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Terrorism in Northern Ireland Essay

… It would actually be absurd for someone to claim that these individuals care for the well-being of Ireland as long as they are unhesitant about engaging in terrorist acts that are likely to reflect negatively on the general population. The thousands of people that died across time as a result of terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland stand as evidence that these groups have no sense of right and wrong and that, over time, their minds have come to be clouded by their irresponsible ambition.

The authorities primarily have "to look further into those factors that predispose individuals to follow the path of violence and particularly to maintain their disposition" (Whittaker 15). Terrorism in Northern Ireland has come to be more than just a simple act…. [read more]

Mexico: Terrorism and Organized Crime Research Paper

… This is the means through which terrorist groups such as the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), Al Qaeda and Lebanese used money from drug trade to expand their political agendas, the previous Taliban regime directly taxed and attained financial gains from Afghanistan's extensive opium trade. According a reported filed in 2000; approximately 80% of the Taliban's financial resources were as a result of tariffs on heroin and opium. The current insurgency of Taliban is supported through exhortation from opium trade. This drug trade also finances a considerable part of the Syrian and Lebanon economy (Annes 104).

The terrorists groups may be engaged in all facets of drug trade, from cultivation, production, transportation and distribution to laundering the profits from this trade. The profits generated…. [read more]

Drug Trafficking and Insurgent Terrorists Essay


Criminal Justice

The primary way that drug trafficking and insurgent terrorists are connected is that drug trafficking is a way that insurgent terrorist finance their activities. There are cases where the cash from bought or sold illegal drugs is used for fund terrorist organizations and activities. There are other instances when drugs have served as currency in exchange for supplies, resources, materials, etc. that are used in terrorist activities. The link between terrorism and drug trafficking is difficult to document thoroughly, yet there are agencies and organizations around the world that agree that the link between them is undeniable as well as formidable.

Mararenko (2004) explains that since 9/11, there has been a massive surge of energy devoted to study…. [read more]

Terrorism Is a Global Problem Term Paper

… Moslem business men with a vested interest, either economically or spiritually, in the destruction of western influence, as well as public officials in hostile governing bodies such as the rightist Pakistani parties that are constantly increasing in power. The heroin trafficking that has thrived in Afghanistan since the legal proliferation of the Taliban's expulsion has also provided a great deal of finance to groups like the Al Qaeda. And such underworld ties are quite common in the field given the many shared goals of resistance to American policy that terrorist groups, organized crime families and drug cartels.

Another factor that has made terrorist groups difficult to dismantle is the networking coordination. The massacre of two-hundred young night-clubbers on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, a…. [read more]

Terrorism Compare and Contrast a Secular Terrorists Essay

… Terrorism

Compare and contrast a secular terrorists and a religious terrorists.

Terrorists can be defined as people who use violence for the purpose of spreading fear rather than for the physical results of their actions. They do this to draw attention to things they perceive as wrongs that must be righted by society (Weisbach, 2004). Terrorists could be divided into two groups: those whose issues are religiously based and those whose issues are not based on religion. Al-qaeda is an example of a group that uses religious beliefs as the basis for their actions. The Basque terrorists of Spain would be an example of a politically-based organization.

Both groups have similarities. Both groups believe that working within the political system will not achieve their goals.…. [read more]

Terrorism Different Topics, 3 Pages Each) Term Paper

… Terrorism (4 Different Topics, 3 Pages Each)

Describe the major trends in terrorism in recent years.

Fundamentalism in general has been on the rise in recent years, for example, between the mid-1960s and the mid-1990s, the number of fundamentalist movements of all religious affiliations tripled worldwide. At the same time, as observed by Bruce Hoffman, there has been a virtual explosion of identifiable religious terrorist groups from zero in 1968 to today's level, where almost 25% of all terrorist groups active throughout the world are predominantly motivated by religious concerns.

