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Academic Disciplines Communication and Women Research Paper

… Professional / Academic Associations -- Communication

The American Communication Association is an association of professionals in the field of communication. It is a non-for profit association mainly established for information sharing and learning. It has virtual platform and it invites practitioners and scholars from all over the world to participate in the ongoing discussions and activities.

The purpose of this Association is to promote effective use of technology in the field of communication. Its domain is vast enough to cover all venues related to research, communication instructions, criticism and the modes of communication adopted by human being all over the world.

The main characteristics of the Association include its publishing of peer reviewed journal and online speech textbooks. The association actively arranges a conference on…. [read more]

Communication -- Gender Essay

… In her book, published in 2000, Fausto-Sterling shows the benefit of continued openness and careful research by describing genders as "points in a multidimensional space," resulting from genetic/cellular, hormonal and anatomical sexuality in conjunction with experience and the environment. As Fausto-Sterling states, these significant multidimensional aspects of sexuality allow levels of femininity and masculinity in nearly every gender possibility within broad parameters of "normal" sexuality. Nancy Mairs also supports this concept by pointing out and encouraging the psychological traits of sensitivity and awareness in her 14-year-old son. In a carefully worded and loving letter, Mairs exposes the narrow-minded fallacies that artificially divide humanity and chronically subjugate women while calling forth the feminine best in her child.

Opposition to this concept is deep-seated, particularly by those…. [read more]

Communication Skills Self-Assessment Interpersonal Essay

… , 2002). Ideally, organizational communication would manifest the fluidity and flexibility that enables message sharing which moves across organizational boundaries, such as operational silos, business units, and formal authority structures (Spillan, et al., 2002). Communication that is primarily vertical in nature tends to generate a top-heavy workload for management, functional silo isolation, and less effective listening as one moves up the organizational hierarchy (Spillan, et al., 2002). Workers tend to be less empowered in organizations that rely on vertical communication (Spillan, et al., 2002). Thus, output tends to be suboptimal, and heavily dependent on direction and clarification from upper-level management (Spillan, et al., 2002).

(b) Lateral communication. Lateral communication entails the flow of information across the organization between peers who are positioned similarly in the…. [read more]

Strategic Communication Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane A-Level Coursework

… Strategic Communication

Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Guidance and Assistance for FHA Insured Recipients

In Class Goal Setting

The goal of the program is to ensure strategic communication to inform FHA insured recipients of assistance they are eligible for following Hurricane Sandy.

Audience Goal Behavior/Action

Emergency/Government Agencies Service Provision Strategic communication to public

FHA Homeowners and Renters Receipt of Service Receipt of viable information on receiving services and aid

These actions are feasible for each agency listed. The barriers to action for each agency are reaching the appropriate people with the appropriate communication and information.

Description of Audience

Government Agency

If this agency provides optimum communication rather than inferior communication then our agency will be able to effectively provide services to those impacted…. [read more]

Communication Media Assertive Communicators Essay

… Moreover, they believe on having solutions for disagreements because they hold the quality of listening and negotiation (Pfeiffer & Pfeiffer 2010).

In this regard, assertive communicators value the rights of others while being firm on their perspectives simultaneously with efficient communication of ideas, as they respect their viewpoints as well. Assertive communicator by being a part of the solution instead of the problem begets the individual to earn more respect from others in the surrounding. This also leads to the development and sustainability of strong, healthy and honest relationships with others. With the assertive nature, the individuals have the proficiency to construct a respectful environment, which creates a healthy platform for all people to grow and enhance their skills (Schwartz 2001).

It is also prudent…. [read more]

Interdisciplinary Studies Disciplines Women's Studies and Communication Research Paper

… Women Studies and Communications

Women's Studies

Key Concepts

There is a number of evolving key concepts which continue to help Women's Studies develop as an academic doctrine. First, there is a general consensus that American society, as well as many others throughout the globe, is dominated by male driven power. This has created a patriarchal hegemony, where men dominate the society, and then turn to oppress women in a number of differing ways. A double standard is a concept where there is a different set of standards held by society in terms of the behavior for men and women. Here, the research suggests that "in feminist analysis, men's power to define the content of formal and informal behavioral cultures means that the criteria or standards…. [read more]

Communication and Gender Term Paper

… Social penetration theory essentially details the process from which a person goes from shedding the layers of his or her public persona to revealing his or her own, true personality. The process of achieving this goal, of course, is through the gradual giving away of personal details about one's life outside of the public sphere (Altman & Taylor, 1987, p. 258-260). This process can be observed in You've Got Mail, as the online personas of Kelly and Fox gradually do share information about one another's lives, including information about their businesses (particularly Kelly, which is due in no small part to Fox's awareness of who she actually is while she does not know who he is). Eventually, due to the processes of social penetration theory,…. [read more]

