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Tenure Mixed Methods Post-Tenure Review: Research Questions Dissertation

… Tenure Mixed Methods

Post-Tenure Review: Research Questions

What changes in organizational structure occurred after tenure was granted?

The primary intention behind this research question is to determine if there is a distinctive behavioral or professional change which occurs once an individual is granted tenure to the extent that changes occur organization-wide. Such is to say that a primary point of contention in the debate over tenure relates to the criticism that individuals who are granted tenure tend to become complacent with respect to providing meaningful teaching or instruction. This accusation is predicated on the idea that those who attain the tenure status will abuse the professional security thereby granted by gradually or even rapidly declining in attentiveness, dedication and overall quality. The research question here…. [read more]

Post Tenure Review Post-Tenure Review: Envisioned Research Essay

… Post Tenure Review

Post-Tenure Review: Envisioned Research

Tenure is a practice which was originally put into action as a way to protect professional educators against administrative imposition, politically-motivated job insecurity and external threats to academic freedom. For educational professionals working in higher education settings especially, this is a deeply guarded practice that provides for continuity, consistency and experience amongst staffs and faculties. This same practice has come under heavy criticism in recent years though, with students, communities, administrators and public office holders volleying blame for low test scores, poor student performance, diminished overall university performance and other negative academic indicators. Among the many culprits which have been identified as we troubleshoot our educational system, educators have been subjected to significant measures of scrutiny and with…. [read more]

Annotated Bibliography of 10 Web Sites Annotated Bibliography

… Tenure Bibliography

"Tenure." National education association. Accessed 8 September 2009.

This website provides an overview of the current tenure situation, noting that tenure-track positions are going unfilled as they are vacated due to retirement with short-term and temporary contracts being implemented in tenure's stead. A basic summary of the sides of the tenure issue (protecting the freedom to teach vs. guaranteeing immunity) is also provided. This site also makes the NEA's position in favor of tenure quite clear. The NEA provides many links to articles in their own publications as well as elsewhere that document the decline of the tenure system in the recent decade and the dangers that this poses (according to the association) to higher education in this country. These links also…. [read more]

Teacher Tenure Should Be Abolished Essay

… But as the system currently exists, tenure only serves one group of persons -- the teachers who possess it -- and hurts aspiring new teaching candidates as well as students.

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Ayala, Eva-Marie & Mark Agee. "Prospective teachers may have difficulty finding jobs next year." Star Telegram. 8 Oct 2008. [13 Mar 2012]

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Taylor, Mark. "Unsustainable and indefensible." The New York…. [read more]

Educator's Perception of Tenure Essay

… , (2008) found that significant gender inequality exists, with respect to tenure, in fields in which women are the majority of students, doctorates, and professionals in practice. In the study, the main demographics to be considered are gender, relationship status, partner's level of involvement, and family background (spouse's education level included). In effect, it is clear that gender inequality issues will drastically effect perceptions of tenure and post-tenure review.

In Williams and Williams (2006), a qualitative online interviewing approach is implemented as a method to investigate the perceptions of 32 African-American male faculty at predominately white institutions in order to comment on the needs for improving support systems and mechanisms for promotion and tenure. The study revealed the absolute significance of what it calls "social…. [read more]

Evaluating Websites Thesis

… Education

Evaluating Websites

When evaluating a web site there are very specific things that should be looked at in order to determine if it is effective and useful. The first thing to look at is that of authority. It should be determined if the web site has an author or a sponsor and if this person or organization is reputable. The second thing to look at is that of accuracy. It needs to be determined if the web site is reliable and error free. The third thing to look at is that of objectivity. It is important to see if the information on the page is biased in any way. Another thing that needs to be looked at is that of currency. The page should…. [read more]

Practicality of Tenure and the Affect on the Organization Essay

… Affective Tenure

Affective Organizational Commitment and Tenure

Affective organizational commitment is derived from the sense of an employee that his or her organization meets the emotional and psychological needs related to the terms of employment. In the context of education, our research considers the relationship between affective commitment and the continued erosion of tenure.