Although the ethno-nationalist/separatist and ideological fundamentalists continue to reflect the most basic understanding of the term in the United States, in recent years "terrorism" has been used to denote broader, less distinct phenomena. "In the…. [read more]

Latin American Terrorism Issues Research Paper

… United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)

This group of terrorist is relatively weak and less active. Very few activities have been reported by this group. It has more than 32000 members dismissed. Thus, it remains inactive as a formal group. Despite of its less activities, many old members of AUC are engaged in criminal activities mostly drug trafficking, in newly emerging criminal organizations (known as BACRIM, BandasCriminalesEmergentes). This newly emerging group has more than 3500 and less than 6000 members. To cope with this situation, Colombian government has taken multiple steps and made new laws. These laws are being implemented properly in order to generate peace in the region. One of the unique and most effective laws made in this context is the thorough and…. [read more]

How Homeland Security Combats the Financing of Terrorism Research Paper

… Financing Terrorism: America's Unique Position In Blocking Such Efforts

Aside from issues in foreign policy and tense international relations, arguments about oil, and other factors which contributed to 9/11, the destruction of the World Trade Center would not have occurred if there hadn't been entities to back such an attack. While most civilians don't consider the practical and financial issues in connection to terrorism, they are incredibly real and incredibly immediate. Without proper funding, there would be no terrorism. Financial institutions in the United States play a major role in the government's ability to combat these actions.

Harnessing the power of financial institutions has been one tactic that the government has taken to thwart terrorist operatives and the people who back them; in fact the…. [read more]

Terrorism Narcoterrorism and Money Laundering Term Paper

… Terrorism

Narcoterrorism & Money Laundering

Narcoterrorism is a modern reality. Terrorists often derive significant amounts of funding for their operations from the drug trade, leading many to conclude that illegal drugs facilitate terrorism (Blank, 2001). However, others go farther than this and suggest that the drug trade is sometimes a root cause of terrorism. This viewpoint is eroded by the realization that drugs hardly ever form a single backbone of terrorist funding -- it is quite often supplanted by other illegal operations such as kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, and human trafficking. Moreover, a successful trade in drugs requires territorial holdings to produce drug crops, something that modern terrorists like al Qaeda and others quite simply do not have (Felbab-Brown, 2006). In opportune circumstances, drug trafficking…. [read more]

Iran Contra and Drug Trafficking Research Paper

… Casey had been called by Congress to testify as to the covert operations regarding a global system of illegal arms and drug running (Weiner, p. 478), but he himself never made it to the stand -- falling ill just hours before he was scheduled to appear before Congress. Considering the CIA's history of shady operations, this is no surprise -- but one need not even be skeptical. One can see how the CIA was already governing itself (despite the Director) when as Casey lay in his hospital bed, Bob Gates "went to see him…on January 29, 1987, on orders from the White House, carrying a resignation letter" (Weiner, p. 476). Casey may have been in charge while Iran-Contra was happening -- but that does not…. [read more]

Domestic Terrorism on Policing Essay

… Within the terrorism arena, the key strength of local agencies clings to their experience in criminal investigation of both individuals and enterprises. Their techniques in investigation create a robust understanding of the extent in which the broad networks of individuals and enterprises link. As a result, the agencies developed a crime-fighting model that is useful in investigations of organized crimes, gangs, and narcotics trafficking enterprises (Innes, 2006). They can picture out the structure, strategies and players involved in terrorist networks. The 9/11 American counterterrorism commission realized the significance of collaboration and integration of law enforcement policies and assets at all levels of government activities. The state and local police personnel thereby have an obligation of collaborating with the federal partners in order to come up…. [read more]

War on Drugs Term Paper

… Hence, it was here that many researchers studied the link between terrorism and drugs management not only within the Columbian and Latin American region but also in the United States (The Economist, 2001).

According to study conducted by Falcoff in 2000, in 1998 the Columbian government had huge profit margins from drug trafficking with figures reaching up to U.S.$236 million resulting from kidnapping, U.S.$311 million resulting from extortion and nearly U.S.$551 million resulting from drug links (Falcoff, 2000). The FARC organization alone earned huge percentages that year: 6% resulting from cattle rustling, % resulting from kidnapping, 36% resulting from extortion and 48% resulting from drug sources (Suarez, 2000). This percentage breakdown shows why more and more people are easily recruited by the drug agencies; they…. [read more]

Narco Terrorism You Live in the Shadow Thesis

… Narco Terrorism

You live in the shadow of a monster the Afghan opium trade that threatens not only your nation, but the world."

