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Terrorism Influences Research Paper

… New mission of Homeland security

After the 9/11 homeland security mission has been revolutionized and distance between law enforcement and intelligence has been eliminated. These changes are more prominent on state level. Most of the countries have retaliated by combining existing public security, emergency response capabilities and law enforcement. Moreover, before most of the countries have no effective intelligence agencies but now most countries have reacted by creating multiple intelligence cells in existing setup. (Steiner)

Modern terrorism and new level of relationship between federal, state, local government agencies and private corporations

Modern terrorism has made federal governments more skeptical. For example before 9/11 everyone was allowed to get training of flying the plane in the U.S.A. But now these laws have been made stricter. Moreover,…. [read more]

Terrorism Represents the Organized Use Essay

… Terrorism represents the organized use of terror with the purpose of intimidating particular groups. Its complex nature makes it difficult for the act to be defined by the international community and a series of actions can thus be catalogued as being terrorist in character. The masses are typically accustomed to perceiving terrorism as being related to religious extremists wanting to put across their thinking by performing extreme acts. While an insurgency is primarily focused with a political movement wanting to achieve its goals by adopting diverse strategies, terrorism is actually one of the strategies that insurgents adopt with the purpose of expressing themselves.

The contemporary society experiences great problems dealing with the issue of terrorism primarily because of its failure to provide a strict definition…. [read more]

Terrorism Annotated Bibliography Gardner, K.L Term Paper

… Although fundamentalist Muslims have been of concern for some decades, it was not until this event that they became the primary concern for the safety of the United States and its interests. According to the article by Brigette Narcos, the attack was, from the perspective of the terrorists, an unmitigated success because it both broad universal attentions to their cause and in proving they could conduct such an attack solidified those who were opposed to the United States.

In addition to their legacy of bloodshed, the attacks shaped international relations between the U.S. And the rest of the world, particularly the Middle East ever since and will continue to shape how the government reacts to potential terrorist threats. The way in which the attacks were…. [read more]

Terrorism Refers to Threats, Violence Essay

… Though these violent acts might be reactionary in nature, it takes time to re-establish a damaged or extinct value system (Allen, 2006).

The Deliberate aspect of terrorism

Innocent victims become the target of terrorist activities just by being symbolically important. The fact that their pain may help in creating a psychological impact, becomes the reason for their death. All this is not merely coincidence but in fact each and every step is planned in advance (Bascio, 2007).

Factors contributing to terrorism

As per a study, suicide terrorism is the only idea that challenges the intricate bond between domestic violence and democracy. Although domestic violence can be found in democratic states, it is almost always found in dictatorships. However, recently, it has been found that suicide…. [read more]

Terrorism in Seattle Case Study

… On December 29, 1999, Seattle Mayor Paul Schell with the concurrence of the City Council decided to cancel the Millennium Celebration, even though it had been planned for over 24 months. The ostensible reason was a potential terrorist attack, based on the December 14th arrest of an Algerian man, Ahmed Ressam, who was arrested in Port Angeles with enough explosives to blow up at least one major building. When Ressam was arrest boarding a ferry, investigators found that he had booked up a hotel room for one night near the Space Needle. While there was no "direct evidence" that Ressam was planning to blow up the Needle, this and recent events in Seattle led to the decision to end all events by 6pm on New…. [read more]

Terrorism Definitions Essay

… S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (USA TRADOC) (2007) developed a document that thoroughly provides detail on how terror groups are structured and organized. Generally, terror groups are structured as hierarchies or networks. Hierarchical structures are highly dependent on members' commitment, while networks are characterized by its variety and complexity. Further divided into cells, networks can have a chain (reactive movement of members), all channel (lateral connections among members) or star/hub (has a central individual as point of contact) organizations. However, terror groups often use hybrids of these organizations, making the hybrid organization the most difficult to identify and track/trace.

