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Psychological Testing and Assessment Term Paper

… The body of the clinical interview attempts to address the concerns of the client through these activities. Finally, the closing phase consists of a systematic shift from assessment to that of conclusion. Usually this phase consists of diagnosis and assessment of the client. In some instances however, especially with mental disorders, more information will be needed to make a better informed decision.

What is a mental status exam?

A mental status exam is the assessment of the patient's cognitive ability, emotional mood, and speech. Much like the clinical interview, the mental status exam is key component in diagnosis. The examiner in this exam is looking to assess the individual's attitude and his or her ability to answer questions in a dynamic and cogent manner. Through…. [read more]

History and Current Trends in Testing and Assessment Term Paper

… ¶ … Testing and Assessment


There have been a number of recent studies that have been done on testing and assessment, and they have focused on various populations. Many of them have been focused on populations of various individuals in schools, since schools seem to be the largest area where a great deal of testing and assessment takes place. For this reason, this particular paper will focus on school testing and assessment, but will also look at the disability population in schools, since this is somewhat more significant than the school population in general.

Where schools are concerned, especially when it comes to testing and assessment of those that have a disability, care must be taken to ensure that issues and…. [read more]

Multimedia Learning: Testing and Assessment Term Paper

… 3-4) For example, one potential alternative but common non-multimedia strategy, found in a lesson plan on a teacher website, suggests teaching the students "their eight basic colors by calling out a color" as "they go around the room and find that color," after the color has been read by the teacher. But this displaces the heard word before the color reinforcement and also, besides the chaos and cognitive dissonance generated by the 'running around the room' could cause students to grab objects and see objects not identified with the color. (Teaching Ideas for PK and Kindergarten Classes, Tulso Primary School, 2001) By comparing this strategy with multimedia strategies, by determining student's color recognition in different contexts the multimedia advantage could be assessed.

Another cognitive theory…. [read more]

Testing Ethical and Legal Issues Essay

… These issues have had a significant impact on the selection of tests available, standardized administration of the tests, and interpretation of the results. Conduct a literature search (through Proquest, Ebsco Host, etc.) and review one -two articles on multicultural issues and standardized test use with a particular ethnic or cultural population of your choice (for example, Native Americans, English Language Learners, etc.). What are some of the cultural, language, family, ethnic, and other factors that a test user should take into consideration when selecting a particular test, administering a test, and interpreting test scores for this population?

Adherence or nonadherence to masculine norms has been correlated with several outcomes, including mental and physical health, violence, substance abuse, and clinical treatment adherence and given the importance…. [read more]

Testing vs. Alternative Forms of Assessment Term Paper

… Testing vs Alternative Forms of Assessment

Summary of "Testing vs. alternative forms of assessment"

Standardized tests, if used appropriately, can provide useful information about a non-native speaking student's skills and abilities. But such tests must not be used as the exclusive instrument to test a child's potential for success and need for academic remediation and support. Standardized tests provide incomplete and imperfect information because of ESL students' cultural as well as linguistic fluency (Law & Eckes 2007, p.23). Also, norming such tests is controversial, since by definition, half of the test takers 'have' to fall below the average (Law & Eckes 2007, p.23). Standardized tests also fail to give a complete portrait of the experiences of the test taker. Inadequate academic preparation, nervousness due to…. [read more]

Testing Debate: Should We Teach Term Paper


The debate surrounding standardized testing is one in which nearly all stakeholders have a definite and emphatic opinion. This is discussion in which everyone has strong feelings either in support of or against this type of 'teaching to the test' and one in which all of the varied responses are all of a strong nature. This work reports the conduction of a literature review study of the various reasons given in support of those who are both for and those against standardized state testing even though the writer of this work does have an opinion to voice in the ongoing debate regarding standardized testing.


The No Child Left Behind Act and the…. [read more]

Testing of the Wrong Term Paper

… The next step, states the author, is to develop "performance standards" to judge how well students master the content. One of Barton's suggestions is to switch from the "intrusive" way standardized tests are administered to all students. Rather, the author suggests a sample-based approach to assessment, testing only a wide sampling of students. This would cut down on expense of administering and grading the tests, as well as cutting down on the intrusive nature of tests.