The text by Wriston (1940) is particularly compelling on this subject because of its age and its relatively philosophical tone. Wriston weighs the question of academic tenure with a particularly scholarly and discursive approach, revealing a similar set of dimensions to the debate today as existed generations ago. Wriston remarks that while academic freedom is a valuable asset to the pursuit of education, it is not without its problematic dimensions. As…. [read more]

Negative Aspects and Perceptions of the Tenure Essay

… ¶ … negative aspects and perceptions of the tenure system have led to the implementation of many so-called "post-tenure review" processes in the vast majority of states' public college and university systems and many private institutions of higher education, as well (Wood & Jarlais, 2006). This research will attempt to ascertain and define the effects of these post-tenure review processes and policies, specifically attempting to locate evidence regarding the effects on teaching, research, academic freedom, and institutional culture that such practices and policies have. Research will take place at several large public and private higher-education institutions, using samples sizes of no less than fifty tenured and non-tenured instructors, students, and administrators in separated research samples, on both a quantitative and qualitative basis in an attempt…. [read more]

Examining Worldviews Thesis

… Post-Tenure Review

The Four Worldviews: Perspectives on Current Faculty and Public Attitudes toward Post-Tenure Review Practices

Post-tenure review has become, in the past decade or so, an additional evaluative tool for faculty in higher education. The reason for post-tenure review implementation was the public disappointment with the tenure system, which included the review of tenured faculty in order to define their eligibility and progress and the desire to assist the faculty members and further development. Faculty, administration, students, and the general public all have very different perspectives on the issue of post-tenure review, however, and there is a high level of disagreement on the matter even within these groups on certain issues. A hypothetical discussion of four prevailing worldviews in current education theory in relation…. [read more]

Post Tenure Review Research Proposal

… Tenure Biblio

Kratz, A.R. (2005). The effectiveness of post-tenure review practices in Texas graduate institutions as perceived by academic deans (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX.

This study identifies the main motivation and impetus behind post-tenure reviews as the maintenance of standards of quality in teaching positions, as is evidenced by a general consensus of professors and administrators at the several institutions discussed. External pressures regarding continued accountability are also cited as a primary reason such practices are undertaken. Different formats and delivery schedules of post-tenure reviews are reviewed for efficacy, and such reviews generally have very mixed results. The assertion that effective post-tenure review is enormously time consuming and expensive is commonly made.

Jaschik, S. (2009). Defeating post-tenure review. Retrieved November…. [read more]

Education Law Education 520 Business Term Paper

… g., upon promotion from associate professor to professor, or upon entering on a permanent position at another institution); (5) dismissal for cause" (Tenure policy, 2012, Carnegie Mellon).

Tenure is usually bestowed by a department based upon a faculty member's establishment of scholarship in the field, student evaluations, and commitment to his or her department and the university. Being hired in a tenure-track position does not automatically grant an instructor tenured status; rather tenure is something that must be conveyed by the department after a formal review.

Dismissal policy

Non-tenured employees can be dismissed 'at will,' or based upon the decisions of their supervisors, not simply due to negligence of duties but also because of such factors as the need for cost-cutting within certain departments. In…. [read more]

Dealing the Effects of Never Moving From an Adjunct Faculty Position Case Study

… Education -- Psychological Effects of Delayed Promotion

Understanding the Fundamental Role of Contemporary Educators

Traditionally, the education field is one where the individual devotes himself to a higher philosophical purpose than direct remuneration or other tangible forms of compensation. The rewards of a career in education include the opportunity to contribute to the intellectual development of others and to the betterment of society by contributing to the development of thousands of qualified professionals over the course of a typical academic teaching career. Certainly, there are also benefits to a teaching career; nevertheless, in many respects, the choice to pursue a teaching career entails certain altruistic sacrifices on the part of individuals who go into teaching as a profession.

