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Tsunamis Term Paper

… Tsunamis can be regarded as one of the most powerful representations of nature's force, considering the damage they generate and the fact that they are typically provoked by earthquakes. Frank I. Gonzalez's article on the subject provides readers with a through account, which is rather easy to it, obviously meant to address the masses. In spite of the fact that Gonzales addresses the matter from a general point-of-view, he nonetheless manages to put across elements that have his readers understand Tsunamis from the perspective of the victim and of the researcher.

Although they can also be triggered by other factors, tsunamis are most commonly set off by underwater seismic activity. Water is pushed upward by a subduction process caused when a tectonic plate moves under…. [read more]

Tsunami in Indian Ocean in 2004 Research Proposal

… Tsunami in Indian Ocean in 2004

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

The tsunami that occurred in the Indian Ocean on the 26th of December 2004 caused more than two-hundred thousand deaths and extensive economic and physical damage - including environmental damage to the countries in the region. The Tsunami was triggered by an underground seismic event that displaced ocean water and created a massive wave that inundated the coastal regions of the area.

There has been a long history of tsunamis in the region as well as in other areas of the world. The 2004 tsunami was the most devastating and destructive in recent history. One of the aspects that stand out in this event is that the number of deaths in the region has…. [read more]

Tsunamis and Earthquakes in Japan Research Paper

… Many homes were destroyed leaving people homeless. Roads became impassable after the struck stopping operations in the city. Tsunamis have an aftermath that paralyses the economic development of a certain geographical set up. In this case, Northern Japan has fallen victim since after every renovation another calamity occurs and the effect is the same; eventually, the country establishes significant measures to deal with the situational problem.

Nuclear power plants in the areas affected by tsunami experienced breakdowns leaking massive amount of radiation, which is harmful, to people, plants and animals. One Friday the waves rose to 30 feet, and the resultant effect being that cars were whisked away as the wave carried blaze towards was buildings near factories. The geographical location of northern Japan makes…. [read more]

Tsunamis a Succinct Definition Term Paper

… A combination of earthquake, fire and tsunami centered around Lisbon, Portugal killed 60,000 people in 1755."( Tsunamis) A further factor that is not often realized is that tsunamis can travel further upstream via costal estuaries and rivers, causing extensive damage further inland.

2. Warnings and Precautions

While there are warning systems in place in regions of the world, yet tsunamis are still difficult to predict with absolute accuracy.

Despite the fact that tsunami warning systems have been in place since 1950, deaths still result from tsunami, especially when the source of the earthquake is so close to a coast that there is little time for a warning, or when people do not heed the warning or follow instructions associated with the warning. "( Tsunami)

This…. [read more]

Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction Term Paper

… In addition, large areas - approximately 300 kilometres of coastal land area have been degraded or lost (Asian pp).

Three major industrial sites are confirmed to be damaged, Pertamina, an oil depot in Krueng/Banda Aceh, Pertamina, oil depot in Meulaboh, and Semen Andalas Indonesia, a cement factory in Banda Aceh, resulting in possible contamination, including negative effects to human health and the environment, remain a matter of serious concern (Asian pp).

In January 2005, more than 13,000 members of the American military were serving the victims of the Asian tsunami. And though many governments, charities and individuals from around the world have rallied to help, the American military is the relief operation's backbone, especially in Indonesia (Spaeth pp). Region wide, the Pentagon has dispatched an…. [read more]

Tsunami Warning Systems as Potential Essay

… A clear example is the handling of U.S. domestic security policy post 9-11. This is a clear-cut guideline of how one could handle disaster prevention and mitigation. Though U.S. domestic policies were enacted to secure the borders of the country, they did not necessarily do anything to thwart or prevent threats. In fact, bioterrorism, such as was the case with the Anthrax attacks, was quite prevalent at a time, and can at any time re-erupt. In fact, this is the most dangerous degree of terrorism, below nuclear of course, but lethal nonetheless.

The national response to such threats (i.e. nuclear, bioterrorism) is not serious, as these have not happened and as the U.S. seems to be solely focused on a more 'classic' form of terrorism.…. [read more]

Tsunami Warning System the December Term Paper

… Works Cited

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Atwater, Brian F., Cisternas V. Marco, Bourgeois, Joanne, Dudley, Walter C., Hendley, James W. II, and Stauffer, Peter H. "Surviving a Tsunami -- Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan." 1999. United States Geological Survey Circular 1187. Version 1.0. Online at <>.

'Gaps plague Indian Ocean tsunami warning system." Associated Press. 23 June 2005. Online at <>.

'Indian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning System Launched." 30 June 2005. Press Release: United Nations reproduced on Scoop. Online at <>.

