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Heat, Temperature, and Kinetic Theory Essay

… This helps to make the similarities and interactions between temperature and heat more clear, however they are still two very distinct and very different concepts. Put most simply, heat refers to the thermal energy stored by a mass in the form of the kinetic energy of the mass's particles, while temperature refers to a measurement of this energy taken as an average for each individual particle, such that the size of the mass affects the overall energy level (heat) but not the measurement of the average energy (temperature).

A variety of different factors affect the capacity that different substances and specific chunks of matter have for holding heat. The initial movement (i.e. kinetic energy) of the molecules in a substance are one factor, with greater…. [read more]

Heat and Temperature Essay

… These variations occur mostly in coastal regions. In these regions, there is unequal heating of the land as well the adjacent sea regions. This leads to the creation of land and sea breezes. Land breeze (offshore winds) occurs at night while the sea breeze (onshore winds) occurs during the day (Convection, 2013). During the day, the land becomes heated more than the sea. This makes the air on the land to become less dense hence rising. These forces the air above the sea to occupy the space created. This happens through convection creating onshore winds or sea breeze (Convection, 2013). At night, the sea is more is usually warmer than the land. As a result, the air above it becomes heated and rise as its…. [read more]

Heat How Does the Study Essay

… It is important to note that temperature is not the kinetic energy since temperature is not energy. But just a number that relates to the amount of energy possessed by molecules in a substance (, 2009).

What is the relationship between heat and temperature?

There are two major relationships that exist between heat and temperature. One significant one is that when heat energy goes into a substance, then that substance is bound to experience and increase in temperature. The added heat is realized as an increased kinetic energy in the molecules of the matter.

The second significant relationship is that when heat energy goes into an object, there is a likelihood of change in the state of the matter. For the solid lie ice, the…. [read more]

Heat How Does the Study Essay

… Both heat and temperature are governed by the rules of thermodynamics and work together in ensuring there is a smooth flow of energy from the hotter regions to the relatively colder areas.

How are they different?

The difference between heat and temperature is that temperature is a measurement of the vibration of the molecules, yet heat on the other hand is the amount of energy. Heat is measured in joules while on the other hand temperature is measured in degrees F, degrees C. And degrees K. One other difference is that heat energy can be carried without necessarily changing the temperature of the object. One instance of this is the ice water that remains at freezing point even as energy is added to the ice…. [read more]

Heat Capacity Research Paper

… Heat capacity, C of any given system is also noted to be the ratio of the heat that can either be added or effectively withdrawn from the given system in order to give rise to the resultant temperature.

C = ?Q/?T = dQ/dT [J/deg]

This type of definition is however noted to be valid in the absence of any form of phase transitions.

Heat Capacity is noted as the measure of a material's ability to absorb a given amount of thermal energy.

Thermal energy = the kinetic energy of the atomic motions +The potential energy of distortion of the interatomic bonds.

The higher the value of T, the larger the mean atomic velocity and corresponding the amplitude of the atomic vibrations. The outcome is the…. [read more]

Heat Pill Body Temperature Monitoring Term Paper

… Heat Pill: Body Temperature Monitoring

The 'Heat Pill' has made possible calculating core body temperature in a non-laboratory environment on a realtime basis. For assessing hyperthermia on the field, the 'heat pill' offers the best technological means and thus the most useful life saving screening method for the Trainers. The 'Heat Pill' could possibly eliminate heat stroke, which is currently the third leading cause of death among athletes in America. There is no question of doubt that the 'Heat Pill' will serve as a life saving technological advancement for athletes around the world.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a major concern for athletes around the world. Particularly for people living in hotter climatic regions, heat illness presents a dangerous situation. Prolonged exposure to heat…. [read more]

Heat and Temperature Essay

… Heat and Temperature

The Kinetic Theory of Matters is mainly focused on the facts that everything is composed out of moving particles and this movement is accelerated if temperature is increased. Heat is transferred through atoms or molecules moving and thus transmitting energy. A body's temperature can be found by measuring the average kinetic energy of the particles that it contains.

