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Tender Is the Night Term Paper

… ¶ … Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Specifically it will discuss the theme of the novel, including documented research. "Tender is the Night" is F. Scott Fitzgerald's last complete novel. Released in 1934, the book is an emotional look at his own troubled life and marriage, couched in the story of Dick Diver, a psychoanalyst who analyzes his own wife. In the Introduction to the 1995 edition of the book, editor and publishers Charles Scribner III notes, "The novel is as much a product of the author's own experience of struggle and heartbreak as it is his credo of fidelity, perseverance, and romantic love" (Scribner ix). Thus, while the novel is a work of fiction, it is also woven with the texture…. [read more]

Scott Fitzgerald Tender Is the Night Term Paper

… Scott Fitzgerald

Tender Is the Night" as well as many of Fitzgerald's other works focuses on the theme of wealth and implicitly the corruption it is bringing to people's lives. Being set in Europe during the interwar period, the novel also deals with themes particular to European history and politics, such as the ascent of the capitalism on the continent and also the effect which the wealthy Americans had on Europe. Having as background the French Riviera in the late 1920's, "Tender Is the Night" is the tragic story of the young and beautiful actress Rosemary Hoyt and the stylish, elegant couple Dick and Nicole Diver. A brilliant young psychiatrist at the time of his marriage, Dick is both husband and doctor to Nicole to…. [read more]

Dark and Stormy Night "Oh Term Paper

… I turned, but I could see nothing behind me on the path. Running now, my only goal was to reach the safety of my warm house and lock the door quickly behind me. But that was not to be. I stumbled over an exposed root from that blasted elm, and went down on all fours. Suddenly, I could feel the warm breath of someone standing over me. I must have passed out from fright, because when I awoke, I was inside my home, a fire was blazing in the hearth, and I could smell the aroma of warm soup wafting out from the kitchen. But there was no one in the house but me! Who was the stranger in my garden, and why had he…. [read more]

Scott Fitzgerald's Novels Depict Women Term Paper

… Women enjoy the sexual power that they have over men and amplify it by utilizing money in childish manners. This is reflected in the way that Baby Warren approaches Dick; she is not interested in him sexually, but she merely sees him as a play thing that can be manipulated because of his sex and lack of power. Certainly, she is not attracted to Dick, "But Baby Warren wanted to talk to Dick, wanted to talk to him with the impetus that sent her out vagrantly toward all new men, as though she were on an inelastic tether and considered that she might as well get to the end of it as soon as possible." (Fitzgerald II, 167). This typifies the amoral and superficial way…. [read more]

Scott Fitzgerald's Character Dick Diver Term Paper

… They learn that how one appears is very different from who they really are inside. The morals of the rich became unbearable for Callaway, he longed for his quiet life and true friends, no longer yearning for the fast life style of the rich and famous. Diver, discovers the price of success and the consequences of failure. He too, retreats to the quiet world of the middle class and rebuilds a life based on mediocrity, rather than status.

Fitzgerald gives Diver much of the same qualities that he gave Gatsby. Both men are obsessed with status and fame. Both men have a past that does not quite fit with the circle of people in which they find themselves included. Gatsby has acquired a life of…. [read more]

Fitzgerald and Hemingway the Writings Essay

… At the end of the novel, Lady Ashley tells Jake that she is returning to her fiance although that may not come to pass as the reader has already seen that Lady Ashley is apt to change her mind. In a car, the two discuss what might have been had it not been for his injury. She says, "We could have had such a damned good time together" (Hemingway 251). This is meant to soothe his feelings but it also still serves to underline what has already been intimated. Since Jake cannot have sex with Lady Ashley, she does not see him as a potential romantic mate no matter how psychologically, intellectually, or in any other way compatible.