Karen Tandy, administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (Peters, 2007)

The Shadowed "Face" of Narco Terrorism

The war on drugs would support the fight against terrorists," (Peters, 2007) Karen Tandy, administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), stresses. Consequently, Pakistan and Afghanistan need to cooperate more in their fight against this regions "exploding opium trade," Tandy contends. (Peters, 2007) Tandy warns Pakistan and Afghanistan that because of the Afghan opium trade, they " in the shadow of a monster," a monster of narco-terrorism that not only threatens their nations, but others in the world. (Peters, 2007) Narco-terrorism, Douglas J. Davids…. [read more]

War on Drugs Research Paper

… As the power of the Colombian economy grew as a result of trading cocaine, the influence was not only experienced in the country's political system, but was also institutionalized virtually into the very system. Many poor people were enriching themselves by indulging in the cocaine business. A good example is Escobar, who was a dealer for cars which had been stolen. Once he got to know about the cocaine business, he was given responsibility to substitute marijuana with cocaine to the market. He later made contacts with influential cartels both in Peru and Bolivia and due to the expansion of the business; he became one of the most known successful cartels in the sector. Different meetings were arranged and organized with intentions of discussing how…. [read more]

Mexico U.S. Drug Trade Border Essay

… S. To support illegal activities and continue the infighting and violence among the various cartels. Many seem to think that this tactic will also be a significant step toward border security as well curbing cartel activities by starving them of resources. (National Geographic S01E05) Increased numbers of agents, greater military involvement, higher levels of technology as well as larger and more secure barriers and the like have all been the outcome of the recent changes in immigration control policy, much of which is in response to the national demand for action to secure the borders. Finally the issue of terrorism is a significant one as the U.S. Mexico border has historically been seen as a serious weak spot for terrorists to get in and out…. [read more]

Local Police and Terrorism Response Research Paper

… This is so because of the political class and public exert a rather clear cut directive in these matters. When, however the scope of work expands into concerns of national threat (terrorism and other intrusive activities) beyond local issues, the local police could be found wanting in their capabilities as the training regarding missing political acumen would largely be felt. The requisite training for combating such incidences is dourly felt.

Preventing and Responding to Terrorism

In this paper the inter-play between the response of the locals to terror incidences and the laws that were promulgated in its wake are being explored in the light of the work done by the Saint Leo University on the core values of Community.

Mutual Aid/Collaboration with Law Enforcement Partners…. [read more]

Sinaloa Drug Cartel: Drug Cartels Case Study

… In Mexico, the kilo of Colombian cocaine could generate over $10,000. However, across the border into the United States, the kilo of cocaine could be sold at a wholesale price of $30,000. Notably, when the kilo is broken down into grams to distribute in retail, it fetches up to $100,000, which is way beyond its weight in gold. Therefore, profits are the main factors that drive the illegal drug business and provide the link between drug traffickers and other trans-national threats like organized crime and terrorism

According to the findings of a close analysis of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, the organization has global operations. The cartel remains active in more than a dozen countries while it's also very nimble and staggeringly complex. Following its ability…. [read more]

Terrorism Seems to Have Taken Term Paper

… We will see what the proportion of violence is and what is the proportion of faith and religious values that Muslim["s" should be deleted"] societies consider in an attempt to create a different model of being.

From an occidental point-of-view, a new paradigm seems to have turned out in international relations. The new enemies are not a state, not a localized group as it was before, high mobility and advanced technology enable the enemy to be anywhere at any time and this requires new models of cooperation to combat terrorism.