Heat can be transferred through three processes: conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is the process during which heat is transferred through a solid body that is heated. During the process of convection, particles that are heated transmit heat to another body. Radiation is different from conduction and convection because it can transmit heat through open space, given that it does not require contact between…. [read more]

Heat Loss Research Paper

… Mechanisms of Heat Loss

Heat Loss

How the Rate of Heat Loss is affected by Surrounding Temperatures

Heat transfer occurs whenever there is a temperature differential between a substance and its environment. This differential can be highly significant, or it can be mild and nearly undetectable. The issue is not the strength of the differential, but whether it exists at all. If the substance is at a higher temperature than its surroundings it will lose heat, and if at a lower temperature, it will gain heat. The significance of the differential will affect how quickly the substance gains or loses heat, and can also affect how much heat is lost overall - whether that heat is lost rapidly or whether it dissipates more slowly over…. [read more]

Heat Stroke Term Paper

… ¶ … heat stroke.

There is one reference used for this paper.

The weather plays an important role in cases of heat stroke experienced by living creatures. Korey Stringer, an offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings, succumbed to the hot temperatures which had plagued the central areas of the United States, and died of heat stroke. It is important to look at what the American Red Cross recommends doing for heat stroke victims, compared to what was actually done for Mr. Stringer.

Treating Heat Stroke

Due to the dangers associated with heat stroke, the American Red Cross recommends getting help as quickly as possible by calling 9-1-1. After help has been summoned, the patient should be "moved to a cooler place, and the body quickly…. [read more]

Heat Deaths and Illnesses Post Katrina Reforms Research Paper

… Heat Deaths and Illnesses/Post-Katrina Reforms

Heat related deaths are completely preventable. All a person needs to avoid dying from the heat is to remain at a temperature where that person can function normally and not be injured by the weather. However, even with that common knowledge there are many people who die every year of the heat (Harmon, 2010). Some of these deaths take place because there are people who do not listen to weather forecasts and take them seriously. They go out in the heat and run or jog or work, and they fail to take proper precautions. Sometimes, heat related deaths occur because people do not have enough money to have air conditioning and fans. They keep their doors and windows closed even…. [read more]

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Research Paper

… Shell and Heat Tube Exchangers: Shell Tube Heat Excanger Double Pass

The objective of this work is to analyze a horizontal conventional double pass shell and tube heat exchanger with a focus on the features as follows: (1) use of distribution pressure not requiring steam regulating valve or steam control valve; (2) Using a higher temperature steam to reduce the heat exchanger size; 3) Providing condensate sub-cooling in a single heat exchanger; 4) Using discharge control valve to flood heat exchanger to modulate capacity; 5) Eliminates/minimizes water hammer because steam is not traveling over water parallel to the water/steam surface; 6) Uses distribution pressure to push condensate back to the steam plant thereby eliminating a separate condensate pump; 7) Eliminates steam flashing from discharged condensate;…. [read more]

Physical Science: Heat Essay

… How much mass it possesses;

2. What is in the mass; and,

3. Its physical state (Cavendish, 2003).

For example, according to Cavendish, "The heat capacity of a body depends upon its mass (the amount of matter present) as well as its compositional and physical state. Hence, a cold body that has a greater heat capacity may hold more heat than a hot body that has a lower heat capacity" (2003, p. 2414).

What are the various sources of heat?

Far and away, the main source of heat for earthlings at least is the Sun, but chemical and other nuclear reactions can also produce heat (Cavendish, 2003), as well as physical friction and high pressure which also produce heat (Thewlis, Glass & Hughes, 1992).