In both Tender is the Night and…. [read more]

Sarah's Legal Adviser Essay

… To this end, the procurement of date-stamps and other signifiers from Sarah's voicemail service or cellular phone provider is crucial, because if it can be shown that she was unaware of Barry's tender of

9 Ex-parte Fealey (1897) 18 LR (NSW) L. 282.

acceptance to the purchase without a warranty, there can be no determination of contractual obligation on her part.

When the facts of this case are clearly elucidated, it becomes clear that the only legally enforceable contract entered into by Sarah involves her sale of the laptop for $1,200 to Aiden. After waiting until the end of the week, as per her promise to Barry, Sarah spoke directly to Aiden via telephone, and he tendered an offer to purchase the item above its…. [read more]

Tender Mercies: Breakdown and Reconstruction Term Paper

… But, ironically, the death of her daughter and the family's loss of innocence gives Orleanna new belief in the truisms offered by the Bible. She writes comparing her husband and the Pharaoh of Exodus: "Whether it's wife or nation they occupy, their mistake is the same: they stand still, and their stake moves underneath them. The Pharaoh died, says Exodus, and the children of Israel signed by reason of their bondage." (pg. 384) She seems to leave Nathan Price with a certainty and assuredness that bear remarkable and nonaccidental kinship to Biblical notions of faith. In leaving her husband, Orleanna sheds all her initial doubtfulness. Although she abandoned Adah in an earlier crisis, she chooses to bring Adah with her when she returns to the…. [read more]

Death in "Do Not Go Essay

… As innocence and purity are often symbolically associated with lambs, they are often used as religious sacrifices. The lamb is described as having "Softest clothing wooly bright" and having "such a tender voice, / Making all the vales rejoice" (lines 6-8). Not only does Blake insinuate that the lamb is an innocent creature because of its physical descriptors, but also because of what it represents symbolically. This is illustrated through the rhetorical question, "Do you know who made thee?" And corresponding answer, "Little Lamb I'll tell thee:/He is called by thy name/For he calls himself a Lamb" (lines 12-14). Blake proceeds to describe characteristics that are found in the lamb and in God's son saying, "He is meek & he is mild/He became a little…. [read more]

Poetry Term Paper

… " This poem reminds me of the times I have experienced genuine affection; not the fleeting nature of crushes or the obsessive qualities of some relationships. Instead, Byron writes about a "soft...calm, yet eloquent" love. This is the kind of love I value, even if the initial effects of infatuations are more intoxicating. Byron paints a picture of his lover as being serene and sweet; she is not depicted as being aloof or at all arrogant. There is no power play game with Byron and the subject of the poem. This is true love, the kind of love that is pure, honest, and good. Both Byron and his lover have "a heart whose love is innocent." This final line of the poem sums up the…. [read more]

Bessie Head's "Woman From America Essay

… Love for her, she says, is like a shoe that is made to fit a certain foot, rather than something pure, unstained, and unchanging. She has forced herself to submit to her circumstances. Although she is a Night Woman, she sees with the clear-sighted insight of the day.

Similar to the protagonist of "The Night Woman," the narrator of "Woman from America" represents many women, as well as offers the reader an individual perspective. She speaks for the women of her village who are fascinated by the outsider. The narrator of "Woman from America" is fascinated by the mixed heritage of the title character, and the American's evident Western heritage (Africa, Cherokee, and German). The speaker projects onto the woman her fantasy of strength, a…. [read more]

Club NOC Thesis

… Striking up conversations with strangers is easy, especially when Noc is packed. A total lack of pretentiousness characterizes Club Noc.

Anyone who appreciates 80s Goth, Industrial, and new Goth needs to visit Seattle's Club Noc. Wednesday and Sunday are the best nights to come for the music. However, one of the things that makes Club Noc special is the Thursday night Burlesque show, which adds a visual and performance art element to an already entertaining venue. The Burlesque group is called Sinner Saints, and the over is only $12. Monday night is indie and electro dance, and Tuesday is strictly 80s. There is something for everyone at Noc, which is one of the reasons why it is a welcoming place.