Communication in Organization Intercultural Essay

… Communication in Organizations

The case study is based on PTB company that decided to take the better percentage of their employees to Sydney Australia for a two day conference that was to focus on the new sales and marketing skills as well as to enable the employees from both countries under the PTB company get a chance to network. The conference was however beset with a lot of challenges that mostly emanated from cultural insensitivity and communication breakdown. The Australian side was represented by Sam who acted as the head of the delegation in welcoming the Japanese counterparts, and Mika represented the Japanese delegation that was the guests. There appeared to be lack of comprehensive communication between the two representatives and consequently negatively affecting the…. [read more]

Communications Training Program Kudler Fine Essay

… 1)

Stated is that it may require "Several messages over time [to] meet the objectives of each audience." (Mindtools, 2012, p.1) The next step is to monitor the effectiveness of the messages. This can be done through acquiring feedback from the different audiences on how the company is doing with their messages. Timely feedback enables the company to "tune any future communications…planned to better meet people's needs or fill any gaps." (Mindtools, 2012, p.1) The communication-planning template is shown in the following table labeled Figure 1.

Figure 1 Communication Planning Template

Source: (Mindtools, 2012)

The work of Simmeroth-Nayda et al. (2011) reports a study that analyzes a communication course and whether this course "measurably improves the communicative competence of third year medical students at a…. [read more]

Against Odds: Australian Women's Experiences Essay

… In this regard, the article offers a description of the analysis procedure (Elmir et al. 2009, p.2533). In addition, it is very apparent how the researchers derived major themes that emerged from the collected data.

The article highlights the questions and responses provided by the participants to demonstrate the data analysis procedure. As a result, sufficient data is offered to support the research findings. The researchers contacted the participants to clarify any contradictory data. The researchers maintained their role as researchers to avoid influencing the findings of the study. Being a phenomenological research, the data analysis approach was adequate. This is because of emergent strategy, which ensured that the nature of collected data was used. The emerging themes were established, an aspect that helped the…. [read more]

Women Participation in Marine Industry Essay

… Not only this, SIRC researchers also extended their research on surveying women who are already working on the sea and gather their experiences to highlight the core problems encountered by them. According to the research survey, discrimination topped the list of problems faced by women and was being rated at 53% while harassment was at second position and being rated at 42.11% (Thomas, 2003).

Women were recruited in the marine world in order to curb the shortage of crew members. However, the participation of women in marine industry tends to be reasonably low due to a variety of reasons. Women are discriminated in marine training institutions as well as in the job environment. They are usually questioned about their level of professionalism and paid considerably…. [read more]

Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia Thesis

… Sure, women will have the right to vote in 2015, but what happens until then? Saudi Arabian women still remain largely under the direction of the men in charge. In this month alone, a women was sentenced by the Saudi Arabian government to ten lashes in a public setting for violating a currently-instated driving ban for all women. However, instances such as this receive little to no media attention, and the reason is simple -- such behavior has become commonplace in Saudi Arabian culture, and it is uncertain if women's suffrage alone will do much to counter this.


Baki, R. (2008). Gender-segregated education in Saudi Arabia: its impact on social norms and the Saudi labor market. Education Policy Analysis, 12.2: pp. 25-38. Web. Retrieved…. [read more]

Communication Analysis Essay

… 35 -- 104)

The way that Parkinson could improve the interview is to use a completely different style. This is because his current approach is creating an environment where guests feel nervous and intimidated. Once this takes place, is when they are reluctant to answer his questions. Instead, they will provide some insight but will limit the scope of the conversation. This is a part of an effort to keep the tone positive. When this happens, the conversations will be strange and awkward. ("Meg Ryan on Parkinson," 2011) (Eadie, 2009, pp. 186 -- 193) (Ansell, 2005, pp. 35 -- 104)

In Parkinson's case, this has created points where he was unable to maintain control of the interview. This is when other guests and his assistant…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communication With Increased Competition Essay

… However, this alone cannot guarantee effective communication, but it will allow people to mindfully attempt to understand strangers and the way these strangers are interpreting their messages. In doing so, people can respond in a manner that results in effective communication. Therefore proper control of uncertainty and anxiety provides an avenue for effective communication, though effective communication depends on the conduct of a person in such situation (Gudykunst, 2005).

Self-concepts and AUM

Self-concept is used to refer to a personal views, they comprise of personal identity as well as social identity. Self-esteem of a person can either be positive or negative feeling a person has about himself/herself. According to Gudykunst, (2005) personal identities are the main generative ways for interpersonal behaviour; whereas social identities are…. [read more]

Women and Feminist Studies A-Level Coursework

… ¶ … women studies at a time when the interdisciplinary willpower and its concepts were getting institutional identification. Women's studies provided me with an exclusive place to take up the positions of the student, the instructor, the practitioner, and the subject researcher. Nowadays, questioning the mettle of women's studies is far from over (Darraj, 2010).