Like Barton, I agree that standardized testing gives rise to the practice of "teaching to the test." This approach is further tied to financial issues, since schools that have a high failure rate can face budgetary slashes or even closure. Teachers with a high rate of failing students also…. [read more]

Criminology: Genetic Testing for Asf Essay

… Phonological awareness includes knowledge about rhyme, alliteration, segmentation of words and syllables, and onset and Rime substitution. Phonemic awareness including knowledge about phoneme isolation or sound matching and isolation, phoneme blending, phoneme segmentation, and manipulation of phoneme including addition, substitution and deletion of phonemes. Alphabet knowledge is inclusive of knowledge about environmental print, reading and writing of the child's name, songs, letter charts, alphabet word walls and games. In addition Phonics instruction and print awareness are highlighted in early reading instruction. Early writing instruction is concerned with the context for writing or the writing center and writing in other centers and writing workshops. The writing workshops includes focus lesson writing, writing time during the classroom schedule and group sharing of what the students have written…. [read more]

Testing There Are Two Major Strategies A2 Outline Answer

… Testing

There are two major strategies in linking assessment and instruction: 1) making instructional decisions in light of assessment results or 2) planning instruction to achieve the objectives represented by an assessment.

Which strategy is most applicable to your work or educational setting?

While both strategies are applicable to my teaching setting, I find that using assessment results to make instructional decision provides the most benefit for my students. This includes the use of all types of assessments, summative assessments such as high-stakes state assessments, formative assessments the students complete in class and pre-assessments prior to each writing assignment.

According to Belfiore et al. (2005) the mindset of using assessment for accountability must be changed to a mindset of dynamic accountability which includes: "(a) analysis…. [read more]

Special Education Assessment Options Article Review

… By allowing students access to previous examinations from prior years on the same subject as that which they would be taking, Smith "relieved a lot of anxiety…over the format, style, and difficulty of the exam" (Weimer, 2011). Additionally, the instructor allowed students to bring in a 5x7-inch note card with which they could write down any information they deemed pertinent to their examination. The didactic implications of this procedure reinforced the notion that the examination had less to do with rote memorization, and more to do with a learned understanding of the material. All too often, conventional assessment measures (such as tests) are criticized for the fact that they do not accurately measure a student's knowledge. However, "Current diagnoses using traditional categories are frequently unreliable"…. [read more]

Transition Assessment Planning Justin Essay

… Transition Assessment Planning

Justin is a five-year-old kindergarten student diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He is the third of four children in a loving, intact family with a stay-at-home mom. The family is low-income and resides in a rural district where no public pre-school or Head Start programs are available. Justin is nonverbal and is often frustrated by the demands of school and his inability to communicate his needs. He has sensory issues and works best in a quiet, structured environment. A diagnosis was made for Justin before starting kindergarten, so he began the school year with a full-time aide, "Carrie," who had previous experience as a general classroom aide but no direct experience as a one-on-one paraprofessional for a student with special…. [read more]

Standardized Testing vs. Authentic Assessment Term Paper

… One of the main differences between standardized testing and authentic assessment is based on the query of the standard against which students act is evaluated whether they are norm-referenced or criterion referenced. Normally standardized tests are standard-based tests. To be exact, a student or group of students is contrasted with the performance of students somewhere else and their achievements are accounted in terms of such things as percentile rankings. Usually authentic assessment calculates condition-based scoring. Student feats are contrasted and decided with regard to an approved set of standards related to the matter being tested. Most authentic assessments determine compound proportions of knowledge. It is essential that students have sufficient time to be evaluated or take the assessment tests. In reality, one of the clear…. [read more]

History of Assessment/Testing Research Paper

… In 1980's emphasis was on school and district accountability. This was through the introduction of high stake testing programs which had serious consequences to educators and students. High stake tests are important since their outcomes determine important things such being promoted to the next grade, graduation, school rankings and merit pay for teachers.

In 1990's the system of standards-based accountability was created. This continued to the beginning of the twenty first century. These served as both a rejection and an extension of reforms that had been previously done (Cobb, 2004). This movement rejected traditional curricula especially rote activities it called for development of a curricula that was more challenging and its main focus being reasoning, conceptual understanding and the ability to apply knowledge. The movement…. [read more]

Educational Assessment Methods and Standards Term Paper

… However, the transition to from traditional to alternative assessments can be tricky at times, particularly when students have become accustomed to conventional methods. Typically, students initially respond to alternative assessments with confusion and frustration, since they are not sure what is expected of them under this new method. Therefore, teachers that utilize alternative assessment methods are trained to explain the situation and the assignment very carefully before students begin their work on the problem, also known as modeling assessment tasks. This action provides students with a framework for completing the assignment using individual skills, and this model creates student confidence in the tasks being performed (Silbermann, 2003). However, it is somewhat of a challenge for teachers when performing alternative assessments, as they must be careful…. [read more]

Standards for Multicultural Assessment (Fourth Edition) Term Paper

… ¶ … Standards for Multicultural Assessment (fourth edition), the Responsibilities of Users of Standardized Tests, and section E. Of the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.