Another reason why Club Noc…. [read more]

Displace All Our Social Ills Term Paper

… If Dick can be understood as a typical man, and Nichole as the modern woman bringing into the man's life resources for which he would traditionally seek, then the failure of the marriage, and the character flaws within Nichole are a quiet, politically incorrect subtext which suggests that a man cannot find happiness by receiving wealth, and security from a woman. The author seems to be saying that although the marriage is a fun and enjoyable union at the outset, that the couple needs to have more substance to their relationship, or else there will be too high a price to pay. Ultimately these two divorced and moved in different directions.

Another issue of heated debate during the first half of the 20th century was…. [read more]

Narrative the Fairy Tale Term Paper

… A opened the door, but it wasn't Teddy.

It was a stranger with news, news that would change our lives forever.

A left the children in good hands. Thank goodness I still had enough of my mind left to leave the girls with the neighbors' next door, they were good people.

A found my friend only blocks away. She was standing on the ground holding her husband in her arms and crying out for God's help. Her once white dress drenched in red blood stains.

As the ambulance arrived they immediately begin working on Teddy. My girl friend was crying profusely and demanding to ride with the ambulance. I grabbed hold of her and had one of eyewitnesses, whom I knew from the neighborhood as…. [read more]

Van Gogh's Night Cafe & Pollock's Childish Art Notes

… I can admire anything by Van Gogh because it is always colorful, spirited, and immensely beautiful. I am always astonished that he was able to paint the world and people so vividly. I like the café scene of the painting as it makes me want to be there and very few paintings actually leap out at you and make you want to be in the painting the way this one does.

11. My Least Favorite

My least favorite is the Cy Twombly painting. There is nothing even to say about this painting other than that it seems ridiculous that a museum should hang it up as though it were important. It is about as bad as the artist who taped a…. [read more]

Gender Communications the Research Question Term Paper

… Carter, two gentlemen sitting at the opposite end of the bar attempted to flirt with two females at the opposite end of the bar by offering eye contact and smiles. The women however, only responded when they realized the men pulled out large wads of cash. The women continued to offer non-verbal cues such as dancing in front of men to try to attract other men who might offer something in return, in this case a free drink or two.


This study was limited in many ways. The results in the study may not be indicative of the patterns of the population at large simply because the sample population was very small. The observations were taken at only two locations, where the concentration of…. [read more]

Conflict at Bimbo's Conflict Resolution Research Paper

… However, this would be done with the provision that the waitresses would also be tipping the bartenders at the end of the night as they see fit. This makes a waitress somewhat of a patron as good service should be rewarded and if it is not, that waitress may suffer while others benefit." [2: Please note all references taken from case study provided by customer.]

This was a very good solution and eventually helped both sides benefit and find an equilibrium within the bar setting. According to the manager, this worked great because now both sides wanted to excel on an individual level and see their performance raised to a new level.

Clearly, one of the most important conflict management techniques in this case would…. [read more]

1972 Watergate Break in Nixon Essay

… 135). Archibald Cox wrote to Nixon, asking him to surrender the said tapes and all recordings in his possession. Nixon, in defiance, wrote back arguing that the tapes only contained the most confidential information that he shared with his top aides, and that they therefore had nothing to do with Watergate. Klein (2008) notes that Nixon was once quoted in a press briefing as having said, "this kind of activity has no place in our governmental process and the White House therefore has no involvement whatsoever in this particular incident" (p.121). According to Kutler (2010), despite Nixon's lawyer's argument that "one of the subpoenaed tapes had national security material, 'so highly sensitive'"(p.135), the president's request got turned down by Judge Sirica - the presiding judge…. [read more]