Leow, Joanne. "No tsunami warning system in the Indian Ocean and affected countries." 27 Dec 2004. Channel News Asia. Online…. [read more]

International Disaster: The Indian Ocean Research Paper

… While organization such as Direct Relief performed many social services and helped rebuild entire villages, as well as ensure proper sanitation procedures in various countries affected by the disaster, many state, again, that this has not been enough. According to one website, "The disaster relief that was offered just did not seem to be what others would have expected them to contribute in correspondence to the tsunami relief that the nations that were affected by the disaster had needed. The disaster relief that was offered was believed to not offer the amount of resources that they could have in order to help with the recovery. It has even been said by several sources that the United Nations did not exactly favor the disaster relief that…. [read more]

Ford, GM Study Ford Reaction Paper

… Ford, GM Study

Ford and GM have seen many turbulent periods prior to 2008. The very nature of the auto industry is that of various cycles of optimism and pessimism on the part of the consumer. As economies move through their natural cycles of boom and bust, so too do the autos that are prominent within that particular region. Tata motors goes through the came cycles in India as Honda does in Japan. Such is the nature of a capitalistic society in which many of these businesses operate in. The latest financial crisis was no different in this regard. However, one key difference was the extent of the losses incurred by many of the American auto makers. Due in part to irrational exuberance of the…. [read more]

Nation Examined Term Paper

… Economic Growth of Japan

Cross Cultural Perspectives

Ms. Emily Archer

Economic Growth of Japan

Japan boasts one of the strongest economies in the world. In terms of capacity, Japan's economy ranks third after the United States and China. Extensive emphasis on the technology, which acts as one of the strongest resources of the country, has thrust Japan into a world economic power. The emphasis on technology has helped Japan become one of the greatest automobile manufacturing countries. Although recently challenged by the emerging electronic and automobile technologies of Korea, Japan's highly successful electronics industry focuses on the cameras, computers, music and video-related products. International trade relations have contributed significantly to the development of the country's GDP. Japan's powerhouse economic engines -- and its people --…. [read more]

Delineates a Hypothetical Disaster Plan Essay

… With my EMT background, I don't anticipate any difficulties getting these prescriptions -- my physician has always been thoughtful and responsive in this regard. Further, any medications needed to maintain the health of myself and my family members will be included in the first aid kit. These medications require vigilant storage and renewal considerations.

(4) Radios for tracking the progress of threats and to hear warnings about travel and the like. I will keep two types of radios in the kit: A wind-up radio that does not require batteries and a battery-operated AM/FM radio with better air-wave reach. Flashlights of various sizes and types -- both those that use batteries and those that are solar-powered or wind-up powered. Extra batteries of all necessary sizes will…. [read more]

Measurement Is One of the Most Crucial Term Paper

… Measurement is one of the most crucial aspects of science. I personally feel that measurement plays a fundamental role in almost all aspects of human life; however, we have not been able to recognize its importance as much as we should. Measurement basically falls into the categories of temperature, weight, length, volume, area and so on. Well, we humans tend to look at these things as stoic forms of measurement; what we do not realize, however, is that their importance is revealed clearly in the things we do on a daily basis.

When one is unwell and needs to take medication, for instance, they need to take the same in the proper quantity so that they are able to realize benefit from it. This, in…. [read more]

Engineering Ethics and Morality Related Research Paper

… It happened soon after the shuttle's conclusion of its 28th mission. According to some reports, the disaster occurred due to a damage which was sustained during the launch when a small part of foam insulation having the size of a little briefcase broke away from the external tank of the space shuttle, this debris struck the left wing's leading edge which damaged the TPS (thermal protection system). When Columbia was still in orbit, this fault was pointed out by some of the engineers but NASA refused to do anything about it. Therefore it can be concluded that if swift action was taken soon after knowing about this incident then all of this loss would have been prevented, although some blame poor engineering as the cause,…. [read more]

Nik Term Paper

… These will include the company's investors, prospective consumers, employees, salespeople, and so forth

The method:

1. We will list the various projects that require our attention, assigning a letter to each task.

2. We will mark our options as row and column headings on a worksheet or Excel sheet

3. We will compare the project in the row with the one in the column, and for each cell decide which is the more important. We will then inscribe the letter of the more important project (that is more pressing or more crucial to development of the organization) on the cell, and rate the difference in importance from 0 (no difference) to 3 (great difference).

4. Finally, we will work out the results by summing the…. [read more]

Social Media and Emergency Communications Essay

… The platform allows for the GPS location to be communicated and this allows the response teams to find any victim easily. Since the GPS location is captured it is easy for the dispatchers to identify the closest emergency team to allow for a quick response. Social media can also be used for information collection. This would allow emergency teams to preempt an emergency and be prepared to handle the emergency. In situations like earthquakes, tsunami, or flooding, there is usually a time lag from when the disaster occurs and information regarding the disaster. People will post information regarding the disaster before it actually occurs, and it is the response teams' work to gather this information and verify its authenticity. This way they can avert a…. [read more]

Bioterrorism Biological Weapons Research Paper

… The psychological aspect of both biological weaponry and terrorism is overlooked in this argument.

