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Electoral College and Freedom of Religion Essay

… Government

Though many citizens of the United States are under the impression that the national popular vote every four years leads directly to the election of the President, but in reality the popular vote simply elects electors to the Electoral College, which then votes for the President. Almost all states (Nebraska and Maine are the only two exceptions) have a winner-takes-all rule, whereby the winner of the popular vote receives all of that state's electoral votes. The number of electors from each state is dependent on that state's population, and this means that the winner-takes-all rule can have major effects on the outcome of the Electoral College's vote. California, for example, has 55 electoral votes, and even if the popular vote is split 51% to…. [read more]

Termination of the Republican Government Term Paper

… The new cabinet included the influential media mogul Alfred Hugenberg, who was chairman of the (also right-wing) DNVP party at the time.

When Hindenburg was finally presented this plan, he appointed Hitler to be the new Reichskanzler on January 30, 1933. Although he was fiercely anti-Nazi and had defeated Hitler in the 1932 presidential election, he reluctantly agreed to von Papen's theory that, with Nazi popular support on the wane, Hitler could now be controlled as chancellor. The date dubbed Machtergreifung (seizure of power) by the Nazi propaganda is commonly seen as the beginning of Nazi Germany.

The formation of Hitler's conservative-Nazi coalition government and its rapid transformation into a Nazi dictatorship within a matter of months illustrates two central features of Nazi politics: on…. [read more]

Booker T. Washington Term Paper

… It is concluded that a dearth of widely held comprehension of the abilities and aspects of propaganda has complicated its use as an effective foreign policy instrument.

Contemporary Political Communications: Audiences, Politicians and the Media in International Research

Sally Young, Saskia Bourne and Stephanie Younane

This article investigates the rapid expansion of research focusing on political communication, differentiating between quantitative and utilitarian studies to encompass a wide variety of research questions and theoretical frameworks. The article seeks to chart and analyze data pertaining to technological advancement in an age of globalized political communication through interconnected media.

Political Communication and Social Theory

Darren G. Lilleker

This article examines the concept of the crisis debate in the context of political communication as an established method of justifying…. [read more]

Understanding Public Policy Essay

… ¶ … Public Policy

Depending upon the context of the public policy, such as social, military, political, or healthcare, the policy development process may differ. Public policy can be generally defined as a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives (Kilpatrick, 2000). With certainty, the policy making development process requires evaluation, which may be qualitative or quantitative, such as outcome data or perhaps in the form of consumer research (i.e. focus groups, surveys). Consumer research is the most frequently used to understand or to evaluate public policy issues (Hastak, et al., 2001). Policies evaluation refers to the process of measuring and assessing the impacts and merits of government policies,…. [read more]

Immigration Reform Essay

… Undocumented laborers are seen as hard working people trying to get ahead in life, something that appeals to a lot of people but especially to those within the Hispanic community, as they can relate to such an experience.

Then there are conservative voters, those take a strong anti-immigrant view in general, and therefore stand against efforts for immigration reform. Legal immigrants who otherwise are left-leaning even take this view, because they were willing to go through the onerous legal channels. They might support elements of immigration reform that would streamline those channels, but little else. The issue of amnesty is often a non-starter for conservatives and legal immigrants.

With respect to understanding the voters, some interesting trends emerge. On the issue of amnesty, most Hispanics…. [read more]

Political Framing in the US Term Paper

… Although the street game seems significantly vicious, this research cannot ignore the significance of stage speech in illuminating on the nature of politics. Box-Steffensmeier (2012) classifies Obama-Romney framing with a clear empathy for Romney side. The game frame emphasized the candidates' debate preparation strategies. In any case, the emphasis frames are treated as a contest against individuals and not a platform to present their ideologies. For instance, the announcement "Romney had to prepare harder for the debates than Obama" is a critical blow that seeks to explain that Romney was not prepared for the heat in the Oval Room. Conversely, Romney camp is responsive to the nature of criticism directed towards Romney as an individual. Romney is quick to bail himself out as an underdog…. [read more]

