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Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration Term Paper

… The Southern colonies which depended on slavery for agriculture were unwilling to take part in founding a new country which would endanger their economy and so slavery was set aside to be dealt with at a later date. If it were not, then the southern delegates refused to vote in favor of independence, in which case there would have not been enough favorable votes. It was a harsh blow to those who saw the unfairness of slavery and the hypocrisy of declaring all men equal when they were creating a country where not all human beings would be treated equally. Although Thomas Jefferson was angered by this omission, he understood that freedom was of the greatest importance and that this needed to be achieved first…. [read more]

Thomas Kuhn -1996) Essay

… We can certainly liken this to bursts of creativity and knowledge that require a set of valleys in order to peak. If evolution, and thus scientific knowledge were to be gradual and continuous there would be no period of stability for species to adapt, or in the case of scientific knowledge, for the scientific community to have the time and opportunity to study current, replicate experimentation, or even glean the opportunity to read and discuss new advances through journals and conferences -- academic inquiry.

Further, Kuhn's theory both stands up and optimizes the idea of modernization theory, which is a historical and cultural hypothesis that tells us the modernization of human culture changes our way of life through knowledge and communication. In lesser developed countries…. [read more]

Thomas Money the Operating Decisions Business Proposal

… There would be tariffs on equipment most likely, and there are strict rules about finance companies operating internationally. Moreover, Thomas needs to pay attention to the motivations of competitors as well. Some, if their own home markets are depressed, may try to enter the U.S. market despite its current slump. Thomas would also want to consider what competitive advantages it has against foreign competitors -- for example of its low cost of borrowing gives it any advantage against firms in countries with higher interest rates. Comparative advantage is not a relevant theory to apply here because it is an abstract concept for trade between nations (Landsburg, 2007). For individual companies, only competitive advantage matters. Homebuilders in Country A are not going to do business with…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson's Influence Term Paper

… If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force and not of right" (Havens & Dering). Thus the entirety of Article V of the U.S. Constitution explicitly provides measures for the proposal and ratification of amendments to its original text, stating unequivocally that "the Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution & #8230; which & #8230; shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states" (U.S. Const. art. V). In laymen's terms the legal language found in Article V simply puts forth a workable scheme for the proposal, consideration and eventual ratification of potential Constitutional amendments by…. [read more]

Thomas More First of All, One Need Essay

… Thomas More

First of all, one need point out that the perspective from which Thomas More is viewed is also an essential element in determining whether he is a martyr or a man of conviction. A Catholic will always tend to believe that Thomas More was a true martyr rather than a secular authority. However, one also needs to judge in absolute terms and differentiate, first of all, between what a man of conviction and a martyr are.

The terms are very similar from the point-of-view of the individual staking something, often his life or freedom (the martyr) in defense of a certain cause, idea or ideal (both). In fact, the common ground between the two terms is exactly the fact that both are willing…. [read more]

Thomas Gainsborough Term Paper

… Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788)

I am the son of a cloth merchant from the country and yet I have lived a life of infamy and intrigue, though it did not always seem so at the time. I am the fifth son of John Gainsborough and Mary Burrough, baptized Thomas Gainsborough in 1727.

Waterhouse 8) When I was very young I began to draw and paint and my father indulged me when I was 13 to attempt to apprentice me to a painter in London in 1740.

Waterhouse 8) a friend of the family, visit form London had viewed one of my landscape paintings Wood Scene, Village of Concord and beseeched my father to allow him to attempt to find me a position in London that would…. [read more]

Thomas Kuhn's Book the Structure of Scientific Revolutions 3rd Edition Term Paper

… Thomas Kuhn's book - the structure of scientific revolutions 3rd edition

Thomas Kuhn's very influential book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, proposes a model or a pattern for the evolution of science throughout the ages. Kuhn makes use of specific concepts and of a careful structuring of the book in thirteen chapters that treat, in turn, of the basic aspects of the progress of science in time.

First of all, Kuhn (1996) introduces the notion of "normal science," that is, according to him, the science that bases its research on previous research which is recognized as valid by a scientific community. (p.10) It is the structure of normal science is what the book proposes to investigate. Furthermore, Kuhn (1996) argues that the most salient aspect…. [read more]

Thomas Paine of "Common Sense Term Paper

… Thomas Paine

Of "Common Sense" and Common Language

Thomas Paine is justly famous for his historical role in the political foundation of the United States. Common Sense appears to have been his best-selling work, and was likely the most widely read pamphlet of its era, for critics suggest that "probably every literate person in the thirteen colonies had read it." (Woodress) Historians have generally recognized that "Common Sense was the work that convinced America's 'common' people that independence was their best -- or, more exactly, their only -- course of action." (Moss & Wilson, ed.)