Ideally, all stakeholders, including educational institutions, students,…. [read more]

Tenure: What Should the President Do? Two Thesis

… Tenure: What should the President do?

Two issues must be kept into consideration by the President. First and foremost, he must make sure all actions were legal that transpired over the course of the process of not granting the professor tenure. Secondly, he must also try to avoid the appearance of impropriety to uphold the reputation of the university. Regarding the legal aspects of tenure, the Department of Social Sciences was within its right not granting tenure to the professor for the stated reasons. The professor's concentration is in economics, and has been critical of the approach taken by the department, which advocates a more interdisciplinary approach. His previous position was that of a tenured economics professor.

Usually, when professor appeal their failure to grant…. [read more]

Rise of Technology-Mediated Learning Systems Research Paper

… Nonetheless even though access to funding is one inspiration, it is not the single reason for the heightened awareness in corporate-academic businesses. There are some universities that put the emphasis on particular areas of applied research, for instance, while others give out instruction that is tailored to the exclusive necessities of specific career paths, providing corporate partner's admission to exceedingly trained, "job-ready" applicants. SonomaState University's Mr. Scalise makes the point: "Campuses that are small usually are not able to compete with bigger universities when it comes to information technology accounts, so they have to discover other ways to distinguish ourselves, through niche contributions.

Even though university participants look at technology as having a big positive influence on their campuses, they are also able to acknowledge…. [read more]

New Education the Current Crisis in Global Article

… New Education

The current crisis in global education focuses on the potential demise of Humanities in higher education. According to Pokrovskii 2007, "Looking at the general situation, it is reasonable to say that university education is shunting humanities discourse aside. Simply put, our college students come to the universities to acquire useful knowledge that will give them access to sources of capital as effectively and quickly as possible" (Pokrovskii, 2007)

An investment into a Humanities education is not seen as a great return on investment dollars. Students today exact the type of education that will pay big dividends career wise. Many see the money that business majors, notably accounting and investment finance majors receive. Additionally, many see economics as the natural course to study law…. [read more]

Distance Education in Assessing the Strengths Thesis

… Distance Education

In assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various forms of distance education and its progression from manually-oriented approaches to electronically-enabled teaching platforms, it is clear that Chere Campbell Gibson's vision of how information enables greater long-term learning is happening today. At the center of Gibson's vision of learning is the opportunity for students to get away from rote memorization and engage in problem solving through interdisciplinary experiences. Ultimately technology can be an enabler of greater learning and the potential of giving students the flexibility of creating knowledge as well, and this is the catalyst of Chere Campbell Gibson's view of technology as an enabler of more effective teaching and learning. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of…. [read more]

Business of Education Term Paper

… for-Profit Education vs. Non-Profit Education












Opinion of students in for-profit institutions

Quite Agree

Quite Disagree

I believe that my education has helped me in recognizing and acting on my civic responsibilities towards my society and country

I believe that the government needs to increase the total financial aid expenditure allocated for education without decreasing the percentage of funds assigned to non-profit institutions

I believe that my choice to study in a for-profit institute will help me get a higher pay scale and widen my work spectrum

I believe…. [read more]

Education the Underrepresentation of Minorities Essay

… , 2000). One reason for the phenomenon is increased indebtedness among junior minority faculty, due to greater socio-economic structural inequities. "The greater debt burden accumulated by URM students may influence them to choose higher-paid specialties," (Palepu, et al., 2000, p. 157).

There is some cause for hope, due to increasing awareness of the problem. Many universities and institutes of higher learning are implementing human resources strategies that are improving the experiences of underrepresented minority faculty. The most important human resources strategy to improve the job outlook and satisfaction for first year faculty is mentoring. "The role of mentoring has been identified as one of the significant factors in addressing this underrepresentation," (Kosoko-Lasaki, et al., 2006, p. 1449). Mentoring especially benefits first year faculty, because the…. [read more]