Standards for Multicultural Assessment

The Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC, 2014) formally known as the Association for Assessment and Counseling and Education (AACE), published their fourth revision of their Standards for Multicultural Assessment in June of 2012. The standards were originally developed in 1992 and updated in 2003. The AARC considers the 2012 revision to be a statement of social advocacy in assessment. The revision was designed to enhance the counseling profession's knowledge and public awareness for culturally -- appropriate assessments by professional counselors. Multicultural populations are defined by several different features including: race, ethnicity, culture,…. [read more]

Psychology Testing Essay

… Although initially, many attempted to subdivide the evaluation of validity, the modern notion of this concept is that validity is a single construct (Popham, 2008). Validity establishes the contextual framework that defines the parameters and scope of proposed interpretation. The framework provided also gives a rational justification that links the test question to the interpretation (Messick, 1995). According to the APA, there are particular categories of evidence to question or support the validity of an interpretation. Evidence based on:

Test content

Response processes

Relations to other variables

Internal structure

Consequences of testing

Reliability in statistics and psychological testing is the measurement of the consistency of the set of measurements or of that measuring instrument (Meeker & Escobar, 1998). In general, there are several categories of…. [read more]

Learning and Assessment Basics Term Paper

… Some subjects do not lend themselves very well to the basic, common kind of testing that is done through yes/no questions or multiple choice options. These all have their place, but there is still more to be done (Pellegrino, Chudowsky, & Glaser, 2001).

One of the best things that teachers can do is test their students through projects that require the students to use what they have learned in a setting that is as realistic as possible. Many students do not enjoy this type of "test," but it can be a valuable indicator to the teacher. Retaining the material provided is valuable, but if the student does not understand the material in context and does not know what to do with the provided information, he…. [read more]

Cognitive Ability Testing Research Paper

… As being revealed in the Table 3, the standard deviation of the test scores is between 14.58 and 15.54 across the three test batteries.

Table 3: Test Scores



Instrument Scores



Standard Deviation





CogAT Standard Age Scores

Verbal SAS







Quantitative SAS







Nonverbal SAS







Composite SAS







Bermingham et al. (2013) also use CogAT assessment tool to assess the ability of sample population to recall everyday numeric information such as prices. The authors use 100 sample population for the experiments and the participants are required to memorize 12 prices that vary from 1 to 6 digits.…. [read more]

High Stakes Testing Term Paper

… High Stakes Testing

One of the most controversial issues in contemporary education is High Stakes Testing. The use of tests administered by individual states to determine the success or failure of students has been praised for improving education in America by raising the standard and increasing accountability. At the same time, this form of testing has been blamed for causing a multitude of problems for schools, teachers, students, and parents due to its narrow focus and inaccuracies. Where does the truth lie about High Stakes Tests?

High Stakes Testing is certainly not a new concept in education in the United States. However, due to the current federal act for the improvement of education for America's youth known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) more emphasis…. [read more]

Destructive Implications of Standardized Testing Research Paper

… " (Fair Test, p. 1)

Unfortunately, sufficient evidence is emerging to suggest that these patterns are not accidental and that the biases in core standardized tests may not simply cut across lines of learning style. Even beyond this, the article by Kingman (2010) reports, those responsible for designed and distributing the exams may carry many of their inherent cultural biases into the test design. According to Kingman, "assessment tests are relied upon heavily by universities and employers to determine candidates' performance potential and have influenced subsequent offers of admission or employment. Well-documented gaps between mean scores of white and minority populations regularly raise the question of racial and socioeconomic bias with regard to how the tests are written." (Kingman, p. 1)

This presents universities with…. [read more]

Testing From Two Perspectives Term Paper

… ¶ … testing from two perspectives: (1) as a test-taker and (2) as a test-Giver.

As a test taker, one argument for test-taking is that I am able to prove that I know the material if I have in fact studied for the exam. Tests can actually be an opportunity for me to raise my grade if I have slacked off on other assignments. Reviewing for tests is often when I learn the most, as well, because there is a clear set of questions that need to be answered. I know that tests can help the teachers assess my ability and let me know if there is a subject I need additional work on. Test taking can help the teacher assess both the class and…. [read more]

Psychological Testing Psychological Tests Essay

… The other personality test is Rorschach which comprises of several inkblot cards. One is supposed to describe the images and feelings experienced when one looks at the blots. Personality tests can either be objective or projective. Objective tests contain specific questions that are answered by selecting a set of alternatives either true or false. On the other hand projective tests use a stimulus that is ambiguous into which tests take presumably the meaning of projects (Dority, 2011).

Neuropsychological tests are aimed at measuring any deficiencies that exist in cognitive functioning. This includes an individual's ability to think, speak reason and so on which might result from brain damage, brain injury or stroke.

Reliability and validity

There are various important properties of psychological test which are…. [read more]

Psychological Testing Ethical and Legal Essay

… The impact of the issue of informed consent, the second legal issue of psychological testing impacts the field of psychological testing by setting an unwavering bar regarding subject understanding of the reasons for the testing as well as their rights with regard to choice to be tested and/or refuse any aspect of the testing process or its outcomes. The standard also sets a bar for the elimination of situations of mishandling information and/or worst case scenario harming the individual with the administration and/or outcome of psychological testing (Nagy, 2011, pgs. 171-183).

