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Transportation IT Modernization Effects Research Paper

… Modernization of Internet Technology and Its Effects on the Transportation Industry

SITA a dominating leader in the sphere of IT consultancy and 'air transport communication' concluded lately a 5-year period of agreement involving services of applications that assist in addition of new competence a well as value to the prevailing product line of SITA. SITA provides and maintains business remedies for airport, airline, international systems of delivery, government and other forms of clients over a widened network which plays the backdrop of the communications with regard to the international transport industry. SITA is the devoted partner for information technology being established and owned by the community of air transport. (HP News release, 2010) Information Technology -- IT industry has entered into the…. [read more]

Policy Analysis on the United States Transportation Research Paper

… ¶ … Privatizing China's Transportation Infrastructure

The 21st century has been called the "Century of Asia" and China is clearly leading the way. Over the past 30 years, China has increasingly shaken off its state-controlled economic model in favor of a free market approach. As a result, China has experienced an unprecedented period of economic growth that has been met with a corresponding increase in the need for an efficient transportation infrastructure that is currently straining under the pressure. Economists have consistently cited the need for an efficient transportation system as part of a country's overall economic development needs and China is certainly no exception. Indeed, the need for an efficient and modern transportation infrastructure has never been greater than today, and policymakers in China…. [read more]

Modernization of the 19th Century Essay

… As a result of the technological advancements during this period, the revolution contributed to the increase in wealth and power. However, this period also had an impact on people's life as many individuals were living in filth while working for unthinkable hours and receiving little payment.

Today's society has largely been shaped by the technological advances and numerous inventions that occurred during the Second Industrial Revolution. Together with telegraph, railways or railroads were early examples of technological systems during this era. As a major breakthrough in the means of transportation, the invention of railways or railroads resulted in the discovery of a safer, faster, and more comfortable means of transport. The invention of railways was accompanied by the application of steam power to transportation, which…. [read more]

Transportation Importance of Transportation Motor Carriers Railroads Research Paper

… Transportation

Importance of Transportation

Motor Carriers



Water carriers


Transportation is manner of carrying goods and people from one point to another either over ground, across the water or through the air. It can be by the way of automobiles, trains, ships, boats, ferries, or airplanes (Aboard Transportation, 2006). The current world would most likely be not possible had it not been for modernization in transportation. There would not have been any vast infrastructure, industrialization, or enormous production, if transportation was useless. Life would not have kept up with the quick altering times if there were no enormous trucks, bulldozers, trailers, cargo ships, or large aircrafts to carry them to dissimilar places. In other words, the worldwide society would not have occurrence of…. [read more]

Affects of Competition and Modernization Research Paper

… Advancements and Modernizations in Port Infrastructure and Operation: Changes in Information Technology and Shipping Containers

There have been a great many technological developments in the twentieth century, particularly in the latter half of the twentieth century (at least as far as the civilian world is concerned), and these have revolutionized the way in which business is conducted at almost every level and at every stop along the supply chain. From the sourcing and extraction of raw materials, through every step of the manufacturing process and even to the final sale of finished goods to consumers, newly or relatively recently developed technologies have come into play that render obsolete the way business was conducted even a few short decades ago. This is just as true for…. [read more]

Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1976 Term Paper

… Public Transportation Policy

The United States is considered to be one of the most modern states in the world. It represents a symbol of democracy, technology, and innovation. At the same time however, it has often been envied by more traditional societies and nations with a longer history for its sense of evolution and the rapid growth of the nation, particularly starting from the end of the American Revolution. However, it must be noted that the status the U.S. enjoys at the moment as the end of a cultural road and the destination place for most of the people in the world is in fact the result of historical development and a constant desire to improve the conditions of its citizens as well as for…. [read more]

Ch-47d Helicopters. It Focuses Research Paper

… Furthermore, the engines having internal fuel tanks holding a maximum of 1,034 gallons and can be equipped with additional 800-gallon fuel tanks.

