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Systems of Equations (Part I) Assessment

… This means that x + y = 44,000 people, and that 13x + 6y = $369,000. The system of equations is seen as follows:

Equation 1: x + y = 44,000

Equation 2: 13x + 6y = 369,000

Isolating for x, we get:

x + y = 44,000 x = 44,000 -- y

Substituting for Equation 2:

13x + 6y = 369,000 13(44,000 -- y) + 6y = 369,000 572,000 -- 13y + 6y = 369,000 572,000 -- 7y = 369,000 -7y = -203,000 y = 29,000

Plugging in for x:

x = 44,000 -- y x = 44,000 -- 29,000 = 15,000

In conclusion, 15,000 people paid for $13 reserved seating, and 29,000 people paid for $6 general admission.

3. Solve the system of…. [read more]

Transportation Strategic Intermodal Essay

… Transportation (general)

Strategic Intermodal Transportation

The Last Mile

Port and Terminal Operations

How has the railroad industry changed from its monopoly position in the 19th century due to the Staggers Act?

The construction of an intercontinental railroad is one of the industrial projects that is responsible, to a large extent, for America's greatness today. It allowed goods to be transported quickly and relatively inexpensively which, in turn, allowed for an economic explosion and further development of the American land holdings. It did come at a cost however. The federal government, under Abraham Lincoln, had to basically subsidize the industry by offering entrepreneurs land grants and bond guarantees to ensure that the railroad would be developed (Tuttle & Wykle, 2003). It is almost counterintuitive to think…. [read more]

Magnetic Levitation Propulsion Systems Term Paper

… Incompatibility

Probably the biggest disadvantage of the Maglev technology is its complete incompatibility with the existing system -- train tracks for conventional trains etc. This results in the need for massive investment. (The cost factor will be discussed later in this paper).

Environmental Concerns

Some environmentalists have also expressed concern about the adverse health-effects of the magnetic fields, while supporters of the technology deny this.

Complex Operation and Instability at High Speeds

The technology is not yet fully proven. In the testing stage there have been reports of unstable operation at high speeds. Mitigation of the problem involves complex operation and maintenance solutions that are also expensive.

Cost Factor

In order to get an idea of the current costs for developing a Maglev system, it…. [read more]

Problems With the Air Traffic Control Systems Research Paper

… ¶ … Air Traffic Control Systems in the United States

An efficient aviation industry is an important part of the nation's security and economy, and the air traffic control systems that are in place represent an essential part of the infrastructure that keeps this vital industry operating. In recent years, though, the aging air traffic control systems in place across the country have come under increased scrutiny as air travel continues to increase amid larger concerns for security in the post-September 11, 2001 environment. To gain some fresh insights into the problems with the air traffic control systems in the United States, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning these issues, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in…. [read more]

Effects of the Americans With Disabilities Act in Regards to Transportation Term Paper

… Transportation and the Effects of the Americans With Disabilities Act

In a society concerned, above all, with inclusiveness, the Americans with Disabilities Act is designed to improve the lives of those with physical or mental impairments. Passed in 1990, the act was intended as yet another step in the fulfillment of the promise of civil rights for all that was enshrined in various civil rights acts, notably in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

While the earlier pieces of legislation addressed primarily discrimination on the basis of race, religion, and gender, the Americans with Disabilities Act took into consideration the special challenges faced by those with physical and mental handicaps that precluded their full participation in everyday life.

Disabled individuals face numerous difficulties in public…. [read more]

Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems (Uav), and Violation of Citizens' Privacy Constitutional Rights Thesis

… Drones unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs) and violation of citizen's privacy constitutional rights

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVS) 3-9

History of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVS) Technology 4-5

Current Trends in the Usage of Drones 5-6

Classification of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 6-9

Benefits Associated With the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 9-12

Drones and Domestic Security 9-10

Drones and Terrorism 10-11

History of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVS) Technology 11-12

Issues Associated With the Usage of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 12-15

Drones and Privacy 12-13

Drones and Excessive Collateral Damage

Drones and Psychological Impact on the Operators 13-14

Drones and Psychological Impacts on the Civilians 14-15

Research Methodology & #8230; 15-19

Theoretical Framework 16-18

Research Design 18-19

Literature Review 19-27

Current Trends in…. [read more]

Transportation Security in the United States Research Proposal

… Transportation - Security


The Historical Evolution of Contemporary Transportation Security Issues

Airline Hijacking and Attacks on Transportation as Political Terrorism:

The first hijacking of a passenger airliner for the express purpose of influencing national or geopolitical events was the 1968 overtaking of an Israeli flight from Rome, Italy to Tel Aviv, Israel on July 22, 1968 by the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO).

Previously, numerous airline hijackings had occurred, but only for the purposes of either securing a monetary ransom or (more commonly) for the purpose of transportation.