Since the attack on the twin towers the occidental countries are in a crusade, because of the military response orchestrated by the U.S., chiefly the main sufferer of this action has been.the International world of…. [read more]

Terrorism and Drug Trafficking Capstone Project

… In particular, heroin from Mexico poses a formidable threat throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware, as evidenced by the increasing availability of high purity, low priced heroin and the resulting escalation in abuse, drug treatment admissions, and overdose deaths. This threat is exacerbated by the widely-reported trend of prescription drugs abusers migrating to heroin, seeking a cheaper and more available high. The DEA Philadelphia Division routinely assesses and ranks the drug threats to Philadelphia and the Delaware area as determined by availability, threat to public health, community impact, attendant crime, enforcement activity, seizures, drug abuse and treatment statistics, as well as propensity for abuse. Analysis of these factors, supplemented by investigative reporting, human intelligence, liaison, and open source data, allows for a comprehensive overview of each drug…. [read more]

Narco-Terrorism Narco Term Paper

… From a national security, intelligence, and law enforcement perspective, it is increasingly important to recognize and exploit the nexus between terrorist organizations and drug trafficking activities. (Perl, R.)

In conclusion, it should be stated that the new sense and definition of terrorism views Narco-terrorism as a unique symbiosis of illegal drug trafficking and the actions of terrorists. Narcotics can be used to destabilize and reduce the regulatory structures in a society which can be just as destructive as any other weapon in the terrorist's arsenal.


A" Level Sociology Deviance and Social Control. October 27, 2004.

Flynn, Stephen. "Worldwide Drug Scourge: The Response." Brookings Review Spring 1993: 36+. Questia. 2 Nov. 2004

Hoffman, Bruce. Inside Terrorism. New York: Columbia University Press, 1998.

Laqueur,…. [read more]

Domestic Terrorism Every Discussion Related Term Paper

… Domestic Terrorism

Every discussion related to the phenomenon of terrorism must take into account certain aspects of this flagellum. On the one hand, it is important to consider the connection between domestic terrorism and international terrorism, taking into account the fact that they both use violence means in attaining their goals and influencing political leaders and governments. On the other hand, in an era of communication, the role of the Internet will prove essential both for the harmless communication between people worldwide and for the terrorist groups as well. It is important to consider the role of Internet for these terrorist groups and its use for creating across the border connections. Also, terrorist groups tend to have common violent techniques for conducting their activities, but…. [read more]

International Terrorism on Domestic Research Paper

… Since U.S. has been in the fore front in the war against Terror, this has formed the ground used by the jihad front in campaigning against American hegemony among the Muslims who are in America. Al Awlaki and bin Laden videos in addition to their several number of escapes from the U.S. forces has greatly bestowed them a cult status and greater number of their fan following. This mass appeal will always be a challenge to the United State in trying to curb this following. The agencies in U.S. who have the duty of countering terrorism have concentrated in dealing with radical Islamists who are closer to home, though the steps that they are using in countering this threat tend to be vague and far…. [read more]

War on International Terrorism and Terrorism Inside Term Paper

… ¶ … war on international terrorism and terrorism inside the U.S.A. is the main theme of mass media and political agendas. War on terrorism opens the eyes of Americans on modern geopolitical situation telling them about events in the remote and unknown parts of the world. Some 5 years ago most of Americans experienced trouble telling anything about Middle East countries, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, the only thing they could probably say was "they are in war." But somehow the war of those countries concerned Americans on September 11, 2001. Today it had become a tradition to divide modern American history and foreign policy on two periods: before 9/11 and after 9/11. Analysis of historians, political scientists, specialists of Middle East issues had shown that American…. [read more]

Countering the New Terrorism Term Paper

… ¶ … counter the new terrorism threat (post 9/11) and whether these strategies have been successful. It will also look at many possible long-term strategies to counter the new terrorism. Terrorism is a growing threat to world safety and security. Countering this new terrorism menace is something all nations must work on together and in harmony, otherwise the threat of terrorism will only grow more menacing and unpredictable. Many measures have already been enacted, and more need to be developed to keep the country and the world safer and more secure.

