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Top 5 Presidents Term Paper

… ¶ … top 5 presidents of the U.S.: 1789-1864

This is my list prioritized according to ranking order:

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Abraham Lincoln

Theodore Roosevelt

John Adams

I rated them thus according to their particular activity that I considered important.

George Washington

As the dominant politician and military leader and warrior who fought for the new United States despite surmounting odds and little support and as presider over the writing of the Constitution that drafted the new nation, I believe that Washington has founding place as premier president of those years.

He was unanimously elected to be president and managed to hold together his nation in beginning of the first few tottering years keeping them from being involved in the wars raging throughout Europe.…. [read more]

Top 5 Greatest Presidents Term Paper

… ¶ … Presidents

The top five great United States Presidents are Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Presidential greatness, like charisma, is a broad construct, and has led to numerous studies and writings on the subject. In his article that appeared in a 2001 issue of "Administrative Science Quarterly," Howard Garland reviewed several studies that attempt to define presidential greatness. One study, by Murray and Blessing, which asked 846 American historians to rate Presidents Washington through Carter on a great to failure continuum, found that background characteristics such as age, education, appearance, religion, occupation, and prior political experience appeared unrelated to greatness. The majority of the historians wrote that they considered "presidential personality and character" to…. [read more]

Top Five Presidents Term Paper

… Presidents in My Opinion

My choice of the top five U.S. Presidents ranked in descending order of importance is: Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, and George H.W. Bush. Since ranking of Presidents is always a subjective call, I am aware that this list may differ substantially from most others'; however, I shall try my best to justify my selection in this paper.

Thomas Jefferson

The third U.S. President and a prominent founding father of the country, Thomas Jefferson is widely recognized as one of the most brilliant individuals in history. An ardent believer in democracy, popular rule, and the rights of the people, he had greatly influenced the history of his country even before he brought his varied talents to the Presidency…. [read more]

Presidents in the History Term Paper

… ¶ … presidents in the history of the United States, including a ranking of choices in order from one through five in a descending order of importance. There have been many memorable and excellent presidents in United States history. Picking five as the very best is a difficult and demanding problem, but five presidents do stand out above the rest in their spirit, their personal qualities, their crisis management skills, and their overall effect on our nation.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR is the number one American president for a number of reasons, and perhaps the most compelling is the number of other presidents who admired him. From Ronald Regan to Lyndon Johnson, many presidents admired FDR, and hoped to emulate him in their own…. [read more]

President Bush's War on Iraq Term Paper

… Support for an Invasion

National Security Adviser Condoleessa Rice is a strong supporter for a possible war with Iraq. Rice is concerned about Saddam Hussein and the destruction he is capable of.

At the University of Virginia, The College Republicans support President Bush's policies and are distributing pro-war pamphlets.

They are holding a rally in an attempt to draw attention to a possible war, while gathering support for their cause (Lamesa, 2002).

Democrats verses Republicans

Many prominent Democrats oppose a war with Iraq. Senator Edward Kennedy feels the Bush administration hasn't proved the United States is in enough danger to warrant a pre-emptive strike and war. Representative John Lewis of Georgia thinks President Bush is concentrating more on a possible war, than dealing with matters…. [read more]

Recipe for Five Guys Burgers Essay

… The management speaks frankly, realistically, and with respect to the employees about their jobs, knowing that some of the tasks are not particularly appealing, yet they are necessary. Therefore, the management of Five Guys often implements system of monetary incentive to the employees with regard to things like cleanliness, quality, and service. (Inc., 2012) These incentives further instill internal motivation in the restaurant crews and providing them with senses of connection with and accountability each other & their workspace.

The original values of FG are similar to those maintained today -- ones of quality, simplicity, tradition, huge portions, and American comfort food. They are strong because of their reputation, which gets spread via word of mouth mostly. Word of mouth is still the most effective…. [read more]

Parents, I Have the Fondest Essay

… More to the point, as President I have to promise my people something and attempt to make better than the current president or his predecessors. So now I'm trying to woo my pet to my cause. How can he/she/it help me? More to the point, how can I persuade him o help me?