4. Samuel Huntington & Thomas Barnett's discussion of evolution of terrorism

Huntington and Barnett's proposed theories present polarizing, yet compelling, opinions about political conflicts, warfare,…. [read more]

Terrorism Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Protection Term Paper

… This definition will most likely fall short of total comprehension upon further analysis. The intentional or unintentional habit of associating terrorism with foreign freedom fighters committing acts of war on American soil seems to have attracted the majority of Western consciousness in today's discussions. The aforementioned phrase may indeed be the new, applicable and suitable phrasing for a consensual definition, however this consensus must be collaborated with qualitative research.This qualitative research project may reach out to different segments of society to gather of differing opinions about the word terrorism and how it should be used with today's lexicon. Terrorism and counterintelligence and other terms may also be offered up for redefining in this type of research. The words that are used in associating value to…. [read more]

Terrorism in Northern Ireland Essay

… It would actually be absurd for someone to claim that these individuals care for the well-being of Ireland as long as they are unhesitant about engaging in terrorist acts that are likely to reflect negatively on the general population. The thousands of people that died across time as a result of terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland stand as evidence that these groups have no sense of right and wrong and that, over time, their minds have come to be clouded by their irresponsible ambition.

The authorities primarily have "to look further into those factors that predispose individuals to follow the path of violence and particularly to maintain their disposition" (Whittaker 15). Terrorism in Northern Ireland has come to be more than just a simple act…. [read more]

Terrorism Has Posed a Threat for Society Research Proposal

… Terrorism has posed a threat for society ever since the early ages when people have resorted to committing crimes against other people with the belief that such an act would better their condition. There are several factors responsible for influencing certain people in performing such criminal activities. In spite of the fact that it has been proved that terrorism brings no benefit to those that perform it, there are still people today that are fond of performing it and believe that the act is, in fact, effective.

Terrorism is something that mankind had always known, and, with the evolution of man, the act of terrorism has also evolved, too. The civilized society has struggled to isolate and abolish any thought of terrorism throughout the world.…. [read more]

Terrorism Is Not a New Concept Case Study

… Terrorism is not a new concept or method. It has been used throughout the history of man but defining what is and what is not is a difficult proposition. Depending on one's point-of-view, it can be defined as political or military tactic or strategy, a crime, a holy duty, or a justified reaction to oppression. It contains elements of military action while also having political and social implications (Alex, 2010).

In recent years terrorism has become increasingly more popular among a variety of different groups attempting to influence society. The success and failure of these various groups differs but the impact of their actions cannot be denied. In this paper an attempt will be made to examine the actions and philosophies of several of these…. [read more]

Terrorism Different Topics, 3 Pages Each) Term Paper

… Terrorism (4 Different Topics, 3 Pages Each)

Describe the major trends in terrorism in recent years.

Fundamentalism in general has been on the rise in recent years, for example, between the mid-1960s and the mid-1990s, the number of fundamentalist movements of all religious affiliations tripled worldwide. At the same time, as observed by Bruce Hoffman, there has been a virtual explosion of identifiable religious terrorist groups from zero in 1968 to today's level, where almost 25% of all terrorist groups active throughout the world are predominantly motivated by religious concerns.

Although the ethno-nationalist/separatist and ideological fundamentalists continue to reflect the most basic understanding of the term in the United States, in recent years "terrorism" has been used to denote broader, less distinct phenomena. "In the…. [read more]

Terrorism the Efforts to Outdo Essay

… The most sensitive and instantaneous effects turned out to be the shock as well as the loss of innocent life. This was followed by the affected economy due to the damage, air travel disruption, as well as increasing uncertainty security wise and world financial markets. A number of recommendations were highlighted in the report on the 9/11 recovery operation and it was very clear that thousands of people suffered adverse and mental health effects in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack. Whereas a good number have regained their health, others keep on experiencing tough times from a variety of circumstances that are linked with WTC exposure, including greater and minor respiratory infirmity as well as rational health state like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While…. [read more]

Terrorism Seems to Have Taken Term Paper

… We will see what the proportion of violence is and what is the proportion of faith and religious values that Muslim["s" should be deleted"] societies consider in an attempt to create a different model of being.

From an occidental point-of-view, a new paradigm seems to have turned out in international relations. The new enemies are not a state, not a localized group as it was before, high mobility and advanced technology enable the enemy to be anywhere at any time and this requires new models of cooperation to combat terrorism.

