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Will Tablet Devices Replace the Laptop Computer Dissertation

… ¶ … Tablet Devices Replace the Latop Computer

Tablet Computers: Will They Forever Change the Way We Interact with Information?

In a dynamic world, technology is the key to evolution. Despite the creation of numerous gadgets, the computer remains the most popular device due to its role and functionality in both professional as well as leisure activities. Computers have suffered a tremendous process of evolution from the massive ENIAC to the small tablet. The aim of this research endeavor is that of identifying the ability of tablet computers to radically change the means in which information is managed. Specifically, the main research question is that of the ability of tablet computers to fully replace traditional computers. Several research questions have as such been developed, namely:…. [read more]

Mobile Apps for Capturing Geolocation Term Paper

… In this regard, Fisher (2012) emphasizes that, "The growth in apps, smartphones, and tablets is viral, and signals a huge shift in the marketplace, because it allows users to select or personalize the functionality of their devices. Apps give smartphone and tablet owners power and versatility. Without apps, smartphones are expensive bricks and tablets are thin, flat-screen laptops" (p. 19).

The Challenges of Developing Apps that Run on Mobile Devices with Small Screens

Some mobile "look-at" devices have much larger screens than others, and the challenge in translating online content to these devices is less severe than in other cases where screen sizes may be downright tiny. According to Fisher, "With millions of smartphones and more than one million apps on the market, consumers and…. [read more]

Apple Computer Essay

… The first is the company's brand, which has strong associations and is a point of differentiation across the entire product line; the second is the operating system. While all of the other major competitors rely on the Windows operating system from Microsoft, Apple has always utilized a proprietary operating system that it feels is superior. This differentiates the computer on the basis of function and feel, and also in terms of the software options that are available. Some types of software are more prevalent on the Apple operating system, others on Windows.

The mp3 player industry is fragmented, but it is dominated by Apple. The company has over 70% share of the mp3 player market (Delahunty, 2009) with most competitors being having small shares and…. [read more]

Small Computer Systems Term Paper

… Small Computer Systems

Proposed Research Plan: Current and Future Trends in Small, Communicating Computer Systems

The topic or problem to be addressed.

Computers continue to get smaller and the evolution of processing speeds is following Moore's Law. It is reasonable to assume that at some point in the foreseeable future, the desktop computer may simply become a thing of the past. Increasingly, mobile communications devices are being used to develop informal "networks" of friends, co-workers and family members. As a result, the use of small, communicating computer systems, mostly in wireless configurations, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to older (i.e., a few years) computer systems that do not provide the same level of flexibility and functionality for a company's growing information technology needs today.…. [read more]

Amazon Kindle vs. The Apple Essay

… The Apple iPad has a 9.7-inch screen, up to 64GB of native storage space on the device, runs a standard version of the Apple iOS operating system which has over 150,000 applications supported as of August, 2011(Perenson, 2011) and is $499.

Predicting Market Dominance

Given the wide variation in how each of these devices have been designed, one will not necessarily cannibalize the sales of another as many have suggested (Shields, 2011). Instead the total available market for e-readers and tablets will grow at a very high double or triple digit growth rate through 2015, with Amazon dominating the content consumption market, and Apple continually leading the digital content creation market, just as it has for decades with its PCs and laptops (Perenson, 2011). Adding…. [read more]

Marketing Plan the Potential Audiences Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

The potential audiences for the Firenze include all smartphone and tablet users in North America and Brazil, specifically those who need to have a tablet device capable of supporting content creation and consumption. Apple has found that the iPad is used over 60% of the time for content consumption, or reading, video viewing and photography (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). The Firenze is designed to appeal to this very large potential audience of customers through its build-to-order strategy (Franke, Schreier, 2010). Apple has not been able to attain this level of manufacturing agility even in their laptops and low-end systems (Garfinkel, 2009). Figure 1, Global Smartphone and Tablet PC Demographics shows the distribution of audience by demographic segment.

Figure 1: Global Smartphone and Tablet…. [read more]

IPAD2 Changing the Canadian Market Essay

… Some of this could be done by creating new applications (apps) that the public could use to fix what they saw as problems. However, there were some structural issues that needed to be re-engineered.

So, the iPad2 hit stores with several new features. The iPad2 has both front and rear facing cameras that allow the user to be seen while they are on the computer and to take pictures as with a traditional camera (Cush). The new product also has enhanced software that allows it to respond quicker to commands, and it also has larger storage and faster processing (Cush). The new iPad was marketed as an upgrade to the old model, not that Apple thought that everyone who had bought the original would be…. [read more]

Windows Migration From XP Capstone Project

… Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration

Submittal Cover Sheet

Four Digit Assessment/Project Code: TWA1

Mentor Name: Janet Bringhurst

For Revisions Only Indicate Previous Grader:

Submissions received with an altered, incomplete or missing cover sheet will be returned for resubmission.