How…. [read more]

Hypothermia Treatment Using Radiant Heat Research Paper

… How confidentiality was maintained beyond this point was not mentioned. In terms of patient vulnerability, this patient group would not be more vulnerable than other patients undergoing a surgical procedure under general anesthesia. Although the average age was between 61 and 65 years, this patient group was otherwise quite healthy.

Interpretive Dimensions

Yang and colleagues (2012) found that radiant heat warmed postoperative patients significantly (p < .001) faster (1.83° C/hr) than warmed cotton blankets (1.03° C/hr). This difference is quite large and represents a substantial improvement over warming rates found by other research groups (Yang et al., 2012; Pikus and Hooper, 2010). Yang and colleagues also divided the study groups into three temperature ranges, to better understand whether warming rates were a function of tympanic…. [read more]

Science Heat Essay

… Science


How does the study of heat relate to the kinetic theory of matter?

Heat transfer is a course by which internal energy from one matter transfers to another matter. Thermodynamics is the study of heat transfer and the alterations that come from it. Under the kinetic theory, the internal energy of a material is created from the movement of individual atoms or molecules. Heat energy is the type of energy which transmits this energy from one body or system to another. This heat transfer can happen in a variety of ways:

Conduction takes place when heat flows through a heated solid.

Convection is when heated particles transfer heat to another substance, such as cooking something in boiling water.

Radiation is when heat is…. [read more]

Temperature in My Hometown Business Research Problem Term Paper

… ¶ … Temperature in my Hometown

Business Research Problem

How do unexpected changes in local temperature affect the local economy, such as consumer buying patterns? For example, due to the increased costs of electricity in the summer because of the greater need for air conditioning in consumer's homes, as well as retail establishments, and the cost of heating homes and businesses during the winter, consumers will have less disposable income to spend on other goods and services and thus may spend less. Businesses will have more expenses, namely to keep their retail spaces hot or cool and thus may be hard hit economically by temperature fluctuations. Other businesses, such as air conditioning or heating services, may benefit from extreme conditions. Stores such as Home Depot…. [read more]

Temperature and Heat Term Paper

… Temperature and Heat

Heat affects the temperature of the human body, water, land, atmosphere, and other structures of the earth. This is because the universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter is made up of atoms and group of atoms or molecules. It is energy that causes the atoms and molecules to move. This movement of atoms and molecules creates the form of energy. Based on scientific studies, temperature and heat are correlated to each other. Whenever heat is mentioned, temperature will follow, and vice versa. However, there is a slight difference between heat and temperature.

As defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Physics from Wikipedia, "heat, symbolized by Q, is energy transferred from one body or system to another due to a…. [read more]

Temperature and Answer Questions Term Paper

… The other is surface properties-surfaces with high albedo absorb less incident radiation, meaning land absorbs less insulation than water because of its lighter color ("

Isotherms are "lines drawn on a map of a particular region of the earth's surface connecting points of equal temperature; each point reflects one temperature reading or an average of several readings over a period of time. The relative spacing of the isothermal lines indicates a temperature gradient, i.e., the amount of temperature change over a given distance (unknown)."


Temperature has a major effect on the earth and its inhabitants. By answering questions concerning this factor, one can gain a better understanding of its effects.

Works Cited

(Average Weather Conditions for New York City. (accessed 15 February 2005).

).…. [read more]

Nature of Heat Essay

… The proportional relationship between heat and temperature can be explained by the way heat is related to the kinetic energy of molecules. Within all known substances, molecules are in motion. While the molecules are all traveling at different speeds, the average motion of all molecules in a body is known as the average kinetic energy of the body (Ibid). If energy is added to a system or body, the motion of the molecules increases and the average kinetic energy of the system increases. The amount of heat in a system is the amount of transferable energy, or "work," available in a system. This transferable energy is related to the motion of the molecules in that the motion of the molecules transfers energy among the molecules…. [read more]

Innovation of the Kiln in Ceramic Manufacturing for Improve Efficiency by Insulation Research Proposal

… ¶ … innovative kind of high temperature refractory and shield materials, an original top-firing system and an innovative low-mass kiln car design have been combined to create a tunnel kiln construction that can cut energy consumption and create better products. We shall employ the use of two fictional entities that have discovered an innovative solution in this area, and go about our research paper using this method.

