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Tourism Profile for Australia Research Paper

… Tourism Australia

Tourism Profile for Australia

Tourism is one of the most important industries of Australia due to which it is counted as the eighth largest tourism market of the world. Australia provides to its visitors stable and secure environment; therefore every year a large population of local and overseas tourist visit Australia for exploring adventure and discovering beautiful places that have natural and cultural significance.

Australia has not only developed the natural destinations for its visitors but it also has a big range of cultural assets, which attract tourist towards it. For instance, it has art galleries, museums, historic places and live art that include theatres and live concerts, which not only educate but also entertain visitors (Foo & Rossetto, 1998). This paper will…. [read more]

Travelling and Tourism Contributes Research Paper

… The tourism is found to have a role in economies since history yet the impact became clearer in the second half of the 20th century. The tourism drives development of roads, railways, air transport, foreign currency, income and employment in the country. There was huge cost associated with the tourism in past as well. Some travelers used to become illegal residents of the country that was a burden on economy since these people never used to pay taxes. However, with the increase security processes, the tourism is also facilitated in countries like USA. The tour operators and travel agents are not the only direct beneficiaries of travel and tourism in America but the effects cascade down to the domestic families.

There are some environmental concerns…. [read more]

Travel Agents Analysis Term Paper

… Travel Agents Analysis

The following pages will focus on providing an outlook on the situation of the U.K. tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular. The main aspects brought under discussion by this research paper regard the differences between traditional travel agents, on the one hand, and of e-tourism, on the other hand. Also, future trends in the field are presented, together with recommendations designed for improving travel agents' activity.

The introduction presents the importance of the problem and its implications. Also, the introduction provides a brief presentation of the research methodology used in this paper.

The following section focuses on establishing the hypotheses and the objectives of the research, as the starting point of any research. This is a very important section…. [read more]

Tourism Sustainability Essay

… Therefore, tourism is not sustainable as an industry. While in theory it could be, it almost never is. The industry wants to define sustainability as wasting less, but that is a soft definition that does not reflect true sustainability. Heinberg's understanding of sustainability is more in line with reality. While washing towels less often is admirable, it does not make a hotel sustainable. If the hotel relies on people flying in from another city or country, the hotel cannot be sustainable because of that factor alone. Sustainability implies significant decline in human activity, and strict limits on the scope on the activity, the two things that tourism cannot say for itself.

The contrary view to this argument holds that sustainability is not something that can…. [read more]

Popularity of Tourist Destinations Tourism SWOT

… Popularity of Tourist Destinations

Tourism can be defined as travel by people for leisure or business purposes to any destination outside their usual environment (MAS, 2009). The international tourism industry churns out billions of dollars every year. Many countries develop their infrastructure and other political activities around building up their tourism industry in order to attract foreign remittances (OROZCO, Manuel, 2005). Success of a country's tourism industry provides it with an influx of foreign currency, becoming the backbone for any economy. In a perfect world, tourism should increase globally year on year. However, this is not the case, as it is not a perfect world. In the previous few years, the tourism industry has experienced a decline in the numbers of tourists visiting other countries…. [read more]

Hospitality and Travel Marketing Term Paper


In recent years, the comprehensive atmosphere of tourism has undergone extensive changes worldwide in comparison to tourism during decades of the past. The traditional face of tourism has been exposed to numerous acts of terrorism, and even more recently, historical natural disasters. Although these recent tragedies have significantly altered tourism, the tourism and hospitality sector nevertheless remain as one of the largest components of the global economy. Even in recent years, the growth rate of tourism supersedes that of most other goods and services. As a result of this rapid growth, the profile of tourists has changed as consumers apparently have become more experienced, more demanding, and more likely to treat tourism purchases in very much the same way…. [read more]

Tourist Behavior Toward Nature-Based Tourism Multiple Chapters

… The primary concept that is a part of ecotourism is that it entails consciousness and admiration of the Mother Nature and the activities based on it (Fennell, 2001, 2008).