The CH-47D helicopters are capable of doing 170 knots at maximum and 160 knots minimum speed. The helicopter's cruising speed is 143 knots while the service ceiling is 11,100 feet with the maximum hover-ceiling being 3,300 feet. Besides, when operational on internal fuselage, the CH-47D and maximum take-off weight, the helicopter can achieve 651 nautical miles.

The other significant feature of the CH-47D helicopters is that they are equipped with automatic blade folding techniques that allow for easy and quick storage of the aircraft. The CH-47D additionally have integrated failure protection against back drive that protect user while manually folding blades and overload…. [read more]

Chicago O'Hare International Airport ORD Term Paper

… O'Hare International Airport

Chicago, Illinois

O'Hare International Airport

The bustling Chicago airport -- O'Hare International Airport -- is one of the busiest in the world -- the second busiest behind Atlanta -- and it has an interesting contemporary profile as well as a fascinating history. This paper will report on O'Hare's history, finances, marketing, services, noise abatement, redevelopment program, and other issues related to its presence in Chicago.

History and Development

O'Hare was named after Lieutenant Edward O'Hare. He was a navy pilot who was killed at the age of 29 in World War II. According to the Chicago O'Hare Airport History ( it appropriate that the airport is named after Lieutenant O'Hare -- who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1942 --…. [read more]

2007 Economic Crisis on American Thesis

… S.

One of the main factors which incremented this crisis even more was the expensive cost of automobile fuel, this was linked to the global oil crisis which occurred before the automobile crisis. The rise in fuel prices caused the general consumer to shift in their demand and they now opted to buy except for the large vehicles such as pickup trucks or SUV's as compared to the other vehicles available in the market since the larger vehicles tend to use more fuel.

Another major factor which aggravated the crisis was the considerably high cost of labor which was greater as compared to the labor's counterparts in non-unions, this included salaries, healthcare benefits, pensions and other related job benefits. The management while demanding labor peace…. [read more]

Modernization in the United States Essay

… Accordingly, its advocates view globalization as the inherent effect of technological advance, with natural market tendencies serving as the prime impetus for expansion beyond traditional nation-state parameters. The International Monetary Fund, a primary institution in the implementation of globalization efforts, notes that the process "refers to an extension beyond national borders of the same market forces that have operated for centuries at all levels of human economic activity -- village markets, urban industries, or financial centers." (IMF Staff, 1)

What are the consequences of modernization?

Unfortunately, 'modernization' does not always carry positive implications. Quite to the contrary, but consistent with the implications of capitalism, there are significant hierarchical implications to the process of modernity. So is this well-evidenced by the concept of 'urban renewal,' which…. [read more]

Deforestation Effects Term Paper

… Deforestation

Effects of Deforestation

The purpose of the current study is to contribute to the knowledge base thoroughly analyzing new deforestation and development data covering the various locations of deforestation up to 2007. The researcher hopes to enrich the current database available, raise new questions, and stimulate additional research. The current researchers believe this kind of analysis is important given the current ongoing discussions regarding global warming. In spite of the considerable political attention that forests have received, little has hitherto been achieved on the ground: tropical deforestation and forest degradation have continued at an unaltered pace. The demands of present societies continue to create pressures that lead to the elimination of forest cover in developing countries. (Wunder 1)

Although deforestation is a phenomenon as…. [read more]

Global Position System (GPS) Term Paper

… This creates a lot impact in the business travel buyers and their travelers (Sheridan & Corker, 2006). According to Next Generation Air Transport System (NGATS) blue print, which ask funding to the aviation security system and to the entire sector so it can be re-established to meet the surging demands.

The market is expected to develop quickly therefore most travel buyers believe that North America domestic fares will increase by 5% for an average round trip fare if the issue is left without handling it proper. This will definitely affect the rate of doing business across the nation and minimize tourist visit to other parts of the country.

