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Nursing Education Does Essay

… The article gave several different evidence-based practices that could be used to further diversity in nursing education.

2. Assess instructional materials given to patients or students. Is it appropriate for a multicultural curriculum/audience? To what extent to instructional materials support inclusiveness. Are materials reflective of diversity? Are materials free of gender, culture, religious and ethnic bias? Can hospital/academic policies be implemented fairly for all learners?

It is difficult to make a blanket statement regarding the appropriateness of nursing material as a whole, but healthcare organizations realize the importance of inclusiveness so most materials do respect that quality of the society. The materials assessed for this question gave specific attention to diverse groups of people, and there was additional material that dealt with specific groups if…. [read more]

Application of Nursing Theory Term Paper

… ¶ … nursing Theory

Middle range theory

The Middle range theory is one of the critical and functional theories relating to the management of nursing principles and practices in the society. According to this theory, there is a close relationship between nursing theory and practices while carrying out nursing principles and activities. The theory proposes the importance of having nursing principles and theories being clued together within a smooth avenue of productivity. In order to meet the in innate and special needs within the society, it has become relevant to have measures of performance that will increase productivity and effectiveness within the nursing avenues. Middle range theory is relating to top management and the use of the equitable measures to solve problems arising from wrong…. [read more]

Masters in Nursing for Clinical Essay

… Now is the time for the nursing education community to work together to develop curricular standards that can be applied to nurse educator programs. Graduate faculty needs such structure to ensure that their curricular decisions are evidence based and in keeping with national trends. Hopefully, the data in this review will help to inform decisions regarding nurse educator curriculum standards." (Leuner and Ruland, 2010, p.1)

The work of the Southern Regional Education Board Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing reports a debate on the "appropriate educational preparation for a nurse educator for many years. Davis et al. (1992) and Krisman-Scott (1998) noted an escalation of the debate in the mid-1980s, when master's programs in nursing began shifting resources to the preparation of advanced-practice nurses. Student…. [read more]

Nursing Curriculum Essay

… When students also work to gain knowledge on their own and they share that knowledge with the faculty involved in their online learning, it can encourage the faculty to improve and adjust the curriculum because it helps show what is important to students. It also indicates the issues that are important for the current time period, and what matters to patients and nurses who are involved in their care (Billings & Halstead, 2012). With that in mind, the faculty of an educational institution can focus on what is most important for the students to know, which will improve the curriculum.

4. According to Billings & Halstead (2012), "Competency statements identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students need to develop if they are to achieve…. [read more]

Nursing Shortage This Work in Writing Research Proposal

… Nursing Shortage

This work in writing will take under consideration the fact that there has been a nursing shortage and will attempt to answer the question of whether nursing has been positively or negatively affected by this shortage of nurses. This work will also examine the changes needed in the future to deal with or alleviate the shortage of nursing professionals. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing states that the U.S. is "in the midst of a nursing shortage that is expected to intensity as baby boomers age and the need for health care grows. Compounding the problem is the fact that nursing colleges and universities across the country are struggling to expand the enrollment levels to meet the rising demand for nursing care."…. [read more]

Nursing for an Associate Degree Term Paper

… Nursing

For an Associate Degree in Nursing

This essay focuses on the current educational levels available in the professional nursing arena. This work therefore focuses on proposing a minimal level offering that should be required to be taken for the Registered Nurse boards for an associate degree level. The essay should be considered as a recommendation to the State of Connecticut Licensure Board. We are at a time of crisis in the nursing profession and new educational standards may be the only solution for the future. Throughout our modern day circumstances, we have developed a crisis driven healthcare system, hospital downsizings, restructuring of whole systems or even complete system failures. These are but a few of the many issues healthcare professionals now face. These types…. [read more]

Nursing Shortage Background and Current Essay

… A lack of respect for their profession is in itself listed as a reason for higher stress and lower job satisfaction among nurses today. Professional status, which "refers to the overall importance or significance felt about your job, both in your view and in the view of others" was found to be the key factor influencing job satisfaction, as opposed to pay (Perkins, 2010). This is especially significant since the reason many women enter nursing is because it is supposed to be a "helping profession," offering meaningful interpersonal rewards in exchange for hard work and long hours.


