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Tennis the Number of Movements Essay

… The knee is extended at the knee joint by using the quadriceps femora's muscle. After that, there is rotation of the shoulder laterally and would reach where the ball is coming from. The player will make use of both the external and internal oblique. The movement of the joint would be abduction followed by rotation.


After the arm has been abducted and contact with the ball has been made, the arm would be swung on the shoulder joint. There would be adduction of the body along with somewhat extension on the elbow joint. The shoulder joint would rotate medially as well. In this act, the main sets of muscles that come in action include the lattismus, pectorialis, triceps, deltoid and the bicep muscles.

In…. [read more]

Tennis Shoes Essay

… Tennis shoes can be considered as a necessity for most forms of athletic activities. They constitute the main branch of athletic shoes directed towards sports. Shoes have been designed to suit different lifestyles over the years. This can be observed from the way tennis shoes have developed. The growth of sports as a business has necessitated regular athletic shoes to change into tennis shoes custom fitted to the different categories of sports. Tennis shoes are known by different names, depending on the country. Some of these include sneakers, gym shoe thakkies, joggers and sandshoes. Regardless of their name or variety, the primary purpose of tennis shoes is to ensure safety and comfort for those to use them ("The Forgotten Tennis Shoes History").

The year 1907…. [read more]

Roger Federer Is a Tennis Research Paper

… Finally, for skills, he focuses more on the combination of both definitive and non-definitive skills, as he states, "Your competition is too tough, they are trying too hard," and therefore, it is not simply about physical ability ("Roger Federer on Three Ingredients for Success").

Another source says that stamina, a definitive element, is the source of his success. At 29 years old, Federer is among the aged in the tennis world. However, he refuses to quit the sport he is so successful in and loves to play. In keeping his stamina, he realizes that rest and relaxation are key elements. To keep his stamina up, Federer told ESPN, he makes sure that he does not take longer breaks than when he was a younger tennis…. [read more]

Kinesthetics Movement in the Classroom Research Proposal

… Kinesthetic Intelligence -- and Kinesthetic Learning for Every Child

Most educators are aware that there are different styles of learning. However, this does not mean that they are equally aware of each different style or are equally good at honoring each style of learning. Teachers seem to be able to integrate visual and auditory styles of learning with relative ease. This should not be surprising given that both visual and auditory elements have been a part of traditional pedagogical techniques for decades. However, teachers are probably less likely to include a full range of kinesthetic learning tools. Again, this should not be surprising given that learning-through-movement is something that is in many ways alien to traditional teaching and classroom-management techniques. Indeed, a glimpse into most…. [read more]

Facility Research Red Rock Country Club Term Paper

… Facility Research Red Rock Country Club

Red Rock Country Club Facilities Analysis:

The Red Rock Country Club is a private country club/resort that offers the finest in amenities, including a variety of recreation offerings with a strong focus around golf, other outdoor offerings as well as a variety of social events and opportunities. The Red Rock Country Club Website located at www.redrockcountryclub.comstresses several major offerings of the Club:

Energy, Sport, Relaxation

The most prestigious social calendar in the community, Red Rock Country Club offers an exclusive, truly private setting where Members enjoy an incomparable level of personal attention.


From natural beauty, to world-class amenities, and a wide array of year-round events for Members, Red Rock Country Club offers a privileged few a lifestyle unparalleled…. [read more]

Glory Road Movie Term Paper

… Glory Road Movie

The story of Don Haskins, the long time and Hall of Fame college
basketball coach from Texas Western/UTEP had been largely uncelebrated
until the 2006 release of Glory Road. Directed by James Gartner and
staring Josh Lucas as Coach Haskins, the movie depicts his 1966 National
Championship run as the barrier breaking coach who was the first to start
all black players and win the National Championship. Defeating perennial
power and all white Kentucky, Haskins helped break down the racial barrier
in sports, particularly in the South, and thus by not only playing black
players, but winning with them, the story told in Glory Road is truly an
important event in not only American sports history, but also a story which
sheds…. [read more]

Pilates and Rehabilitation Term Paper

… Pilates Helps Rehab Work

Pilates has skyrocketed in popularity, especially in the last decade, when compared to its humble beginnings in a studio apartment.

