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Transit Fleet Safety Identifying Important Components Term Paper

… Transit Fleet Safety

Identifying Important Components of a Transit Fleet Safety Program

Over the past several decades, transit managers across the country have been able to maintain and manage capital assets worth several hundred billion dollars that provide transportation services to tens of millions of large-city riders and compel several millions of others from turning the highways into the type of gridlock recently witnessed in the evacuation of Houston. Indeed, inadequate mass transit planning has been cited as one of the primary causes of the current "capacity breakdown" in many major American cities that is now viewed as a serious threat to economic growth (Guess, p. 14). Therefore, identifying important components of an effective transit fleet safety program has assumed more relevance that ever before.…. [read more]

Individual Automobile Safety Technology Engineering Term Paper

… Both of these provisions point to the important of after sales activity with regard to attracting and retaining customers ("KPMG," 2012). Retailer profitability is substantively impacted by after sales service of automobiles, but the possibility of differentiation in this arena is difficult and remote ("KPMG," 2012). However, the evolving technology trends in the industry may provide a boon to retailers ("KPMG," 2012). For instance, as data is collected from connected vehicles, the opportunity is made available to identify the servicing needs of vehicles and to schedule servicing appointments in advance ("KPMG," 2012). This enable a degree of personalized service that consumer respond to very positively since it makes them feel as though they are receiving personalized service and, overall, it does make their lives a…. [read more]

Air Safety What Are the Air Carriers Assessment

… Air Safety

What are the air carriers' responsibilities for safety? And how does FAA judge if an air carrier unable to carry its duties?

According to the FA act 601 (b) the FAA is responsible for enforcing and overseeing the implementation and adherence to strict safety standards before issuing certificates to any airline carrier. However, The FA act fully recognizes the duty of the airline carriers, 'the duty resting upon the air carriers to perform their services with the highest possible degree of safety in the public interest'. Section 601 (b) of the FA act clearly specifies that irrespective of the FAA supervision or lack thereof the air carrier is totally responsible for providing the greatest degree of safety for all its passengers. Thus the…. [read more]

Traffic Accident in Oman Research Paper

… ¶ … Opportunities to Reduce Traffic Accidents in Oman

As the Sultanate of Oman searches for ways to diversify its economy from its current heavy reliance on its petroleum reserves, the country's transportation infrastructure has been modernized and far more Omanis are driving today than in the past. Unfortunately, Oman also has one of the highest traffic accident rates in the world and nearly half of the fatalities caused by traffic accidents involve young people under the age of 25 years. In response to these alarming trends, the Royal Omani Police have launched a series of initiatives, some in partnership with the private sector, that are intended to raise public awareness about the problem and reduce traffic accidents in the Sultanate. To determine the efficacy…. [read more]

Unfunded Infrastructure of Canadian Municipalities and the Risk it Poses Term Paper

… Unfunded Infrastructure of Canadian Municipalities and the Risk it Poses

Canadian infrastructure has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair due to lack of funding for such projects in municipalities in Canada. The resulting problems are great and diverse ranging from insurance liabilities for the municipalities in Canada due to health and safety risk posed by lack of funding to lack of recreational space and place for citizens resulting in a loss in social capital and declining health of citizens in Canada. This problem has not gone unnoticed and efforts have been and are being made to address this problem in Canada's municipalities.

The state of Canadian infrastructure has been due to a lack of funding by the government and has resulted in a terrible…. [read more]

Success of Airline Brand Emirates Airlines Research Proposal

… ¶ … Emirates Airlines

The purpose of this study is to assist in the identification of the key concepts of brand image and development utilized by industries and to examine the issues of how the brand image of Emirates Airlines might be changed based on performance and scope of operations. The research issues will result in the provision of new tools for the company in defining strategies for brand nurturing and development globally. The questions addressed in this research study include those of: (1) How is the brand of Emirates Airlines viewed currently and how is this brand image impacted globally? (2) Who does the company view as its main competitors for its brand image and why? And (3) What steps can be taken to…. [read more]

CRM Flight Crew Resource Management Term Paper

… e., skills). Learning about CRM is the first step toward d positively engaging CRM practices, and applying them in the cockpit. The bottom line is that assessment of learning criteria provides evidence as to how successful the training program was in imparting the targeted knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and also provides the basis for feedback and areas in need of further refinement.

For the most part, CRM programs seem to produce positive examples of participant learning, primarily as indexed by attitude change. However, there are a few reported instances of CRM programs creating a "boomerang effect" that is creating instances of negative attitude change (Helmreich, 1991). One study found that personality type influenced whether participants had a positive or negative attitude change as a result…. [read more]

Corporate Strategy for British Airways Essay

… Another issue for any carrier foreign to the rich U.S. market is that the U.S. government blocks many carriers from routes that they reserve for their own national carriers. There was also the increased cost of integrating electronic methods of ticket taking, maintenance and other functions, but this has been mitigated by the savings the industry receives from increased technology.