Since the attack on the twin towers the occidental countries are in a crusade, because of the military response orchestrated by the U.S., chiefly the main sufferer of this action has been.the International world of…. [read more]

Global Terrorism Is a Systematic Research Paper

… To achieve its goals, the group uses series of force, which include bombing, and hijacking of planes.

"AI Qaeda seeks to destroy the U.S. For what they feel is oppressive foreign policy. They are also against Israel. AI Qaeda has been linked to various terrorist attacks in the world including the 2001 attack against the World Trade Center in New York.." (Jack, Bailey, & Matt, 2012, p. 238).

The group has also been linked to hotel attack in Yemen in 1992 as well as bombing of strategic places In Saudi Arabia between 1995 and 1996."AI Qaeda has declared a holy war, or "Jihad, against the U.S. AI Qaeda is also heavily involved in terrorist activity at present in Iraq." (Jack, Bailey, & Matt, 2012, p.…. [read more]

How Could a Terrorist Be Radicalized? Essay

… Radical

How could a terrorist be de-radicalised?

terrorism strategies

How Could a Terrorist be Deradicalised?

In the last two decades there has been a rapid increase in the threat of both international and domestic terrorism in the world. This increase has been dramatically emphasized by a number of major terrorist attacks, such as the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, the attack on New York in 2001 as well as the suicide attacks on the London transport system in 2005, among others. These and many others events have not only raised concern in terms of the increased sophistication and the use of modern technologies, but also on the concept and reality of the radicalization of terrorism.

Ii should be noted at the outset that terrorism has a…. [read more]

Terrorism Linked to Religion Essay

… The earlier terrorism caused by the military wing of HAMAS was used as a tool to gain political power to achieve their objectives of saving Muslims from oppression and devastation at the hands on Non-Muslims.

The constant evolution of the purposes and actions of such organizations must lead to the question that if Radical Islam and religious domination is not the cause of these attacks then what is the political agenda of terrorists?

Brzezinski presents a simple political explanation in this regard that, "it is the emotional context of felt, observed or historically recounted grievances that shape the fanatic pathology of terrorists and eventually triggers their murderous actions" (Brzezinski 2002). In relation to 9/11 and other attacks against the U.S., he argues, "American involvement in…. [read more]

Terrorism What Was Once Seen on Television Term Paper

… Terrorism

What was once seen on television as part of temporary news broadcasts is now more and more present to even become a global threat. Terrorism is "the threat or use of violence, often against the civilian population, to achieve political or social ends, to intimidate opponents, or to publicize grievances" (the Columbia Encyclopedia, 2007). The most jeopardizing feature of terrorism for a community is given by the fact that it most often targets innocent civilians and it becomes a danger to all of us, everywhere we may be: the shopping mall, the street, the train or even our workplace. "Terrorism, like the plague in the Middle Ages, frightens both leaders and citizens. It is a disease that is spreading, its cure is unknown" (Deutch,…. [read more]

What if a Terrorist Event at Raymond James Stadium Thesis

… Terrorism and Raymond James Stadium

FYI, I included an outline for you in Appendix 1, not sure if you needed it, as well as an abstract (on the house). Thanks!

Terrorism -- the idea of using violence against non-combatant populations to increase the psychological effects of warfare has been a mainstay of human aggression for millennia. As Russian revolutionist Leon Tolstoy once said: "kill one, intimidate one thousand."

In contemporary times, terrorism has moved from a regional (e.g. Serbian terrorist Princep and the onset of World War I) to using methods of terrorism at two major levels; international and transnational. International terrorism is becoming more endemic in the modern world; it is a set of terroristic goals that happens when a sovereign government, organization, or…. [read more]

Media and Terrorism Contemporary Term Paper

… Nacos's analysis brings up some important issues of media self-censorship, and government control of media coverage of terrorist incidents. Certainly, it is tempting to argue that media coverage of terrorist activities should be curbed in order to reduce the terrorist's manipulation of the media. However, this brings up important freedom of speech issues, which are far beyond the scope of this paper to consider.