Well, we often say that the country is going to the dogs. These are empty promises that past individuals have made and the dogs, according to what my own dog has informed me, are frustrated that earthlings (i.e. humans) fail to keep their promise. Apparently, they lie. If the country is going to the dogs, and they have opined this time and time again, then why is this state of affairs not…. [read more]

Objective Term Paper

… " (Christensen, 2013, p. 1) However, as noted by Christensen not everyone purchasing insurance through the exchanges will be on the receiving end of a government subsidy. The result reported is that "people will be forced to see the doctors who agreed to the treat people for a low price rather than their favorite doctor or a specialist across town. The New York Times article freely quotes from consumer advocates who are outraged that these subsidized insurance plans will not be as generous in the choice of providers as those policies purchased in the private market." (Christensen, 2013, p. 1) Ritger states that the determination of whether the "quality of care in the new market is comparable to private offerings remains to be seen." (p.…. [read more]

Five Forces and Value Chain Essay

… Competitive Position

At present, NxStage has a relatively weak competitive position. Too small and lacking in distinctiveness to challenge the major players in the institutional market, the company has pursued the home dialysis market, where it is virtually unchallenged. However, there are structural issues with respect to payers in particular that limit the growth potential of this market. Therefore, it is important for the company to find growth via other means if the size of its market is not going to grow much. With this difficult competitive position, NxStage either needs to expand the size of its own market, or begin to challenge the major players in their institutional market.

The optimal strategy is probably to take advantage of the changes in the regulator environment…. [read more]

Aid President George W. Bush Term Paper

… A weak dollar policy is inflationary; this would put upward pressure on the interest rates as bond investors would demand an extra return for a future purchasing power that has been lost. The downfall of the dollar would also deter foreign investors as there is an inevitable risk of holding depreciating dollars. This would prompt them to demand a higher rate of return which will in turn create an upward pressure on interest rates. The upward pressure on the interest rates has a direct impact on the stock market. Stocks with rich valuations based on future growth would be hard hit. Higher interest rates would also be unkind on the entire housing industry thus causing the figures of growth to reverse and plummet eventually. While…. [read more]

Unsuccessful Presidents Identified- 1865-1940 Andrew Term Paper

… Between 12 to 14 million Americans were unemployed before the end of Hoover's term.

John Maynard Keynes, the British economist, proposed that high unemployment, being a result of insufficient consumer spending, could be relieved by government-sponsored programs. He also advocated deficit spending by governments to stimulate economic activity. His methodology has been referred to as Keynesian economics. All four of these unsuccessful Presidents did not participate in a deficit spending program to relieve the depression.

It was Roosevelt who achieved the actual implantation of what had been in many instances little more than abstract concepts formulated by earlier progressives, added to them - however unwittingly - Keynesian economics, and encased the whole package within a framework of "pluralist" or interest-group liberalism. And it was Roosevelt…. [read more]

Media Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Term Paper

… It appears Chavez is pointing a gun at his own head; or, it appears Chavez is making the "crazy" or "loco en la cabeza" signal with his index finger. The same image is used on the front page teaser and accompanies the story itself.

Irish Examiner

The Irish Examiner uses an image of Chavez in the peak of health, with a full head of hair. He is shown in deep thought or inspired as if he is a priest in church. His neck is back and he gazes upward in peaceful thought, as if he has been inspired by God. This image corresponds with the headline that reads, "Chavez still captivates."