Rome One Could Be Important Essay

… I picture myself being led on into vaster...depths with every forward step. The task undertaken seemed to grow less with the completion of the early stages; now, in anticipation, it seems almost to increase as I proceed (ibid., 288)"

Foreign affairs (Rome's expansion) shaped the social order at home (the struggle of the orders), and vice versa. For instance, in Mellor, Livy, ambassadors were sent out from Rome to Athens to study their laws, a situation that led directly to the formation of a law code in Rome which helped to quell domestic disturbances (ibid., 215-217). Livy's thesis of a struggle of the orders is an over- simplification of a highly complex series of events that had no single cause. This can be seen as…. [read more]

Racial Discrimination With the Northern Essay

… 18). They did not vote for the Liberal Party in the state of federal elections, and formed no part of his real constituency. Noel Pearson, a neoliberal Aboriginal intellectual, was the only leader he listened to, not least because he was widely considered "a traitor to the Leftist ideology Aborigines were expected to cling to" (Toohey, p. 19). Pearson argued that Intervention was necessary on the grounds of "safety and security in these communities…overriding concerns about individual and communal rights" (Jennett, p. 122). He also offered congenial advice about individualism, self-sufficiency, reduction of welfare-state dependency and expanding the market economy that Howard found naturally congenial. After all, his ideology was part of the Reagan-Thatcher return to laissez-faire that had dominated the English-speaking world for the…. [read more]

Police Reform in Post-Authoritarian Brazil Thesis

… 2) This particular research will also be of immense help for policy formulators in metropolitan police departments and in police departments of small vicinities, in making effectual judgment regarding relevant development.

3) The material along with the conclusion of this particular study will certainly enhance and modernize the methodologies of the investigations linked to job performance and challenges related to police development in Brazil.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Section 1: Police and Crime in Brazil

Since the last ten years the focus of the Brazilian establishment concerning the protection of the civil society has been on the conglomeration out of three immense spectrums: (a) the police department, essential constituent of numerous problems and possibly the recurrent performer in every region of urban space; (b) violent…. [read more]

National Interest as a Key Essay

… Hence, such condition debilitates a country's stance of negotiations with its peers; therefore political figures should not indulge in political leaning when formulating a national interest strategy or a foreign policy.

In an investigation conducted by Gowa (1998, 321), on the implementation of American armed forces in foreign territories, has asserts that a country's status relating to its utilization of armed influence overseas is a vital constituent of its national security. Because status can diminish swiftly, endeavours to manoeuvre the implementation of force overseas for short-run aims can impose hefty long-term costs. Hence, when the subject of national security crops up then there is a phenomenon of, tactical political leaning cessation (Gowa, 1998, 307).

A couple of focal schemes are implemented to explicate the deviations…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Formulation Essay

… The Republican supported the bill on the premise that public employee benefits have been more generous beyond what the New Jersey State can afford and need to be reduced. Moreover, they argued that the bill would achieve two major objectives i.e. assisting the State's taxpayers and ensuring that health and retirement benefits are available for public employees in the coming years.

On the contrary, Democrat lawmakers attempted to stall the enactment of the legislation through technicalities and amendments. While most of their efforts were unfruitful, they successfully convinced other major lawmakers to eliminate a controversial provision limiting public employees' access to out-of-state clinical care (Megerian & Renshaw, 2011). Regardless of the opposition, the bill was enacted into law after being voted on in the Senate,…. [read more]

Federal Contracts Awarded to Boeing Essay

… The third direct costs to be incurred by the Boeing Company in the Tanker Contract are the costs of direct labor. After being awarded the contract, the firm stated that the project will create approximately 50,000 jobs in the United States. As a result, the company will incur the costs of direct labor in the development of the new airplane.