The breadth of research available today on the current nursing shortage is clear-cut; very little contradictory evidence is given across the board. There are many concrete reasons…. [read more]

Exploring the Role of Emergency Room Nursing Term Paper

… Emergency Room Nursing

Exploring the role of emergency room nursing

Introduction of emergency room nursing in Canada and the rationale for choice:

The emergency room nursing is governed under the aegis of Emergency Nursing Association -- ENA which is the national association for professional nurses committed to the development of emergency nursing practice. The ENA caters to its members through some of the objectives like (i) promoting excellence for emergency nursing, (ii) promoting quality emergency care (iii) acting as resource for emergency nursing practice, professionalism, education, research and consultation (iv) work closely with other health-associated organization in the direction of improvement of emergency care. The rationale for my choice of nurse as emergency nursing is because of the diversity of career choices it offers such…. [read more]

Nursing Leader's Perceived Role in Nurse Recruitment Research Proposal

… LR Explor/The nurse leader role in recruit.

Nurse Leaders as Recruiters

Nurse leaders serve an integral role in the field to demonstrate skill in recruitment of future nurses. To do this they must work within existing systems as well as advocate for the expansion of other recruitment essential systems and system change need awareness. Nurse leaders must work collaboratively with human resource departments as well as becoming fundamental community recruiters in and outside of the work setting. (Anson, 2000, p. 21) This review of literature will then address general and specific issues of the role of nurse leaders as recruiters by thematically addressing certain trends and change needs in the health care industry in general and in nursing care that have specific and general implications…. [read more]

Changes in Nursing Education Essay

… "Transforming the health care system to provide safe, quality, patient-centered, accessible, and affordable care will require a comprehensive rethinking of the roles of many health care professionals, nurses chief among them. To realize this vision, nursing education must be fundamentally improved both before and after nurses receive their licenses" (The future of nursing: focus on education, 2011, IOM). Nurses will have additional responsibilities as more burdens are shifted onto their shoulders in an effort to cut costs. Also, the population is aging and experiencing more chronic conditions for longer duration, requiring a new skill set of the current crop of nurses.

Although nursing is a profession which aspires to treat 'the whole person,' nursing education is often incomplete and does not fully address the needs…. [read more]

Nursing Profession: Nursing Education Research Paper

… The implication is that besides having minimal chances of developing inter-professional collaboration with person, the 'few' available nurse educators have to serve larger student populations, and work longer hours, all of which translate to falling job satisfaction levels.

Questions Arising

The stated problem led me to develop a set of questions;

Wouldn't it be better to just stop preparing advanced practice nurses or clinical specialists in masters programs?

Do nurse educators really have to be competent clinicians?

Why can't the research requirements governing academic tenure, promotion, and even appointment be abolished to give room for more educators?

In the light of this crisis, wouldn't it be appropriate to reduce the significance placed on the development of a scientific basis for the practice?

I approached one…. [read more]

Standardized Coding Systems Essay

… Standardized Coding Systems and Nursing Informatics

As the pace of technological progression increases at a seemingly exponential rate, with the introduction of computer mainframes in the 1980's having paved the way for cloud-based data storage and retrieval today, the field of nursing informatics has emerged in response to the flood of medication guidelines, patient histories, and diagnostic codes that a nurse must decipher during the course of their duties. A significant transformation is currently occurring within hospitals, community clinics, and pharmacies throughout the nation, as the healthcare delivery model shifts from traditional paper filing systems and handwritten medical charts to the implementation of the electronic health record (EHR), using electronic documentation (ED) to record patient interactions. In an article published in 2008 by the Online…. [read more]

Nursing Tasks, Methods, and Expectations Term Paper

… Together, this combination of factors is leading toward a health care crisis which is much larger than the question of whether or not the government finances prescription drug coverage.

