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Africa and UN System Term Paper

… Africa and UN system

The United Nations is the result of the universal aspiration for peace and cooperation at the global level. From its inception, it was meant to be a world forum for discussing and resolving the problems facing humanity. Despite this lofty goal, in many occasions throughout its history, the world body failed to deliver on this promise. Many analysts have tried to conclude on a series of general reasons for such a failure. Aside from the universally acknowledged undemocratic decision making system in the Security Council, many have argued that the failure to assist the states in need is the outcome of the continuous lack of attention for the states that are truly in need of assistance and political support. Thus, third…. [read more]

Emsa Evidence-Based EMS Systems Research Paper

… Ways and means to evaluate performance needed to be created with tangible and justifiable measures (Goman, 2007).

The insight of each agency had to be taken into account to ascertain parameters that would need reporting. Hospitals needed to be kept in the loop to know which data was accessible and could be transferred if the need arises. Another local agency of data accessibility is the fire department which should also be a party in the reporting process.

Having thus formed the framework, the next logical step is to zero in on the format of reporting in the most comprehensive manner possible (Gorman, 2007).

The last stage combines the effect created by all the above steps. The system plan making process involves inter-as well as intra-agency…. [read more]

Business Ethics Company Case Study

… With that in mind, the follow principles have been developed:

Our Ideology;

Conducting our business in a way contributing to Turkey's cause to hold a respectable position in the world.

Our Objectives;

Establishing prestigious and everlasting companies in a global and multi-cultural world.

Our Core Values that shape us;

Conducting business in compliance with the laws and the commercial code of ethics.

Openness to improvement.

Being competitive.


MLS Holdings has a unique challenge in setting its code of conduct for all of its operations. The company owns a variety of subsidiary operations and thus their code of conduct for these organizations must be somewhat vague. However, the code of conduct can concentrate on values at a high level that would be relevant to all…. [read more]

Guests of the Nation Frank Essay

… An anything that happened to me afterwards, I never felt the same about again" (O'Connor 1987). In a way, by choosing patriotism over personal morality, Bonaparte and his "side" committed more than two murders. They destroyed the noble, individual part of themselves which determines the difference between right and wrong.

The character of Bonaparte in Frank O'Connor's "Guests of the Nation" is a very complicated person. He wants to do what is right for his country, also fearing what it would mean to abandon the political goals of his fellow IRA members. At the same time, he has found a real friendship with the Englishmen who he is supposed to hate, something he finds himself unable to do. When the time comes for his friends…. [read more]

Evil the Free Will Defense Essay

… According to Speaks, there are several other objections to the theodicy perspective that highlights free will. One of those objections is that evil actually does disprove the existence of God. This perspective does not necessarily account for the problem or cause of evil; it simply argues an atheist case. From this point-of-view, it is free will and only free will that causes evil. Free will, and human choice, are the sources of evil because human beings are capable of committing acts that lead to great harm and destruction. From this perspective, the human being is like any other part of nature or an animal, which has no "evil" intention when it kills another animal to eat. It simply does what it needs to do to…. [read more]

Undercover Operations, by Their Very Nature Term Paper

… Undercover operations, by their very nature, involve a degree of deception. They exemplify ethical consequentialism, as the ends are believed to justify the means. Honesty is sacrificed for the greater good of achieving law enforcement objectives such as preserving public safety. This is why undercover work is known to be "the most problematic area of law enforcement," ("Police Undercover Work, 2004). The ethics of undercover operations may be also built on several assumptions about the potential suspects, such as that the persons being infiltrated are breaking the law and deception is required to prevent a crisis. This is the primary assumption under which the joint Tampa and Miami terrorism task forces (JTTF) operate in this case. The assumptions that the officers make are fundamentally flawed.…. [read more]

Conscription in the 21st Century Article Review

… In this environment, the U.S. military is being spread far too thin to accomplish its battle-ready mission in an effective fashion. In this regard, Hauser and Slater (2010) emphasize that, "The president has chosen to increase our military commitment, but it is hardly certain that success can be achieved with our nation's current system for raising military manpower" (p. 75).

At present, the U.S. Selective Service all U.S. male citizens and residents between the ages of 18 and 26 years to register with the U.S. government, typically at a local post office (Schaeffer-Duffy, 2003). The Selective Service emphasizes the fairness of this approach compared to an all-out draft and emphasizes that, "For every man who fails to register, another man would be required to take…. [read more]

Humanitarian Services of the American Red Cross Research Paper

… Humanitarian Services of the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross (ARC) is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance to victims, relief to the disaster stricken and also education to the victims of disaster in the U.S.A. It is at times referred to as American National Red Cross and is an affiliate member of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the purposes of the ARC and if they have achieved these intended purposes. The paper will also look at the benefits that the recipients have gotten from the organization as well as what economic impact the ARC has administered on the ground. The paper will then look at the challenges that the organization…. [read more]

RN Risk Prevention Policy Research Proposal

… Purpose

The purpose of the research investigation on lateral violence in a practice setting is to contribute to the professional dialogue on policy in the healthcare workplace. Outcomes to the study will provide valuable insights into the practical and policy spheres of clinical practice, as well as hospital safety programs in adherence to national standards of compliance. From a theoretical perspective, the study proposes to further recent queries in common law nations on the 'duty to a standard of reasonable care' as acknowledged within U.S. Federal law, and in other nations like Canada, that offer distinct interpretations to institutional and professional liability.

Patient care models also offer a site of investigation on the topic of violence, and disclosure. Lateral violence or peer-to-peer abuse also affects…. [read more]

Lying and Deceit and Questions Research Paper

… Explaining why people do such a thing is like digging deep into someone's soul and conscience, we know why we do it, but we just don't want other people finding out what we did.

IV. Implications

1. Before I am tempted to commit a lie, a reason should be looked into. The readings state that a lie is due to personal gain and a drive for success. A lie is because an individual is presented with a situation where he or she is forced to tell a lie. This situation causes them to try to justify why the lie is needed, and sometimes the truth is not seen as something important. Self-interest is the most important thing when this lie emerges, or the need for…. [read more]

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