Even before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on New York and Washington, experts were calling world terrorist threats the "new terrorism."

Authors and experts have found attacks such as the chemical attack…. [read more]

Argentina's Definition of Terrorism Term Paper

… Argentina's Definition Of Terrorism

Terrorism is nowadays one of the most important aspects of international security which states and international organizations are trying to address at all levels, both internal and global. This is largely due to the fact that the terrorist flabellum does not represent a regular threat to the national and international security, but rather an unconventional one, whose motives, reasons, and targets cannot be fully understood or identified. In this sense it is argued that "the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September 2001 have focused attention on the issue of international terrorism as an urgent matter for the United Nations" (International Peace Academy, 2002) This is why it is important that action is taken at all…. [read more]

Forecasting Terrorism Major Trends Term Paper

… Forecasting Terrorism

Major Trends in Terrorism in Recent Years

According to Raphael Perl, three major trends can be distinguished in terrorism: an increase in micro-actors, an increase in sophistication of terrorist activities, and an overlap of terrorism with international crime. In terms of the first, the increase in micro-actors is the result of a combination of different elements. Firstly, access to data relating to terrorist activities and ideologies has become much simpler than it had been in the past. The Internet and Arabic language television for example have acted as vehicles for information relating to terrorism. Furthermore, militant preachers can also spread their information much more easily via various media. As such, those who are susceptible to the terrorist idealism, are easily influenced by these…. [read more]

Combatting Future Terrorism Term Paper

… He therefore notes that the prison departments have a noble duty of promoting positive influence with a lot of zeal as well as facilitating the transition of prisoners back to the mainstream society with great innovation. These correctional facilities within the country can act as a special and effective venue for ensuring that the convicted terrorists are de-radicalized and also the spreading of the network of the terrorists is stopped.

The use of airplanes as weapons of terror has been the latest trend and indeed was the tool that was used by the terrorists in the fatal 9/11 attack on the U.S.A. Indeed even before the attack using the planes, Rodney Stitch who was a specialist in air travel safety suggested that the cockpit doors…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Scare Tactics and Drug Abuse Essay

… Criminal Justice

Scare tactics and drug abuse

Over the last few decades, there has been use of scare tactics on the drug users in order for organizations to try and keep the younger generations from engaging in the drug use habit. There was use of all kinds of media to communicate this and even movies like Reefer Madness that was released in 1930s and re-released in 1970s depicted several exaggerated and tragic scenes that befell high school students who used marijuana (Sara B., 2012). In the 1980s and 1990s with the clarion call of Just Say No being the top call on drugs, there were other scare tactics that were predominantly used like the frying of an egg to simulate the brain being charred by…. [read more]

Latin America Drug Trafficking Research Paper

… " (2005) While success in this effort was for many years based on "hectares of drug crops under cultivation, tonnage of drugs produced, number of arrests…." (Gamarra, 2005) The success of today is measured with an "added dimension of terrorism" however, Gamarra questions if success "should be measured by the number of 'narco-terrorists' killed?" (2005) Gamarra writes that the capacity of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia to successful establish their state presence "…is linked to the capacity of these three countries to establish state presence throughout their territories, respond effectively to citizen demands for basic services, and maintain the credibility and reputation of their political and security institution." (2005)

VII. Policy Options

There are various policy options that exist for the United States in addressing the…. [read more]

Drug Legalization This Week Term Paper

… The only reason why marijuana is not approved as medicine is because the medical associations of America refuse to conduct any real research. The pharmaceutical industry stands to lose a lot of money if ordinary citizens could grow and smoke their own pot: no one would have to buy Marinol, for one thing.

Furthermore, prescription drugs can be highly addictive. People of all ages, even children, are being spoon-fed government-approved substances. Seniors frequently become addicted to prescription drugs. These approved substances have been deemed "healthier" and "safer" than illegal drugs by the pharmaceutical companies who stand to make a lot of money by their sale and distribution. However, they are in reality no safer or healthier. Drugs that are currently illegal, such as marijuana, cocaine,…. [read more]

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