On the contrary, the contractor will also incur indirect costs that are described as costs remaining to be allocated after direct costs have been determined and charged directly to the deal or other work. The determination of indirect costs is achieved through the application of an overhead factor to the total cost and labor in order to provide a total job cost estimate. The three…. [read more]

Enron's Misleading Accounting & Fraud Tactics Thesis

… Enron was the seventh-largest corporation in the world. Enron Company was divided into five distinct parts including; Wholesale Services, Transportation and Distribution, Broadband Services, Retail Energy Services, and Corporate and Other. By the late 1990's, Enron had gone from a gas pipeline company to an energy trading company and then to a company based on trading gas, oil, water, forest products, minerals, broadband, and any other product that could be made into a commodity. Ultimately, the company began trading derivatives. Derivatives are useful because they provide a hedge against future business risks such as hikes in oil prices, changes in interest rates. When used legitimately derivatives can be beneficial to a company. The paper endeavored to explain the tactics that Enron used to evade detection…. [read more]

Abortion in Politics the Argument Term Paper

… (Davis et al. 283-306)

The separation of State and the Church implies, in principle, the recognition of the existence of a separate and independent civil society of the State. Second, is a relative notion between two realities which require the State to define precisely, especially with legal or political disputes? It is the State and not the Church, which is required to define the scope and limits of secularism. (Davis et al. pp283-306)

As noted by the "Boston Globe" (09/10/00) in the first debate between George Bush and Republican candidate Al Gore echoed the words of John Paul II by declaring that as president he would try to reduce abortion and promote a "culture of life." While not all viewers realized the origin of the…. [read more]

Retirement Portability Term Paper

… Retirement portability is a hot topic globally; as the economy forces job-hopping work life habits on more and more workers, it is necessary to be able to accrue funds for retirement; under traditional pension plans, retirement funding was lost when workers changed companies. The advent of the 402(k) changed that for companies that offered the plans; however, it also pushed more of the burden of retirement planning and preparation onto the wage earner. For low-wage earners, this was difficult because they often had nothing to put aside. The problem of portability is not unique to the United States, and it is likely there are lessons to be learned concerning achieving fairness, adequacy and efficiency in pensions, based on mandatory, universal, portable plans.


Establish a…. [read more]

Navigating Abortion Care Ethics for Nursing Professionals Thesis

… From the perspective of the NRLC, the 3,000 mother-helping centers that have been established around the country undermine the proposition that unwanted children actually exist. These centers provide crisis intervention for pregnant women, including medical assistance, educational opportunities, housing, and when available, job training. In addition, the NRLC reports that there are up to 36 couples waitlisted for every adoption taking place in this country. In light of these statistics and from the perspective of the NRLC, an unwanted birth is nothing more than a convenient argument to justify infanticide and fill the bank accounts of abortionists.

The fourth main prochoice argument discussed by the NRLC is that ending legalized abortion will not end abortion, because abortions will be performed illegally (Turner & Balch, 2013).…. [read more]

Adoption Gay Term Paper

… Gay Adoption

Adoption is an important social and legal process whereby children without parents are placed in homes and given full status as members of a family. Adoption goes beyond the sort of temporary placement that is common in foster homes and is seen to serve the needs of the children, to benefit the adoptive parents, and to strengthen society. Adoption for many people stands as the only viable option they have to become parents because they cannot conceive on their own, and yet there are usually far more children in need of adoptive parents than there are parents. Some children are harder to place than others, usually because they are older, and adoptive parents prefer small children as a rule. Children who have certain…. [read more]

Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal Research Paper

… Nixon and Watergate

It was the Presidential Crisis of Richard Nixon, though, that seemed to shape the way the world viewed America in the 1970s. The so-called "Watergate Affair" encompassed a number of secret, and illegal, activities sanctioned by President Nixon or his aids. In brief, Nixon hired some underlings to break into the Democratic Party Headquarters (The Watergate Hotel) on June 17, 1972. They were tasked to gather secret information to be used against the Democrats in the upcoming election. Watergate, however, simply became a symbol of the numerous scandals that were uncovered by reporters from the Washington Post and elsewhere. Nixon, of course, downplayed the scandal, but when tapes of conversations were found, it became clear that Nixon himself had accepted illegal campaign…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in the Middle Term Paper