Submit to:

Attn.: Assessment Delivery Department

4001 South 700 East, Suite 700

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2533

Technical Writing Project Cover Sheet

Capstone Proposal Project Name: Migration of Windows XP to Windows

In today's world of technology, it is imperative that you stay current with what is new in the it world. What makes this particularly challenging is the pace of change in it systems, and the continual need to make sure they align to a department, division and in the case of the City of…. [read more]

Random Access Memory (RAM) Analysis Research Paper

… This is critically important in systems that have multiple motherboards, as advanced server configurations often do. Fourth, testing the memory using a series of routines built into the operating system is essential to keep their performance functioning correctly over time.

In the latest releases of operating systems, especially those on mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android and others, Samsung has designed a series utilities that software developers can embed in their applications on these operating systems to periodically test memory performance (Samsung Investor Relations, 2013). This trend will continue to increase over time as manufacturers of mobile-based devices continue to rely on DRAM and SDRAM to add more value and to their devices. Samsung sees cloud computing and design-in efforts on mobile devices as…. [read more]

Physical Security Controls Essay

… This is because it is unique to the person and no other data can be captured that will be different. There is also the risk of severe harm to an individual. This would be by cutting a finger, hand, or removing the eye. The criminals would do this for them to gain access to a facility using the person's biometric data. This is a risky thing as the individual would most likely die as a result.

Biometric scanners can also fail, and this would result in denial of access to authorized personnel. In case of failure, an unauthorized individual could be granted access, and this could lead to a security breach. Using biometrics has also led to privacy issues. The biometric data can be used…. [read more]

Concepts of Social Business and Social Media Dissertation

… " This point is also made by McGriff (2012, p. 49) who writes, "The emergence of social media platforms has expanded the communications reach of consumers who have become increasingly vocal through boycotts about the misdeeds or malfeasance of companies that market products or retail brands." In the past, companies have enjoyed exclusivity over communications control to improve brand equity; the emergence of interactive two-way online communications such as social media sites have exploded in growth in recent years, and it remains unclear just how much more growth the medium will experience before saturation levels are reached (McGriff 2012). According to McGriff (2012, p. 50), "The growth of the social media platform poses immediate communications challenges in the management of brand image and reputation."

Furthermore,…. [read more]

Personal Social Media Audit Essay

… The extensive usage of social media is dependent on the user interests ranging from teenaged school going users, college students, and professionals working in various organizations. The social media blog websites i.e. twitter enable the users to share their thoughts and news across network. News feed, images, videos, documents, and status updates are mostly viewed by each user that login to the social media websites.

According to Kaplan & Haenlein (2010)increased usage of social media websites has also attracted professional marketers to target their products for internet users. The advertisement through internet is an effective way to sell their products and services. The internet service providers and target marketers have profile information of their users through various monitoring mechanisms are deployed to analyse user trends…. [read more]

Virtual Team Communications Literature Review of Technologies Literature Review

… Virtual Team Communications

Literature Review of Technologies for Virtual Team Communications

The pervasive adoption and use of virtual teams in enterprises is redefining the pace, direction of innovation in communication, collaboration, shared project workflows, project management, and knowledge transfer. The intent of this literature review is to evaluate each of the technologies that when combined form the foundation communication platforms that enable virtual teams to be productive and attain their shared goals. The technologies included in this evaluation include collaboration portals that are Web-based and accessible from anywhere globally there is an Internet connection, e-mail, telephone, teleconference, video conferencing, and voice mail. Each of these tools has a specific use to the attainment of the highest levels of performance within globally-based virtual teams. Social networks…. [read more]

Technology for the Deaf Essay

… Technology for the Deaf

There are a number of technologies that are used to aid the hearing impaired in their communication with the hearing world. Some of the technology is external, some internal. The external types are less controversial to the community than the internal types; there is a schism within the deaf community, in fact, about implants and other implanted devices that allow hearing impaired individuals to "hear" (the Cochlear Implant Controversy, 2009).