Another concept that is a vital part of ecotourism is pertinent to the regional communal groups like contribution (Ross and Wall, 1999), prospective advantages (Honey, 2008) and authorisation (Scheyvens, 2002). The next concept is related to knowledge (Honey, 2002) and such tourism in which people consider themselves accountable (Fennell and Dowling, 2003). Lastly, ecotourism fosters maintainability (Blamey, 2001; Cole and Sinclair, 2002) and preservation (Wood, 2002).

Although various experts have investigated the definition, influence and shortcomings of ecotourism, comparatively less have discovered the viewpoints and behaviours of players dealing with the supply chain connecting a traveller…. [read more]

Ethnicity and Tourism Ethnicity Affects Essay

… The popularity of football has gone up due to events such as world cup. It is the Olympics which has made it possible for many sports to come together and hence an increase in sports tourism.

Hosting the Olympics is a very much coveted opportunity. All these countries who seek this chance want to stimulate tourism in their nations. This is because they know very well of how holding the games will bring so much exposure to the nation. A specific example is how the 1992 Olympics really benefited tourism industry in Barcelona. The 1992 Olympics brought Barcelona to the center of the world giving this historical city a new lease of life. These games bought the Catalan culture into the eyes of the entire…. [read more]

Pro-Poor Tourism: Association With Development Term Paper

… It is noted that pro-poor tourism net benefits to poor communities extend beyond economic benefits, as they cut across environmental, social, and cultural benefits (Spenceley, Habyalimana, Tusabe, & Mariza, 2010). This is because pro-poor tourism in any community or nation facilitates rapid diversification of tourism products (Torres & Janet, 2004). Communities are driven to find tourist interests, an in return tourists demand economic, and cultural, social, and environmental goods from the community (Akyeampong, 2011). Therefore, pro-poor tourism is a flexible and alternative form of creating sustainability, responsibility, and ecological emphasis over the environment, socio-cultural, and economic elements of a community (Torres & Janet, 2004). This is because tourism calls for more sustainable management of natural resources and the environment as well as stimulating the development…. [read more]

Tourism in Thailand Economic, Social Book Report

… The young people get attracted to the way the foreigners dress and try to adapt them. Also, cross cultural marriages are becoming more common among locals as well.

Strict regulations should be posed upon the tourists who visit the country. They should be notified on appropriate land usage, the dos and don'ts of visiting Thailand. Nowadays, for the sustainability of tourism, Thailand is using "Rural Tourism" as target. Rural tourism could be explained with the help "Rural Development," which is a process that gives a rise in the capacity of rural people to control the environment, resulting from more extensive use of the benefits which ensure such control. Sustainable development is the way to raise living standards, to allow people to reach their human potential,…. [read more]

Contemporary Issues in Tourism Assessment

… ¶ … Tourism

Explain what matters of scale and scope have to do with the marketing of tourism sites and places - according to a or the contributors of Jamal and Robinson (destination marketing organization: Convention and visitors Bureaus: Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper)

The idea for a convention is thought to have been initiated in Detroit as a suggestion to band together and promote Detroit as a convention desirable destination. This was a sought of salesmanship work that would market a site/destination Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper.

This part discusses the matter of scale put across by Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper chapter destination marketing in Jamal and Robinson.


The original model of funding for activities from…. [read more]

Tourism Handbook Coverage of Foreign Assessment

… 61-71, Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 11 December 2011.

Bloomberg, N, 'South Africa proclaims World Cup a tourism win', Toronto Star (Canada), December, 7 2010, Newspaper Source, EBSCOhost, viewed 11 December 2011.

Bodman, P, & Le, T 2011, 'Assessing the roles that absorptive capacity and economic distance play in the foreign direct investment-productivity growth nexus', Applied Economics, 45, 8, pp. 1027-1039, Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 11 December 2011.