Scott Stossel's arguments in "Terror TV" mirror Naco's assessment that the dramatic nature of terrorist activities results in widespread media coverage. For example, Stossel argues that terrorists calculated on the striking visual impact of airplanes slamming into the World Trade Center as a way to ensure that their actions would be well-publicized. Certainly, the terrorists were correct in that assessment. The…. [read more]

Terrorism Americans' Views Term Paper

… In more recent times, many French citizens were outraged at how easily their country gave up and surrendered to the Nazi German army, and even more distressed to see how completely the Vichy government cooperated with those who had defeated them in war. The French resistance movement was one result. Private citizens who were determined to continue to fight for their country. At great risk to themselves and their families, they worked under cover of darkness to blow up bridges so the German army could not use them, snuck British spies into the country and reported troop movements to the Allies. Because the Allies won the war and France was liberated, they are called heroes, but if Germany had won, they would have been terrorists.…. [read more]

Terrorism How Does Terrorism Affect Essay

… Jihad is a socially constructed concept, too. It is no longer an internal spiritual struggle of man against himself (or woman against herself) but an external war between the defenders of Islam and the infidels.

3. How do threat levels and vulnerability assessments assist military installations with terrorist response? Is this a good model for civilian governments to use?

Threat levels and vulnerability assessments are used to varying degrees of success, especially depending on whether they are used for military installations vs. In the civilian sector (Presley, 1996). Military installations with a terrorist response do need some kind of guideline as to necessary resource deployment. The threat levels and vulnerability assessments make sense from a managerial standpoint, as they assist with budget allocations and logistics…. [read more]

Does Distinguishing Domestic Terrorism From International Terrorism Help or Hinder Homeland Security Intelligence Efforts? A-Level Coursework

… Domestic and International Terrorism

Domestic Terrorism vs. International Terrorism: Benefits and Disadvantages to Homeland Security

The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre reshaped the concept of terrorism in the global community. Although, international terrorist organizations and other fundamental Jihadi groups already posed a grave threat to the United States' security, prior to the incidents. These attacks started a new debate about the international terrorism and its implications on the internal security of the United States. Previously, terrorism was classified in to two broader categories by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence. The first category was of domestic terrorism, which referred to any terrorist activity that is committed within United States without the aid of any foreign terrorists. The second category was of international terrorists…. [read more]

Terrorism Concepts Essay

… Terrorism Concepts

no answer available; no author "Dr. Hanle" could be found, either

Mao's first stage of revolutionary mobilization is the organization and consolidation of base areas, preserving certain enclaves (usually in areas that were hard for outsiders to reach, isolated and/or with rough surrounding terrain). Then, single-mission attacks meant to terrorize as well as obtain resources would be carried out to allow for progressive expansion. Finally, the enemy would be engaged in all-out warfare and destroyed.

During consolidation, terrorism is necessary in order to obtain political support, and to dissuade local citizens that might not side with the revolutionaries from becoming involved on the wrong side. Before enough power is obtained by the revolutionaries, terrorism is also the only real means of making attacks…. [read more]

Terrorism Has a Long Term Paper

… Whatever the justification of a separate homeland for the Jews, there is a deep sense of outrage among Muslims that such a country (Israel) was created on the land in which Palestinians (mostly Muslims) had resided for centuries.

The sense of injustice has been further enhanced by the harsh and brutal treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis. The United States has supported Israel financially, militarily as well as politically and due to these reasons, the U.S. has been identified as the number one enemy by Islamic fundamentals who believe that its loyal and consistent support for Israel has "enabled the Israeli government to conduct a war of terror against the Palestinians in the occupied territories." (Cohn 37) Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian leader expressed…. [read more]

New Factor in Terrorism Compared to the Latin American Urban Philosophy Term Paper

… Terrorism: An Introduction and Refutation of White's Urban Model With Contemporary Islamic Paradigms