External Technological Devices -- External devices for the deaf have improved greatly over the past several decades. With the advent of smaller processor chips, greater Internet speed, and a deeper penetration of users, communication is far easier. For instance:

Teletype (TTY) -- the TTY is an electronic device that is used…. [read more]

Change Management for Enterprise 2.0 Implementations Dissertation

… ¶ … Social Networking Technologies on the Collaborative Performance of Organisations

Today, there are growing numbers of large-scale organizations deploying Enterprise 2.0-based solutions for their information-sharing and collaborative needs. Although these solutions share some common features, every organization's requirements are unique and the manner in which they are adopting Enterprise 2.0 solutions varies. Moreover, the maturity levels of these Enterprise 2.0 implementations vary significantly. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to synthesize secondary and primary resources to identify critical success factors and maturity levels that exist along the Enterprise 2.0 continuum, evaluating the value of their social network-based communication and collaboration in the process.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Project Objectives

Background Research

Organization of the…. [read more]

Social Networking and Teacher Collaboration Research Paper

… The age distribution of teachers is expected to change, such that, the number of younger teachers will increase and the number of older teachers will also increase. The number of teachers who are in their forties is expected to fall. The median age of teachers in 1976 was 33 years, but rose to a median age of 44 years in the 1993-94 academic year. This median age indicates that there are fewer younger new teachers hired to replace older teachers. When compared to the median age of all workers in the U.S. For October of 1993 (U.S. Census), it is evident that "as a group, elementary and secondary teachers are older significantly older than the general labor force" (Hussar, 1999). The need to replace the…. [read more]

DESIRE2LEARN Solution, as Offered Essay

… For example, being able to take a quiz and get an instant grade and/or an explanation of why certain answers were wrong and why another answer was right is awesome and a sight to behold as compared to the manual grading and waiting periods of prior years and methods. The mushrooming of social media and campus life options and how it is so much easier to get connected and get involved is priceless, especially as compared to the older and methods that are dying off due to their inefficacy and wastefulness.


Desire2Learn is not perfect and it never will be. There will also always be a lag between the realization of what needs to happen and making it happen. However, this is nothing new…. [read more]

Windows 7 And Windows Vista Thesis

… ¶ … Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Operating Systems Research Assignment

The differences between Microsoft Windows Vista operating system to Windows 7.0 is the intent of this paper, with a technical and features-based discussion and analysis forming the foundation of the analysis. Microsoft has only once mentioned Microsoft Windows 7, and that was during their developer conference this year. From the limited information with regard to its introduction, the launch date has tentatively been projected as December, 2009 or 2010. Industry press (Arar, 2008) report that internally, Microsoft developers want Vista to be perceived as the interim release of their desktop operating system, with Windows 7 being the next flagship, instead of Vista being a full-scale, robust operating system in its own right. As…. [read more]

Use of Mobile Devices in Hospitals to Help Reduce Healthcare Costs Term Paper

… ¶ … Mobile Devices in Hospitals to Help Reduce Healthcare Costs

Healthcare technologies are constantly evolving in what is an industry that requires high volumes of information be retained. The impact that technology has had upon healthcare is enormous and the improvement to communication in healthcare between healthcare professionals and among healthcare departments in the hospital has enabled optimization of many healthcare functions and processes. Management of costs in the healthcare industry are enabled through the implementation of mobile computing and communication technology. The 'Telemedicine Information Exchange' which claims to be " unbiased and all-inclusive platform for information telemedicine and telehealth" reports in the work entitled: "Hospitals Unplugged: The Wireless Revolution Reaches Healthcare" the fact that the patient's information may be entered into the hospital…. [read more]

Human Powered Electronics Thesis

… ¶ … Marketing a Human-Powered Electricity Generating Device

Given the pending power doom, there aren't nearly as many mad scientists out there figuring out alternatives to the battery as one would wish. -- Steve Morgensterndan Clinton and Suzanne Kantrakirschner, 2004

The proliferation of electronic-powered mobile devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants, and iPods continues to increase and current signs all indicate that these trends will continue well into the future. Indeed, children, adolescents and adults are all embracing mobile technology in major ways. For example, Shuler recently observed that, "Mobile devices are part of the fabric of children's lives today; they are here to stay. Sesame [Street] introduced children to the educational potential of television. A new generation of mobile media content can…. [read more]

Large and Small Publishers of University Resources Literature Review

… ¶ … universities and colleges are crowded places making the jobs of teachers and professors a difficult one in attending to personal needs of the students. In addition, suggesting textbooks, either the printed format or e-books is not easy, as few large players dominate the publishing market. The introduction and access of technology has added to the confusion. The e-books add the dimension of larger interaction between student-peers, student-student and peer-peer groups, helping the pursuit of education and dissemination and analysis of knowledge that is the prime objective of education in universities. The continued inactivity of university presses has only complicated the decision-making capacity of the professors at the graduate and under-graduate levels, as specific, proactive, and responsive textbook production (whether in traditional or digital…. [read more]