Therefore, the funding proposal is part of wider scheme by FAA to ensure better services are rendered…. [read more]

Authoritarian Modernization Research Proposal

… Authoritarian Modernization

The reforms undertaken in Iran and Turkey by Reza Shah Pahlavi and Kemal Ataturk respectively, during the early half of the previous century, are two classical cases of authoritarian modernization in the study of political science. Comparisons have frequently been drawn between the two regimes in spite of significant differences existing between the Safavid or Qajar empires and the Ottoman Empire. However, both the regimes acted as catalysts in the transformation of outdated and archaic empires to modern republics trying to keep pace with the progressive western world.

Historical Background

Reza Shah Pahlavi

Reza Shah Pahlavi was the founder and first monarch of the Pahlavi dynasty. Reza Shah Pahlavi was born as Reza Khan in 1878 in a small village called Alasht located…. [read more]

Public Budgeting Comparisons Research Paper

… In the FY 2011 it was mentioned that the St. Lawrence Seaway remained open for 99% of the time during the shipping season. Continuous efforts are also being made to ensure that the flow of traffic on the roadways is improved as well. Although decrease in delay was noticed in many areas but these results were not very clear due to the delays that took place on the borders. It was noticed that in NY, WA, Buffalo and Blaine, the delays increased. However, five crossings were observed and it was noted than from among those, in three, the delay decreased (U.S. DOT, 2011). Please refer to the details below for performance measures on global connectivity (U.S. DOT, 2011).

Environmental Stewardship

When it comes to the…. [read more]

20Th Century Capstone Project

… The Investigator, as mentioned above has the overall coordination responsibility on the site. It is in the way in which it conducts the investigation that the results can be rapidly identified. This is also due to the fact that "the designated investigator-in- charge organizes, conducts, controls, and manages the field phase of the investigation, regardless of whether a Board Member is also on-scene at the accident or incident site. (The role of the Board member at the scene of an accident investigation is as the official spokes-person for the Safety Board.) The IIC has the responsibility and authority to supervise and coordinate all resources and activities of all personnel, both Board and non-Board, involved in the on-site investigation." (Federal Aviation Administration, 2010)

Another important role…. [read more]

Aviation Is an Aspect of Life Research Proposal

… ¶ … Aviation is an aspect of life for millions of people in America who own aircraft or fly recreationally. According to an article published by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association General Aviation is defined as any type of civilian air travel except for scheduled passenger flights ("What is General Aviation"). According to the article general aviation includes many different things including the monitoring and spraying of crops, wildlife surveys and emergency medical evacuation.

The article also explains that nearly 70% of the general aviation flights are related to public services or business. The author insists that airplanes are often needed in these instances because they are more flexible than other forms or transportation and air travel is also the fastest form of transportation…. [read more]

Airline Revenue Research Paper

… Airport Funding

Like all major businesses, airports need a significant amount of funding to maintain and improve its operations. Because of the many investment needs of airports, those in the United States have several funding sources to ensure that they can offer the best and safest possible service to the public. Major sources of funding are coordinated by the federal government and the private sector. Particularly, the most important funding sources of an American airport are provided by their users, the Airport and Airway Trust Fund (AATF), and the airport improvement program (AIP).

One primary source of airport funding is by means of those who use its services. Funding is received from package shipping, private pilots, passengers on airlines, and those employees who make use…. [read more]

2010 World Cup the Environmental Essay

… (Cottle) So, while the games may have had an impact on the environment, the games diverted the regular tourists from coming to South Africa, along with their normal carbon footprint.