Remain Gaps in That Literature Chapter

… Since the post-tenure review is only now coming of an age where it can be empirically evaluated, the proposed study should contribute to the evaluative effort by supplying data that will assist those in power to make decisions to improve or enhance the current method of evaluating instructors who have achieved tenure. The proposed study seeks to benefit a number of stakeholders; university and college instructors, educational institutions, students, funding entities and the general public. A recent study determined that "unfortunately, evaluations of scholarship, teaching and service do not always explicitly express the power relationships that the evaluated individual maintains with the other members of the institution" (Di leo, 2005, p. 100). If it is true that post-tenure reviews do not take a look at…. [read more]

Post-Tenure Review: A Research Design Thesis

… Post-Tenure Review: A Research Design

Post-tenure review is believed to be that, which serves as a mechanism to gauge the productivity of an individual, in this case, of faculty member with the end goal of encouraging sustained performance at this prime level (The Texas A&M University System, n.d.). The issue of post-tenure review has sparkled debates for quite some time now with three directions of contentions: one which says that leave the post-tenure review as is, another claiming that review policy should be maintained but make necessary changes, while the last in contention argues that it should be scrapped altogether. Surrounding this contention are the following issues: the need to evaluate faculty performance, the need to update the review processes and make it more relevant,…. [read more]

Measurement in Mixed Methods Design Thesis

… ¶ … Post Tenure Review

The issue of post-tenure review gives rise to a wide divergence of perspectives. As a measure designed to prevent the abuses of the tenure system that are alleged to protect professors who are inherently lazy, unmotivated and declining in capability with age, it is widely debated both on the grounds of its philosophical imperative and its practicality. With both of these called into question be a collective faculty class which viewed post-tenure review as an attack on academic freedom and earned job security, the proposed study here would proceed to engage the thesis that there is little evidence to suggest that post-tenure review is effective at improving the educational conditions which it is intended to address. Indeed, "institutions have had…. [read more]

Post Tenure Post-Tenure Review: Survey Instrument Evaluation Essay

… Post Tenure

Post-Tenure Review: Survey Instrument Evaluation

The ongoing focus of the present research engagement is the variant of perspectives which exist on the subject of post-tenure review. This range of varying opinions is a direct function of the continuing debate over the subject of tenure itself, with far-ranging views advocating the protection, undermining or reform of this system in higher education. The study here by Wood & Johnsrud (2005) offers a survey-driven methodology that is intended to catalogue and clarify this array of perspectives on the subject.

As we consider the methodology utilized by the authors of the present study, it is appropriate to make note of the design of the study and the particular components that would ultimately be incorporated into the design…. [read more]

Post-Tenure Review Research: Ethical Concerns Thesis

… Post-Tenure Review Research: Ethical Concerns

When conducting exploratory research upon human subjects, the researcher must always weigh the potential benefits of the research with the potential costs that might be incurred by the individuals under scrutiny. The proposed topic of research, of "Post-tenure review," can yield valuable knowledge for professors, departments, and students alike. As institutions of higher learning are being forced to educate students with fewer financial resources, instituting procedures to target the most effective faculty, and improve pedagogical procedures amongst tenured faculty is essential.

Such research does not present some of the ethical problems of medical or scientific experimental research: there are no physical risks to the subjects. However, privacy concerns are an important ethical issue that may be of concern to professors,…. [read more]

History of Federal Aid to Education Term Paper

… ¶ … history of federal aid to education in the United States. The reader will gain sound knowledge about the history of this federal aid program through a detailed account

Education is the primary responsibility of a nation. It is the nation that established educational institutions along with the private and public sectors putting in their part. For the school year 2004-2005 it is estimated that the State, private and local sources contribute 90% of the total value spent on education throughout the nation which amounts to approximately $909 billion. This shows that the contribution by the federal department was approximately 10%.