The airline industry has been forced, because of external forces such as fewer people flying and increased costs, to find ways to cut costs. One of the methods that has become popular is to partner with others in the industry to give both parties a strategic advantage. British Airways was not a member of a consortium until 2008 when it renewed its partnership with American…. [read more]

Sw Airlines Company Background Southwest Case Study

… SW Airlines

Company Background

Southwest Airlines is a U.S. based airline carrier and the world's largest low-cost carrier. It was formed in 1967 and, as of 2012, had almost 50,000 employees operating about 3,500 flights per day. The company grossed $17.1 B. In 2012 with its fleet of Boeing 737s, resulting in net income of $620M, or 36% (SW Airlines, 2013). The company is the world's largest operator of the Boeing 737s with over 550 currently in service. The company has an outstanding safety record, and is considered to be one of the 10 safest airlines globally (in Depth, 2012).

Historical Perspective

Southwest has the fewest complaints in the airline industry, the award for the most on-time flights, and best baggage handling. For these achievements,…. [read more]

Aviation and Human Factor Essay

… Aviation Mishap Analysis

The previous section described some of the theoretical perspectives of human error and human error modeling. This section describes the application of these systems to accident investigation -- specifically aviation mishaps. Several examples of initiatives to apply human error theory to accident investigation and mitigation are described in the literature. A few are presented below;

A combined government and industry effort undertaken in the U.K. developed the Human Factors Investigation Tool (HFIT). Gordon and Means (2005, 147) describe the intent of this tool was to, "improve investigation of the human factors causes of accidents in the offshore oil and gas industry." HFIT incorporated four types of human factors information to include "(a) the action errors occurring immediately prior to the incident, (b)…. [read more]

Knowledge Management in Automotive Industry Term Paper

… Knowledge Management in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one where the overall success is dependent on the interplay of a lot of factors each having its own set of dynamics in the overall scheme of things. These factors are use of appropriate technologies for constant innovation, better cost control through innovation management, the key role that suppliers play in the dynamics of auto industry for the Original Equipment Manufacturers -- OEMs etc. With competition increasingly getting severe, the key to success lies in better cost reduction through innovation management and using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Propriety Knowledge Management used by major OEMs in every sphere of activity has been playing an important role in the overall performance of the industry. The Total Cost of…. [read more]

Accident Analysis AA Flt 587 Term Paper

… Accident Analysis American Airlines Flt 587, 12 Nov 2001

American airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. On 12th Nov 2001, barely two months after the horrifying terror attacks on the twin towers, NY was scene of another sad event in aviation history. On that uneventful day, American Airlines Flt 587, which took off from the John F. Kennedy international airport in NY to Santo Domingo, Dominical republic, met with a fatal accident. The flight, which took off at 9:14 AM from JKF, slammed into the residential area of Rockaway, a suburb in Queens. All the 260 people aboard, including 251 passengers, Captain Ed States, first officer Sten Molin and seven flight attendants died. Five people on ground were also killed in…. [read more]

Shipping Chartering Term Paper

… Future of Shipping

The shipping industry has a long history, but the nature of the business changes over that history. It has been changing in recent years because of the pressures for change caused by internationalization, globalization, technological advances, economic shifts in different parts of the world, and so on. Where the tradition has been for companies to sail their own ships, carrying cargo for a fee, more and more companies are finding different ways to accomplish the same business, such as by chartering vessels for the job at hand, or having other companies handle the procedures as a form of third-party management, or some other approach to cut costs, reduce risk, and yet increase business all at the same time. The changes in the…. [read more]

Project Management This Report Stipulates the Final Term Paper

… Project Management

This report stipulates the final report for the planned project entitled "Finding Alternative Suppliers Of Contract Certification Of CNG On Bus Fuel Tanks For the Kingsgrove CNG Powered Fleet." As such, the report delineates the exact steps planned to obtain an alternative service provider for the certification and safety testing of Kingsgrove's CNG tanks.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) offers a revolutionary solution to rising fuel costs and pollution emanating from the public transportation industry. Kingsgrove is among the first to adopt the new, more environmentally friendly gas. In addition to environmental concerns, passenger safety is also at the top of Kingsgrove's priority list. The company takes pride in providing its customers with optimal prices, a focus on sustainable development, along with comfort and…. [read more]

Southwest Airlines When Southwest Airlines Reportedly Flew Thesis

… Southwest Airlines

When Southwest Airlines reportedly flew dozens of airplanes for as long as 30 months past their required inspection dates, this infraction led to FAA changing the way it supervises inspectors. Now, "field-office managers no longer have discretion to accept reports from airlines about safety problems they corrected themselves. Instead, the managers must personally take steps to ensure repairs are made, then sign the paperwork before filing it with the FAA" ("FAA Admits Controllers Wrongfully," 2008, p. A01). P. R Haunschild and B.N. Sullivan (2002) purport in "Learning from Complexity: Effects of Prior Accidents and Incidents on Airlines' Learning," when problems/arise, airlines try to understand what went wrong, and then learn from the experience to avoid and/or reduce subsequent errors/accidents. The NTSB (2001) Code…. [read more]

Global Supply Chain Logistics Essay

… Global Supply Chain Logistics

What factors other than transportation are important to logistics planning? The factors are Supply chain visibility, simultaneous resource consideration and resource utilization.