Browne, M, Dooley, G, Rogers, M, Pike, J, Roberti, R, Eisen, D, Allison, M, Terrero, R, & Fox, J 2009, 'YOUR 2009 SURVIVAL GUIDE. (cover story)', Travel Agent, 334, 1, pp. 38-41, Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 11 December 2011.

'C/A Deficit Growing, But Not Alarming' 2010, Africa Monitor: Southern Africa, 15, 10, pp. 1-2, Business…. [read more]

Tourism in Chicago This Assessment Assessment

… The citizens also have a significant role in the sector. The citizens should ensure that the city is welcoming for the tourists. The citizens should also be proactive in protecting the tourist attractions and resources. Business leaders need to invest in the sector. This includes the building of new attractions and accommodation facilities for visitors. It is evident that the role of these stakeholders is intertwined. In order for the sector to be successful, all the stakeholders need to be encouraged to perform their roles exceptionally.

Forms of tourism

The unique nature of Chicago attracts several tourism forms. The entertainment facilities in the region encouraged entertainment tourism. This is a large component of tourism where the visitors frequent sightseeing spots, theatres and sporting attractions in…. [read more]

Effect of Tourism on Latin America Specifically Colombia Mexico and Costa Rica Thesis

… Tourism

The Effects of Tourism on Latin America Countries

Most Latin American countries are dependent on tourism dollars to fuel their economies. Latin America encompasses a very large demographic area which includes all of Central and South America. Latin America hosts some of the most beautiful and scenic countries in the world and each one of these countries offers a unique travel destination, in its own right. This paper's focus will be on the effect of tourism in three of the top travel locations in Latin America Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

Mexico's Tourist Industry

In developing its tourist industry, the Mexican government had three main goals: earning foreign exchange, creating employment, and diverting internal migration toward tourism. Statistics on employment and in-migration to Mazatlan,…. [read more]

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong Essay

… " (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011 p.1) This is due to the modern transportation network and "tourist-oriented authentic Chinese traditions when combined provide "both convenience and nostalgia" in tourism destinations and the time spent as well as the money spent in those locations. Cultural tourism has then served to drive the growth of tourism industry participants and moreover has driven the profitability of shopping tourism businesses in Hong Kong. Domestic cultural tourism is such that places a variety of individuals into a group experience that is voluntary in nature and based on identification with the traditional Hong Kong culture.

Visa reports a study that included representation of shopping tourists from Canada, The United States of America, Thailand, China, Hong Kong (SAR), Vietnam, Cambodia, and the…. [read more]

SARS and Tourism in Hong Term Paper

… Hospitals have updated their procedures to deal with patients who need to be isolated and the health care workers have been informed about infection control methods. There is now a protocol for fast response to outbreaks of any kind and lines of communication in place.

The toll on Hong Kong was felt in countless ways and extended into many aspects of life in Hong Kong. There is more accountability now, in Hong Kong, for public health issues and a call from the public to be more forthcoming about what they are facing. The Physician over the Public Health of Hong Kong has been forced to resign in the wake of the poor handling of the health crisis. The public has insisted that they deserve speedy…. [read more]

Child Sex Tourism Consent Essay

… Here had been initiatives for law making as the parliament has passed laws for the child labor protection and women rights. The central bureau of investigation has also played its role in developing 107 new anti-trafficking units in various states (U.S. Dept. Of State, 2011).

It required the government officials including the police and other law enforcement agencies to take an active part in curbing the human trafficking issues. The sex, labor, women, child, house hold, and industrialized labor arte all under the cruel acts of child labor, prostitution, and forced bonded labor. The training and awareness among communities along with the strict legal action for the rackets of these activities are required to improve the situation withinthe country. The sex labor should also be…. [read more]

Needs for Local Participation in Tourism Development in Bueng Kan Province Thailand Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Local Participation in Tourism Development in Bung Kan Province

The tourism industry is an important element of economic development sector around the world, especially in many developing countries that possess natural resources that are amenable to tourism development. The experiences to date show that besides major metropolitan areas, people living in rural areas of developing countries can also gain benefits from the tourism. These outcomes indicate that around the world, tourism frequently plays a vital role in terms of helping to decrease poverty levels and boost communities' economic development (Hong-Long and Kayat, 2011). Not surprisingly, then, tourism has been advocated for economic development purposes for emerging nations in an increasing number of instances in recent years (Hong-Long and Kayat, 2011).