What is the reason behind this immediate rise in the popularity of the findings of Joseph Pilates? "The Ball" plays a huge role, without a doubt. For decades, Pilates trainers have known the stability ball is an effective complement to their techniques of body training. "Balance on the Ball. Exercises Inspired by the Teachings of Joseph Pilates," by Elisabeth Crawford is a new text, for instance, that combines the principles of Pilates with core training on the stability ball. (Crawford, 2002)

This text, among many others, demonstrates the core principles of Pilates. Many of the exercises are based on Pilates Mat…. [read more]

Hilsenrath Term Paper

… The recent admission that markets can be less than efficient, in my view, bodes well for the future. For it is likely to lead to more realistic measures of corporate performance, as well as economic theories and management, which may succeed in preventing markets from either overheating or crashing. Ironically, by recognizing that human behavior is often driven by bounded rationality, willpower, and self-interest, economists may now be able to develop models that, in fact, result in markets that are more efficient. In effect, I believe that the answer to current issues lies in efficient market and behavioral economists being able to find a meeting ground especially since both now concede that investors can be irrational, and that the market is not easy to beat!…. [read more]

Smoking Social Marketing Research Proposal

… Social Marketing: Anti-Smoking

Smoking - Social Marketing

Social marketing: 'Unfriending' smoking through a Facebook campaign

Conduct a situational analysis 'If your friend jumped off of a bridge, would you do it?' Perhaps the sobering answer to that question is not simply 'yes,' but that 'if my friend, or my friend's friend did so, I just might take the leap.' In the article "Are your friends making you fat," the authors of the book Connected: The surprising power of our social networks and how they shape our lives reported to the New York Times that social networks have a profound effect on the personal decisions human beings make, spanning everything from when they get married to how much they eat at a buffet-style restaurant (Thompson, 2009,…. [read more]

Kinesiology -- Human Kinetics Dunking Term Paper

… Both feet should be on the ground about a feet away from the hoop.

Hold the ball with both hands and jump as high as you can.

Extend the arms and push the ball through the basket.

Land softly on your feet and get back into the game.

This model can be used as a basis for designing a dunking lesson plan for students. Each student should be asked to do each step. The trainer should check if they adhere to the model and should work with them in areas where they need improvement.

Kinesiology Principles Used in Dunking

The major kinesiology principles used in this action are extension, supination, pronation and flexion. When the player is leaping in the air through the single take-off…. [read more]

Motivation Essay

… Quite often it evidenced that the sum of an individual's behavior and even that of a group are not mutually exclusive self initiated but the after effects of some type of behavior group.

The perfect example here is the actions of a crowd. It is noted that a crowd will behave as to the dictates of the generally accepted behavior for that particular event. In this case, the behavior of a group is motivated by the majority of the membership of that crowd. For instance a group watching soccer will tend to use large noisy instruments, which is the inverse of Tennis fans who will just clap. It is worth noting that the level of satisfaction in both is the same as these the generally…. [read more]

Electronic Disco Hip Hop Detroit Techno Term Paper

… ¶ … musical genres. The research includes various examples of formats like Rap, Techno, Disco and other musical outreaches. By examining the likes of these various genres, we can get an insight into society's trends at the time the particular musical style was most popular. For example, the foundation of Rock and Roll was strongly influenced by the Vietnam War, Free Love and a drug experimentation era. Disco, Rap and techno are no exceptions. There were cultural situations that greatly increased the chances of these styles's success.

Development of electronic music up to 1970.

Many of us know that in 1997, the DVD-Audio standard developed but it comes as quite a surprise to most that the history of electronic music actually began long before there…. [read more]

Personal Training-Exercise Habits Term Paper

… Improvement in any aspect of fitness requires attention to frequency, intensity and volume as adaptations are made to a fitness regimen (Feigenbaum 1997). Frequency is defined as the number of exercise sessions per given time. Volume is the number of units referring to such variables as number of muscles worked, sets, reps or types of intervals performed during a given session. Intensity is the total amount of work performed in the activity in a given time. It must be stressed that for beginner-level fitness participants, increases in any of the three variables at too fast a rate can result in injuries and/or fatigue from overtraining (Campos 2002). For the improvement that "Self" is seeking it is recommended that for the two months, alterations between low…. [read more]

Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients Thesis

… Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients

The goal of the research in this work has as its focus interactions that take place among natural and social groups. This work will study a social group in its natural state and natural setting; ethnography seeks to describe culture in its terms. The statement of thesis in this work is that 'The holistic nature of the practice of acupuncture occurs within a paradigm that critically requires effective communication between the patient and the physician in order to effect successful results from this form of treatment and this is because this type of treatment is 'whole' patient treatment geared toward balance within the individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in what is a 'whole' body treatment method.…. [read more]

Condoleezza Rice Term Paper

… Women's Rights & Issues

Women's Issues and Achievements

Condoleeza Rice and Women's Issues

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant advancements in the pursuit of equal rights in the United States of America has been the great strides that have been made in the area of women's achievements and their ever-increasing importance in government and politics. In the early portion of the 21st century, one of the most significant women in national, and indeed international politics is Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Having come from humble beginnings and faced with race and gender discrimination literally from birth, she has reached the pinnacle of power in the American government and has played a pivotal role in many of the defining moments of the new century. In this…. [read more]

Physics of Baseball Pitches Term Paper

… This drag force is created due to the different air pressures on the back and the front side of the ball. Since it is a frictional force, the drag force will eventually work to slow down the ball. This means that if the velocity of the wind is more, the boundary layer will be peeled off to a bigger extent. This will therefore create a bigger pressure difference causing a lot of drag force to be made.