The Department of Education came into existence in 1867 whose role was to collect information and compile data on the schools and the…. [read more]

External Internal Construct Validity Thesis

… ¶ … participating in post-tenure review, one primary concern consists of the need to ensure that envisioned research is conducted within the limits and expectations of acceptable statistical methodology. Because of the potential conflicts of cultural differences in faculty oversight (Wood and Johnsrud, 2001), the need to understand and promote objective research methodology is crucial to faculty adhesion. Through controlling such factors as research validity through appropriate methodological constraints, the researcher can avoid some of the potential pitfalls of cultural disagreements which may arise in the absence of such controls. Therefore, this brief paper will consider the role of design validity, specifically focusing on external, construct, and internal validity, as a means of facilitating discussions involved in post-tenure review. Through definition of the concepts and…. [read more]

Policy Issues in Education Article Review

… In fact StudentsFirst recommends that teachers should be paid based on "performance" and not on "experience or the attainment of a master's degree," Rich points out. Moreover, some states, like Idaho, have passed legislation that eliminates tenure entirely; Idaho also introduced "performance pay" for teachers based on evaluations and test scores, but voters overturned that legislation in a referendum (Rich, p. 2).

There are critics that believe StudentsFirst is out to get publicity by attacking the school system. The chief deputy superintendent of California schools is Richard Zeiger, and he stated that StudentsFirst "…is an organization that frankly makes its living by asserting that schools are failing" (Rich, p. 2). Zeiger is blunt when he says that the "F" rating California received from StudentsFirst is…. [read more]

Staff Development Plan Essay

… The best professional development activity also includes inter-learning institutions corporation strategy with the aim of developing human resource within the higher education sector. Inter-Institutions Corporation will facilitate learning and gaining experience by small institutions. Inexperienced institution can learn how to develop, design and deliver professional development programs. Developing a network among the institutions in the nation will facilitate developing and drafting strategies for faculty staff development and even direct exchanging of staffs between members of the network. It also facilitates joint participation in workshops and meetings training.

Support staffs are necessary in achieving the mission and goals of higher learning institutions. Support staff compliments the work of the faculty staff in delivering the mission and purpose for existence of a learning institution. Proper motivation of…. [read more]

How Hard Can it Be? Goofing Off to Become a Doctor Case Study

… Rodriguez, 411 U.S. 1, 35 -- 37 (1973), or to a graduate education, as in Galdikas v. Fagan, 342 F.3d 684, 688 -- 89 (7th Cir. 2003) and Spiegla v. Hull, 371 F.3d 928 (7th Cir. 2004). These cases a pivotal to decisions made regarding property interest, and procedural and substantive due process.

Reasoning: The court determined that Charleston did not present sufficient facts in his complaint to permit the court "to draw the reasonable inference that the defendant is liable for the misconduct alleged." Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 556 U.S. 662, 678 (2009). Charleston was not explicit about the terms of his implied contract, and so could not establish a legally protected entitlement to his continued medical education. Bissessur v. Ind. Univ. Bd. Of Trs.,581…. [read more]

Universities and Colleges Thesis

… Universities and Colleges.

It has been suggested that colleges and universities are poorly run, but highly efficient

"What sense do you make of that statement and do you agree or disagree based on your own prior experiences in higher education?" agree absolutely -- the college admissions process alone is testimony to the veracity of this statement. Colleges and universities 'pitch' themselves to a wide array of students, to encourage them to pay their admission fee to apply. This generates revenue for the university, and improves university ratings on the College Board site and in U.S. News and World Report, as it can turn away more qualified applicants and seem more selective. Then, students come to the university with only an unclear idea of what university…. [read more]

America Does Not Take Education Essay

… " However, currently there is very little that causes forced excellence in education. Teachers who attain tenure are safe from being let go almost regardless of the job they do.

There are many measurable indicators that underscore the fact that America is not serious about education. One of the most tangible bits of evidence is offered by way of standardized test scores in many areas of the nation. The results of educational neglect are staggering. Today, nearly 70% of inner-city and rural 4th graders cannot read at a basic level (Armey, 2001). "

Public schools are not threatened by bad performance. The states do not take education seriously and it shows in the sliding abilities of many schools in America. It is something that needs…. [read more]

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