Taking that into account, the city of Johannesburg's "Bus Rapid Transit" (BRT) system was extremely popular and was "one of the largest carriers of fans to and from matches in the city." ("New Transport Era") At the time of the games, it was estimated that the BRT was transporting approximately 30% of the fans in the city of Johannesburg. Despite the success of the transportation system, Carl Death in his study of the environmental effects of the 2010 World Cup came to the conclusion that the games could not be considered to be successfully "green."…. [read more]

Environmental Impact of Seaport Development and Modernization Research Paper

… ¶ … Environmental Impact of Seaport Development and Modernization in Dubai, UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country that has been focused on modernization and growth for over a decade. The nation has been building huge skyscrapers and ports to help promote commerce and move oil and other exports around the globe. While these technological advances have benefited many within the country, the environmental impact has been quite profound. The impact of increased demand for seaport modernization in Dubai has had great effects on the surrounding ecosystems. Many of Dubai's largest banks and investors plan to spend over $20 billion dollars over the next decade to further develop seaports in that region (Memon and Birwani, 2006). This means that modernization and construction projects are…. [read more]

Sustainable Community in Arena Research Paper

… Sustainable Community in Arena and Velodrome of Glasgow

Approach and uncertainty

General approach to reduce carbon emissions

Important Sources of Uncertainty

Specific actions and cost-benefit analysis

Specific actions that you could be implemented

Cost and effectiveness of the actions

Cost-benefit analysis of carbon reduction actions


Benchmark of the performance

Levels of performance are achieved and why


Choices and actions affect or are influenced by the activities

The 2014 commonwealth games are announced to be held in Glasgow. It is noted that the government and game partners are focused to create awareness as well as practical efforts for the community to achieve sustainability. The use of renewable energy, waste reduction, lowering carbon emissions, and biodiversity is sought in the area of sports arena and…. [read more]

Future of Modernization Thesis

… ¶ … Future of Modernization in the United States

The past few decades have witnessed the introduction of a number of innovations in technology and transportation that have created a truly globalized marketplace and all signs indicate that these trends will continue well into the future. The economic benefits of increased international commerce are well documented, of course, but there are some other factors involved in this equation that may not be so readily discernible. To determine the impact of the inexorable march towards continuing modernization in the United States and abroad, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning these issues followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

How does modernization manifest itself…. [read more]

Global Supply Chain Management Essay

… transportation infrastructure continue to be pessimistic on its ability to support the needs of our global economy. How might this impact global supply chain efficiency?

Two aspects of the Obama spending package discussed in the article by Johnston & Runningen (200d9) suggest that improvements may be on the horizon for a transportation infrastructure badly in need of modernization. First and foremost is the continued demonstration of the president's commitment to reducing American dependency on foreign oil sources. In the current legislation, this takes the form of a tax incentive for homeowners who retrofit their homes to achieve greater energy efficiency. The priority of lowering demand for fossil fuels is likely to reduce transport costs across the boards for the United States. The 'price at the…. [read more]

Environmental Issues in Air Transport Industry That Relate to the 21st Century Aviation Research Paper

… Air Transport

There are many environmental issues and problems related to the manner in which certain industries function. The Air Transport Industry has some specific environmental issues that it is facing in the 21st century. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the environmental issues in the Air Transport industry that relate to 21st century Aviation.

Air Transport and environment issues

There are several issues that are present in the aviation industry as it pertains to the environment. These issues include greenhouse gases and ways in which to reduce emissions. In addition, there are several strategies that have been embraced in the 21st century including the NexGen strategy that will be explored as an aspect of this discussion.

Greenhouse Gases

The problem of global…. [read more]

Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Research Paper

… The main technique for controlling stormwater releases is the application of best administration practices (BMPs) that stop or diminish the release of contaminants into a water body (e.g., building of a stormwater holding pond to stop stormwater drainage straight into getting waters). best administration practices appropriate for one airport are not necessarily appropriate for another. Issues that may have some kind of an affect on permit supplies (i.e., suitable best administration practices), include the local climate (dry vs. rainy/wet, cold vs. warm); (Suzanne & Fallacaro, 2011).

the size or type of neighboring water bodies -- contaminants are weak depending on the size of the water body getting the release (a stream or creek vs. A river or ocean);

the water excellence of neighboring water bodies…. [read more]

U.S. Airline Industry Term Paper

… S. airlines.