The text of the headline contains subtexts related to the article's tone and…. [read more]

Richard Nixon Achievements Essay

… Moreover, the humiliating scandal altered American politics' nature when a good number of Republicans were eliminated and doors were opened for the Neo-Rights. Nevertheless, it is really important for the American nation to realize and admire the competence and the achievements of Richard Nixon and also the potential of his presidency. Though it is crystal clear that the passage of time will never be able to vanish the imperfections, the displeasure and the scars brought by the Watergate scandal; it is also extremely important to acknowledge the magnitude of Nixon's contributions for the betterment of the United States of America.


Collins, M. (2000, November 30). Personality and Political Leadership Explored: Richard Nixon and the Family Assistance Plan. Virginia Tech. Retrieved January 21, 2013, from…. [read more]

Judicial Agenda of President Franklin D. Roosevelt Essay

… Judicial agenda of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Judicial Philosophy and Agenda of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)

Especially in light of today's economic crisis, the reputation of the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is viewed as sacrosanct. However, Roosevelt's term in office was ridden with many controversies, particularly during the early days of his New Deal that have since been forgotten. One of the most contentious quests Roosevelt embarked upon was his attempt to expand or 'pack' the U.S. Supreme Court with new justices, when the elderly, conservative members of the Court proved unwilling uphold the constitutionality of critical aspects of his New Deal legislation. Because of the Supreme Court's intransience, FDR feared his entire social vision and economic recovery program was going to…. [read more]

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Term Paper

… Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two more popular Web browsers. What is the name of the first graphical web browser?

Found at ( 2006-09-22: Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web together with Robert Cailliau, built the first working prototype in late 1990 and early 1991. That first prototype consisted of a web browser for the NeXTStep operating system. This first web browser, which was named "WorldWideWeb," had a graphical user interface and would be recognizable to most people today as a web browser. However, WorldWideWeb did not support graphics embedded in pages when it was first released (, p. 1).

What cable company was established in 1858 to carry instantaneous communications across the ocean that would eventually be used for…. [read more]

Brightware Corporation Arnold Frost President Term Paper

… ¶ … Brightware Corporation

Arnold Frost


Brightware Corporation

1111 Systems Lane

Bainbridge, WA

Dear Mr. Frost:

Brightware can be proud of its reputation as a leading provider of top quality stainless steel kitchenware. To preserve our reputation we will need to make some key changes in our corporate culture and operations. Sales have declined remarkably over the past year. So has employee morale. Overall productivity has dropped a shocking 20% and if we do not take action soon Brightware will face the biggest crisis of its ten-year existence. This report proposes solutions to the key problems Brightware faces.

As you know, our Tulsa plant closed five years ago, resulting in over 2000 layoffs. Since then, employee turnover rates at all our plants and distribution…. [read more]

Ethics and CSR President Barack Term Paper

… Organizations of all sizes and types require effective leadership in order to formulate a corporate vision and make informed day-to-day decisions as well as strategically oriented ethical planning (Sussan, 2006). Finally, I thank you for your attention in this important matter and hope that you will keep the following in mind as you work with legislation and initiatives over the next few months. We must all remember that the new need for organizations to integrate values and ethics in their decision-making remains buttressed by these three trends, which I also encourage you to integrate into your own planning:

1. Effective leaders in the modern area are transformation and envision action which begins with ethics and values;

2. All organizations -- private and governmental, must become…. [read more]

Joe Salatino President of Great Northern Case Study

… Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern Case Study

The business climate of the modern day society is faced with a wide array of challenges, such as the strengthening forces of globalization and market liberalization, intensifying competition, increasing customer demands or increasing pressures from the stakeholders. In such a setting, the economic agents seek to develop and implement new strategies by which to create competitive advantages and respond to the emergent challenges.

