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Art of Classical Antiquity Essay

… The story of the trial and death of Socrates as it is told in Plato's Republic, brought to life on canvas by David, had direct historical reference. Socrates was put on trial by those who would not listen to reason: the jury of Athenians was too beholden to the ancient social structure. David drew much from this historical reference and is making a political statement in the painting. In ancient Greece, the art was not making as much of a political statement as it was an expression of pride in the pinnacle of Hellenic culture. Other Neoclassical works, including those by David, do not address the themes of classical Greece. They are, such as "Napoleon Crossing the Alps," more squarely rooted in contemporary imagery. However,…. [read more]

How Is Art and Culture on the Internet Impact on Wider Social Issues? Term Paper

… ¶ … Internet and Fine Art

What is the difference between art and culture, especially when it appears on the Internet? Answer: Nothing. Art becomes part of the culture; the more it is seen and accepted. The culture is also reflected in Art. Visual images that are appearing on the web reflect the great diversity of styles, artists and showcases for artwork. Whether it is animated or a fine old painting; you can find it or see it alongside pop-ups for car dealers on the Internet. How has the Internet changed the creation, dissemination and selling of art and culture? It began some time back, when a few sites offered to exhibit artists' work in thumbnail size and as larger, detailed images upon demand. Then,…. [read more]

Funding or Defunding in the Arts Term Paper

… Funding or Defunding the Arts

Recommendations on a Proposal to Defund the Arts

This report considers the recent proposal in the House of Representatives to eradicate federal funding for the arts. This proposal cannot be taken lightly, considering that such a move would drastically alter the face of art as we know it in America today. With this in mind, I have presented in this report a thorough consideration of all sides of the issue, including academic theory about the nature and consequences of public art, its functions in the capitalist marketplace and its role in the lives of its creators and its consumers. I also examine recent public opinion about the arts, the role of government in national culture, and the value of public…. [read more]

Development and Characteristics of Pop Art Thesis

… ¶ … pop art does not refer to a specific style of work as much as it does to its social and chronological context. However, the evolution of pop art in the United States and Europe reveals some aesthetic patterns and trends distinguishing pop art from other genres. The term pop art first came into use during the 1950s, when Lawrence Alloway noted that the visual arts became increasingly reflective of consumer and popular culture ("Le Pop Art"). One of the defining features of pop art would become its satirical or ironic perspective on popular culture. Osterwold also notes that pop art represented an unprescedented confluence of life and art (p. 6).

Perhaps nowhere is the confluence of life and art more noticeable than in…. [read more]

Arts Management the Evolution Essay

… Arts Management

The Evolution of Arts and Cultural Districts

For decades now the process know as gentrification is often the end result of the creation of Cultural districts created b artist willing to live in substandard conditions as they work on an promote their art. Galligan reviews the process of creating and cultivating cultural districts in an attempt to understand and revitalize the process as well as circumvent the eventual gentrification of the area that is seen resulting, "… in a loss of the very quality of life that artists bring to an area." (Galligan 140) She cites from several authors on the subject and creates a well-rounded history and project development overview in the creation of cultural districts and compounds with the view of…. [read more]

Boundary of Art Andy Warhol Term Paper

… ¶ … Master of Mixing Art and Design

Over the course of the 20th century, commercial design emerged as a vital and highly influential aspect of both design and art. And key to the rise in importance of commercial design was Andy Warhol, whose art was influenced by commercial work and in turn proved to be a substantial influence on commerce. While many artists and critics consider Andy Warhol to be nothing more than a commercial designer sans artistry, others argue that Warhol's Pop Art was as much art as "simply" design, and an enterprise that enriched both traditions. In this paper I examine one of the key questions that Warhol's work (and philosophy) raise: Can design (or an amalgam of art and design) that…. [read more]

Boundary of Art Andy Warhol Term Paper

… The Boundary of Art: Andy Warhol
In the middle part of the 20th century, Abstract Expressionism rules
the visual arts scene with a sense of serious experimentation that was in
its own way very constraining. The next generation of artists would appeal
to the media of popular culture as a way to simultaneously be liberated
from the prejudices of Expression and to broaden the palette of commercial
art. Turning concepts such as mass consumerism, the commoditization of
mankind and general materialism into a pointed philosophical statement, the
so-called 'Pop Art' movement would change significantly the both the visual
presentation and intended statement of the work dominating the scene in the
late 1950s and early 1960s. As our research shows, this would be a genuine
transition,…. [read more]

Consumption, Society and Culture Cultural Essay

… When you observe the behaviour of a social club of consumers, you will find them obsessed with searching appeasement and joys in materialistic things that are attractive. Their irritation and alienation from social circle further pushes them to consumption (Foucault, 1984).