The State of the Industry

As inferred above, many factors are contributing to the nursing shortage crisis. This section will discuss the major contributory influences.

1. Poor Working conditions

Dissatisfaction with pay and increasingly stressful work conditions, aggravated by a shortage of nurses at hospitals across the country, is spurring job actions in the health care field. Many nurses are choosing to leave the profession, and seek better conditions, or higher pay scales. Because of what the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hospital calls "staffing shortages," the hospital frequently calls for nurses to volunteer to work overtime.…. [read more]

Philosophy of Nursing Has Undergone Many Changes Essay

… Philosophy of nursing has undergone many changes since its early beginnings. Nurses are known for their desire to help and serve humanity by helping to alleviate their suffering. Selflessness and a commitment to others is a key characteristic of the nurse, who often works long hours to help those in need. These basic tenets of the nursing profession have not changed, but the role of the nurse in relation to others in the healthcare profession is continually evolving. The following will examine my personal philosophy of nursing and will help to define what nursing means to me.

Personal Philosophy

My definition of the nurse is that of a caregiver and technician. The nurse must possess key technical skills, as well as people skills. The nurse…. [read more]

Role of Nurses Roles Essay

… For example, if a particular demographic struggles with healthy eating and has an obesity problem, then educating the community on nutrition and responsible nourishment would be a foremost priority. Before implementation can be enacted, it is imperative that the community health nurse have a strong awareness of the salient characteristics associated with their given setting.

After the community health nurse has familiarized himself with their environment, the next step involves implementing their courses of action. These actions should be tailored specifically to the needs of the community; for example, if the local schoolchildren do not receive sufficient exercise, it would be productive for the community health nurse to promote physical exertion. If there were a sports team in the area, the community health nurse could…. [read more]

Medical School Admission Term Paper

… " Medical schools are aware of these differences and typically offer programs that will promote specialty diversity and choice. Offshore medical schools, although they are relatively new in scope, recognize the importance of medical specialties since they are responsible for observing trends in U.S. healthcare, and most of their students will reenter the U.S. system upon graduation from their programs.

As a result, offshore medical school programs, with their responsibility to adhere to high accreditation standards, are required to provide students with maximum opportunities for learning and diversity. Perhaps the only deterrent that exists is the lack of funds, income from tuition, and student enrollment that exists in U.S. medical schools that prevents these organizations from providing students with the best possible technology and expert…. [read more]

Rotherman, A. ). Moral Distress Among Nursing Term Paper

… ¶ … Rotherman, A. (2010). Moral distress among nursing and non-Nursing students. Nursing Ethics 17(2): 225-32.

The purpose of this research was to determine whether or not nursing students and nurses in training experienced less moral distress when contemplating a hastened death in certain circumstances as opposed to non-nursing students. The essential problem that this implies is a lack of understanding regarding the nature of nursing empathy and how it is influenced by undergraduate nursing education and by nursing training.

The hypothesis behind this study was that nursing education would create lower levels of moral distress when confronted with situations of hastening death. The research questions were set to directly measure levels of moral distress in such situations among nursing and non-nursing students.

Literature Review…. [read more]

Trends Affecting the Nurse as a Patient Educator Research Paper

… ¶ … Nurse as a Patient Educator:

In the modern healthcare system, nursing student or staff education and patient education is an issue of significant interest to nurses in all their settings or practice. As a result, teaching or patient education is a major element of the nurse's professional role since it helps the clients to be prepared for self-care management. Moreover, the role of patient education has been regarded as a major aspect of standard care provided by nurses as this role is deeply rooted in the growth and development of this profession. The achievement of positive patient outcomes is partially dependent on patient education that is both patient- and family-oriented. However, there are various healthcare trends that are affecting the role of the…. [read more]

1997, the Average Pass Rate Term Paper

… Twenty-three percent of participants said that they would discourage family and friends from entering the field. (American Nursing Association 2001). This prevalent hostility is fairly exceptional among the health professions, and it has been a major factor in the profession's retention problems (Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals 2001).