Some examples as to how firms deal with these tests include the employment of more complex human resource strategies, the integration of technologic innovation in operational processes or the construction of a stronger relationship with the customers. At the Great Northern American, more emphasis is being placed on the employment and retention of skilled…. [read more]

Top Al-Qai'da Leaders, Living or Dead Research Paper

… ¶ … top al-Qai'da leaders, living or dead, and determine the reasons why they chose to participate in violence against the U.S./West

Al Qaeda (which means "the base" in Arabic) has come to the forefront of the media in recent years as the world's most notorious terrorist organization. They have been held responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks inflicted on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It was founded by Osama Bin Laden in the later half of the 1980's and was aimed at eradicating any form of western control over Muslim nations and establishing Islamic administration. It is supposed to have originated at an office of the International Muslim Brigade which resisted Afghanistan's invasion by Soviet forces in 1979. This was followed by…. [read more]

Joshua Richmond Is a Twenty-Five-Year Employee Case Study

… Joshua Richmond is a twenty-five-year employee of the company. Approximately nine months ago he was injured when a forklift he was operating fell off the loading dock. He suffered a compound fracture to his right femur which required surgical repair. He received temporary total worker's compensation benefits for the six months that he was unable to work. As is company policy, Richmond paid his own health insurance premiums. Unfortunately, during the period of time that he was on worker's compensation, he was under the impression that as part of his worker's compensation benefits that the company was paying his premiums. As a result of his failure to make his payment his health insurance was terminated. Unfortunately, the notices regarding the termination were sent to the…. [read more]

Cuban Five -- Criminals Research Paper

… These are capitalists who are interests in their own fortunes and want nothing good for the country. Their support by the American government and the fact that they have been allotted American rights are considered as negative by the Castro government.

This differing stand-point is further propounded by the trial where the Cuban Five clearly stated their intention of spying on e-Cubans, despite which they were charged with such crimes. This trial has led to the popularity of the Cuban Five in the region who are seen as political martyrs and sacrifices for the betterment of the Cuban people.

Additionally a trade embargo has always existed between the two countries, which might not have hampered the U.S.A. much as it is one of the largest…. [read more]

International Business 5 Pertinent Topics Term Paper

… Description

This article clarifies the differences between China and the West, using Hofstede's four cultural dimensions and Bond's fifth dimension. Hofstede explained that culturally-based values systems were made up of four dimensions: power distance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, and uncertainty avoidance. Bond added a fifth "Eastern" dimension called long-term/short-term orientation. By these measurements, Western countries seem to be generally lower than China in power distance.

In terms of individualism, Western countries are generally much higher than China. Western countries also have a much shorter-term orientation vs. China's longer-term orientation. China and the U.S. appear to differ greatly in nearly all the aspects examined here. It is clear to see that these cultural differences have already had, and will continue to have, a great impact on Sino-American business…. [read more]

Convert it Into "Green Town Term Paper

… Mental Health Counseling

Many commentators and psychologists believe that victims of any disaster face an uphill battle against depression and post-traumatic stress. The reason for depression could be shock and loss of personal or possession. The survivors of disasters, such as the Greensburg tornado would require mental health counseling (Blaikie et al. 1994)

The respondents of the study by Paul, Che, Stimers and Dutt (2009) stated that not a large number of the survivors needed mental health counseling. However, they conceded that mostly people older than sixty years old benefited from counseling. They also stated that the temporary shelters provided by the authorities had adequate resources to provide counseling to all those who needed it. Moreover, the individuals who received counseling expressed satisfactory perspectives regarding…. [read more]

Boone Pickens Essay

… Boone Pickens

"The Business Roundtable says takeovers lead to job losses, but the Roundtable is only against hostile takeovers. Friendly deals are okay, regardless of how much debt is taken on and how many jobs are lost. The Business Roundtable says takeovers are hurting the U.S. economy, yet 76% of its members have carried out takeovers in the last three years. How hypocritical can you get? Over 125,000 jobs have been lost recently by the three biggest U.S. companies, none of which is threatened by takeovers…" (T. Boone Pickens, 1988).

