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Business Policy Analysis Case Study

… Business Policy Case Study Analysis

Key events Matsu*****a

The first key event for Matsu*****a was its breakthrough in the Japanese market in the early 1960s with a broad product line and 25,000 shopping points.

One other key event around the same period was the trade liberalization that translated into the company's first internationalization attempts. This process was particularly hard for Matsu*****a because the company didn't succeed in collaborating with local retailers to sell its products, which is why it had to open its own selling point. However, its brands were not known in the American and European markets.

The company's decision to shift part of its production to low wage countries in the mid 1960s was a major step that helped the company avoid the…. [read more]

Business Research Analysis Case Study

… ¶ … Business Research Case Study Analysis

No business is an island unto itself and any business that remains isolated will soon be no more. Consumers are becoming more and more fickle with higher expectations on customer service, convenience, and quality for where their money is spent. Applied business research is the professional field at the heart of determining what these consumers expect and how companies can effectively meet those expectations and stand apart from their competition. Through consumer interviews and study formulation, researchers are able to guide businesses to the next level of sales and customer service, and it all depends on their ability to effectively analyze consumer needs.

Modern consumer research is not what it used to be. Where once, simple studies and…. [read more]

Business Plan for the Farmery Business Plan

… Business Plan

Product Description

Market Analysis


Regulatory Environment


Marketing Plan

Market Penetration Strategy

Advertising Media

Management Plan

Company Organization

Company Philosophy

Personnel Policies


Record Keeping

Manufacturing Plan

Financial Pro-Formas

Risk Analysis

The Farmery is a startup venture in Raleigh, NC. It combines a small greenhouse and mushroom production operation with a retail outlet. The company is focused on the medium- to high-end of the highly competitive and fragmented retail market in the area. The company's main competitive advantage is its unique production and distribution set up, which is not only attractive for its uniqueness, but helps it to deliver fresh product to consumers, and do it at a much lower cost than other companies are able to deliver. The company believes that…. [read more]

Business Ethics Introduction (Summarize Case Study

… It is at this point that his behavior and past transactions were brought into question. ("Tyco I'm Sure that's a really Nice Shower Curtain," n.d.)

Explain the concept of commingling assets with respect to the Tyco case.

The commingling of company assets is when executives will seek out loans and will have other programs in place that will benefit them personally. This is above and beyond traditional compensation plans, as these initiatives allowed everyone to steal company funds for their own use. Kozlowski and Schwartz used these programs to offer themselves lucrative rewards, bonuses, reimbursements and loans. ("Tyco I'm Sure that's a really Nice Shower Curtain," n.d.)

They utilized the money that was received to purchase real estate, throw elaborate parties, buy professional sports teams…. [read more]

Business Management Case Essay

… Business Management Case

Over the last several years, globalization has had a profound impact upon the transportation industry. Where, it has created a number of unique challenges for a variety of tour operators. A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than the Irish Ferry company Continental Group. What happened was the company reported a 25% decline in revenues during 2009. (Irish Passengers Numbers Down 10% 2009) This is problematic because they are wrestling with a number of different issues that are causing it to face a variety of challenges going forward. This is significant, because it underscores a trend that has been occurring with many European Ferry operators. In the case of the new company that is being established, there…. [read more]

Comprehensive Original Ethical Situation Case Study

… Business Ethics Case

The Examination of a Business Ethics Dilemma: A Case History of a Medical Supply Company

Introduction of Dilemma:

The functionality and long-term viability of an organization may be as much contingent upon the strength of its ethical resolve as on the quality of its physical output. This is a reality which I became distinctly aware of during my two-year tenure as the head manager for Allied Medical Products. A company which specialized in the production and sale of products specifically geared toward wound-care, Allied Medical was only three years old at the time that I joined its staff. It was fraught with operational problems that I soon learned stemmed primarily from the ineffectiveness of my boss. Mr. Caldwell, as we will fictionally…. [read more]

Business Expansion Case Study

… Lot of coordination has to be made when the business is undergoing expansion in different regions. This calls for effective communication so that the functions of the business will be synchronized throughout these new regions. The financial system put in place should also be appropriate to meet the new expanded business. It should be effective and transparent so that no losses are attributed to poor financial management. The technology that is put in place should also be appropriate and up-to-date. This will ensure that the production process is quite reliable and the products are standard since the technology that is used is very effective (Bax, 2011). The general management of the business should be effective. A good management system ensures that the business will be…. [read more]