Typically, prior hijackings involved the temporary takeover and diversion of a passenger airline flight as a means of transporting the hijackers to a specific destination; given the relations between the United…. [read more]

Transportation Security Administration Research Paper

… Transportation Security Administration

Airport Security (A Sweeping Change)

Whole Body Scanning

Innovative Technologies

Sterile Area Access (Employee Screening)

Higher Standards For Hiring

Transport Security Administration

Security concerns are adding to the woes of the airline industry already hit by high oil prices and labor union problems. Terrorists are becoming increasingly adept in evading the conventional screening techniques. In the wake of the recent security threats, there is also a growing consensus that it is now necessary to sacrifice some of our privacy concerns to guarantee overall safety. Comprehensive whole body scanning systems should be implemented while innovative approaches such as the ultra precise T-ray scanners should be introduced in the near future. Elaborate security protocols including routine screening of airline staff should be immediately implemented.…. [read more]

US v. Europe Essay

… Transportation in Europe

Based on our prior discussions, are the topics in this article surprising? Why or why not?

Yes and no. What make it surprising are the drastic actions many European countries are taking to reduce the total amounts of carbon emissions. In a host of different cities, there are restrictions or outright bans on vehicles. This is something that never happened inside these locations before. The fact that this is occurring now, is showing how various governments want to restrict access to these places by automobile. (Davenport) (Rosenthal)

This signals a growing trend that will become more extreme in the future. When this happens, there is a very realistic possibility of European cities becoming pedestrian and eco friendly transportation centers. The result is…. [read more]

Mass Transit Transportation Is Important for Long-Run Term Paper

… Mass transit transportation is important for long-run economic growth. For example, in many cities, the economic cost of the commuting time is huge. By lifting this issue, it would bring a significant improvement in the economy's efficiency.

From there, it is apparent that the economic and military power of a nation has been closely tied to efficient methods of transportation. Transportation provides access to natural resources and promotes trade. This allows a nation to gain wealth and power. "The movement of people within urban areas using group travel technologies such as buses and trains. The essential feature of mass transportation is that many people are carried in the same vehicle (e.g., buses) or collection of attached vehicles (trains). This makes it possible to move people…. [read more]

Women Friendly Transportation System Term Paper

… ¶ … Public Transportation for Women

Women Friendly Transportation System

Many cities throughout the world are making efforts to make taxi services more women-friendly. Both men and women utilize taxi services in many large cities, especially in areas they are not familiar with. In a sense, utilizing a taxi service can be scary, because the individual may not be familiar with the area that the taxi driver is driving them through or what they will run into along the way, but in most cases, taking a taxi seems like the safe way to go for individuals who don't know their way around or don't want to fight heavy traffic. In the United States, taxi services are more readily utilized in large cities such as Chicago,…. [read more]

Airline Transportations on Economy Impacts Essay

… A part of this income will be saved and the rest will be spent, depending on propensity to consume (c) and propensity to save (s). The change in consumption ?C=c. Y creates new income for other market entities who consume a part of it and save the rest. The total multiplier effect in its simple version can be computed as ?. Y = ?Y / s, where ? is a multiplier. As a result of this induced impacts equal the sum of direct and indirect impacts multiplied by the multiplier: N = ?. (D + I), that is N = ?. (D + a.D).

Catalytic impacts (C) are a very wide and diverse group. They are defined as "net economic effects (e.g. On employment, incomes,…. [read more]

Technology, Transportation, and Society Term Paper

… All of the transportation methods consume fossil fuels, each linked directly to oil. The price of oil fluctuates, with oil prices capable of affecting all other areas of the economy. A rise in oil prices means businesses raise their prices to absorb the increased price of transporting their goods. This in turn means a higher price for the consumer. Transportation then, becomes a basic factor in determining the state of the economy.

The economy relies so greatly on oil prices and oil companies have so much power, there are even theories that alternative fuel and power systems could be developed but are being repressed.

Eisen (1991, p. 408) describes this suppression arguing that alternative energy systems could be developed but are not because of the…. [read more]

Creating Sales Essay

… Because the country is willing to sell property to foreign investors and allows them to send the money made back home, it could be in Hangzhou's best interest to purchase some property for stores. However, the possibility of a government that will nationalize property remains, such as happened in Mexico. Therefore, it could be in the company's best interest to partner with local merchants to sell their merchandise. The issue here is still the same as it was in the beginning. Namely, what if the bikes require extensive modification when they come from China.

The Issues

The main product line that Hangzhou Tongheng wants to sell in the Ukraine are its fleet of electric bicycles. The reason for this is that they realize that many…. [read more]

Transportation Systems Essay

… ¶ … Transportation Systems

These two questions are a written paper 2 pages each or combine them together and 4 pages.

