to establish their own pace for…. [read more]

Letter of Inquiry Nonprofit Research Proposal

… Letter of Inquiry

Nonprofit Letter of Inquiry

Jenny Shilling Stein

Executive Director

Draper Richards Foundation

California Street, Suite 2925

Dear Ms. Stein,

Thank you for considering the Community of Hope DC as a possible recipient of a Draper Richards Foundation Fellowship. The Draper Richards Foundation is well-known to us for its careful selection of high quality and high impact projects, and we are honored to be among those considered for sponsorship.

Community of Hope DC was founded by Dr. Tom Nees in 1975 with the aim of improving the health and quality of life for low-income or homeless families and individuals. We are a faith-based organization with ties to the Church of the Nazarene, but we consider it our imperative to offer our services to…. [read more]

Social Justice System Inquiry Term Paper

… As Finn & Jacobson indicate, this "theoretical framework rests on understanding the effects of the larger political, social, and economic environment on families and 'the link between symptoms and chronic stress from lack of basic economic resources.'" (p. 293) The primary strength of this approach is that it helps to break down the array of challenges facing a family in the simplest terms, underlining ways that a family can begin to systematically and routinely face these challenges. Unfortunately, this instrument is only weakened by the fact that the vast majority of its solutions will rest significantly on helping client families access government sponsored support programs. This denotes that such family assessment tools are less aimed at helping create long-term and sustainable solutions for the problems…. [read more]

Group System Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials Thesis

… Group System

Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials

How does a group influence individual perception and behavior?

This question is highly pertinent to an understanding of group behavior regardless of the setting, be it a given society (or the global society) at large or a specific subset of people or group scenario within that society, be it a corporate organization, religion, or family unit. The study of psychology has done a great deal in expanding human understanding of individual behavior, and to some degree of explaining group behavior, but rather than exploring the two dynamics as separate phenomena in human behavior they must be seen as intimately linked and mutually affecting circumstances (Omran & Van Etten 2007). This understanding of group and individual behavior as twinned…. [read more]

Humanities and Other Modes Essay

… • List a current example of each type of the following humanities and explain why each example you give reflects current developments in politics, socioeconomics, and technology:

Art is a result of a human expression that maybe created by the mind and the social setting in which the mind explores its emotions. Thus artistic expressions are the key to the human emotions. Thus the study of human behavior and humanity as a whole can begin with artistic expressions and the modern art-based research -- ABR has now become a part of the general social science research. (McNiffa, 2011) The fact that art has attained value and has its own codes have created value for it and as an example the proliferation of electronic media can…. [read more]

Appreciative Inquiry Term Paper

… Appreciative Inquiry

Before stating the goals and defining the activities that best suit an Appreciative Inquiry strategy, we first need to refer to the term itself and what the concept actually means. As such, an appreciative inquiry approach refers to "the assumption that whatever you want more of, already exists in all organizations." The different approach to the traditional way of solving problems in a company refers to focusing on the things that actually do work in a company and amplifying them.

In our particular case, it is hard to decide on some of the things that work, as the main focus of the case study seems to be on the problems the school is facing. However, there are also positive issues we need to…. [read more]

Enterprise-Level Business System Design Term Paper

… Grid system must integrate company, but include safety password protections

Must have spreadsheet as well as word-processing applications

Must contain full internet system to connect company employees and also with vendors

Standards for sharing information between departments and also with vendors set in a new handbook, developed in coordination with all staff, and emails monitored by quality control departments.

International organization of company -- if expanded over the year, may have to include increased security and password controls to minimize virus dangers.

IV. Design Specification

A. Include a summary of the final design choices in terms of the specific versions of hardware, software, and human-computer interface. Also, include any known applicable standards that would need to be conformed to in order to satisfy the confirmed…. [read more]

Enterprise-Level Business System Determination Term Paper

… Functional Allocation Modeling

A. Hardware

New computer network necessary for company, connecting all parties. Computer access for all employees.

Single database for internal and external communications, rather than separate communication databases.

B. Software

Suggested software for employees to use on home computers, to remain connected with work and to access human resources database.

Human resource database may need to be the one database kept separate from other databases. HR data may need to have a different password and system to confine this limited set of data particular to sensitive personal employee information.

Creation of general company database, rather than individual databases for all departments.

Use of anti-virus software to minimize dangers of file sharing within company and with outside individuals. Introduction of firewalls.

Use of…. [read more]

Metaphysical Methods of Inquiry Essay

… Descartes views his proof of God as 'thorough' because he first begins by doubting everything -- the goodness of God, the existence of an omnipotent God, the existence of the world, even the existence of his own self. It could all be the creation of a demon (Descartes 138). However, ultimately, using the metaphysical approach he states that is impossible -- he always returns to the notion that there is an 'I' doing the thinking, and therefore he must exist. And if he exists, and his conception of a higher being remains in place, that higher being must exist. "It is me who senses -- or who seems to gain knowledge of objects through the senses" (Descartes 140).