Developing countries can…. [read more]

Evolution of International Tourism Term Paper

… Evolution of International Tourism Citation

Thailand Tourism: negative environmental and social impact of tourism

Thailand has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There were approximately ten million visitors to the country in 1999. (the benefits and problems of mass tourism) Recent studies also indicate that this figure is increasing. Last year Thailand attracted "...15 million overseas visitors...contributing more than 6% of the national economy..." (Smale W.) source:

The main attractions of this area for tourism are related to the natural beauty and cultural interest of the country. This includes the pristine rainforests and islands and other natural facets of the region.

One of the central tourist attractions is the unique culture and heritage of the Thai population. Therefore it is…. [read more]

Tourism Should Adopt Alternative Energy Essay

… On the other side of the tourism coin, ski resorts can see less snowfall and shorter ski seasons, negatively impacting these areas as well. Even increased rain can negatively impact whether visitors come to visit a location. There are a variety of types of alternative energy sources the tourism industry may consider adopting. The cruise industry is well-suited for wind and solar energy. Other types include: biomass fuels, hydro power, and geothermal power. These can be used for electricity generation, heating, swimming pool maintenance, and fuel in facility vehicles. However there are challenges that many tourism organizations may encounter. Obviously, not all alternative fuel sources will be available at each location. In addition, the significant financial investment will often require increased costs passed on to…. [read more]

Mass Tourism on the Culture Term Paper

… This is different from other places where tourism is just one component in an integrated economy, and there is a sense of relief and freshness when the season comes. Due to size considerations, the impact of tourism on Ibiza is felt more than other destinations. Tourist contact is high and interactive thus resulting in positive and negative outcomes. There is an opportunity for positive learning, but the dangers of blindly following are more in Ibiza where the local community, especially the young, adopts the less desirable attitudes and behaviors from the visitors. The employment benefits are also sometimes low skilled. In academic terms, the island tourism represents a major microcosm of the cultural, social, economic and environmental issues that face tourist development. Ibiza's tourism also…. [read more]

Tourism Demand Research and Analysis Essay

… Travel and tourism is a viable economic development alternative as it injects money from outside sources into the local economy, primarily through visiting tourism spending on locally produced goods and services. As an export-based industry, tourism generates regional income that contributes to the development of other services and amenities, such as housing and retail that are used by local residents. Such industries are characterized as having a "competitive advantage."

During the last five years Switzerland received an average 15,810 arrivals annually. Statistics show a gradual but slow increase in the number of tourists arrived at Switzerland with 11,878 tourists in 2005 and 13,747 in 2010. (Euro monitor, 2011)

Considering the business and leisure arrivals, the number of leisure arrivals is greater. On an average of…. [read more]

Use of Social Media Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Media

Travel and tourism, a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, with the UK being one of the premier tourist destinations, has constantly relied greatly on endorsement and advertising as platforms for the enormous number of destinations, spots, and vacation selections; hotels, resorts, areas, and countries; challenging for travel business, not to bring up the crowd of carriers, airlines, trains, cruise liners, buses, and other transport vehicles for travellers to those destinations. So imperative is the business that there are whole venues (together with smaller nations) whose financial systems are just about wholly reliant on tourism.