Harvard Business School Case Study

… Along with this the firm should identify its strength & weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats. This will help the organization to choose a specific strategy for its operations. The process of identification of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should be related to the human capital of the firm. The major role of Human Resource Management in this regard is of strategy implementation. The strategy defined by the firm will then define the desired skills and behaviors as perceived by the HR managers who are implementing the strategy. this perception of the required skills and behaviors is then going to define the HRM practices. Once these HRM practices are defined they are actually practiced by the organization. These actual HRM practices in…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Concrete Business Plan

… Financial factors

The company will consider various ways of raising capital. Among the ways available, the company will consider the ease of obtaining this capital and cost. For the company at its start up level, the method of obtaining capital should not be a burden. There are many factors to consider before raising capital. Amount of capital required determines the source. Not all financiers will be able to offer a large capital to the company. The size of the company and the number of operations in the plan will also determine the amount of capital required. The decision to raise capital from a particular source will is influenced by the cost in returning and the duration. The company will consider taking a considerable size of…. [read more]

Business Systems Analysis Case Study

… Therefore, this entity will see quality products and an additional service from the workers to continue visiting the governor.

Coupon is useful for persons who do not wish to solve the matters of the transaction with cash. A business that has coupon services helps people to achieve more within a limited time as much as possible. Lastly is the entity of service. The services entity has the attribute of the recording and reporting reports. Therefore, the entity of the services that the system offers is costly. However, with well-developed systems, in which the entity development is well, the attributes of services will thus help in the determination of the products that customers wish to purchase.

The identifier attribute

The identifier attribute helps to categorize the…. [read more]

Business Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Business Plan

… Business Plan

This business plan pertains to a new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic, to be located in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The clinic will primarily target the area's sizeable Korean population, as well as draw from other areas of the city. The clinic will be set up in a small, three room office. Initially, there will be no staff, only practitioner Mr. Ahn. After six months, revenues will be sufficient to hire a part-time receptionist.

The financing of the venture will come from Mr. Ahn, who has $200,000 in personal savings. The initial startup costs are estimated to be around $10,000 but could range upwards of $15,000. There will be no need for bank financing given the cost structure and estimated time to breakeven for…. [read more]

Business Mentoring Is a Critical Essay

… It should be made sure that one person should not be using the business clients for personal gains or for developing his own side business. The business dealings should be written down and the business representatives should not be let hold a meeting in closed doors or without letting other employees know who is meeting whom.

Glass walls are a big help in reducing the chances of theft and fraud. When things are done behind closed doors, nobody knows what cash and information was involved in the dealing. The management team should also not completely rely on the security cameras. The management should ensure that every person is fairly dealing in the business.

The business should follow the rule that not everyone should be allowed…. [read more]

Business Cluster Case Study

… First, the support an international firm gets might differ significantly to other similar companies in other clusters receives. Consequently, such a firm might fail to compete favorably if the conditions in its cluster are not as favorable because those received by the rest of international companies (Fischer, 2007).

Firms operating at domestic levels have less complicated structures and bureaucracy in their clusters. Since such firms are in the same geographical location, decision making on matters of policy formulation and decision-making are simplified. As such, individual firms can carry out a given activity or influence a certain action by relying on single decision. On the other hand, firms operating at international level face slow and complex decision-making exercise. Such firms have to wait for the harmonization…. [read more]

Business Ethics Company Case Study

… With that in mind, the follow principles have been developed:

Our Ideology;

Conducting our business in a way contributing to Turkey's cause to hold a respectable position in the world.

Our Objectives;

Establishing prestigious and everlasting companies in a global and multi-cultural world.

Our Core Values that shape us;

Conducting business in compliance with the laws and the commercial code of ethics.

Openness to improvement.

Being competitive.


MLS Holdings has a unique challenge in setting its code of conduct for all of its operations. The company owns a variety of subsidiary operations and thus their code of conduct for these organizations must be somewhat vague. However, the code of conduct can concentrate on values at a high level that would be relevant to all…. [read more]

Business Finance Assessing the Risk Business Plan

… The plan itself benefits from the essential nature of many of the services offered and lack of nearby competition. The experience of the couple setting up the business is also a benefit. However, as with Acme, this is also a start up business. There is also a danger sign in the projections, where the estimated gross profit margin is 26%, which is 10% higher than the industry average. This may indicate a superior return, but it may also reflect a potentially over optimistic projection. This may be explained by the large range of services to be offered.

The financial performance projections indicate that the firm should provide an operating profit from the first year. A key difference between Acme and Interstate Travel is the capital…. [read more]

Business Plan for Organic Fertilizer Business Plan

… Business Plan for Organic Fertilizer

Business Plan for an Organic Fertilizer Company

A company in this day and age should be environmentally aware and take steps to protect the planet. One of the best ways to do this is to engage in local business practices that follow organic principles. At the same time, the business needs to make a profit in order to keep these principles active in the local community, which will hopefully lead to more businesses around the world adopting these practices. The local company, Organic Fertilizer Specialists, aims to accomplish all of these things by dominating the local, and currently wide open, organic fertilizer niche. The company will target local agricultural and gardening stores, organic farmers, and hobby gardeners. Its it needs…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Financial Business Plan

… Therefore, CleanDivision will have to set new international strategies while setting up its business in new geographical locations.