Any company considering building a new tunnel kiln or relining a current one should keep in mind that the choice of refractory and padding materials for the kiln and kiln cars is no longer limited to time-honored thick firebrick or castable materials that soak up heat and waste energy. By graduating to structurally sound, but still lighter and…. [read more]

1995 Chicago Heat Wave Term Paper

… 1995 Chicago Heat Wave

How do we know that the 1995 Chicago heat wave is a disaster? Explain the chronic conditions which enabled this disaster

It was the month of July in the year 1995, in Chicago. The entire city felt like it was tropical, almost like it was Fiji or Guam, and to add to the discomfort of the heat, there was an additional layer of pollution hovering above the city. The temperature at the time of the first day of the heat wave, on July 13 had touched a high of 106 degrees, and in additional, the heat index which is a combination of heat and humidity that measures the temperature a typical person would feel, went up to above 120 degrees. The…. [read more]

Biological Psychology Essay

… Temperature Regulation

Biological psychology

Temperature regulation: A function of the brain and the body

Temperature regulation: A function of the brain and the body

As warm-blooded animals, humans and other mammals and birds have a great advantage in temperature regulation. Unlike cold-blooded animals such as reptiles, insects, and amphibians, humans are capable of moving quite quickly in very cold temperatures. The human body is not dependant upon the environment to maintain a core temperature so the body's muscles can function effectively. 2/3 of human's total energy expenditure involves maintaining body temperature. We need more fuel as a species than a frog, but we are also capable of moving faster during cold weather to obtain higher-quality sources of protein and satisfy the needs of our many…. [read more]

How the Rate of Heat Loss Is Affected by Surrounding Temperature Research Paper

… ¶ … Heat Loss is Affected by Surrounding Temperatures

Broad introductory comments

Background of topics under consideration

Overview of heat loss and temperatures

Factors Affecting Heat Loss


Heat Balance

Heat Loss

Heat Transfer

How Surrounding Temperatures Affect the Rate of Heat Loss

Hot Surrounding Temperatures

Cold Surrounding Temperatures

Measures of Rate of Change

Concluding comments

How the Rate of Heat Loss is Affected by Surrounding Temperatures

Many people intuitively understand that when a hot object is placed in close physical proximity to a cold object, the cold object will become warmer and the hot object will become cooler. What many people may not fully understand, though, are the processes by which the rate of heat loss is affected by surrounding temperatures. The purpose of…. [read more]

Thermo Therapy Application of Healing Term Paper

… The conversion of energy from one energy form (light, sound) to another (heat) is the conversion form of heating, which involves heat transfer. Radian light bakers or heat lamps make superficial heat, where the heat is transmitted when the transmission medium (light energy) is changed to heat energy at the skin surface. Generally, conductive heating is an easy modality and the patient can be trained for individual home use. The drawbacks of this modality are difficulty in applying to areas showing irregularity (foot), likely burns and the skin-drying effect (excepting paraffin or water media). An additional drawback that may happen is the injury of local vascular supply, due to a mixture of the weight of the modality on the limb or the weight of the…. [read more]

Maintaining an Optimal Temperature in the Workplace Term Paper

… Risk Management: Thermal Comfort

Because our homes and businesses exist in a continually temperature-controlled state, it is easy to forget the risks posed by improper temperature management. Risks may be posed to employees if internal heating and cooling systems break down, if there is a power outage or simply if on a consistent basis there are not adequate steps taken to control the temperature. Also, temperature risks may be posed due to the nature of the work, either indoors (such as a factory setting) or outdoors during extreme conditions. Hazards posed by improper thermal regulation thus may be consistent and an innate part of the work or they may be posed when temperature regulation systems break down.