Boone Pickens is among the best-known corporate dealmakers in America, and his reputation was actually established in the 1980s when he became known as one of the top corporate raiders in U.S. corporate circles. This…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Research Paper

… ¶ … president's agenda on social issues, specifically health care reform. A majority of the public supported health care reform when the president was elected, but there has been no significant plan that has been approved in Congress, and neither side seems to want to budge. The country needs a plan that the Congress and the people can agree on, and it needs to happen as soon as possible for the president to maintain his credibility.

Today, health care reform is not the top priority it was when President Obama took office. People are worried about the economy, their jobs, their home values, and many are just worried about putting food on the table. However, the Democrats promised health care reform, it has fallen apart…. [read more]

My Brother's Keeper: Obama Seeks to Help Young Men of Color Term Paper

… 1).

Meanwhile, in conclusion, it is not surprising the conservatives would attack Obama's program. The right wing newspaper, The Washington Times, calls the program "lunacy" because it suggests "divvying up mankind based on the hue of their skin," which of course misses the point but stays true to the conservative mantra: shoot down every proposal Obama comes up with and belittle his efforts when it comes to helping Americans who struggle to achieve fairness and justice. The Washington Times' pathetic argument notwithstanding, Obama is absolutely correct to make an effort to find solutions to the problems faced by young men of color.

Works Cited

Carbonell, Lindsay. "Obama's My Brother's Keeper plan will address challenging [sic] facing young black men." The Daily Tar Heel. Retrieved April…. [read more]

Healing Hospital Provides Its Patients Essay

… Moreover, surveys are being conducted by such hospitals frequently, in order to monitor the satisfaction level of their patients. Even though, healing hospitals equip advanced technological devices but they integrate this technology with a compassionate and king environment in which their employees are the care givers. (Eberst 1-3)

A Culture of Radical Loving Care

The third and the most crucial component of a healing hospital is a culture of radical loving care. If a hospital is equipped beautiful furniture, aesthetic decorative items and commendable interior but it lacks the environment of care love and compassion and the staff that is committed to this philosophy then it would be regarded as a pretty hospital but not a healing hospital. Healing hospitals try to promote a healing…. [read more]

Reagan and the 80s Movie Term Paper


The objective of this work is to take a closer look into popular movies in the 1980s and the role Ronald Reagan's presidency played in them. This work will take three different years in the 1980s, or specifically the years of 1982, 1985, and 1986, and parallel them with two different genres: Teen Comedy and Drama and show how these films follow the same narrative. This narrative will follow the theme of (1) Outsiders; (2) Redemption; and (3) Victory.

The era of the Regan administration is one that is characterized by a slipping away from morals and values traditionally held evidenced in the breakdown of the traditional family structure, racial turmoil, crime, school problems, drugs, and declining sexual morality. Reagan…. [read more]

Franklin Delaney Roosevelt's Attitude Research Paper

… This letter does not explain why Roosevelt did not bomb the tracks but it may indicate his reason for not doing so. The larger goals were to destroy the Nazi machine. Anything else would be diversionary and perhaps counter-productive.

There are also letters such as the following that tell us that:

Throughout the 1930s, President Roosevelt was kept informed of the growing refugee crisis in Europe by political leaders with ties to the American Jewish community, including New York Governor Herbert Lehman. Through these contacts, Roosevelt also learned that the strict immigration quotas in place at the time were not being fully or fairly administered by his own State Department. In this November 13, 1935 letter, the President advises Lehman of the results of his…. [read more]

Foreign Policy of China (Beijing Thesis

… But just as China (Beijing consensus)'s economic and military power does not yet match that of the United States, China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power still has a long way to go as demonstrated by a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll. China (Beijing consensus) does not have cultural industries like Hollywood, and its universities are not yet the equal of the United States. It lacks the many non-governmental organizations that generate much of U.S. soft power. Politically, China (Beijing consensus) suffers from corruption, inequality, and a lack of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. While that may make the "Beijing consensus" attractive in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian developing countries, it undercuts China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power in the West. Although China (Beijing consensus)'s new…. [read more]

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