Corporate Finance Economics Application Goodwill Term Paper

… Product positioning has much to do with making a product fit into the market place and putting the product first in line in the minds of potential customers. Through positioning a product creates an image for itself. Alka-Seltzer is competitively priced because it is a medication that offers remedies to medical conditions that its competitors in the market like the Vicks NyQuil does not (Bhasin, 2011). The product is well produced and adheres to controls that have been instituted to ensure consistency. It quality claims are backed by customer friendly guarantees and this can be attested to by the fact that other than providing relief for cough, body aches, runny nose, sneezing and fever, something that Vicks NyQuil also does, it can fight congestion. Alka-Seltzer…. [read more]

Education Plan of Action Allegations of Sexual Essay

… Education

Plan of Action

Allegations of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously, and immediately addressed in a sensitive but comprehensive manner. The Trenton School District's (2012) policy is unequivocal on this matter: "The Trenton R-IX School District and its employees will take action to protect students and other children from harm including…abuse and neglect, and will respond immediately when discovering evidence of harm to a child." The alleged misconduct seriously jeopardizes the safety and security of our school and students. Principles related to school safety and security include However, I need to act in a manner consistent with the law, professional ethics, and due diligence. It would be unethical, inappropriate, and unprofessional to prematurely suspend Mr. Smithson before a few preliminary steps.

My first step…. [read more]

Political Psychology Research Proposal

… ¶ … political psychology has always been, when framed in extreme terms, the extent to which political elites can and do manipulate the general public, as opposed to the extent to which they must pander to the preferences of the mass public. Framed more modestly, this debate pits the view that the mass public is mainly responsive to elite initiatives, against the view that elites' actions are strongly influenced by the public's preferences. Discuss this question critically, drawing broadly upon material from throughout the course.

The American voter is credulous and easily manipulated. American politicians simply wish to get elected and pander to voter prejudices and engage in opinion poll-watching, rather than exercise true leadership. How can both of these sentiments be accurate? An excellent…. [read more]

HG Wells the Cone and Penelope Lively the Darkness Out Term Paper

… ¶ … Cone by H.G. Wells and "The Darkness Out There" by Penelope Lively. Specifically it will discuss how the authors create tension and suspense in the two works. Both of the short stories, written by skilled writers, include tension and suspense to build the story. The authors also use excellent characterization to place the reader in the middle of the story, so they can feel and sense what the characters are feeling.

In "The Cone," Wells builds tension by describing the trains the "men of iron" have created that disrupt the landscape and the peace and quiet. He writes, "The distant sound of a roaring and rushing drew nearer and grew in volume; the house quivered; one heard the metallic rattle of the tender.…. [read more]

Hook or Me This Time Term Paper

… This narrator becomes a two-dimensional and desexualized version of the fabled Hook of the Peter Pan mythology. Hook is the most Grown Up of them all, Hook is the anti-child. Hook is bitter, old, and alone, and he rejects all that is youthful, announcing with the same melodramatic tone as our featured narrator that while he was once young, how grateful he is to now be mature and beyond all of that nonsense. As this narrator tells it, even as a child he was attempting to be a Grown Up: he "dutifully" worked on "strategy" when completing his mazes. It was scientific, never playful. Like Hook's fate to be eaten by the Crocodile, the narrator describes his mazes and his descent into old age as…. [read more]

Family:' Familial Love in Literature While Romantic Essay

… ¶ … family:' Familial love in literature

While romantic, erotic, and even platonic (friendly) love may vary in their significance across cultures, it is difficult to name a society that does not give great significance to familial love. The genetic bond between family members is completely involuntary, and chosen by biology and circumstance, rather than the individual human will. However, despite the fact that it is almost impossible to survive without some sort of family ties, the subject of family love is almost invariably linked to violence, as in the case of Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz," "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor, and Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The uncomfortable closeness of family love -- sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible -- brings…. [read more]

Scott Fitzgerald Hollywood Years Term Paper

… (Callahan, John F (1996)

In his life, Fitzgerald, too, had to steel himself against the tendency toward Gatsby's self-destroying romantic obsession, and like Diver, he had to wrench free from the opposed, complimentary shoals of identification and alienation in his marriage with Zelda.