Perhaps unfortunately, the work's historical and popular success did not grant its author the sort of respect which was forthcoming for other founding fathers. Within his own lifetime Paine was…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson Politics Decisions Essay

… They supported more equally distributing wealth among the different social classes.

They believed that the national economy should be the priority of the government.

Founded the University of Virginia -- Aligned most the Democratic-Republican party who strongly believed in education in order for the growth of a structured society.

They believed that aristocracy and monarchy needed to be diminished in order to have a successful government.

They supported the concept of tariffs to maintain a stable economic government.

As president, Thomas Jefferson held some idealistic views on how a government should function. He thought that if everyone worked together and if the powers were balanced enough, there should be no problems in coming up with solutions to the growing issues in the newly established nation.…. [read more]

Hobbes Leviathan Thomas Hobbes Thought Term Paper

… Conclusion

Finding a useful role for Thomas Hobbes and his theories in the 21st Century world is a very difficult task, and his ideas fit more into the authoritarian political tradition rather than the liberal, radical or democratic one. Since Hobbes thought that no human beings were equal anyway except in their capacity for greed, brutality and violence, no one can really criticize him for failing to design a sovereign state that was free and democratic. He did not want people to be free, but to obey the state and its laws and fall into line behind the sovereign, nor did he have much tolerance for protests, elections or freedom of thought in general. Assuming that a Hobbesian state could be constructed today, it would…. [read more]

St. Thomas Aquinas and Four Marks of the Church Term Paper

… Thomas Aquinas

Within the writings and the thinking of Thomas Aquinas - with reference to the four Medieval senses of Scripture (moral, literal, allegorical and anagogical or mystical interpretation) - there is an abundance of original and worthy ideas that have more than stood the test of time. This paper explores and reviews Aquinas' theories and philosophies and presents relationships between the four senses. The papers attempts to answer the question, do the four senses prepare the way for the Reformation?

Ernest Rhys edited the book Everyman's Library, circa 1939, which contains selected writings from Aquinas. Rhys suggests in his Preface that while other philosophers have made "great contributions" to the "stock of human wisdom," Aquinas - "with a quiet originality" - gathered up...the wisdom…. [read more]

Thomas More's Utopia Holds a Special Place Term Paper

… Thomas More's Utopia holds a special place in both literature and history. The book is a unique exercise of imagination that culminates in a science-fiction like vision of the ideal society. It also, however, reveals More's development of a social and religious consciousness that would eventually be responsible for his death and martyrdom. Still, "The actual configuration of the Utopia described in the second part of More's volume may seem on the surface to be devoid of reference to institutions historically prevalent in Christendom. Yet the dramatic setting for Hythloday's opportunity to recount what he saw in Utopia is a conversation that takes place just after More has come from mass at Norte Dame, 'the most beautiful and most popular church in Antwerp.'" Additionally, the…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson Believed That Universal Admission Essay

… Though this is the most taxing, it remains my favorite part of the puzzle of lifelong learning -- the apprehension and challenge is both exciting and motivating for me, often to the point that I can almost feel my brain "aching" to get around a new concept.

Added to this passion for learning is my desire to uncover and share the wonderful diversity travel and experiencing other cultures has to offer. I travelled alone to Guatemala, despite my family's opposition, to study Spanish and volunteer my services. Experiencing another culture helped me begin to understand an entirely new set of paradigms that were vital, energizing and helped me realize I wished for more. It is really amazing, once one begins to pay attention, what materialism…. [read more]

Flat Thomas L. Friedman's First Books Research Paper

… ¶ … Flat

Thomas L. Friedman's first books on globalization, such as the Lexus and the Olive Tree, written in 1998, focused on the second era of globalization, that according to the author lasted from 1800 to 2000, when "the Internet and e-commerce were just taking off." The more recent "The World is Flat," on the other hand, focuses on the evolution of the third era of Globalization, that started in 2000, put in motion by the power of the individuals to go global, compared to the forces that activated the first two eras, that were the power of the countries to go global and respectively that of the companies (Friedman, 2007, pg. 10). Friedman has a sort of epiphany when an Indian engineer in…. [read more]

Thomas Paine's Influential Pamphlet Term Paper

… Thus, Common sense tapped in to this widespread public sentiment, and extended to the arguments that America should seek complete independence from Great Britain, rather than simply asking for freedom from unfair taxation.

In writing Common Sense, Thomas Paine targeted specifically the current inhabitants of the American colonies. Paine was attempting to persuade his fellow Americans that the colonies should separate both politically and economically from British rule. Paine wanted nothing less than for Americans, as a whole, to reject British rule. He was certain that America is struggle for independence was grounded in solid moral reasoning. Wrote Paine, "The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind" (p. 4). Paine's text was aimed at consolidating public opinion on the…. [read more]

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke Term Paper

… Locke Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke offer two views of the human condition. What political systems emerge from a Lockian point-of-view? Which would be a good fit for Hobbes' philosophy? Which of their positions best fits your view of humanity and why? Contemporary connections: Do you see the ideas of Locke and Hobbes in any of our current public political or social conversations?