After reading the ?Transit projects a guide for practitioners? chapters 1 -2 provide and explain some general steps that the state of New Jersey, in our discussion post, must have taken in order to obtain an idea of benefits they would acquire by investing in their infrastructure.

How would one go about calculating utility of a traveler-s choice in utils? Provide an explanation of all the variables in the formulae. (Hint Read Chapters 4-9)

Transportation Considerations: New Jersey

The state of New Jersey had to understand quite a bit about their transportation needs as well as the existing infrastructure before they could make any…. [read more]

Policy Analysis on the United States Transportation Research Paper

… ¶ … Privatizing China's Transportation Infrastructure

The 21st century has been called the "Century of Asia" and China is clearly leading the way. Over the past 30 years, China has increasingly shaken off its state-controlled economic model in favor of a free market approach. As a result, China has experienced an unprecedented period of economic growth that has been met with a corresponding increase in the need for an efficient transportation infrastructure that is currently straining under the pressure. Economists have consistently cited the need for an efficient transportation system as part of a country's overall economic development needs and China is certainly no exception. Indeed, the need for an efficient and modern transportation infrastructure has never been greater than today, and policymakers in China…. [read more]

Questions About Managerial Economics Term Paper

… Solar Power

An Analysis and Discussion of how Solar Prices and Externalities of the Energy Industry Will Influence the Adoption of the Illinois Solar Power Total Output

This research is based on a hypothesis that was constructed relative to identifying the market energy prices that might be needed for local businesses to consider investing in alternative energy sources such as installing solar panels based on purely economic considerations. For example, the average costs of energy can be calculated and there are many sources that compile data relative to these trends that are available for businesses to use decision-making tools such as a cost-benefit analysis. Yet, there are many businesses that make the decisions to integrate solar that are not the result of a pure economic…. [read more]

Outsourcing the System Needs Term Paper

… 6 per cent of recipients. The second greatest disappointment with outsourcing is vendor expertise at 58.9 per cent. Cost reduction is number one on the list of disappointments at 59.3 per cent, yet it rates last on the most desired benefit from outsourcing at 33.3 per cent. What this indicates is that outsourcing can still be recognized for reducing costs, but unless companies focus on the costs up front, they get burned."

Outsourcing is a management strategy by which an organization utilizes specialized, efficient service providers to perform major, non-core functions. Using a third party to handle duties traditionally performed internally frees up the company to concentrate on its primary business (Davy, 1999). " in the case of school busing outsourcing frees up not only…. [read more]

International Business Research Proposal

… International Business

1, 2) I do not feel that Airbus could have become a viable competitor without subsidies. The four European governments agreed to subsidize Airbus for strategic interests. Air transport is a strategically important industry and these countries needed to have their own source of aircraft.

3,4) Airbus' position with regards to the long-running subsidies is reasonable because Boeing receives subsidies and patronage from the U.S. government and trade agreements should enhance trade rather freeze economic development by prohibiting new entrants to established markets. The 1992 agreement was a reasonable compromise.

5,6) the U.S. industry reacted with caution to the 1993 attempts to reopen the trade dispute because to do so would expose both Boeing and U.S. airplane equipment manufacturers to tariffs. Antitrust legislators…. [read more]

Transportation Revolution Term Paper

… As infrastructure development in the United States was hampered by constitutional scruples about the proper role of the federal government, the bulk of the canal projects were initiated by state governments (Way 53). Most of the investment capital came from Europe (Way 54). However, many of these later canals were unsuccessful. Some failed altogether, discouraging foreign investment thereafter (Cornog 168-69). Regrettably, the failure of such projects did a great deal to discredit the idea of public investment in economic development from that point on. The projects that failed generally did so because the local conditions were far less propitious. As Cornog appreciates, the Erie Canal had accelerated capitalist development that was already taking place (171). Many of the other canals offered far less by way…. [read more]

Operations Management Homework Questions Assessment

… ¶ … system in accordance with the organisation's policy, whereby you are able to involve individuals and teams in the organisation to actively participate in decision-making processes. Your goal is for employees to contribute to solutions for organisational issues and to provide feedback. The system could cover but not limited to forums and meetings, newsletters/reports, organisational policies and procedures or electronic communication devices)

There seems to be a total lack of coordination between employees in the organization. One initial idea would be to institute a project format of organization under functional divisions. For example, those individuals and teams that are producing training programs focused on customer service could represent a division. Each division would consist of functional experts and a system of communication and collaboration…. [read more]

Leading Organizations -- Starbucks in a Local Term Paper

… Leading Organizations -- Starbucks in a local Airport

The hectic nature of coffee shops in airports is an excellent location to validate or refute a given company's stated vision, mission and values. Starbuck's has built one of the most valuable brands globally by balancing their exceptional focus on sustainability and concern for the environment on one hand, and their continued emphasis on customer service and unique drinks, both hot and cold, always being available and customizable to any customers' requests. In observing a Starbucks in a local airport during a recent very hectic Saturday morning, the vision, mission and values of the company and its culture became very clear.