As a final point a study of 100 hospital administrators uncovered that 55% of respondents acknowledged they target nurses more than any other employee group when determining their retention strategy (Nursing Executive Center 2000). On the contrary, the second-largest healthcare employee group, pharmacists, was the target of only 24% of focus efforts by respondents. The survey also showed that the turnover rate among hospital staff nurses nationwide grew from 12% in 1996 to 15% in 1999.…. [read more]

Advanced Education in Nursing Essay

… In addition, by opening up new sources of funding for education in nursing we also can develop more opportunities for people interested in a nursing career by way of expanding both the quality and number of nursing programs but also the number of new slots per program. As I increase my education and level of competence I also help to further the profession by becoming a nurse educator. This designation allows me to affect the field in a much broader manner.

First, nurse educators by virtue of their expertise, need to form collaborative partnerships with nursing educational programs in order to make sure that the quality of education is based on evidence-based practice. In addition, nurse educators need to partner with healthcare organizations linked to…. [read more]

Perioperative Care and OR Nurse Shortage Impact and Interventions Capstone Project

… ii. Long-Term: Annual turnover rates will be evaluated to assess the effectiveness of the adopted course of action
6. Follow-Up and Evaluation
i. Follow-up will be periodic (i.e. after every 6 months). Management rounding (or similar mechanisms of feedback) will be utilized so as to assess staff knowledge and job satisfaction levels
ii. Progress to be communicated to the relevant stakeholders
iii. Deviations from the desired outcomes will be noted and corrective action taken
Potential Barriers to Plan Implementation
Financial constraints have been identified as the most critical potential barrier to plan implementation. Implementing the preceptor program will be a resource intensive process in terms of associated course costs, orientation costs, etc. A review of pay and benefits means that the salaries and benefits P&L…. [read more]

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Capstone Project

… Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

Saudi Nurse Edit

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

The purpose of this quantitative cross-sectional descriptive/correlational design research study is to test Benner's (1982) theory "From Novice to Expert" in relation to the impact of preceptorship on the competency of undergraduate nursing interns at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC). This study seeks to determine if preceptors provide the support recommended by Benner (1982) to the undergraduate nurse during their preceptorship program and if these have an impact on undergraduate competency levels. The study will use two reliable validated clinical competence questionnaires based on Benner's (1982) competencies (Shwu & Ching, 2014) and Knowles Adult Learning theory and nursing…. [read more]

Cultural Problem Between Senior Nurses and Newly Graduate Capstone Project

… New Nurse Graduates

Cultural problem between senior nurses and newly graduate nurses

The nursing shortage at the Community Medical Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania: Cultural problems between senior nurses and newly graduated nurses

The nursing shortage at the Community Medical Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania: Cultural problems between senior nurses and newly graduated nurses

The Community Medical Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania is currently suffering a critical nursing shortage. While nursing shortages, despite the recession, remain epidemic around the nation, the Center's shortage is particularly acute. Furthermore, its retention rate is also catastrophically low: the rate has dropped below 60%. As a point of comparison, in March 2005, a national poll of 138 health care recruiters found that the average national nursing turnover rate was 13.9% (AACN Fact…. [read more]

Nursing Shortage in the US Essay


Background, History, and Significance of the Problem

nursing profession has been experiencing a staffing shortage for approximately a decade, with certain medical areas and specialties being more affected than others. Demographic changes and trends in the U.S. will only exacerbate the problem unless the profession experiences a dramatic resurgence of interest, mainly because the median age is rising as a function of the numbers of post-World War II "Baby Boomers" the first wave of whom are already beginning to reach retirement age (Kennedy, 2006).