Under capitalization and lack of proper business plans were the major reasons of failures of some of the start-ups during the 80s. Braniff collapsed completely in 1982 and again started operating from 1984 under new ownership and went bankrupt again in 1989. Similarly, another airline called People's Express entered the industry and showed revenue in 1981 reaching a billion dollars by 1985. The company was sold in late 80s due to rising losses and passenger dissatisfaction.

3.4 U.S. Airline Industry During the 1990s

The 1990s saw a dramatic increase in the number of passengers, including first time passengers, as prices were cut and the cities served by airlines increased. In the early 1990s the airline industry suffered due to adverse economic conditions and…. [read more]

Criminal Justice After the 911 Term Paper

… The above-mentioned bill for example has only been approved in 2004, more than two years after the attacks occurred.

Another interesting feature is the fact that many elements of airline security that could have been addressed without delayed legislation, have not. An example is mentioned by Ahlers (2004). Passengers are checked against lists of suspected terrorists. Even after three years (and almost eight months after the legislation was approved), these lists are still incomplete and truncated. This is one of many shortcomings still evident in aviation security. Obviously this is one of the reasons why transport, and specifically aviation, is such an easy target for terrorists. And this is also the reason why authorities should take care to secure the easiest terrorist access points before…. [read more]

Improper Ergonomics Caused Usair 1493 Term Paper

… She seemed not aware of the immediate occurrence as she at first thought that USAir plane was hit by bomb as it was landing, thereafter coming back to her sense that USAir hit the SkyWest plane, (Eric Malnic and Tracy Wood, 1991). However, she blame the rooftop lights within her line of sight that caused glare in the tower, preventing her to clearly identify small planes at the intersection; the same position SkyWest was waiting for communication. Prior to the incident she had confused the SkyWest plane to be another commuter airliner located on a taxiway just toward the end. Again, the difficulties were more when the ground radar at LAX was not functioning the very day of accident.

Investigation by NTSB unveil that the…. [read more]

Greenhouse Effect and Global Essay

… Today the world over there is a conscious effort to reverse the effect of Global Warming, and for the first time it has been realized that the efforts needs to take into consideration the fact that more than individual efforts, it is on the Governmental Levels that things need to be changed. Only when the pressure is put on the Governmental level, will a change come that can have a true mark on the carbon footprint, or on the emissions caused by industries, which are a major contributor to Greenhouse gases.

On an international, laws and regulations are now in place to tackle the crisis and the most major breakthrough in this regard has been the signing, implementation and putting in effect the Kyoto Protocol.…. [read more]

Quantas Airways Limited Company Financial Analysis History Essay

… Quantas Airways Limited

Company Financial Analysis

history of the company

Quantas Airways, Ltd. is the number one domestic airline industry in Australia and is a leader in the Asia-Pacific region. In fact, Quantas is among the ten largest airlines in the world and connects Australia in approximately 81 destinations and forty countries throughout the world. The company operates several regional airlines in the country of Australia and carries in excess of thirty million passengers each year. The largest shareholder in Quanta is British Airways plc, holding 18% interest in Quanta. Quanta was founded in March 1919 by two veterans of World War I. In the early 1970s a charter subsidiary, Qantair Ltd. was formed by Qantas and at the same time Qantas began a low…. [read more]

Influence of Pollutants Term Paper

… ¶ … globalization on the environment are both empowering and detrimental. Improvements in technology and the resulting increase in lifespan and access to medical care in the developing world place pressure on the environment via pollution, overpopulation, and possible global warming. Drastic mistakes made by First World countries during their period of modernization began a long cycle of environmental problems. As the underdeveloped world searches for its place in global culture, pressures on the environment will, if not mitigated, increase and ultimately may damage the earth to the point of mankind's inability to rectify the situation (Speth, ed, 2003).

Nowhere is this more endemic than the preponderance of chemicals that leech through the environment and collect within plants or species. Shellfish and crustaceans, for instance,…. [read more]

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