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Career Orientation of Bank Managers in Pakistan a Private Public Sector Comparison Term Paper

… ¶ … benchmark regarding bank manager careers in Pakistan. Islamic banking is a growing feature of banking in the region, and Pakistan as a nation has expressed interest in being the banker of that region. That being so, it is instructive to note that the managers who worked under the old regime are significantly less optimistic than the newer, younger managers working in the growth industry of Islamic banking. They also seem, if not satisfied with their career paths, at least resigned to their fate and accepting that maintaining their jobs and what vestiges of ethical behaviour they could was sufficient. On the other hand, bank managers who had experience banking in nations in which banking had less tumultuous history, as well as those who…. [read more]

ASEAN the Study Term Paper

… A majority of the ASEAN initiative ideas surface from the sectoral associations as an outcome of combined recognition, talks, negotiations, and development conventions. In certain instances, novel, rising precedence needing instant performances can also be converted into a new project.

The endeavor of ASEAN was to augment the competitive advantage as a manufacturing centre slated for the global marketplace. A vital stride in this path is the globalization of business in the area by abolishing the interregional tax and non-tax blockades. The outcome of globalization renders the production businesses of ASEAN to be more productive and more competitive in the international market. Concurrently, consumers are positive to buy products from other competent manufacturers in the ASEAN fold, therefore increasing conduction of business among the ASEAN…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

satisfactory site? Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing Essay

… ¶ … satisfactory site?

Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing plants, are often located in suburban or rural areas where the cost of land is significantly less and there is access to main highways. Usually the warehouse is a long, flat, and often one story building, instead of older multi-story buildings that are regularly seen in downtown areas of numerous cities. With this type of building, there is no need to build and maintain passenger and freight elevators, nor to build stairwells and staircases. This type of construction also means there is no added costs to reinforce/fortify floors to increase their load handling capacity. Excellent floor layouts also mean that within these single level buildings - plus the wide aisles - forklifts and other tools and…. [read more]

Foreign Policy of China (Beijing Thesis

… But just as China (Beijing consensus)'s economic and military power does not yet match that of the United States, China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power still has a long way to go as demonstrated by a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll. China (Beijing consensus) does not have cultural industries like Hollywood, and its universities are not yet the equal of the United States. It lacks the many non-governmental organizations that generate much of U.S. soft power. Politically, China (Beijing consensus) suffers from corruption, inequality, and a lack of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. While that may make the "Beijing consensus" attractive in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian developing countries, it undercuts China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power in the West. Although China (Beijing consensus)'s new…. [read more]

Wide Neighborhoods a Story of the Frontier Nursing Service Book Report

… ¶ … Neighborhoods

Breckenridge, Mary. (1981). Wide neighborhoods: A story of the frontier nursing service.

Mary Breckenridge was born to a privileged family, and grew up amongst European aristocracy. Yet much like nursing founder Florence Nightingale, Breckenridge rejected a life of comfort for the rigors of medicine. As Florence Nightingale was drawn to serve soldiers during the Crimean War, Breckenridge felt compelled to bring healthcare services to rural communities in the American South. Wide neighborhoods: A story of the frontier nursing service is Breckenridge's 1954 autobiography and the story of her mission. It is compelling reading, partially because of the author's considerable accomplishments but also because it is rare to read firsthand soul-searching examinations, written by nurses in their own words.

Breckenridge clearly had a…. [read more]

IT Strategies to Maximize the Competitive Advantage Term Paper

… ¶ … IT Strategies to Maximize the Competitive Advantage of Organizations

This paper will examine how IT strategies, also referred to e-business or e-commerce strategies, are utilized by an organization to maximize the competitive advantage of the organization within the market place. This will include analyzing IT strategy in terms of global strategy and this will touch upon how an organization handles marketing. Basically strategy requires leadership and it is interesting how it interacts with all aspects of the organization in order to succeed. Specifically this paper will use four models: SWOT, Porters Five Forces, 7s model and Value Chain to analyze IT strategy within the Chinese nutrition market. This includes health food and vitamins. Specifically these four models will analyze the IT Strategy (or…. [read more]

Tele Nursing Research Paper

… Tele-Nursing

Annotated Bibliography

Abbot, P. And Coenen, a. (2008). Globalization and advances in information and communication technologies: The impact on nursing and health, Nursing

Outlook, 56(5), 238-246.