… The pro-Israel camp has its own lobbies, organizations, think tanks, magazines, support groups, Internet user groups, etc. that strives hard to establish that the Arabs are wrong and they are right. The Israelis pose to be more outstanding in morality than the Arabs. Similarly the lobbies, organizations, think tanks, magazines, support groups, Internet user groups, etc. existing in the side of pro-Arab camps strives hard to establish that the Israelis are wrong and they are right. They also announce in similar fashion that they are morally more upstanding in comparison to the Israelis. Both of the groups are accusing each other labeling allegation that the other is morally deficient, the other is not acting nicely and because of the other that they are not arriving…. [read more]

Catholic Church Public Policy in Spain and US Thesis

… As I previously mentioned, the Spanish population is religiously homogeneous. Roman Catholics compose of 99% of the population, while the remaining 1% of the population is composed of those belonging to Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist faiths. In relation to other countries in the European Union, Spain boasts one of the most "religious" populations. As data from a study of religiosity in the European shows, as late as 1982, only Ireland surpasses Spain in religious practice. Further, by the end of the decade, the percentage of individuals identifying themselves as "religious persons" ranged from a low of 48% in Denmark to 72% in the Irish Republic. The Spanish percentage of 68% exceeded all other countries except Ireland, Portugal and Greece. In stark contrast to the…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Surrounding Abortion Notwithstanding Term Paper

… In Virginia the Republican-dominated legislature earlier this year wrote legislation that requires "women to have a transvaginal ultrasound before they may have an abortion," (Glionna, 2012). The idea behind this legislation is apparently that when a woman sees the picture created by the ultrasound she will see a fetus and perhaps feel so guilty she won't want to carry through with the abortion. Or her moral side will kick in, and she will change her mind. Is it ethical for lawmakers to force a woman to have an ultrasound prior to a legal abortion? That in itself is another questions to be pondered; in the case of Virginia, the governor, Republican Bob McDonnell "ultimately rejected the mandatory transvaginal procedure" (Glionna, p. 1).

In Mississippi, a…. [read more]

Gay Rights: Today's Civil Rights Challenge Thesis

… Gay Rights: Today's Civil Rights Challenge

The conservatism of America's identity has often come to clash violently with the progressivism of its ideology, with the end result, optimistically speaking, bringing the two sides into closer congress with one another. Today, this struggle is ongoing for many groups. Highly publicized and continually underprivileged amongst them is America's homosexual demographic. Still subjected explicitly to a public discourse in which their characteristics inherently relegate them to deviant, minority status, the gay and lesbian communities are currently very deeply engaged in a struggle for acknowledgement under a more sociologically sound identity. The movement for improved political unity, legal status and social treatment revolves on the appropriate correlation between civil rights and homosexuality. Typically, those who have worked to obstruct…. [read more]

Patriot Act Why Americans Embrace Essay

… Patriot Act

Why Americans Embrace the Patriot Act

Many Americans were convinced to embrace the Patriot Act in spite of its violations of the Constitution because at their core Americans had already embraced the philosophy of Rousseau and Adam Smith, which go hand in American society. The Constitution had been written in order to protect individuals from the tyranny of a central power, a tyranny which might inhibit their desire to pursue "life, liberty and happiness." But in the 21st century, "life, liberty and happiness" are virtually guaranteed by an automated, consumerist, self-centered, "self-fulfilling" culture in which opiates, entertainment and education are "freely" administered to an increasingly dependent welfare, or "nanny," state. In this respect, the Constitution is a relic that means nothing and the…. [read more]

Guantanamo Bay Term Paper

… An additional 16 voted for the Cuban independence measure and abstained from the Platt Amendment (Mellen, 2004). These votes from the hypocritical members of the Senate would have defeated the Platt Amendment had they not changed their position so drastically (Mellen, 2004).