One of the things that I learnt and amazed me the most about women issues was the way the media portrayed them as objects. I did not understand that the press reveals everything from the men viewpoint or the "male gaze." In most cases, women have adjusted to living with such maltreatments. After taking this course, I usually evaluate women's positions in the advertisements and on television from a feminist…. [read more]

Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling Has it Been Shattered Models and Best Practices Research Paper

… Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling

In the last 20 years, women have shattered the glass ceiling that once kept them out of senior management positions in business, politics, and the military. In the current modern world, women have attained more career opportunities and legal rights than men have. Throughout the history of women, motherhood and wifehood was regarded as the most significant profession of women. However, in the 20th Century, women in the U.S. won the legal right of voting and increasing their job and educational opportunities. Women in the 20th century fought to a large degree accomplishing to re-evaluate perceptions towards the role of women in the society (Persons, 1915).


During the colonial period, women earned a living by working at…. [read more]

Women Objectification Women Research Paper

… These findings support objectification theory (Frederickson & Roberts, 1997) in that the process of evaluating one's internal value based primarily on external appearance leads to negative consequences.

In order to further examine the role of self-objectification on eating disorder pathology, Calogero, Davis, and Thompson (2005) conducted a study with 209 women in a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. They found that exposure to media ideals of appearance alone did not account for eating disorder symptomology, namely drive for thinness. Internalization of these ideals and self-objectification, however, were linked to these factors and was shown to contribute to drive for thinness. This suggests that viewing of sexually objectifying images of women is linked to the internalization of these images, which may contribute to chronic viewing…. [read more]

Communication Is a Necessity Essay

… Arguably, one of the most interesting theories of communication theory is 'groupthink' -- the theory that members of a group often think the same or similar things to other members in that group. Groupthink problems occur when members of the group make decisions to early because they believe the decision to be correct because everyone else thinks the same thing. This is a very interesting phenomenon considering that group members are individually quite different. I have seen this happen in groups at the organization where I work. It is the power of numbers. If so many people think the same thing, how can it be wrong? Not only that -- the individuals may feel less pressure to make the correct decision because they know that…. [read more]

Interpretation Across Culture in on Line Communication Research Paper

… Cross Cultural Communication

Interpretation across Culture in online communication

Effective communication goes beyond the words that are used and encompasses a broader range of communicative skills, such as body language and gestures. Like, words, these gestures can have a different connotative meaning depending on cultural and contextual clues that surround them. These cultural and contextual clues are the basis for misunderstandings, particularly when two people from different cultures attempt to communicate. When two persons from the same culture communicate, contextual and body language can help to enhance the meaning of the message. They can provide a greater depth of understanding among the two parties. The following will explore current literature on cross-cultural communication in regards to the importance of culturally significant contextual clues.

Electronic Communication…. [read more]

Women and Men Research Paper

… G. And Pennington B., 2004).

The success of the process of development to be a woman or man determines what society refers one as -- a woman or a man. According to (Darwin C., 1859) the process of development is clear to show that the making part of it is through cohesive action of the agent of socialization. These agents despite having a little effect of the final outcome influence the decision taken once "self" is recognized (Bessant J. And Watts R., 2007).

I agree that women and men are made since the society plays a critical role in helping on to recognize self. It is also clear to see that the self would be lost should the development process be shunned. Self-worth of an…. [read more]

Women and Gender Studies Research Paper

… This lie has served to disempower and marginalize women in much the same way that the rest cure serves to reinforce biased notions about women's health, because it pretends that creative ability is not dependent on social structures and limitations, but rather some inherent quality that (for some apparently unknown reason) disproportionately favors men. As such, the fact that the majority of writers have traditionally been men is interpreted not as the result of a robust and well-maintained system of male privilege, but rather because men, by nature, are more intelligent and creative.

The maintenance of this lie, and others like it, are crucial to the continued success of male privilege, because the moment one acknowledges that gender differences are dependent on socially constructed boundaries…. [read more]

Women in the Workforce Training Essay

… Advertising will feature amenities that are attractive to both males and females. Advertising will play an important role in improving the image of women and opportunities for women at Intuit. It will also help to improve the image of women in the technology sector in general.