Both authors are RNs and hold Ph.D.'s and give their input on how advances in technology have made the nursing field more global and has increased and improved communications. They describe telenursing as a way for nurses to use technology to deliver nursing care. They discuss telenursing and how it has become extremely useful in different countries other than the United States. Although telenursing is beneficial in the United States, the authors say that it has made great strides in developing countries that are severely underserved. The telenursing services are used primarily for chronic conditions and nothing that…. [read more]

Challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Implementation Dissertation

… ERP Systems


The contributions of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems continue to be problematic for many organizations globally. Continually challenged across industries to get the greatest potential value from their significant investment in ERP systems, many organizations continually add on incremental applications and processes. This continual addition of modules, or as they are often called, ERP extensions, only serves to create a far greater level of system, prices and integration complexity. Ironically organizations choose to expand their use of ERP systems to reduce process, system and integration complexity, yet ironically the opposite often occurs. The role of ERP system as central catalyst and coordination point of information throughout an organization is going through a fundamental change today. No longer siloed…. [read more]

Role Analysis of Certified Nurse Anesthetists Term Paper

… Role Analysis of Certified Nurse Anesthetists

If one considers the historical development of nursing and particularly advanced nursing practices, it becomes evident that until fairly recently nursing was considered more as an adjunct to the medical profession and an extension of the healthcare environment than an independent profession. However the concept and reality of the nursing profession has undergone radical change in the last century. In the first instance nursing has become more holistic in nature and has also entered into more technologically orientated areas of medical expertise that were previously reserved for specialists. In brief, from being seen as an aid or assistant the modern nurse has developed into a fully-fledged professional with extensive and far-reaching responsibilities and functions.

These facts, which will be…. [read more]

Roanoke County School System Faculty Term Paper

… The school system should see increased school district wide participation. However, the current PTD participation continues to suffer from severe lack of interest.

Roanoke county is not the only county experiencing challenges in the area of PTD involvement. For the last thirteen years the Collaborative Teacher Education Program at Indiana University (CTEP) has been offering continuing education courses by distance education to teachers in rural communities. The program is comprehensive in that it enables inservice teachers to obtain teaching licenses and master's degrees without coming to campus. The primary mode of course delivery is videoconferencing, but Web-based conferencing and instruction has also been integrated into the program to help promote ownership and collegiality among the teachers. They have also added a completely Web-based course to…. [read more]

Depression and Dementia Alzheimer S In the Elderly Term Paper

… ¶ … health issues present themselves during the elder years of any patient, there is a lot of attention paid to cognitive and mood issues in this age group. The disorders and maladies that are applicable when speaking of this subject include, among others, depression, dementia, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and milder cases of Alzheimer's. Just as they could and should be handled and addressed for younger age groups, they should also be addressed for the elderly. This report shall endeavor to answer a series of questions relevant to the above including the demarcation between individual results and group trends, the ethics of diagnosing patients properly, the proper administration of tests, how to interpret the results of those tests and a few other important topics.…. [read more]

Sustainable Further Education FE Teacher Education Training in the UK Term Paper

… ¶ … Education

Teaching the Teachers

Teaching primary and secondary school children is one of the most challenging careers that there is. One of the most significant challenges of the profession is that for the classroom teacher who spends her or his days surrounded by children or adolescents, the job can be supremely isolating. The classroom teacher, inspired each day to do the best that she can for her students, can sometimes feel that she is struggling all on her own, having to reinvent every pedagogical wheel on her own.

This feeling of isolation is likely to be exacerbated by at least two factors. The first of these is the fact that the profession of education, like all human endeavors, is subject to fads and…. [read more]

Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Term Paper

… parts of Poland favor potato cultivation; sugar beets, the most important industrial crop, grow mainly in the west and southeast (

Section 1.1.3. Labor Force

At the end of 1991, about 30.7% of Poland's estimated population of 38.3 million lived in urban centers with populations of 100,000 or more ( priority given urbanization and industrialization in postwar Poland caused the urban working class to grow dramatically and the rural working class to shrink proportionately in the first decade of communist rule ( process slowed considerably over the next three decades (

Section 1.2. The Polish Economy Under Communism

After World War II, a centrally planned socialist system was transplanted to Poland from the Soviet Union without any consideration for the differences in the level…. [read more]

Patriarch Nothing Stays With Us Term Paper

… This perceived abandonment of her father, and her father's leadership in her life left Anzia empty. She later wrote that pursuing the obsession to lift herself out of material poverty left her with poverty of the soul.