Perhaps the best way to create a distinction between the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke is to remember the phrases that are most associated with their very different philosophies of governance. According to Hobbes, human life without the guidance and oversight of a sovereign like a king is nasty, brutish, and short. This does not mean that Hobbes believes…. [read more]

Thomas Cranmer as the Archbishop Term Paper

… Cranmer further scandalized the Catholic traditionalists by eating meat on the eve of important religious feasts.

However, despite making powerful enemies, Cranmer remained protected from heresy charges by King Henry VIII. In 1543, Cranmer produced a replacement to the Bishop's Book. The new version was called "A Necesary Doctrine and Erudition for any Christian Man." Though nearly identical, "A Necessary Doctrine" departs from the Bishop's Book in several ways. Against Cranmer's advice, Henry VIII included a declaration that in addition to a devotion to the Verbum Dei, individuals also needed faith in order to achieve salvation. Henry VIII additionally decreed that reading the Bible was not necessary if it proved inconvenient. It was based on these statements that Parliament passed the 1543 law forbidding anyone…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson Deist and Patriot Research Paper

… Thomas Jefferson -- Deist & Patriot

"Patriotism is not a short frenzied burst of emotion, but the long and steady dedication of a lifetime…" (Jefferson)

Thomas Jefferson is certainly well-known in the United States history books as the man who helped write the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution -- and of course he served as President of the United States. However, there are many books and scholarly articles that describe his religious values, and his patriotism, that go considerably deeper than popular history or other social studies sources. Thesis: The substantive information available in the literature on Jefferson's Deism -- which posits that he has been terribly misunderstood in that regard -- and his luminous approach to patriotism are pivotally important for all…. [read more]

Thomas Aquinas and God Essay

… For example, it takes some faith to grope around a room in the dark. The person trusts that the furniture has not moved and that there are no hidden disasters. Yet ultimately, it is reason that informs most thought in the tangible, transient universe. Likewise, the realm of God is best understood with faith but there are times reason can be used to grope around the spiritual darkness that is doubt and uncertainty. Aquinas's logic is remarkably solid, even though there are core assumptions about the universe that are not fully reconcilable with reason in an absolute way. The ways of knowing God are internally valid, even if they are not infallible arguments. God is not, for example, a necessary prime mover. The universe could…. [read more]

Thomas Edison Term Paper

… Thomas Edison

Thomas a Edison and the Modernization of America

Martin Melosi, author of Thomas a. Edison and the Modernization of America, has written many books on historic figures, political problems, cultural issues, and other important concerns. In this book, Melosi speaks of Edison and addresses just how much Edison contributed to modernizing the United States of America. As one of the most prolific and famous inventors in history, Thomas Edison contributed the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the incandescent light bulb, in addition to making improvements on the telephone and telegraph, showing what a strong influence he had on life and society as it moved from one age into the next. Melosi showcases this as he talks about the 1,093 patents that Edison…. [read more]

Thomas Mann- Death in Venice Term Paper

… This alluring beauty gives birth to unnatural desire that creates a deceitful maze as Joseph Koerner maintains "this tale... [whose] motifs of violence and unnatural desire...lead to the building of the labyrinth" (Koerner 63).

We cannot blame Gustav for falling in love with the teenager or for his inability to recognize the trap because Venice is known for its magical qualities and for its profound impact on the senses as Millicent Bell observes "Venice-Venus, born of the sea "can be seen as "the mythic representation of all desire," and for travelers from other parts of the world it is "a trope for all romantic expectation as well as for the melancholy of fulfillment, of postcoital languor, of the premonition of death" (145). Venice in this…. [read more]

Thomas More's Utopia as a Criticism of 16th Century England Essay

… Utopia

Thomas More's Utopia is particularly interesting piece of satirical literature precisely because it does not offer any easy readings. That is to say, however one wants to interpret More's point there is complicating evidence that forces one to reconsider; for example, imagining that Utopia represents More's proposal for an ideal society is complicated by the fact that the name means Noplace, and reading it as a criticism of European society forces one to consider the differences between Utopia and More's own views, expressed throughout his lifetime and career. With this in mind, one must attempt to read Utopia not as a piece of fiction intimately related to More's own views, changing and indeterminate as they are, but rather as a kind of public work,…. [read more]

Thomas Hobbes and Egoism in Leviathan Essay

… Thomas Hobbes and Egoism in "Leviathan"