Another strategy for improving the visibility of women at Intuit will involve featuring women executives and managers in business journals targeted towards women in the workforce. Targeted advertising at universities that highlights women executives at the company will help to attract a younger generation of women into the workforce. It is one thing to have women in the workforce and in managerial and executive positions, but if other women do not know about them, Intuit will not be able…. [read more]

Communication Gender, Career, and Communication Finding Term Paper

… Communication

Gender, Career, and Communication

Finding a job is only the first step on the ladder of success. Without proper career planning, happiness and fulfillment can prove elusive. Planning a career involves many factors, the importance of which varies according to the individual and, interestingly, to the individual's gender. Even in today's supposedly "gender-neutral" society, gender assumptions play a powerful role in determining and limiting career choices. (Konrad, Yang, Goldberg & Sullivan, 2005) How men and women behave, how they conform to perceived gender roles, can positively or adversely affect future success. The communication of one's gender role is thus of paramount importance. In general, studies have shown that men tend to focus more on financial achievement; on status and power. Earning money is correlated…. [read more]

Women's History and Policy Opinion Piece Essay

… Women's History And Policy Opinion Piece

Historically, the political arena has been a stronghold of the masculine gender. The representation of the feminine gender has been equivalent to extremely minor or even non-existent in many countries and cultures of the world till date. According to statistics, on an average, women make part of less than 15% of the political setup of a country. Such situations question the will and urge of women to act towards a progressive political environment by taking part in the political arena. However, the trend has been on the change as many women are becoming a part of the political arena in a bid to counter the issue of minor representation in the current century and to create a statement that…. [read more]

Women and Unemployment Gender Identity Essay

… Further, there is little evidence that professional women are opting out of their position to adopt more traditional roles as wives and mothers.

Essentially, the trend appears to be that younger women, middle-aged women, and even older women who are actively engaged in professional working environments are feeling ever more actualized and valued for their expertize. There is really no "opt-out revolution" of scads of women leaving professions to raise children, and even more important, there does not seem to be the socio-cultural bias that they should. Simply put, there are more professional women than ever before, there are more women executives than ever before, and some of the research trends in salary and wage gap, while true, are not necessarily indicative of all levels…. [read more]

Interpersonal Communication Dear John Essay

… Therefore, it has been commonly observed that most of the marriages end in conflicts if they are between the individuals of two different cultures. Due to the difference in perceptions, they have different expectations from one another and failure to fulfill those expectations usually result in conflicts. Apart from these perceptions, people have different emotions. Some are very emotionally touched while others are entirely different from them. These feelings need to be understood clearly, because they play a vital role in interpersonal relationships (DeVito, 2012). For instance, a husband should understand the emotional level of his wife so that he can consider it in case of any argument with her.

Understand the impact of gender and culture on interpersonal communications:

Culture is an important element…. [read more]

Women and Health Agenda Essay

… These are demographic structures, patterns of disease and risk factors. Lower mortality rates among children below the age of five years and declining fertility rates characterizes the demographic transition. The outcome is an ageing populace. There is a decrease in the aver-age number of children borne by each woman in global perspective, from 4.3 during the early 1990s to 2.6 by 2002 -- 2010.

The reduced birth rate is the high usage of the contraception. The epidemiological transition indicates a shift in the major causes of death and diseases. This is in contrast to infectious diseases, such as diarrhea and pneumonia, towards non- communicable diseases for instance, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancers. The risk transition is featured by a decline in risk factors for infectious…. [read more]

Women in Maritime Sector Essay

… The shipping and maritime sector is faced with a unique set of challenges. Most notable among these is the negative perception it has because of high profile incidents of pollution of the seas. Recently, piracy in the Arabian Sea has become another significant challenge that has increased the costs to the maritime industry because a large number of ships have now begun to avoid going through the Suez Canal in favor of taking the longer route along the Cape of Good Hope. It can be expected that with greater participation of women in the workforce and in leadership positions, effective policies to address these issues can be developed.

Women are an integral part of the global workforce. However, currently they are employed in low-skill jobs…. [read more]

Women's Isolation Despite Representing Half Research Paper

… As a result, many employers have been free to discriminate against women because their have been little to no substantial repercussions; in fact, it is easy to imagine that for some large companies, it could even be cheaper to pay women less and then settle should they discover the discrimination rather than offer equitable pay in the first place. These are only some of the ways that women continue to be isolated and limited even after the historical developments discussed above, but they demonstrate how inequality, marginalization, and disempowerment can continue even after explicit steps are taken to combat them.

For almost all of human history, women have been marginalized, isolated, disempowered, and disenfranchised by societies dominated by men, and only recently has this egregious…. [read more]

Computers and Alternative Communication Just Research Proposal

… ¶ … Computers and Alternative Communication

Just as technology has been able to make life easier and open up to more opportunities than ever before, technology has also enabled people with speech disorders to be able to communicate in ways that they ordinarily might not have been capable of. One's ability to communicate has an undeniable impact on one's ability to be independent. This modern era truly has the capability of providing people with speech disorders of all kinds with technological devices which can aid in their ability to be understood and to engage with others, opening the door for a truly higher quality of life. Devices like tablets and comparable items offer a greater degree of independence, speed and variety in communication that are…. [read more]

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