The magnitude of Anzia's decision to move from her family's heritage toward her own destiny can only be understood from the perspective of the family. And the familial considerations further created emotional strife from which Anzia could never separate herself. In Russia, and in America, the family was the foundation for success. One partner was the bread winner. The other kept the home, and provided a safe haven from which the warrior could come forth, compete in the marketplace, and return to find safety, and shelter. In Anzia's…. [read more]

International Marketing and Culture Globalization Essay

… India was not as extreme in embracing higher foreign direct investment levels (Khanna, 2008).

Rural and class divides play a more important role in marketing to Asian countries than to the United States. This is especially true in India, where although the cast system has been abolished officially, it still exists as a social and cultural construct (Khanna, 2008). Understanding the caste system is essential for marketers wishing to pursue to target market in India. Social norms in China still divide the population. Strict social norms in India and China dictate purchasing habits of the citizens.

Culture has several important characteristics. The first, is that culture is comprehensive, which means that its parts fit together in a logical fashion. The second characteristic is that culture…. [read more]

Connections to Boomes Thesis

… Advertising Connections to Baby Boomers

Advertising creatives frequently distort representations of Boomers and other "real" people in TV commercials. Kim and Lowry (2005) cite Williamson (1978) to purport: "advertisements must take into account not only the inherent qualities and attributes of the products they are trying to sell, but also the way in which they can make those properties mean something to us" (¶ 1). Despite their propensity to disguise and distort reality in television, commercials possess the capacity to sway people to adopt identical views of the world, according to Gerbner et al. (1994), cited by Kim and Lowry (2005, Discussion ¶ 5).

During this literature review chapter, this researcher presents a sampling of "straight" information to align with solving the problem of how…. [read more]

Legal Ethical Issue That Affects the Advanced Practice Nurse Term Paper

… Ethical issues in nursing range across a wide variety of subjects. In recent years, the ethical use of technology has been moving higher and higher on the list of priorities when it comes to ethical practices in the health care environment. Nurses have many new responsibilities due to modern technology and this in turn has created a variety of new ethical issues. These issues include error prevention, training, confidentiality and honesty. This paper discusses each of these ethical concerns one by one, including studies, the effects on practice, and recommendations. This is followed by a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the paper.

Ethical Issues Influencing the Advanced Practice Nurse's (APN's)

Use of Modern Technology


Technology is becoming a more prominent part of…. [read more]

Schools in the 21st Century Term Paper

… The author asserts that the curriculum at most schools has failed to change even with shifts in the school population, social conditions and the workforce (Kennedy 2001). Currently, school curriculum reflects a one size fits all attitude and fail to recognize the differences between communities and various social groups (Kennedy 2001). So then, can the schools of the future become social anchors of the community and be both moral and purposeful: in short, no. In order for schools to become the social anchors that Kennedy proposes schools must change the way they address curriculum and attempt to cater to the needs of the students based on their backgrounds and the communities in which they live. Under the current curriculum, many schools would fail to make…. [read more]

Investor Document for Ebonylife TV in Africa Corporate Writing

… Investor Document for EbonyLife TV

Set up a Radio Station

Set up a channel on Startimes

Set up a channel on GO-TV: /

Set up a channel on DTT

The Create Africa Project

Film & TV Creative Academy

Set up a Teleshopping Channel: Like QVC or HSN for Africa

Growing our video on demand platform

Continual investment in quality programming

Stay on DStv channel 165

Set up a Radio Station

EbonyLife TV will have their own small power FM Radio Station. This will be a step forward in this direction. The government will invite applications for grant of licenses to well-founded educational organizations / establishments as well as Universities, Establishments of Technology Administration and Domestic Schools for setting up Community Radio Stations. Guidelines distributed…. [read more]

Johnson and Johnson the Fundamental Term Paper

… The constant fear of inflation continues to provide cause for stocks to become overvalued and has become an almost daily trend for announcements from the Fed and their efforts to not overvalue the Dow, NASDAQ and other markets. Investors have to grasp that stocks are only inflation proof when the underlying companies are profitable in spite of the effects of the economy.