According to risk management standards and guidelines as…. [read more]

Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Geothermal Heat Thesis

… ¶ … Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells

Geothermal Heat Production


Red letters need addressing; either need number or have not been rewritten.

In "Geothermal Well Design, Construction and Failures," James N.A. Southon (2005) notes that the formation environment, for example, the presence of corrosive fluids, may cause a high temperature geothermal well to fail on the first heat up or contribute to a delayed failure. In this study, Southon presents a number of case studies from various geothermal developments in the Pacific -- South East Asia region, comparing large and standard diameter wells, to illustrate casing failure mechanisms and causes contributed to such failure.

Due to the high geothermal well temperatures, implementing code design requirements may not help reduce or eliminate the risk of…. [read more]

Changing Behavior to Reduce Global Warming Essay

… Behavioral Changes: Reducing the Effects of Global Climate Change

What is Global Warming?

The world's climate has been changing since the late 19th century and it has been changing dramatically for the past fifty years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting around the world, the ice cap in the Arctic is melting, ocean temperatures are slowly rising, sea levels are rising around the world, and there are dramatic changes being witnessed in the way the world's plants and animals are responding to the rise in temperatures.

The EPA explains that the greenhouse effect is at the heart of the global warming issue. It is perfectly natural for the sun to heat the earth, and a good share of…. [read more]

Wabash Watershed and Global Essay

… 5%. Increased disparity in different regions with respect to the amount of rainfall that is received is also a main issue in the problem caused by global warming and unsustainable use of water. The increase in precipitation is more in tropical regions that already have adequate water reserves in form of rivers, lakes, and sea. On the other hand, the regions with less water supply are having increased number of droughts. Ths, as a result a vicious circle of flash floods and droughts have already been observed in many regions of the world. The evaporation-precipitation cycle has got intensified over the period of last few decades and is likely to remain same in the years to come. The fresh water from watersheds and other water…. [read more]

Training Handbook the Diversity Research Paper

… How to protect the computer from dust, static and heat issues

To protect a computer from dust, it is pertinent to ensure that location of the computer is away from a dusty environment. The rooms where the computers are placed should be dust secured. Moreover, when a computer is not in use for a long period, a dust cover should be used for covering. To protect a computer from electrostatic discharges, the location of the computer should be away from high voltage lines. Moreover, computer components such as hard drives should be secured in anti-static containers. Whenever, working on a computer an antistatic wrist should be worn. Power supply to some components of a computer such as the disk drive should only be connected when…. [read more]

Standard Construction of Modern High Essay

… 1).


This paper delivered a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and industry literature regarding the standard construction of modern high field magnets used in nuclear magnetic resonance devices, various detailed graphics illustrating the components of a high-field magnet, and a discussion concerning the effects of transitions to higher magnet strengths on superconductor cooling systems. An examination of the types of superconducting materials used and a description of magnet construction was followed by a discussion of the respective differences of non-shielded and shielded magnet. Finally, an analysis of the effect of recent innovations in technology that may allow room temperature magnet applications that avoid evaporation in the future concluded the paper.


Carlisle, R. (2004). Scientific American Inventions and Discoveries: All the Milestones in…. [read more]

Physics the Heat Engine Discussion Chapter

… In a kitchen, for example, there may be electric lights, small and large appliances, and floor cleaners.

Energy is transported through waves, such as sound waves. Electromagnetic is another form of these waves. Light is an example of an electromagnetic wave. Other electromagnetic waves include the microwaves in a microwave oven and radio waves and TV waves transmitted from broadcast stations. Waves look like the waves in an ocean, going up and down. The top is called the crest. These electromagnetic waves are different in wavelength, or the distance between one wave crest to the next.

Many chemical elements are found in solids, liquids and gases of the earth. These are all listed on the periodic chart or table. As scientists increase their knowledge, they…. [read more]

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