B4: Management Structure:

The ownership of the CleanDivision business is in the hands of both the partners. Michael Kothakota is the majority shareholder in the firm with 51% shares whereas Mike Programmer is the second major shareholder with 49% shares. The Management functions for the firm will be performed by both the partners. Planning and decision making, leading, staffing, organizing, and controlling of the firm's business will be done by the partners with mutual understanding, experience held, and the analysis of the present situation. The major shareholder, Mr. Michael Kothakota is a Certified Divorce Financial analyst and has gained experience with more than 60 attorneys. He also…. [read more]

Jollibee Fast Food Case Study

… (For comparison, in the Philippines, approximately 1,200 fast food outlets competed for the business of 75 million people. GNP per capita in both countries was almost at U.S.$2,500)" (Bartlett & O'Connell 2001: 51). However, ignoring the developing world might be a perilous proposition: "In 2010, emerging markets represented 36% of global GDP; these markets already account for the majority of the world's oil and steel consumption, 46% of world retail sales, 52% of all purchases of motor vehicles and 82% of mobile phone subscriptions. With two-thirds of global growth coming from these markets, in a decade they will account for the majority of the world's economic value" (Fernholtz 2013).

Describe your preferred action plan: Why the U.S.

Fast food vendors in the United States have…. [read more]

Help With My Business Plan Business Plan

… Business Plan Improvements

The financial performance of the company is reflected by the following indicators:

Net income - $20,000

Cash flow - $120,000

Operating activities - $16,000

Investing activities - $11,000

Income Statement

USD 1,000

Net income

Cost of sales

Gross income

Research and development expenses

Operating income

Cash Flow Analysis

USD 1,000

Cash from operations

Additional cash received

Current borrowing

Cash from receivables

Cash spending


Usd 1,000


Accounts receivable

Other current assets

Total current assets


Usd 1,000

Accounts payable

Current borrowing

Other current liabilities

Total liabilities



Competitive sustainable advantage


The global steel industry is characterized by intense competition. This industry seems to have a high concentration ratio, which means that the largest steel companies have the greatest market…. [read more]

Law Case Studies Essay

… Cruse was not liable for completing the 100-day lease since Clawson knowingly tore down the partition which would have cost Cruse additional taxes that were not covered in the lease.

Point Two -- Cruse probably would not have been awarded any punitive damages however, due to the relatively short period of time which she used the facility and the fact that if Clawson was to make her whole again (through paying the $2,125) then she really did not suffer any other damages. Most states have stricter requirements on punitive damages as compared to other damages in that they require that the defendant's conduct must have actually injured the plaintiff. In this case, Cruse was not truly injured.

Case #6

Point One -- That Pamela was…. [read more]

3 Generic Strategies 5 Forces Model Distinctive Competencies Essay

… Business Strategies

Why is a business' choice of generic strategy so important to its long-term success?

The selection of a generic strategy is critical to the success of any business, because it defines how its core competencies or strengths can be best used to enter and grow sales into a given type of market. The three generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and focus guide businesses to the best intersection of their innate strengths or core competencies, and the best possible market for them to profitably operate in. In essence, the three generic strategies are essential for aligning businesses to the business models that will also fuel long-term growth (Ormanidhi, Stringa, 2008).

The generic strategies also are very effective in assessing the competitive strengths of…. [read more]

Business Plan for an Imaginary Software Company Business Plan

… ¶ … business plan for an imaginary software company, Techno soft which aims to enter South Asian market as a part of its international business expansion strategy. The paper is divided into different sections. The first section presents an ample introduction to the company; its location, products, mission, vision, and strategy, the source of competitive advantage, and the nature of business opportunity which it wishes to avail in the new market. The second section presents environmental and industry analysis of the firm using different tools; like PEST Analysis, Five Forces of Competition, CAGE Model, and future outlook. The third section is dedicated for the marketing plan of the company which describes the company's target market and marketing mix strategies.

The fourth section presents an organizational…. [read more]

Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Business Plan

… As regards the cellular phone industry, conditions in Moldova seem to be promising: Because Moldova is a small country, telecommunications companies manage to achieve good coverage in both wired and wireless communications infrastructure. Landline is available in most settlements, but mobile phone usage is preferred and has grown exponentially particularly in recent years. Prices are high and technology is somewhat behind Western standards but this is where Moldovan Cellular Phones can find its niche.