If you look at the TV commercials and advertisement, you will find the hidden message that if you want that particular happiness, you can get it with this product or service. In the best possible soft words, commercials are a handy tool for capitalist mindset to capture a non-political and less active mind even in its pastime (Foucault, 1984).

In his book "Culture Industry Reconsidered," Adorno describes the phenomenon as 'people can't be held responsible for measuring the culture, the philosophy of the culture…. [read more]

Red Grooms Term Paper

… Red Grooms

the context of Pop art

The movement in modern art towards Pop art, environmental and action art and other forms of expression was in many regards a natural evolution of modernist art forms. By its very nature, art is always striving forwards to innovations and experiments in an attempt to break the moulds and the perceived restrictions of the past. This paper will explore the work of Red Grooms in relation to the context of the development and acceptance of Pop art.

Pop art is a term that refers to 'popular art'. This term was first used in an article by Lawrence Alloway, "The Arts and the Mass Media," which was published in the February 1958 issue of Architectural Design. (Steinbeck Center Past…. [read more]

Dadaism and Surrealism Essay

… Conclusion

To cut a long story short, Dadaism and Surrealism have influenced history in a very radical and effective manner. Having a lot of similarities, both the movements differ only on few grounds. Not only did the Surrealists produce paintings, they also did marvelous works in the field of film, theatre, comedy and contemporary cultures. The influence of the discussed two historical art periods is significant and would remain be on the future art.


ART BOOKS OF THE YEAR; Van Gogh's Letters, Grayson Perry's Pots a Scholarly Study of Caravaggio and a Glimpse into the World of the Insane Henry Darger -- Just a Few of the Treats Guaranteed to Give Pleasure This Christmas. (2009, December 10). The Evening Standard (London, England), p. 48.…. [read more]

Visit to the Getty Museum Essay

… "The Man of Sorrows" -- which was painted in 1891, oil on panel -- is the most hideous painting of Jesus Christ there could ever be. Christ has his crown of thorns but his face looks like someone threw sulfuric acid on him. His forehead bulges out in odd shapes, his eyes make him look like he is on some toxic drug, there are lesions on his skin, hair grows out of the sides of his nose and his mouth is open as though to say something. Perhaps he was supposed to be saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do…" His hair and beard are stringing and greasy-looking. All in all, it is a frightening and grotesque painting of Christ.

On…. [read more]

Pop Culture Term Paper

… Conclusion:

The entertainment industry is now blinded by a very narrow view of gender by showcasing limited, gender and race biased and stereotypical representation of women and minorities. Parents and educational institutions must make all the efforts they can to expose the differences and point out the right from wrongs hence encouraging the youth to chose intelligent role models for themselves. Historical figures and authors constituted a tiny minority of heroes named by the children surveyed. Educators can play a significant role by exposing students to a wide range of such historical heroes, including people from various professions, people of color, and women of all races.


Gerbner, G. (1993). Women and minorities on television: A study in casting and fate. A report to the…. [read more]

Pop Culture Device Essay

… The iPad is representative of pop culture due to the fact that owning one is considered to be a status symbol. Because of its price, only certain people can afford to purchase them. Mac products are some of the most expensive electronic devices on the market, yet due to their reliability and quality, people are willing to pay more for the product. Additionally, the device is continuously being developed and its size has been changed to be more portable and efficient. People are constantly looking to be first-adopters in the technological realm, which helps to drive both Mac to create innovative devices and the public to try them. Furthermore, it is highly celebrated by individuals who worship Mac products and are exclusively loyal to the…. [read more]

Music, Art, Literature Trends Term Paper

… In fact, the blues and the scales that derived from it influenced rock and roll decades later. Many rock songs are based on blues scales, and many rock songs are cover versions of old blues songs. Blues does, however, deserve recognition as a genre in its own right, both for aesthetic and social reasons: the blues represented the unique creative expressions of the African-American community. Similarly, jazz evolved as a uniquely African-American creation. The improvisational aspect of jazz made the genre one of the most influential musical trends of all time. Jazz's popularity spread far beyond the borders of the United States, where it originated, and jazz continues to be a potent and expansive musical force. Rock and roll emerged from both jazz and blues.…. [read more]

Trends in Pop Culture and the Arts Term Paper

… ¶ … Pop Culture and the Arts

There is a great difference in what constitutes 'trends' and 'fads' in that trends are more and run deeper into the society than do fads which are much akin to whims and are passing in nature. However, the trend is something that becomes more deeply rooted into a culture or society because the trends exists because of and for that collective society or for what it provides to that cultural grouping of human beings. The same is true with the hip-hop culture, not only in Philadelphia but throughout the United States and the world.