Now we will look into the spin of the ball. As will be discussed below, spinning the ball really makes a big difference to the pitch. It confuses the batter and makes the path of the ball very dodgy thus making it very difficult to bat. If there…. [read more]

Old, My Parents Term Paper

… "No comment," he said with a smile.

The connection between sprawl and crime is less clear-cut than it seems. Although there is unquestionably a link, it is not clear which is cause and which effect. In 1992, a survey of those who had left New York found that fear of crime was easily the most common reason for moving to the suburbs. Crime causes sprawl, as well as the other way round. Here too the solution may lie not in anti-sprawl policies but in anti-crime ones. And, of course, that is what has happened. Crime rates in many cities have fallen sharply in the 1990s. As a result, the population of many city centers has begun to rise again.

The topic of discussion turned to…. [read more]

Politics in Video Gaming Do Video Games Side With Certain British Political Ideologies Dissertation

… Video games have for a long time been associated with the passage of certain ideologies. The concept of video games has therefore been instrumental in the process of passing certain social and political ideologies. This paper seeks to explore the element and role that the video games play in the process of passing certain political ideologies in the British society. The main aim is therefore to expose the extent to which video games side with certain British political ideologies. This paper begins by analyzing the role that video game play in the passage of general ideologies and then it narrows down to the real specifics that are involved in the process of influencing the British ideologies. The exact parameters are then evaluated and then the…. [read more]

Sport Term Paper

… Oriard relates the "initiation" ritual almost verbatim to accounts of tribal initiation rites of passage for entrance into manhood. He parallels the ritual meals, tribal chief, high priest and ancient heros of primitive initiations to manhood with the structured diet, team captain, team doctor, and former players of a football season's "rite of kinship." (Oriard 1993, p. 199) He notes a passage from J.H. Sears, a former Harvard football player, who detailed his football experience in terms which could almost exactly be derived from a primitive, tribal rite of passage:

The "new boy," a friendless freshman who responds to the call for candidates at the beginning of the fall...quickly discovers in the earliest practices that even the simplest drills are more difficult than they appear,…. [read more]

Orthopedics Arthroscopic Versus Open Rotator Cuff Repair Research Paper



Arthroscopic vs. Open Rotator Cuff

Orthopedics: Arthroscopic vs. Open Rotator cuff repair


Data was compiled to research Arthroscopic vs. open Rotator cuff repair. The findings suggest that regardless of the method utilized for repair there will more than likely be a need for maintenance repairs. Healing time is consistent between the two methods, and cost associated with both procedures is comparable. Researchers have indicated consistently through the research that there is a need for additional therapy of some sort after any procedure has been implemented. However, significant research does indicate that there is a higher level of skill associated with Arthroscopic procedures, this process has proven to be rather effective but intricate…. [read more]

Sports Management Facilities as a Sports Events Research Paper

… Sports Management


As a sports events organizers there is a lot of responsibility that is involved. First would be able to find out the condition of the facilities being used for the baseball game. It would be to look for the best baseball fields. It would be important to make sure that facilities and cleaned for the use and also that they are safe. For example, the benches that the fans will be sitting on have to be secure a clean it there is tall grass on the baseball field. Them it will be my job to make sure that Th baseball field is manicured. The next thing to do would be to make sure everything is prepared such as the preparation (for instance…. [read more]

Comatose Awareness Term Paper

… Comatose Awareness

As medical science evolves, more is learned about the human body. With this knowledge, and the medical practices that naturally stem from this increased knowledge, often comes great moral debate. Of these, coma victims have received much debate, due to the still somewhat mysterious nature of the state. Whether or not medical intervention is appropriate for patients suffering from a persistent vegetative state is one of the most morally and legally debated topics in medicine today, spurred by cases such as Terri Schiavo. In Canada, Robert Kenneth Durksen, a 47-year-old Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer suffered from a coma brought on by severe brain injury in a plane crash in June of 1999. Durksen required intravenous hydration and nutrition to remain alive. Three…. [read more]

Nutrition and Pregnancy: Eating Right Term Paper

… Some of the guidelines consist of:

Start with a healthy diet

Add about 300 calories daily: To support the growing fetus, increase one usual servings of basic foods.