There is, as we shall see, a deep sense in which Hobbes's values are individual rather than universal, but it is not simply a matter of having an 'egoistic' moral psychology. Motivation in Hobbes's account is necessarily egoistic only in a nugatory, definitional sense: each person strives to fulfill his own desires. This does not mean that the contents of those desires cannot be concerned with the good of others. The definitions of the passions which Hobbes supplies in chapter 16 of Leviathan include 'Desire of good to another, benevolence, good will, charity. If to men generally, good nature'. (Hobbes, 34) It is true that Hobbes did tend to explain the passions in terms of self-interest, as when he…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Essay

… Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address

Thomas Jefferson - First Inaugural Address

Thomas Jefferson's presidency was "decided by the voice of the nation," making it particularly important for him to devise an inaugural speech that would act as gratitude toward the people and as set of guidelines that would define his position regarding a series of matters needed to be addressed at the time. One of the main reasons for which this speech became more than just another First Inaugural Address was that Jefferson emphasized several fundamental theories in it. The fact that he insisted that people should not be differentiated on account of their political preferences increased people's awareness regarding political discrimination, making them more conscious on the topic of how people's characters made them…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson and His Views of Education Term Paper

… Thomas Jefferson: A Pioneer in Education


Thomas Jefferson's life experiences shaped his views on education. His attitudes towards education -- radical as they were for his time -- were influenced by his unusual life, by the revolutionary times in which he lived, and by his own rather exceptional perspective on the world. Despite the fact that Jefferson was born into privilege, he, nonetheless, sought privilege for all and his visions and objectives have had an enduring effect on the American educational system.

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, at Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia.

He was the third child of Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph-Jefferson,

and his early years on the backwoods of colonial Virginia fostered within him a lifelong…. [read more]

Thomas Kuhn Term Paper

… Thomas Kuhn's The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions And Its Influence On Postmodern Art

The intention of this paper is not to present an in-depth discussion of the complex debate and intricate arguments, and dissent surrounding Thomas Kuhn's famous work the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, but rather to trace the connections between the theory of scientific paradigm creation and shift, and the development of modern and postmodern thinking in the arts. This particularly refers to Kuhn's influence on post-structural philosophy and language theory.

It should be stated at the outset that there can be no attempt to suggest that Kuhn intended his work to act as a conduit for post modern theory. In fact many theorists such as Bernstein and others clearly refute the idea that…. [read more]

Cemetery Archeology Project More Than Four Centuries Essay

… Cemetery Archeology Project

More than four centuries of continual human inhabitance in around the region of New England, and especially Eastern Massachusetts, has created one of America's richest archeological areas in terms of concentrated colonial graveyards. The slow but steady progression of scientific advancement, medical sanitation, and social structures obviously leads to the lengthening of one's lifespan in connection with modernity, but due to the particular gender inequities in place during this era, it is reasonable to assume that females did not benefit in equal proportion to their male counterparts. The average age at the time of death has undoubtedly changed as time has progressed, but further study is needed to test for correlations between gender and the lengthened lifespan afforded by living in later…. [read more]

Need of Swarovski's Customer in the Digital World Literature Review

… ¶ … Swarovski's customer in the digital world

Introduction to the literature review chapter

Swarovski is one of the most popular luxury brands at the international level, and similar to any other company, it has to continually assess and recognize the changing features in the micro and macro environments and adapt to them.

The organizational efforts are such concentrated not only around the production of high end crystal products, but also on the business decisions surrounding production, distribution, retail and so on. In this order of ideas, an important emphasis falls on the marketing efforts completed by the company in ensuring the retail of its products, their appeal among the customer base and the final profitability of the firm.

Based on this starting point, the…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson's Views on Slavery Essay

… This is because the majority individuals are taught about religion from a young age. Over the course of time, this will influence their views about race and equality within society. As, religion will justify slavery and other practices that may not be moral by: logically illustrating how this is a part of God's plan. Evidence of this can be seen with him discussing how the Romans and other great societies have used slavery to build their civilization. As, this is considered to be moral based upon biblical interpretations that are used throughout the Bible. Once this takes place, is when most people in society will see slavery as a part of something that has historically happened throughout human history. At which point, the activities that…. [read more]

Management Thomas Green Was an Up Case Study

… Management

Thomas Green was an up and coming marketing specialist who found himself in his dream job, only to find things spin completely out of control right before his eyes. Green graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Economics. He obtained a position with Dynamic Displays as an account executive. He hit the ground running in his new position and immediately made a good impression on management. Within four months he had been promoted to a Senior Market Specialist position. In order to get this position he had been taken under the wing of the division vice president, Sharon McDonald. She had basically made this promotion happen for him. The promotion had been a big step upward for Green and had not…. [read more]

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