A. Description of the firm and products to be exported.

Moldovan Cellular Phones is a company that has invested time and money into finding ways to give the system higher capacity therefore lower cost. Cellular phones today are one of the most popular indispensable consumer electronic devices with over 59 million…. [read more]

Capitalism and the Corporation Case Study

… Under the narrow definition, stakeholders are individuals and groups who are significant to the corporation's survival and success. On the contrary, in the wide definition, stakeholders are regarded as any individual or group with the ability of affecting or being affected by the corporation.

Effects of Social Democracy:

Based on the second or wide definition of the term stakeholder, every citizen of the country has a stake in the vitality and success of the United States' corporations. Social democracy is the concept with which this second definition of the term stakeholder is derived from. Therefore, social democracy has significant varying consequences to corporations and other sectors. Social democracy originates from the intrinsic desire of power entrenched in the state or monarch for several centuries. This…. [read more]

Business Plan -- Rocky Mountain Business Plan

… Marketing Strategy

Finding the right clients is crucial, and doing something different will allow the event to be marketed as team building, power management, or educational. This may require some employees to become certified in various areas of expertise, but will allow the marketing to organizations of all sizes. The overall kkey to success is partnering with local fishing gear and sporting goods stores and staff. This will ensure a perceived level of expertise, and allow dissemination of marketing with very little fiscal input. Going to conventions in major cities, contacting travel planners, and business planning groups will provide planned revenue growth.

The company will need a strong web-based presence where clients can inquire about specific trips, dates, locations, etc. This requires regular maintenance and…. [read more]

Business International Describe Ugandan Cultural Attributes Case Study

… Business


Describe Ugandan cultural attributes that might affect the operations of a foreign company doing business there.

The Ugandan cultural attributes that might have an effect on the operations of a foreign company doing business there are many. In this country nepotism is the norm and the government is considered to be one of the most corrupt in the world. Business in Uganda is known to move at a very slow pace and it has been found that things can be speeded up for the right price. This country also has a problem with unemployment so when there are jobs to be had they usually get filled by relatives of government officials. Although all of these practices are normal and legal in Uganda they…. [read more]

Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal Case Study

… Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal

XXXXX Haircuts

The haircut and hairstyling industry is flooded with small and fragmented competitors. There are many opportunities to use it to create a competitive advantage in this market. One idea might be to use it to focus on a narrow target market and create a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to make sure the customers' needs are being met at all times and provide a platform for customer feedback and satisfaction ratings. Another idea might be to automate the scheduling system so that clients are reminded when they are due for service and send them automated messages through phone, email, or text. However, one creative idea of how technology could be used to improve quality was identified…. [read more]

Business Lawsuits Summarize the Actions Essay

… This is because the information is overwhelming that the firm has broken federal and state laws. At the same time, the company must invest in aggressively addressing issues with its supply chain and challenges that are impacting franchisees. (Hyman, 2010)

If these cases, go to trial there is the possibility that the company will lose and have damage to its reputation. This could result in even more franchisees abandoning the company. It is at this point that Ace could face tremendous challenges in adjusting with a number of unique problems from an increasingly competitive marketplace. (Hyman, 2010)

Settling these cases, will prevent the firm from having to deal with the negative publicity, the possibility of being found guilty of wrongdoing and it will quietly eliminate…. [read more]

Sabmiller Sabmiller Breweries Case Study

… In Russia Miller was the fourth largest brewer while looking for acquisition of potential targets in western markets. This gave it a potential of improving to the leading brewer in Russia. Increasing its ventures in India gave Miller potential for further growth.

Miller was performing well with increased market worldwide like Peru, Columbia and Panama hence putting it at apposition where it had a potential of growth. Improvement of SAB's quality and market brand has increased its dominance in Asia and Africa, while being acceptable internationally. Miler Lite in America boosted SAB amidst its aim of acquiring hard currency.

Worldwide shortage of employees forced companies to reemploy old labor in South Africa. This labor is characterized by non-flexibility and resistance to technology. Critical shortages of…. [read more]

Business Plan Concept History Marketing Plan Legal Business Plan

… Business Plan

Concept History

Marketing Plan

Legal Requirements

Form of Ownership

Organization, Management & Staffing

Special Considerations

Industry Analysis

Cornerstone Books and Gifts is a retail store selling music, books and gifts. The idea came about because I noticed a need for this type of store in town that was not being met. The store not only will be profitable but will provide employment and education opportunities for the community's youth and contribute to the revitalization of downtown.

The marketing plan will be based on having a diverse product line that brings in a wide range of clientele. Prices will be fair. The store will be located in a high-traffic, high-visibility location. The location, product selection and service offering will be the key promotional components,…. [read more]

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