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Raymond Carver's Short Story Term Paper

… One gets the feeling that Nick, who is so confident of his love and his new marriage, is, through Mel and Terri, glimpsing his future with Laura where things will not be so rosy after a few years. Meyer believes that Nick is relating the story in fondly recollecting better days when "he and Laura shared a fondness that no longer existed." (Meyer, p. 112)

Towards the end of the story, either every body is too drunk or too afraid of the direction the conversation has led them towards. It gets dark. But nobody makes a move to turn the lights on. When Laura says she is hungry, Terri says, "I'll put out some cheese and crackers." (Carver, p. 153) Terri, however, does not move.…. [read more]

Franklin's Tale as Early Women Term Paper

… While Griselde is beloved among the common people and although Walter also loves her, there is to be a test of whether this unusual union can last.

After Griselde has her first child, Walter takes the daughter away and threatens to kill her. Griselde, although heartbroken, agrees to remain obedient to her husband and doesn't put up a fight about the alleged baby killing. Walter sends the daughter away to be raised by others.

Then, after Griselde and Walter have a second child, a boy, Walter again says he is taking the child to be put to death and Griselde still hangs in there, never protesting the imminent death of her son. The boy, like his sister, is not killed by the father, but instead…. [read more]

Death of the Ball Turret Term Paper

… The White Porch by Cathy Song the point-of-view of this poem is that of a women, sitting at home, enjoying "the luxury" of the afternoon, while waiting for her husband, the "you" of the poem, to get home from work, which is signaled by the line "by the time the dust settles off your shoes" dust implying perhaps someone working in the fields. The poem is about time. The title of the poem has to do with point-of-view, only the woman would know the porch is white.

Surprise by Jane Kenyon The irony in this poem is that people who are lied to are not often amazed by that person's accomplishment in lying. In fact, most of the time, it is quiet the opposite. The…. [read more]

Conflict Themes in "Age Term Paper

… Within the novel we can see several themes taking place; one is a conflict that exists between the individual desire and the overall existence of the group conservatism, the values as discussed in the title of the book are simple for to many in society it was an age of innocence.

However, even this is perversion of the time for the 1870s' was not such an age in reality, it was time when families were still suffering from the Civil War, society figures still paraded around like the war never happened yet deep down even the scars marred them, many faked happiness and gaiety to illustrate the desire to be free from horror.

In many ways the Age of Innocence is a characteristic book of…. [read more]

Fast Food Advertising Research Paper

… "It's time America stops calling a burger and fries dinner." (,1).

KFC has grown to be the most sought-after chicken globally ever since Colonel Sanders mastered his Original Recipe Chicken®, cooked with 11 secret herbs and spices almost fifty years ago. "We use real chicken, hand-breaded fresh from scratch in our restaurants every day, and slow cooked to tender, juicy perfection," adds Bachelder. (,1).KFC has suffered from false adverse publicity in relation to the chicken they use. There was an urban myth circulating that KFC had created a more productive and faster system of populating their chicken farms. The process involved scientifically designing its chickens to be born minus heads so that the bodies could be attached directly to machines for automated feeding in the…. [read more]

Sentiments of the "Lost Generation Term Paper

… In his poem "San Martino Del Carso" he describes the horrors of losing his fellow soldiers. "Of all who would talk with me not one remains, but in my heart no one's cross is missing. My heart is the most tormented country of all." This shows that the poet was more concerned about the fate of his friends than living up to an principle. The German poem, Argonne Forest echoes the same attitude. "Argonne Forest, Argonne Forest, Soon thou willt be a quiet cemetery. In thy cool earth rests much gallant soldiers' blood." The great American scribe Ernest Hemingway also weighed in on the atrocities of battle. Wounded in the battle of Capporetto he used his war time experiences to write books such as, A…. [read more]

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