A real trend in the healthcare industry has been the continued migrations of industry players into developed and newly emerging markets. The twenty-first century's new world order appears to have been founded on a single, global, technologically advanced, highly competitive economic market place. This single global market is also being serviced by fewer industrialized powers that are teaming together to form free…. [read more]

Needs Assessment and Action Plan for Poverty Reduction in Wilson Research Paper

… ¶ … poverty' denotes a specific meaning, then, it is thinkable to differentiate poverty from a heap of various societal problems. Undertaking assessment of anti-poverty initiatives and their ranking isn't achieved conscientiously by assuming to equalize all societal aims (Watts, n.d.).

A stellar poverty reduction program dictates that a responsive strategy should be able to tackle many aspects of poverty. Therefore, the strategy is shaped around a communal development process, which entails social development and viable economic growth, inclusive of solid governance and macroeconomic management. For accomplishing social inclusive development, a thorough understanding about pro-poor policies is needed along with consideration of the ecological consequences of such policies and their effects on poor (ADB, 2004).

Possible Needs

Sustainable Economic Growth

For spearheading economic growth, combating…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Distance Learners Many of Us Literature Review

… Distance Learners

Many of us have an image of what we think a "normal" student looks like. And that typical -- or even stereotypical -- student is dressed casually but neatly. Sitting in a classroom with desks in slightly disarrayed rows, the twenty-year-old is mostly listening to her professor -- who is dressed only a little more formally than she is. But every once in a while she glances out the window over the campus and smiles to herself at the squirrels running up and down an ancient tree. She's also thinking about what she will do when she finishes this class. Maybe she'll go to a coffee shop with some friends before heading off to the library to study for a few hours before…. [read more]

Personnel Law and Regulation Workers Term Paper

… Training and other services may include:

Coordination of medical services

Vocational assessment

Vocational evaluation

Vocational counseling

Vocational rehabilitation plan development

Vocational rehabilitation plan monitoring

Vocational rehabilitation training

Job development

Job placement (Wisconsin).

The purpose of the Rehabilitation benefit is to assist the injured employee to return to a productive place in society. The goal is to return them to a work environment where they can earn an income. This would be beneficial to all parties. It is obviously good for the injured employee, and for the employer to have the employee being able to regain meaningful employment. The insurer also benefits by not having to continue to pay lifelong disability benefits. Trying to achieve all of these goals is the purpose of Worker's Compensation Rehabilitation.…. [read more]

Loans Envisioned Research Methodology Association Dissertation

… Mixed Method:

Mixed design research is an integrated method of study. It utilizes a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. The mixed method of research is highlighted in Creswell &, Clark (2010).

Research design:

Research design delivers a road-map for stipulating procedural steps to be taken for assembly and analysis of desirable information which can be mainly categorized into quantitative and qualitative research. All of these models have their own merits and demerits. Additionally the scope of the study is also determined by the research design castoff in the study. The usage of quantitative research design is reinforced with the view that the researcher concentrates on the objective material which provides the study with a noteworthy level of reliability and validity. Along with that the…. [read more]

Pro-Or Con There Is a Revolutionary Change Term Paper

… ¶ … Pro-Or Con

There is a revolutionary change in the profession of nursing during the last ten years and it is persistently changing with involvement of new technology and research being carried out in this field. The advent of the present century is expected to entail new confrontations and new issues in the field of nursing with regard to the responsibilities of the nurses. To cope with the future requirements and the needs of the profession the nursing community is assessing and appraising the trends and transformations taking place in the society that will considerably influence the field of nursing in the ensuing century. The needs of the society that is associated with healthcare, along with the potential economic and political situations are influencing…. [read more]

Community Policing Efficacy the Violent Research Paper

… 4-5). Standard policing (professional law enforcement), which entails responding to upsurges in criminal activity by increasing the number of patrol officers, decreasing response times, instituting random patrols, increasing pressure to solve crimes, and arresting more offenders, has been shown to be largely ineffective in deterring crime. The evidence though, has revealed that two criteria produce the greatest benefit to controlling crime: (1) increasing the diversity of approaches and (2) using crime analysis to focus on high crime areas.

Community policing incorporates a diversity of approaches, by spreading the responsibility for crime control among all interested parties. The community policing strategies that seem to have the greatest empirical support (weak to moderate) are: making connections with members of the community, police engaging citizens in a respectful…. [read more]

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