The hip-hop culture in the United States cannot be labeled as a 'fad' but instead is a trend because hip-hop extends from…. [read more]

Levine Centers on Popular Culture Essay

… In actuality popular culture enabled invention of new technologies and techniques as was seen in animation and film with the use of color. "we think it connects the newly industrialized versions of leisure found in the nineteenth century such as circuses with the more commodified forms of the mid-twentieth century such as animation" (5)

Lastly and fifth, popular culture is more than just aesthetics. A multitude of historians have difficulty wrapping their minds over popular culture not just being about aesthetics. Their shallow beliefs and interpretations of popular culture keep them from fully realizing its worth.This inability to transcend the shallow beliefs given to popular culture had made it increasingly hard for historians to take popular culture seriously enough to understand the dynamic relationship that…. [read more]

Martial Arts Capstone Project

… " It mainly includes various practices that may be deadly in some situations. It includes various different techniques. There are many factors that are focused upon in jujutsu such as; rolls, grappling, locks and throws. As compared to the other kinds of martial arts which have a lot of different rules, this is the kind in which anything and everything is fair. Student that start their training for jujutsu are taught poking, gouging and biting which can prove to be very deadly when they are used along with some of the other standard practices (Mol, 2001).

Various instructors introduced different styles and were able to create their own school. Various forms of martial arts such as aikido, bartitsu and hapkido came into existence through jujutsu.…. [read more]

Dadaism in the Modern World Term Paper

… In their encounters with these iconic identities, the duo undertakes efforts to erase the distinction between the depersonalized production and the personalized promotion of industrial food. (PICA TBA 2011)

This work is an open air performance that is dependent on pictorial still shots to reflect the event. This work is a production that exemplifies the influence of Dadaism in the present, but it also represents accepted "high art" as it has evolved over the years. The festival also of course represents gallery art emphasizing photography, found art and installation works, also demonstrative of Dadaism. TBA is a modern manifestation of an acceptable area of artistic expression and there are TBA festivals all over the world that represent this type of influence.

In the spirit of…. [read more]

Sidewalk Artist Term Paper

… Sidewalk Artist

For the better part of the last ten years, British artist Julian Beever has created an array of impressive artwork across the expanses of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. Though notably recognized for his work in common mural and fine art paintings, Beever is most popularly accredited for his astonishing mastery in illusion and defied perception. With the utilization of Rembrandt pastels, Beever has created well-over 100 three-dimensional sidewalk drawings that produce a deception of height, length and depth. Several of his pieces extend across fifty feet of sidewalk or street, but viewed from the appropriate angle, appear to be merely two to three feet high.

A particularly unique characteristic to this aspect of Julian Beever's "sidewalk-art" is that it does…. [read more]

Popular Culture What Does Anne Term Paper

… Today, mass culture is no longer in opposition to art, but serves as a way to allow consumers to process art. The conflict is no longer between high class and low class, but between how art is produced and consumed at every level of expression. Therefore, a rock musician may be considered more of a high artist than a classical musician with a broad audience base.

Furthermore, people no longer define themselves by degrading mass culture.

Instead, there is a growing trend towards fusing elements of traditionally high culture with elements of traditionally popular culture. In fact, the reaction against contempt for popular culture began a tradition of affirming the positive value of popular culture. However, the academic study of popular culture, whether critical or…. [read more]

Post Modern Artist Term Paper

… Post Modern Artist

Julian Beever is a sidewalk chalk artist famous for his public works that create 3-D optical illusions through the use of trompe-l'oeil drawings created using a projection anamorphosis create the illusion of defying the laws of perspective.

Trompe-l'oeil is a technique used by artist that involves extremely realistic imagery that results in the creation of an optical illusion, giving the viewer the impression that the object really exists. The word Trompe-l'oeil is French for "trick of the eye." The art form originated in the Baroque period, it has experienced a post-modern revival in the twentieth century, often being associated with pop and Hollywood culture. Anamorphosis is a distortion of the projection or perspective that requires the viewer to seek a specific vantage…. [read more]

Grant Wood Term Paper

… The symbolism of American Gothic in the Gothic house representing deeply rooted religious beliefs of the small-town folk in America is also very representative of the time. Some critics have interpreted the closed nature of the house as further indicating a desire to keep the rest of the world out: "... second closing of space, its front wall impenetrably neat, with blinds pulled down over the windows. Only behind that do we glimpse the blue sky and round puffy trees of pastoral joy." (Guardian Unlimited)

It is questions such as does the 'gothic' element represent a satirical view of Midwestern culture as being rigid and non-progressive, implied by the open, inviting blue sky beyond or is it more a statement of nationalist American sentiment of…. [read more]

Particular Artist Including Three Things Term Paper

… The one major leg that Longo has up on Sherman is that he uses only black and white in most to all of his work and he does so in such a great way whereas Sherman relies a lot on color. However, one can only go so far with black and white and color, even if used sparingly, can be poignant. This is obviously something that Ms. Kruger believes in. As this paper has gone on, it is clear that there are common threads that weave these artists together and this is to be expected that they are generally in the same field of speaking through pictures that are both simple yet complex all at the same time. Being able to make a statement while…. [read more]

Post-Modernism What Is Post-Modernism? Term Paper

… Post-Modernism

What is Post-Modernism? The term "Post-Modernism" is notoriously difficult to define, mainly because it is a concept that covers a wide variety of disciplines and it is not exactly clear when postmodernism began. It is usually (and rather paradoxically) characterized as either emerging from, in reaction to, or superseding modernism. Postmodernist theorist Charles Jencks terms it as: "both the continuation of Modernism and its transcendence."