There are varied reasons for the reduction in nursing employment including significant operational trends in professional practice and the resulting low retention rates, increasing reliance on foreign educated nurses (FENs) and the difficulties many of them…. [read more]

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Term Paper

… Beyond graduate education, certification through a professional nursing organization and state licensure are also necessary to legitimately practice as a pediatric nurse practitioner, or any advanced practitioner nurse for that matter (Teicher et al., 2001). A strong background and knowledge in pediatrics and terminal illness is also required. In addition, pediatric nurse practitioners should enforce their unique role through continual collaboration with physicians and other healthcare professionals (Teicher et al., 2001). Also, active research continues to develop and establish the crucial role played by pediatric nurse practitioners (Teicher et al., 2001).

The true value of the pediatric nurse practitioner role must be demonstrated through the evaluation of patient outcomes, and patient and family satisfaction (Teicher et al., 2001). Teicher et al. (2001) explained how this…. [read more]

Cross-Sectional Study to Determine Factors Term Paper

… South Africa is being chosen because the scarcity of physicians in some parts of the country means that nurses receive extensive medical training because there may be times when they are the only medically trained person within hundreds of miles. Hasina Subedar, head of the South African Nursing Council, states, "The pitch is 'pack your bag', we'll do the rest. As long as the nurse agrees to work in an American hospital for two years, everything else from green cards for the entire family to airline tickets to apartments are taken care of" (CBS News, January 17, 2003).

One option which has been overlooked by many during this period of "healthcare hysteria" is the cadre of skilled, intelligent and available licensed practical nurses. These nurses…. [read more]

Erm There Have Been a Great Thesis

… ¶ … ERM

There have been a great many changes in the healthcare industry in the past two decades, largely due to the globalization of the workforce and changing demographic patterns, and technological advances. It was interesting to think about the vast changes occuring in and to look at the ways in which technology, privacy laws, and stakeholder expectations have changed. The industry changed in terms of a reliance on hospital-based care to more emergency clinics, outpatient and nursing home services, and managed care. More hosptitals merged, and many doctor's have banded together to form larger, more cost-effective, speciality groups. One of the largest and most obvious changes has been in cost of healthcare. In 1990 the avereage cost of care per person was $2,800,…. [read more]

Organ Donation A-Level Coursework

… Medicine

Organ Donation

Organ donation consists of the removal of organs and tissues from one human body for the purpose of transplanting them into another. Organ and tissue donors can be people of any age. Organ donations tend to be higher from deceased donors than from living ones. The laws surrounding organ donations are different from country to country. Some allow possible donors to give permission for or refuse donation while others give the choice to relatives. The need for organ donations is ever growing but the amounts that are being donated are not. There have been numerous studies done into why it is that people don't donate and several factors have been identified. This paper will explore these reasons along with the ethical issues…. [read more]

Health Administration Term Paper

… There are many things that make up an education, and in the helping professions such as nursing, much of this information is a hands-on type of learning that cannot be obtained anywhere but on the job.

Financing is another large concern, as many hospitals have cut back their staff in the face of rising costs. There are arguments that hospitals charge much more than they should for the services that they offer, especially if one does not have any health insurance. However, regardless of what they charge for what they do, hospitals are having a difficult time keeping their bills paid. This is largely because of the malpractice insurance that they must carry, the supplies that they must buy, and the salaries that they must…. [read more]

Barriers and Challenges to Learning and Training in Clinical Settings Assessment

… Barriers and Challenges in Learning and Teaching in Clinical Settings


Barriers and Challenges to Learning and Training in Clinical Settings

Barriers and Challenges to Learning and Training in Clinical Settings

Generational age differences can also be a serious barrier to the success of teaching and learning nursing processes. It is occurring in classrooms across various institutions in the United States. Notably, nurse educators and tutors are obliged to ensure proper preparation for different expectations and values of students from various generations present in the learning environment. Traditionally, nursing students were most likely to be women who were young and unmarried. Nonetheless, with the current trend of the job market, the field of nursing has been…. [read more]

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