Descartes' methods are extremely problematic from a…. [read more]

Scientific Inquiry Into Extraterrestrial Life and Extrasolar Planets Term Paper

… ¶ … Scientific Inquiry into Extraterrestrial Life and Extrasolar-Planets

In the early days of Ufology, researchers appeared too eager to verify sightings, which they then interpreted as evidence of 'nuts and bolts' spacecraft piloted by intelligent EBEs. Like numerous deities and other extraterrestrial visitors, EBEs are generally held to be concerned about human conduct. This concern was widely reported in the spate of UFO sightings after the Second World War and the beginnings of the nuclear age. Sensationalist reports merging with Hollywood fantasy led to a distancing of orthodox science from Ufology. Explanations offered by Ufologists frequently ignored Occam's razor, which is a rule against multiplying entities or - in general terms - a rule which says don't involve extraordinary hypotheses until the ordinary ones…. [read more]

Community of Inquiry Essay


The Community of Inquiry (COI)approach used at Frontier is a useful and practical way of understanding my personal role as a student at the institution. This approach and its way of dividing its important attributes into three distinct groups somehow rings true with me and my own personal approach. The purpose of this essay is to personally reflect on my recent participation in Frontier Bound and its immediate impact on my educational attitudes. In this essay I will explore how this experience made me reexamine some of my previous feelings towards learning.

Sometimes when important information is revealed to you, a strange reaction might ensue. Learning about Frontier's adoption of COI as a means to education helped me see things in a new light.…. [read more]

Enterprise-Level Business System Term Paper

… IV. Summary of project Feasibility

A. Economic feasibility: Prepare a high-level estimate for economic feasibility in terms of quantified benefits greater than costs after the planned implementation of this project.

Increase in international clientele, whom cannot currently use 800 number toll-free will offset costs of website modification and introduction of interactive component.

Decrease in staff needed to handle phone inquiries offset costs.

Advertising and marketing staff will be in better communication with R& D. staff and be more responsive in creating interest about new products.

B. Operational feasibility

Current possible problem on executive level with word processing. The spreadsheets used to track executive management activities and expenses that are applicable to specific products only disseminated through paper copies. Electronic files are not shared, as there…. [read more]

Distributed Order Management Systems Term Paper

… ¶ … Management

Distributed Order Management Systems

Theoretical or Conceptual framework

Questions addressed

Data analysis, discussion and results

Including discussion of any limitation(s))

DDSN Characteristics

SPSS Regression Statistics on DOM Investment by Velocity of Pricing

Common Order Management Module Functions

Overlaying Business Process steps with order management components

Distributed Order Management Hierarchical Model

Distributed Order Management (DOM) Conceptual Framework

Distributed Order Management (DOM) Conceptual Framework Specifics


Available to Promise; is a measure of a supply chain's ability to report back when a product can be built


Automated Planning and Schedule - a type of application used for planning production.


Build-to-order; a product strategy aimed at creating customized products where 30% of product content is custom. Appendix IV defines this concept graphically.

Configurator…. [read more]

Employee Satisfaction and Quality Systems Research Paper

… e. employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction) improve over time, possibly after the change in focus of TQM or another quality system begins to be adopted as the culture of the organization, while other aspects, such as employee submitted suggestions need to be constantly nurtured and encouraged to demonstrate continued behaviors. These findings also support the idea that measurement tools for how and why employees beliefs and behaviors influence overall quality are indicative a relatively strict set of measures;

Many of the issues associated with employee satisfaction have been relegated to human resource management to discover and improve, yet HRM is not always given the tools it needs to satisfy the needs of employees and is also often demonstratively removed from TQM or other quality development systems.…. [read more]

Health Care Information System Thesis

… ¶ … Corporate Health Care it System

Corporate health care information technology (it) systems are often complex in design, but must be simplified in function in order that individuals whose expertise and backgrounds that are patient focused can access and use those systems with knowledge and skills acquired through training and system orientation sessions. They will are kept up-to-date on system changes with continuing education sessions and system user manual updates. The system has to support the numerous elements of the overall hospital or clinic functions in admitting, discharge, accounting, billing, patient accounting, medical records, order charting, and the various hospital ancillary services. While each of these areas is separate in function, the overall system must be seamless in outcome of data input into the…. [read more]

Systems Theory as Applied to Science Research Paper

… Systems

There are a lot of similarities between scientific systems and technological ones, and this is born of necessity. While scientists have tended to specialize, nothing in the world is fully isolated from the rest of existence. This has brought about greater recognition of areas of convergence, and people who have begun to specialize in cross-disciplinary studies and understanding how different scientific concepts are interrelated. This resembles technological systems, which are built to be independent, yet with the advent of the internet have become much more linked with each other, creating a higher degree of interdependence among such technological systems. The way that these interdependencies have evolved is parallel, if science lags slightly these same developments in technology.

The Nature of Technological Systems

To understand…. [read more]

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