After "Tender Is the Night" and before his fresh start in Hollywood in 1937, Fitzgerald reflected on his earlier search for an equilibrium of craft, reputation, and power as expressed in the literary vocation and his large personal ambition. "It seemed like a romantic business to be a successful literary man. You were not ever going to be as famous as a movie star but what note you had was probably longer-lived -- you were never going to have the power of…. [read more]

Role of Female Characters in Frederick Douglass' Narrative Term Paper

… Women in Douglass

Still Bound to Notions of the Separate Spheres and Roles of Men and Women: Frederick Douglass My Life in Bondage

One might like to think of Frederick Douglass as a purely radical thinker, a man on the cutting edge of female rights as well as Black liberation. But in his autobiography, Douglass was more apt to confirm common notions of acceptable feminine behavior and feminine nature than to subvert such notions. He does make it clear that the American institution of slavery had a uniquely deleterious effect upon the hearts, minds and souls of American womanhood. When this was suggested Frederick Douglass in his seminal anti-slavery autobiography entitled My Life in Bondage, he spoke to an America so hardened to slavery that…. [read more]

Pessimism in the Poetry of Arthur Hugh Clough James Thomson Bv Edward Fitzgerald Term Paper

… Pessimism in Poetry

Pessimism in the Poems of Arthur Clough

Arthur Clough was a British poet who spent some of his a few of his formative years in the United States. He was considered a genius from a young age, but his consequent stint at Oxford was not fruitful. His poems are mostly pessimistic; but as an explication of his poems which follows showd that most of his pessimism came from a deep sense of uncertainty. This is perhaps a reflection of his entire life with its foibles and failings. Arthur was solitary as a child; the death of his father did not allow him to enjoy is youth as he had to look after his mother and sister. He had a failed marriage. He…. [read more]

Deconstructionist of Chrysanthemums Essay

… Steinbeck Analysis

A Deconstructionist Analysis of Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums"

Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" tells the story of a woman's discovery of her own nature and the nature of the world around her. From the first paragraph, the story is rife with irreconcilable contrasts, and it is these contrasts in both the plot and the subtext that provide the dramatic tension in the work. A deconstructionist reading of the text reveals these contradictions and the tensions that they bring about.

The first contrast we find is in the setting itself. The first paragraph sets up the tension between the cold gray of the winter fog and the warm yellow of the fields and "sharp…positive yellow" of the willow scrub (p. 337). This contrast is reinforced by Steinbeck's…. [read more]

To Analyze Fiction Sort Story Essay

… ¶ … Fictional Short Story

In "Story of the Hour" and other works such at "The Storm," author Kate Chopin rails against the social conventions of her time. She does this very effectively through the use of plot conflict and imagery to illustrate how women have not been fulfilled by the social institutions imposed upon them. In doing so, she captures realistic versions of why they were unhappy and the unfortunate results of their circumstances.

Kate Chopin, born in 1850, was an American author of short stories and novels, mostly of a Louisiana Creole background ("Kate Chopin"). With regards to feminist issues, her works were vastly ahead of her time. This reflects her own person experiences, having a husband who died and left her in…. [read more]

Decameron a Monument to Ingenuity Term Paper

… ¶ … Mounument to Ingenuity

The Decameron - a Monument to Ingenuity

Giovanni Boccaccio's masterpiece the Decameron, is one of the greatest literary works that follows the tradition of the frame narrative. Some of the one hundred stories that Boccaccio gathered in his work originate in ancient works that belong to the same tradition of the "story-within-story," like the Arabian Nights or the Sanskrit collection called Panchatantra. If in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales the story-tellers were gathered by a pilgrimage, in the Decameron the narrators are seven young women and three young men, who leave Florence in order escape the ruthless Plague that smote the country in 1348. Thus, the story-telling is a getaway from reality into a fantasy world. Although the stories told by Boccaccio…. [read more]

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