Many factors are critical to managing a successful supply chain other than simply transportation issues. One such example is Supply Chain Visibility; which is especially important since much of the manufacturing industry utilizes resources overseas which increases transit times in upwards of thirty days or more. These delays in international shipping often represent the process constraint that signifies the supply chain bottleneck. Therefore visibility of these resources in transit is of the utmost importance since the rest of the supply chain is dependent upon the success of this phase.

Technology can serve as a great asset to increase visibility.…. [read more]

Internship Report: Crowley Maritime Corporation (Cmc) Research Proposal

… Internship Report: Crowley Maritime Corporation (cmc)

CMC Background

Thomas Crowley, the grandfather of current Chairman, President and CEO Thomas B. Crowley, Jr., began Crowley Maritime Corporation (CMC) during 1892 with the purchase of an 18-foot Whitehall boat he used to transport personnel and supplies to ships anchored on San Francisco Bay. In Two Men at the Helm, an historical account of CMC, Thomas B. Crowley Sr. recounts his business practices, and credits what he learned about business to his father. "All his life, every dollar my father ever made he plowed back into the business....Some people call that being a miser, some people call that saving, some people call it reinvesting in business" (Two Men...1992). Currently, Crowley Maritime Corporation serves as a holding company for…. [read more]

Comparison on Boeing 777 and 787 Programme Essay

… ¶ … Boeing 777 and 787 Programs

Over the last several years, Boeing has a faced a number of different challenges surrounding the launch of the 787. As the construction of the plane and its management, has contributed to a number of problems. This has led to a host of delays and slowdowns, which has forced the company to address these issues. A recent example of this can be seen with the plane failing a preflight stress test of its wings. This is problematic, because it follows a host of other issues that have been experienced by the 787 (since it was first announced in 2005). (Mecham

2009) (Commercial Airplanes 2011) Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further, than the company being…. [read more]

Delivering Value Improving Operations Management at British Airways PLC in the Current Economic Climate Thesis

… ¶ … Value: Improving Operations Management at British Airways plc in the current economic climate

Delivering Value: Improving Operations Management at British Airways Plc. In the Current Economic Climate

The current business climate is extremely dynamic and challenging for the modern entrepreneur in the meaning that it presents him with numerous tests of strength and ability. And it could even be argued that all is due to globalization. The phenomenon allowed organizations to transcend national boundaries and expand their operations within the global climate. Nevertheless, it also translated into a rapid pace of development, and the adjacent necessity of keeping up, intensifying competition and many more challenges.

The modern day managers develop and employ a wide series of strategies in order to answer to these…. [read more]

International Aviation or Aerospace Industry Term Paper

… Aviation: The Expansion of Airbus

Forecasting is important to the financial success of both aircraft manufacturing and passenger airline businesses, and it is one of the most important things that Airbus has done in the past. Without forecasting, Airbus would not be clear on which countries were best to move into, what airlines would want their products, and what they were doing right and wrong to keep moving forward (Airport Technology, 2009). Forecasting fits into the aircraft manufacturing business because those that make airplanes must be aware of how many are going to be needed, but also when those particular aircraft might be wanted by various companies (Airport Technology, 2009).

In order to be able to do that, aircraft manufacturers must be aware not only…. [read more]

Distribution Planning Systems, Vehicle Routing Problems Research Proposal

… Distribution Planning Systems, Vehicle Routing Problems

Distribution Planning for Make to Order Manufacturers

The work of Chang and Makatsoris (nd) entitled: "Supply Chain Modeling Using Simulation" published in the International Journal of Simulation states that the key factor for success in business in today's global market is the management of the "entire supply chain." (Chang and Makatsoris, nd) it is held that it is acknowledged in today's "World-class organizations...that non-integrated manufacturing processes, non-integrated distribution processes and poor relationships with suppliers and customers" are not enough for the success of these organizations as they have come to "realize the impact of an organization's plan on the other areas of the supply chain." (Chang and Makatsoris, nd) the following illustration is that of the 'typical supply chain'…. [read more]

U.S. Air Force Cyber Security & DoD Contractors Term Paper

… To comply with the federal standard, organizations first determine the security category of their information system in accordance with FIPS Publication 199, Standards for Security Categorization of Federal Information and Information Systems, derive the information system impact level from the security category in accordance with FIPS 200, and then apply the appropriately tailored set of baseline security controls in NIST Special Publication 800-53, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations. Organizations have flexibility in applying the baseline security controls in accordance with the guidance provided in Special Publication 800-53. This allows organizations to tailor the relevant security control baseline so that it more closely aligns with their mission and business requirements and environments of operation (FIPS pub 200, 2006).

· In…. [read more]

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