The court case I believe is most important in the field of psychological testing is the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and its surrounding situations and aftermath. The case itself, in a legal sense demonstrated a…. [read more]

Classroom-Based Reading Assessment Annotated Bibliography

… V. Conferences

Conferences are ways that students talk with students to assist with the learning process and there are several different types. Each type has its own method and root purpose.

a. On-the-spot

These conferences are spur-of-the-moment and are usable when a brief meeting is needed to assist the learning process

b. Planning Conference

This conference is more formal and is when more formal and drawn plans are made for learning progress.

c. Revising Conferences

This is for small groups of students where students share rough drafts and get specific suggestions on how to improve them.

d. Book discussion

This is where students discuss the books they read

e. Editing Conference

This is where students discuss compositions and how they can be edited and improved.…. [read more]

Intelligence Testing Essay

… However, the very fact that the author used culture as a means of reinforcing the notion that g is the ultimate determinant of a person's intelligence alludes to the importance that culture plays within the field of intelligence assessment. However, in many respects, culture (particularly when represented by socio-economic influences) can play a pivotal role in the education of a person -- which is not only a product of intelligence, but also can help to increase or buttress one's intelligence. The following quotation makes this point abundantly clear.

Access to resources and educational opportunities are likely to provide an advantageous environment for the developing child. Vygotsky (1932) established that guided interaction with a more knowledgeable partner should advance the intellectual development of the child. Middle-class…. [read more]

Bridging the Gap Between Testing Term Paper

… In fact, only 30% of those who took the written exam performed at a passing level. This was despite the fact that all students at this school are considered college-bound high achievers.

Initially, I approached this article with skepticism, since there seemed to be little difference between taking a test on paper and on computer. The difference, after all, lay not in the content but in the way the tests were taken. How much difference could there be between writing answers on paper or typing on a keyboard? However, the authors make a convincing point by conducting their randomized tests. After all, there is hardly any student today in the United States who does not use computers to craft their written work.

This article adds…. [read more]

Testing) Materials -- Sensitive Case Study

… As lead elements of 1/1 ABCT approached ROGERS, they received consistent and accurate mortar and RPG fire from the city. The intensity of these fires increased as the brigade approached the outskirts of town. The remainder of the division's main body is approximately two hours behind your trail unit and will use RTE APPLE as well. The lead company of 1/1 ABCT took up hasty defensive positions near the bridge over the EAST RIVER on RTE APPLE while the 1/1 ABCT developed the situation around ROGERS.


As your S3 reports enemy contact at 011900 MARxx to the Division Main CP, the Division G2 reports that a Redland maneuver brigade with two maneuver battalions (one armor with about 30 T80 tanks and one…. [read more]

Performance Assessment Systems in Organizations Essay

… Consequently, management accountants are involved with work that directly impact the organization's financial security, handling virtually all financial issues that aid in development of the organization's overall management and strategy. Management accountants need to be involved in the establishment and use of performance assessment systems in organizations because their work is directly involved with accounting information that facilitate the implementation of the assessment system. In addition, the work of management accountant is to measure business performance. They measure employee output, assessing whether an employee is producing as needed and applying accounting methods to monitor whether a manager has achieved set target. Nonetheless, management accountants are instrumental in measuring of efficiency. In this case, they monitor efficient utilization of recourses, including but not limited to work…. [read more]

Teaching Allows Learning and Assessment Essay

… The environment should make sure that the assessment conditions are in place for instance are all pertinent sources available to the learner, and is the correct model in correct place (Appelyard, 2010). Does the appropriate assessment, and the criteria been understood by the learner and all the documentation filled out appropriately etc.

Every institute has its own protocol and method of recording and describing on learner growth and achievement advancement that are being based upon their own values and presenting body standards. There are documents that are being utilized to record hands-on and written valuations that have been planned by the education and my institute (Spackman, 2002). Formative assessment proceedings are in my care so that I have a record of everything the learners know…. [read more]

Video Assessment the 18-Month-Old Child Essay

… His happiness in play and in task fulfillment is something that should also be noted in assessments both as a means of ensuring appropriate perspective in such assessments and as a means of creating positive communication with parents and others who read the assessment (Wortham, 2008; Colorado Department of Education, "Finley's Parent Teacher Conference, n.d.). Sharing information about the observed emotionality of a child is important in caregiving relationships due to the lack of direct parental involvement of parents in many activities, as well, though it is clear the child in the video is capable of making strong emotional bonds and has one with the adult in the video (again, presumably though not certainly his mother).

Learning Activities

Though nothing in the video suggests anything…. [read more]

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