While this Starbucks, tucked down at the very end of an airport concourse, did an excellent…. [read more]

Pacific Plan Is a Document Essay

… Another step towards the realization of sustainable development was developing and implementing conservation as well as management measures both in the national and the regional levels. These measures would make sure that fisheries' resources got utilized in a sustainable manner. In addition, policies and plans that regulated the way waste was managed were to be developed and implemented. Pollution of the environment is a major drawback in developmental efforts therefore it is important to determine how waste will be managed in order to conserve the environment. Efforts to achieve sustainable development in countries in the Pacific region were being hindered by lack of energy sources that were environmentally friendly and affordable. The Pacific Plan came up with a recommendation that the 'Pacific Islands Energy Policy'…. [read more]

Urban Drainage System Book Report

… Urban Drainage System


Human activity is the major cause of the surge in green house gas releases (IPCC 2007). These gases are a contributing factor to the climate change that has different implications in different regions. For instance, hot dry summers and colder wetter winters are more likely than before. In the United Kingdom, there is likely to be a surge in the frequency of rain and higher rainfall intensity. There are likely to be flooding events that have adverse effects on the ecosystem, the economy, and the society (IPCC 2007).

The urban spaces have a history of annihilating the ecosystem that existed before they came to be. Biodiversity is lost, waste increase, the air quality falls, and impermeable surfaces increase…. [read more]

Crosswalk Proposal Policy Term Paper

… It is therefore advisable to consider the entire range of cost-benefit factors, both tangible and intangible, associated with improving the crosswalk in question before making any final determinations.

A review of the Implementation and Funding section within the Cupertino Pedestrian Transportation Plan shows that "a simple crosswalk with two parallel 12-inch solid white lines could run from $500 to $1,000 per location whereas a crosswalk combined with a speed table and/or in-roadway flashing lights can run $20,000 per location, depending on the design" (46). While this may appear to be an exorbitant cost for a single crosswalk enhancement, the 2007 Facilities Master Plan published by the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees states that "the passage of Measure C, a $490.8 million districtwide bond in June,…. [read more]

Financial Funding System for Amtrak Term Paper

… They may build rider-ship but that's at the cost of creating revenue. The Inspector General of the Department of Transportation (March 2001) warned:

Amtrak's overall financial results have been improved significantly since 1999.

Our assessment of Amtrak's 2000 business plan identified a number of elements that Are unlikely to perform as Amtrak had expected. If no short action were taken to compensate for them, Amtrak's cash loss would be almost $1.4 billion more than it projected over the four-year period 2001 through 2004."

So what can be done and why? It's important to remember single that rail service is still a strong mode of transportation in this country. According to Senator Patrick Leahy, "The administration fails to recognize the reason Amtrak was formed in the…. [read more]

Eisenhower Creation of Interstate Highway System Essay

… Eisenhower Creation of Interstate Highway System

Dwight Eisenhower was the United States of America's 34th president. He ranks as one of the best presidents in the country's history due to many development projects that he initiated and complete during his era. One of the biggest and most remarkable projects of his times is the "National system of interstate and defense highways." According to Eisenhower, the interstate highway system would help overcome the problems of traffic jams, unsafe and inefficient roads (Interstate Highway History (n.d). Eisenhower further argued that the interstate highway would facilitate a quick evacuation of the cities in case of an atomic bomb. The idea of the interstate highway dates back when President Eisenhower was a General in the army. He was impressed…. [read more]

NY Railroads Improve Transportation? The Varied Communities Term Paper

… ¶ … NY railroads improve transportation?

The varied communities that existed in the state of New York demonstrated a frontier existence, excluding the states largest city, New York itself. The economic growth the entire state experienced as a result of railroad infrastructure can be seen in the exponential growth of the relatively rural cities in its borders that went from populations of sustained and slow growth to urban centers teaming with industry. One example of just such a growth pattern, as a direct result of railroad proliferation is the city of Oneonta, established in 1796, with a population of 1,416 (1820) that achieved steady growth until 1865 when the population began to increase exponentially to the end year calculations of 8,910 people in 1900. In…. [read more]

Aircraft Safety the FAA as an Institution Capstone Project

… Aircraft Safety

The FAA as an institution is occupied with creating new regulations, but does not effectively model accident prevention according to system models to models. While terrorism and hijacking have been the center of aviation regulation in the last ten years, we must also look at and maintain the more minor issues. As a result aviation complications happen that are time-consuming and annoying. For this reason, such conditions could impair the whole industry as a whole. For this reason, proper risk and safety modeling is essential is necessary in a systems fashion.

Statement of Intention

There is much talk about airline safety, but many times risk and safety modeling to deal with the most common accidents has been neglected. In the meantime, the FAA…. [read more]

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