Travel PR in a Digital Age

Just like most other industries, the social media revolution has had a deep impact on the travel and tourism markets; both in terms…. [read more]

Shopping Tourism Hong Kong Essay

… Sampling Method

The researcher adopted convenient method of sampling. As the target of the research was tourists visiting Hong Kong the survey was conducted at two main shopping malls at Hong Kong. The avenue of the research was duty free shops at Tsim Sha Tsui which is a famous shopping district in HK. Yet at shopping malls there is less time for tourists therefore tourists were approached at their hotels and researcher himself distributed the survey and afterwards collected from the hotel management who were requested to cooperate in the research.

Results and discussion

The results of the study were manually entered and analyzed using Microsoft Excel. Following is a detailed discussion of the results of the study.

Demographic Characteristics

The author included four questions…. [read more]

Sex Tourism in the Vietnam Term Paper

… Otherwise faced with poverty, such women are said to be doing a service to themselves and their families. For instance, Bart Croughs states, "in general sex tourists act rather feminist: most of them practice a private form of affirmative action ... This way the disadvantaged women in third world countries are given the opportunity to advance their economic position and catch up with the men." Such astounding spins on what is a genuine problem are prolific. Sometimes, the excuses are more subtle. They range from denial of intent to lack of direct payment to lacking restriction, promiscuity, or amorality (Gunther 1998, p. 72-73). Nineteen-year-old Gareth, who did not come to Thailand in search of sex, could easily claim denial of intent. "I didn't seek out…. [read more]

Travel and Tourism in Malaysia Essay

… These include the beautiful paradise that many see when they first visit the 13 states and 3 federally operated territories. There are a variety of different people that live in Malaysia making it much like visiting a miniature world, with people of so many different ethnicities. Among the reasons for its popularity include the fine arts of Malaysia, with influences from the indigenous people, China, Thailand, Indonesia and other people's. There is a rich history of music and performances, as well as festivals. Malaysia is likely to be visited for those interested in heritage tourism and festival tourism as much as for any other reason.

Some travel for religious and sacred interests as well. There are many fine cuisines with influences from the surrounding regions…. [read more]

Cultural-Heritage Tourism in Western Australia Essay

… " As noted above, there have also been tin-sluicing operations at Greenbushes since 1888, but the production levels have historically been on a very limited scale (Crowley, 1960).

Therefore, identifying new cultural-heritage tourism opportunities for this community represents a timely and valuable enterprise. In this regard, Lew (2011, p. 554) emphasises that, "Without tourist attractions there would be no tourism. Without tourism there would be no tourist attractions. Although a tautology, such an argument still points to the fundamental importance of tourist attractions and the attractiveness of places to tourism." The research to date has resulted in some mixed views about what constitutes the fundamental concept of "tourist attraction" including terms such as "exploitable resources," "marketable products," "images," place "attributes," and "features" (Lew 2011). Despite…. [read more]

Worldmaking Practices in and Through Tourism Assessment

… Worldmaking Practices in and Through Tourism

Many people think about tourism as simply vacations and good times, without really considering the impact that tourism has on locales and on the world environment. However, tourism is about much more than providing entertainment for visitors. Tourism is far more powerful than it seems at first glance. It can help in worldmaking, since tourism can be an effective, strong, and pervasive producer of political meanings of locality (Hollinshead 2009). As a result, tourism can have a positive impact on a local environment and bring global attention to local issues or problems in a way that is positive for the local environment. However, it would be unrealistic to suggest that tourism only provides a positive impact on local people…. [read more]

Current Situation of Silver Tourism and the Future in the USA Term Paper

… ¶ … Silver Tourism and its Future in the U.S.A.

Travel Market General Situation

Travel Market Segments

Current Situation of the Silver Travel Segment

Silver Tourism Future Trends

The Mature Traveler segment is the most stable and probably the most important travel market segment, with tremendous growth opportunities that will be discussed in the following pages.

The following pages focus on gathering information that characterizes the travel market of the United States in general, and the silver tourism segment in particular. The retrieved information will also be analyzed, in order to provide a clear image of the mature travel segment in the United States. For this research project, secondary sources were used, especially government sources, given the accuracy of data provided by such sources.

The…. [read more]

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