Effect of Post-Modernism on Arts: The Postmodernist trend in arts has eliminated the distinction between "low" and "high" art forms that the modernists in the Western world were so obsessed with. While doing so, it has blurred the boundaries between genres, embraced diversity and contradiction, and borrowed freely from various art forms and from different styles and techniques. A…. [read more]

Pop Art on Society Term Paper

… There can be no question that popular culture certainly makes an impression on society; but the result of that impact is something that can't easily be measured. However, it can't be disputed that the reach of pop art is wide as its influence can be seen from clothing to interior decorating.

Although it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many Americans fail to see the beauty or the art in some of the art that claims to be "popular." Only time will tell what the lasting impression will be when two cultures collide, but it is safe to say that both cultures will never be same.

Works Cited

Davidson, Gienapp, Heyman, Lytle, and Stoff. Nation of Nations. New York: McGraw-Hill…. [read more]

Fashion Leaders There Are so Many Different Essay

… Fashion Leaders

There are so many different trends and tastes in the many cultures and subcultures that make up popular culture today, it can be difficult to pick out individuals that can be considered overall "leaders" in fashion, or in any other area of aesthetics and art such as music, visual art, etc. For that reason, I attempted to pick individuals that display a somewhat eclectic representation of the current trends in fashion for my collage of today's fashion leaders, using different designers and fashion icons that show a range of different tastes and styles while all unequivocally demonstrating modern and forward-thinking attitudes when it comes to the clothes they wear. The fact that I don't even like some of the particular fashion statements that…. [read more]

Pop Culture American Idol and or Reality TV Term Paper

… Pop Culture

American Idol: Reflection of Popular Culture society's way of life is a reflection of its culture. Culture has many forms, through which we could define the way we live, the way we interact and how we perceive things. We are molded by cultural elements that evolved as society faces developments of time. Working at emerging patterns can be a useful method in analyzing cultural evolution and its outcome. Upon identifying what patterns could have been emergent, it is possible to review the factual information and background of culture.

What is considered as "pop culture" mostly refers to various elements in society that are most often portrayed in art, music, and television. These elements reflect the predominant culture - the language, desire, needs, attitudes,…. [read more]

American Pop Culture Term Paper

… Electronic media tells us we drink more beer and eat the new triple burger concoction because life is short and pleasures are few; eat, drink and be merry is the message we hear, we see, we learn from a young age in America. We have developed a uniquely American culture of consumption that premises happiness and contentment with wealth and fame.

In evaluating the impact of electronic media on my own attitudes and perceptions about consumerism, work and social responsibility, as well as about the justice system, and happiness in general, I find myself blocking or mitigating the messages I'm subjected to every day. I don't watch television and I don't like listening to the radio, but the signs on the highway as I go…. [read more]

Art of Portugal Term Paper

… Portuguese Art of the 1970s and 1980s

It is difficult to speak of truly contemporary art in Portugal before the Democratic Revolution of 1974. The dictatorship that was in place in Portugal up to this point had effectively prevented Modernity from spreading throughout the country; thus art in Portugal for much of the 20th century was derivative of other national models and periods. Perhaps the sole exception was the work of Rene Bertholo and Lourdes Castro, both of whom were able to emigrate in the 1950s and integrate themselves into the international vanguard art scene. Seeing as how contemporary art really begins in Portugal in the mid-70s, this essay will analyze the early evolution of contemporary art in Portugal by focusing on the first two…. [read more]

Art and Subversion Critiquing the World Journal

… Delegitimizing the Modern World Through Artistic Subversion:

Behind the "Glam" Scam

Andy Warhol's Ladies and Gentleman (1975) and Dana Schutz's Fight in an Elevator 2 (2015) draw attention to elements in society seething just below the surface of what should otherwise be a nice, calm, placid demeanor. Warhol's set of silk screen prints, for instance, is situated in a sex-gender context, which should not be troublesome since sex and gender are natural expressions of biology -- yet in the silk screen prints there is trouble and conflict as the genders are seemingly pitted against one another, clashing visually and even ideologically with traditional hegemonic norms while they "vogue" it up with pop color couture designs. In Schutz's painting a similar troubled element is displayed in…. [read more]

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