Libraries Changing Role Research Paper

… Most believe that journals and books are still welcomed by some users. In contrast to printed journals, electronic versions cannot guarantee the permanent availability, due to publishers' policies. Therefore libraries must retain printed journals until they are sure that their e-journals can be held in perpetuity. Medical libraries may be a pioneer and extreme case to be considered. The Welch Medical Library has decided to work towards becoming completely digital by 2015. By that time all the information required by the students would be available to them in the digital form and they would not require text books to conduct their research. The library as we know it will transmute into a "knowledge centre," which will work as a repository and hub of the library's…. [read more]

Evolution of Nursing and Healthcare Assessment

… The advent of coding allowed for the formation of customizable tools designed by healthcare providers for use in the hospital setting, and the differentiation between health information and health informatics began to crystallize. Doctors and nursing professionals like Virginia Saba, Rita Zeilstorff, and Judy Ozbol have since worked tirelessly to combine their resources and energy to advocate for the implementation of healthcare informatics systems throughout all major hospitals, community clinics, and private practices, forming the American Medical Informatics Association in 1993 and holding worldwide conferences to spread awareness of the practice to developing nations.

Whereas the refinement of the microchip and processing technology fueled the implementation and application of healthcare informatics in the past, future generations of patients will engage directly in the exchange of…. [read more]

Discussing at Company Level Porter's Five Forces Economic Attributes Framework Term Paper

… ¶ … Company Level

Summarize the economics and current conditions in the industry, and describe the strategies for HP.

Over the last ten years, the technology sector has undergone a major transformation. Part of the reason for this is because of the different innovations that have taken place during this time. As many of the various personal electronic devices have become: smaller and are able to perform a number of applications simultaneously. This has meant that various products such as: I Pod, I Phone and MP3 players have transformed the way that everyone is entertained / communicates. As a result, a shift has taken place in the kind of products that are being delivered, with consumers demanding: that they are smaller and have more applications.…. [read more]

Dell Case Study

… Dell Case Study

Challenges facing Dell's leadership

Dell's leadership faces a host of challenges impeding the company from attaining the top position in the market. Therefore, the company must address the following three challenges in order to enjoy a prominent position in the market. First, brands produced by Dell have been eroded because of the rising perception of decline in customer service. While Dell continues to boast of superior customer service, recent surveys indicate that Dell's results are declining in the market (Besanko, 2010). The leadership of deal is quite aware that the key to success is quality customer service and the company must take strides towards overcoming this problem.

The financial decay of Dell Corporation worsened in the last financial quarter as it slashed…. [read more]

Workaorunds in Healthcare Settings Workarounds Essay

… Workaorunds in Healthcare Settings

Workarounds In Healthcare Settings

Workarounds in healthcare industry

The following report describes how workarounds are practiced in healthcare settings in the belief that the shortcuts save time. The report is divided into six sections, each section deals with different but interrelated aspect of workarounds in healthcare. After the part one (introduction), part two highlights the description of workarounds that I am familiar with. This part also explains the commonly used time-saving workarounds used in health facilities. Part three of this paper reviews pertinent literature on issues related to workarounds. Part four and five highlight and analyze ethical/legal issues of workarounds and possible solutions to workarounds respectively. The last section of this paper will be the conclusion of this report.

Health information…. [read more]

Why School Boards Will Be Obsolete in 2025 Essay

… ¶ … School Boards will be Obsolete by 2025

Global Trends

As early as 1948, the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared that, "Everyone has a right to education."

Universal basic education by definition must provide minimum education.

All citizens should have easy access to universal basic education and it should be free.

In the twenty-first century, nations will become both more competitive and yet more interdependent, and their future ever more dependent on the knowledge, skills and resourcefulness of its people, creating new opportunities and difficulties for education.

Globalisation brings with it a mix of opportunities and threats for every nation, culture and educational system.

The removal of barriers and new technologies will create new possibilities for intercultural exchange and dialogue.

There…. [read more]

flows of freight have of late Essay

… ¶ … flows of freight have of late been a critical element of the modern changes in the financial and economic systems at the local, regional and global scales. Looking at these changes one must only do so at quantitative, structural, and operational levels. Structural changes largely entail manufacturing systems with their production geography, while operational changes largely involve freight transportation and its distribution geography. Thus, the key question not only involves the nature, and movements of freights, but also the manner in which this freight is moving (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004).

The multifaceted perspectives of friction in view of modern supply chain management involve a number of factors. Hesse and Rodrigue (2004) noted that transport expenses, the intricacies of the supply chain, the physical…. [read more]

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