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Conservation of Houston Toad Essay

… Biodiversity: Houston Toad

The Houston Toad (Bufo Houstonensis) Found mostly in Post Oak Savannah, Texas, has an appearance similar to the Bufo Woodhouse or Wood house's Toad. However it varies in that it is smaller, reaching just three and a half inches or smaller for the male with the female slightly larger. The color of the toad ranges between bronze to a very dark brown sometimes with a purple hue. Tiny opaque spots cover the underside of the toad. Its location in Texas may be attributed to the fact that they are not good at digging holes. They thus inhabit sandy places where soils are easy to burrow. Here they can quickly get away from the hot summer days as well as the cold winters…. [read more]

Secondary Succession Essay

… In the Padre Island ecosystem in Texas, one can study primary succession. The action of the waves and wind form new islands, and on those islands, in time, grasses will grow. Still later woody plants will begin growing on the newly formed island and that is called primary succession (North East Independent School District).

Meanwhile, following the horrific fires in Texas in 2011, it was learned that within the 55 square miles that were burned near Bastrop, the Lost Pines area (64,000 acres of loblolly pine) was burned to the ground (Tompkins, 2011). Unfortunately the endangered Houston toad was apparently wiped out in the fire. And the loblolly pine, which is said to be "fire-intolerant," may not come back strong as part of the secondary…. [read more]

Endangered Species Green Sea Turtles Term Paper

… Endangered Species

Green Sea Turtles are an endangered species of reptiles, one of the few animals to have seen the mighty dinosaurs grow extinct. Sea turtles are as old as 200 million years, and are now on the verge of extinction because of the son of man.

The scientific classification of Green Sea Turtles is:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata


Order: Testudines

Family: Cheloniidae

Genus: Chelonia

Species: C. mydas

Binominal Name: Chelonia Mydas (given by Linne, 1758)

There are seven remaining species of sea turtles: the Green Sea Turtle, the Leatherback turtle, the Hawksbill, the Olive Ridley, the Flatback, the Loggerhead and Kemp's Ridley. Of these, only the first four live in the Hawaii's, and the Flatback turtle can only be found on the northern…. [read more]

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