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Tattoo Mike Essay

… Tattoo


You should not get the tattoo of the Fighting Lemon until after the football season is over. There are a few different reasons for this, none of which involve the school and its absurd policy. Allow me to explain.

The first reason is simple enough -- if the tattoo of a Fighting Lemon gets you transferred to Greenwood, you will wear the mark of a school that you do not represent. If you play for Greenwood, you will do so wearing the Fighting Lemon on your arm, which will not represent your new team well. You'll feel pretty dumb doing that.

The second reason is that if there is a problem with Greenwood and you are unable to play, you damage your chances…. [read more]

Animated Sitcom Essay

… Simpsons

The Death of the Family Narrative

I vividly remember the first time I watched an episode of The Simpsons. I was sitting in a hospital bed, I was five years old and I had just had vesicoureteral reflux surgery. In the room with me were my father and my sister, who was also sitting in a hospital bed after having the same surgery. My sister and I were in the midst of convalescing and needed something to lighten the mood so my father turned on the small television set in the corner of the sterile room and put on this new animated sitcom that none of us had ever heard of called The Simpsons.

Half way through the episode my father had to turn…. [read more]

Arise Gang Prevention Program Thesis

… ¶ … Gang Prevention Program

"Gangs contain bright boys who do well, bright boys who do less well, and dull boys who pass, dull boys who fail, and illiterates"

(Garabedian & . Gibbons, 2005, p. 26).

In regard to gangs, one never knows what may happen. In the article, "Gang grief: violence wounds teens and communities," Melissa Klein (2009) reports that Chantelle S., a 15-year-old from New York City relates that at times, students become fearful of what may happen when fights break out between rival groups in her high school. These fight lead to lockdowns with increased security in the school. Chantelle said: "It's kind of scary because you never know what can happen" (Chantelle, as cited in Klein, ¶ 1). During this paper,…. [read more]

Britney Spears Thesis

… Britney Spears -- Pop Star With Plenty of Problems

Introduction to Britney Spears

Pop recording star Britney Spears has become fabulously wealthy over the past decade or so by selling millions of albums, selling an avalanche of merchandise, and she has been a spokesperson for numerous products that have brought her addition exposure, cash, and fame. But in recent years the smile on the image of Spears has turned to a frown, as she has had numerous problems, including parenting / child-rearing issues, embarrassing public scenes, linkage with drug use, psychological problems, boyfriend and husband troubles and more. However, Spears continues to be hugely popular with her younger fans and appears to have straightened out some of the disturbing issues that thrust her into a…. [read more]

Cultural Differences in Management Research Paper

… Cultural Differences in Management Styles

A Directed Study Project Submitted To The Faculty Of The Graduate School Of Businesss

in candidacy for the degree of master of business administration




Batts, February 20, 2011


Dr. Lawrence Ness

DRP -- supervisor

Within organizations lies different cultural diversity. Being cultural aware helps managers and coworkers get along better. Someone who is not aware of different cultures make them hard to adapt to certain work environments and it could lead to or cause problems within the workplace. This paper examines cultural differences in management styles. Three countries (the United States, Japan, and Germany) were chosen as a research basis for this paper. The different cultures will be examined as well…. [read more]

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