Fruits and vegetables: Four or more servings a day are recommended.

Breads, rice and pasta: Four or more daily servings are recommended, especially whole-grain or enriched breads and cereals.

Milk products: Four or more daily servings are recommended. Yogurt, cottage cheese, custard and cheese can substitute for milk.

Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts: Three or more daily servings. One egg equals one serving.

Foods to avoid

Too much caffeine appears to significantly lower birth weight and contribute to anemia in mother and fetus.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can harm the fetus. Heavy drinkers (four drinks…. [read more]

Women in Sports Essay

… Women in Sports

Sports, as well as other areas of social reality like politics or labor, have been viewed as a man's world for many centuries. As it has happened in politics or human rights, women have always found not only the strength but also the leadership to take things to the next level and create positive change in the way they are seen both by men and by other women.

Women in the times of the ancient Olympics were not only denied access as contestants but were not even allowed to be spectators, sports being considered a show for men. Later, as the Heraea Games appeared, every four years girls and young women had the opportunity to race in various competitions in the same…. [read more]

Psychological Trauma Essay

… The world seems surprised at such unexpected behavior when in actuality; it was an individual who was ill-suited to repress a traumatic event from his past. As such, I partially agree with Slater's argument. In many respects the individual must first identify is they are able to repress their emotions while doing no harm to themselves of society. Otherwise, it would be best to simply vent through conversation to avoid harm to all stakeholder groups.

Is Slater's view of repression consistent with that of Freud's? If not, how does it differ?

Slater's view is somewhat different then that of Freud's. For instance, Freud believed that the mind automatically banishes traumatic events from memory to prevent the accompanying anxiety. Slater however believes individuals make a conscious…. [read more]

Sport Psychology Most Forms of Games Require Term Paper

… Sport Psychology

Most forms of games require not only physical skills but also a very strong mental capacity and these include golf, tennis and skating. According to the view of most coaches, sports are 90% mental and 10% physical. This is very important in athletics where even a difference of a hundredth or a tenth of a second can be the difference between champions and ordinary athletes. The requirement of an extra edge is very important. Thus many psychological techniques are being used by athletes to take them up to the next level. There are uses of imagery in solving different problems in sports is in mental practice of particular performing skills, enhancing confidence and encouraging positive thinking, solving problems, having control over arousal and…. [read more]

Sport: Basketball More Research Paper

… Then each athletes' Peak Power (PP) was calculated as being the highest value over a 5-second period of testing; their mean power was calculated as being the average power via 30 seconds of testing and their fatigue index was determined as being the lowest value over a 5-second period divided by the highest value over a 5-second period were calculated for each participant (Changela, & Bhatt, 2012). One of the greatest assets that this test offers for athletes who specialize in basketball is that it calculates a truly raw score of anaerobic fitness. This is mostly because the test forces the athletes to use muscles that they don't rely on as heavily in ways that they rarely engage in. Such a task gives the trainer…. [read more]

Philosophy of Sports Term Paper

… Philosophy of Sports

But it's good for you!"

An overview of American Sports -- collective and individual anxiety about just having fun

One of the reasons that the ancient Greek ideal of sports came into being is no doubt the individualistic nature of Greek physical excellence, as embodied by the first Olympic Games. Ancient Olympic, Greek athletes competed in sports such as boxing, horse and foot races, wrestling, and the events of modern track and field, including the contemporary Olympic pursuits of the shot-put and the discus. Even the modern ideal of national excellence was absent from the first, Greek games, "The ancient Olympics were rather different from the modern Games. There were fewer events, and only free men who spoke Greek could compete, instead…. [read more]

Nanotechnology Is the Predictable Capability to Form Term Paper

… Nanotechnology is the predictable capability to form things from the base level by the application of the tools and methods that are being devised presently to set each of the atoms and molecules in its desire place. When such type of development is accomplished in the sphere of molecular engineering, that seems likely, it gives rise to manufacturing revolution. (Introduction to Nanotechnology) We are required to concentrate on this meticulously and on the potential scopes and risks involved in it.

Intro to Nanotechnology-past, present, future, benefits, drawbacks


Richard Feynman, an imminent Nobel Prize winning physicist gave a renowned speech in the year 1959 disagreeing that the laws of physics do not control man's capacity to control single atoms and molecules. He explained an apparition…. [read more]

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