The U.S. intent to use the Platt amendment as the means to legitimize control over Cuba was not a hidden agenda (Mellen, 2004). Congressman Corliss of Michigan stated: "I am construed to vote for the amendment with reference to the island of Cuba, because I believe that the adoption thereof will insure the continuance of our sovereignty. I am unalterably opposed to the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States over the island of Cuba" (Mellen, 2004). Congressman C.E. Littlefield of Maine…. [read more]

Legendary "American Dream" Is Home Ownership Research Paper

… ¶ … legendary "American Dream" is home ownership. From the beginning of the republic, the right to own real estate in the United States has been recognized as an important right of all citizens, rich and poor (Mozilo). Many of those who originally settled in America did so simply so that they would have the right to own property and to haves such ownership be protected by the government. In many ways, it was residential real estate that contributed to the process that eventually made the United States into the powerful nation that it is today. The one asset that the new nation had was real estate and it was that real estate that provided revenue for the young government. Through the sale of frontier…. [read more]

Speech of a Public Institution Essay

… b. I was also intrigued by Darwin being aided in his concept of evolutionary thinking of nature as a branched tree. Had he initiated another metaphor for nature, would his concept of evolution have differed?

c. It taught me too that innovation of theory or in fact of anything can be aided by creating metaphors.

2. Dan Meyer, Math Makeover

a. I have often thought that approaching math from a real-life perspective and showing its pragmatism in real life would be enormously more helpful than teaching it as a tired subject via numbers. The video reinforced my impression.

b. Even if math were taught as a real subject form the start with relevance -- precisely as the movie recommends -- far more students would find…. [read more]

Public Policy Research Quantitative Inquiry A-Level Coursework

… Public Policy Research Quantitative Inquiry

Summary Problem Set #3

the Urban Institute's National Neighbourhoods Indicators Partnership

The two partners of the National Neighbourhoods Indicators Partnership chosen for the assessment here are: Atlanta Regional Commission and Neighbourhood Nexus. Both of these are situated in Atlanta and work towards building better and more cooperative communities.

After visiting the web domains of both these partners, there are some clear similarities and dissimilarities that one can see. Before we detail these aspects, it is important to note here that both these organizations seem to have taken a different approach to represent them in the online world. We will use the overall viewpoints presented by Tufte (2001) and Miller (2008) to analyze the representation of data and the organization that…. [read more]

Women's Rights: Equality Term Paper

… FWI has positioned itself so as to assist policy makers in high places.


The Center for WorkLife Law identifies the gender pay gap as a discrimination law issue. The Center views the gender pay gap as an undesirable default behavior that is permitted in the absence of modernized statutes and enforced best practices in employment law and employee relations. When it is not focused on changing the laws, the Center takes a change agent stance to working with all relevant stakeholders to enjoin a cooperative force for altering discriminatory and inequitable workplace practices, and cementing preferred policies in newly conditioned environments.


The Independent Women's Forum views the gender gap as socially / politically constructed myth. The IWF does not believe that the gender…. [read more]

Risk Minimization and Loss Prevention in Small Term Paper

… Risk Minimization and Loss Prevention in Small Business in the Post-9/11 ERA

Chapter 1, Introduction,

Chapter 2, Literature Review,

Chapter 3, Methodology,

Chapter 4, Data Analysis,

Chapter 5, Summary, Recommendations and Conclusions,

Small businesses face the same risks, in many instances, as do major corporations. For instance, both small businesses and major corporations face turnover, competition, fluctuating market demands, a volatile economy, bad business decisions and many other risks associated with entering the market place with a particular product, whether it be goods or services,

However, because of their size, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to certain types of losses and risks -- and also because of their smaller size and stature, the loss in revenue or profits is much more deeply felt in small…. [read more]

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