According to the author Jonathon R. White, in his text, Terrorism: An Introduction (2002), the Latin American urban philosophy of terrorist urban cells, from the community, directed against the government and the community, dominated the concept of terrorism from about 1960 until the early 1990s. This urban model was a guerrilla model of fighting, called the 'tupamaros' structure by the author, wielded against civilians in an undeclared war against highly public and publicized targets, with fairly specific objectives. This methodology was popularized by the Cuban revolutionaries, and later extended throughout the world, although it retained its popularity in Latin America up to this day. (White, 2002, pp.118 & 121)

Of course, the…. [read more]

What Is the Connection Between Terrorism and Criminal Organizations in Terms of Illicit Finance? Essay

… ¶ … Terrorism and Illicit Finance

As a growing majority of middle class families fall victim to the economic devastation of the Great Recession, suffering from prolonged unemployment, depleted job markets and a rising cost of living, the threat of potential terrorist attacks striking America and its interests seems to have faded into the proverbial background of our collective consciousness. With a transfer of power from the hawkish Bush Administration to President Obama and his more diplomatic approach, major media outlets in print, on television and in the blogosphere, which just a few years ago regaled with patriotic fervor while espousing the possible peril awaiting the nation, have all but abandoned their coverage of terrorist activity. This reversal in focus by both individuals and institutions…. [read more]

Terrorism Coady Notes That it Is Important Term Paper

… Terrorism

Coady notes that it is important to define terrorism because it is necessary to properly address the moral issues surrounding it. He defined terrorism as "the organized use of violence to attack noncombatants or their property for political purposes" (Halwani 2006). Igor Primoratz defines terrorism as "the deliberate use of violence, or threat of its use, against innocent people, with the aim of intimidating some other people into a course of action they otherwise would not take" (Halwani 2006). And Frederick H. Gareau defines terrorism as consisting of "deliberate acts of a physical and/or psychological nature perpetrated on a select group of victims...The overall purpose of terrorism is to intimate and coerce" (Gutierrez 2006). In the March 22, 2002 issue of the Harvard Journal…. [read more]

NATO Defense Against Terrorism Essay

… 1)

Evaluation of the PowerPoint Presentation

Evaluation of the PowerPoint presentation finds many spelling and formatting errors, which is frustrating and irritating to the viewer. The following problems were noted with the PowerPoint Presentation:

(1) The presentation is not clear on what it intends to accomplish in terms of the information that is being relayed to the view;

(2) The PowerPoint presentation utilizes abbreviations that the layman unfamiliar with NATO abbreviations does not understand. Specifically what is 'MILF'?

(3) The word storage is misspelled as is the word 'components' on slide 7.

(4) The sections are jumbled and disorganized on the majority of the slides.

(5) On slide 12 there should be arrows pointing the opposite direction and in the first line, spacing is off.…. [read more]

Bradley, Curtis A. And Jack Annotated Bibliography

… In the context of the article the authors discuss the inherent risks involved in battling religion-based terrorism and forecasts what effect this may have on how governments battle terrorism in the future.

Hoffman, Bruce and Gordon H. McCormick "Terrorism, Signaling, and Suicide Attack," Studies

in Conflict and Terrorism 27.4 (2004): 243-281.

Suicide bombings as an act of terrorism have been used effectively by terrorist groups. This article examines how the strategy to use such method developed and how suicide bombings have been used as a method for terrorist groups to popularize their existence and intentions. The authors examine how effective the suicide bombings have been both as a signaling mechanism and in spreading the message of the terrorist organization. The research of the authors was…. [read more]

Islam and Terrorism Term Paper

… d.). The politicization of scholars, experts and media commentators in the post 9/11 period has created a minefield for policymakers and the general public as they search for answers to questions like: "What are the causes of radicalism and anti-Americanism?," "Why do they hate us?," "What do Muslim women think about their status in Islam?" "Is Islam compatible with democracy?," "What are the causes of global terrorism?" other such questions. This often subconsciously leads a reader and positions them amongst the midst of positions of seemingly qualified experts who are nothing more than Islamaphobic authors who engage in a revisionist reading of Islam and Islamic history.

This increase in Islamophobia was in turn reflected in the way media outlets addressed and stereotyped Muslim populations (Media…. [read more]

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