Preparedness is the one defense of biological weapons that can substantially neutralize the effects when this tactic is employed. The growing trend of fusing military interests with domestic interests are becoming more pronounced. As the U.S. moves to integrate biological weapons into its defense arsenal, it is the very nature of warfare, security and the military threat that is being rethought, at the interface between public health and security, the biotech industry and military research.[footnoteRef:6] [6: Melinda Cooper. "Pre-empting Emergence, The Biological Turn in the War on Terror. Theory, Culture & Society 2006. Vol 23, p.114. Accessed 13 Jan, 2013.]

A recent switch towards a more defensive in recent years,…. [read more]

Global Environmental and Ecological Issues Essay

… This capacity put the nuclear power plant in the category of the world's 15 largest nuclear power stations ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). On March 11, 2001, an earthquake of the magnitude of 9.0 struck Japan ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). The earthquake and the tsunami that followed caused irreparable damage to the nuclear power plant ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). Reactor cooling systems in the plant were disabled which enabled nuclear radiation to leak into the environment. A 30-kilometer evacuation zone was established around the nuclear power plant as concerns about contamination of food and water supplies and harm to nuclear workers were addressed ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). In the years prior to the major earthquake, four incidents were recorded which indicated that some systems had failed ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). Importantly,…. [read more]

Nuclear Power Term Paper

… However, despite the limitations present in this technology, it is among the best alternative available for producing cost efficient power that is suitable to meet the world's energy needs. Even though the plant in Japan suffered a catastrophic fate after the recent tsunami, the probability of the likelihood of such a disaster has diminished significantly. In fact, the plant in Japan that experienced problems was built in the 1960s and more current designs are substantially more fail safe. Furthermore, nuclear power does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which are likely to be one of the most important considerations due to the increasing body of literature surrounding the climate change phenomenon. Therefore, nuclear power may be a necessary evil, but it will allow society to…. [read more]

Global Warming Essay

… The nature of the precipitation has also changed because of human activity, including the increase in acid rain that has threatened the availability of fresh drinking water in regions of the globe whose inhabitants are already facing shortages of that nature. Acid rain also destroys viable farmland and severely reduces the crop yield in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. Climate change threatens wealthier parts of the world as well and the visual evidence of the continuing and accelerating melting Antarctic continental ice shelves will eventually cause large portions of the North American eastern seaboard to become submerged in the same manner as the Italian city of Venice. Britain faces a similar fate and has already had to invest tremendous public funds…. [read more]

Humanitarian Intervention One of the Most Purposeful Term Paper

… Humanitarian Intervention

One of the most purposeful and successful undertakings that has benefited third world nations is humanitarian intervention. It is an act arising out of the human collective spirit as people come together through organized efforts and organizations to bring to relief and aid to those areas of the world where humanity suffers. The suffering might be as a result of mankind's own making, like war; or because of natural disasters like draughts, tsunamis, or destruction by forces of nature in weather. Humanitarian intervention is a no judgment zone. In other words, where there is human suffering others will respond to that suffering with aid, and will not use that suffering as a political platform from which to gain power over others, or to…. [read more]

Hurricane Katrina When Former New Essay

… Indeed, there are several challenges to the U.S. crisis management system:

Huge geographic area -- covering numerous biomes, types of natural disasters (from ice to tsunami, etc.).

Fifty States with thousands of local and municipal police, fire, and local governmental bureaucracies.

Lack of defined authority and role in disaster management (e.g. In certain criminal cases, the FBI takes precedence due to Federal jurisdiction, there are precedents for establishing a chain of command).

Upgrade the prediction model, work with city and regional engineers to anticipate problems before they occur

Utilize the system of declaring a "disaster" to more quickly move dollars and resources into hard-hit areas.

Unmire the bureaucracy -- the paperwork and politics can come later, during a disaster the most important issue is saving…. [read more]

SCM Supply Chain Management Term Paper

… Wal-Mart's supply chain creates value for the customer and the company because it allows the customer to save money and as a result is also responsible for the company's competitive advantage.

Wal-Mart has developed highly sophisticated information systems that have automated much of their supply chain. Wal-Mart has implemented some of the world's most advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The company has also standardized much of their business model in order to create efficiencies. Business functions such as staffing and human resources training programs have benefited from standardization. Through standardization the company also creates cost efficiencies by creating a set of international best practices. However, even Wal-Mart has struggled with standardization efforts in some countries such as Germany who have unique cultural barriers. Standardized…. [read more]

Hampton, Virginia Is Not Necessarily Essay

… Hampton, Virginia is not necessarily one of the biggest cities in the United States. However, it is a relatively large urban sprawl, and is thus open for a potential terrorist attack. In such an event, the city could possibly be on its own to respond to such an emergency without the aid of external assistance. A review of the city's plan does show some clear strength in following NIMS guidelines, but could be improved upon.

The city's emergency plan in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist event has been laid out. That is one of the variables that really make the city's plan align with the standards laid out by National Response Team's guide the National Incident Management System. There are measures which…. [read more]

Crisis Incidents the Last Decade Term Paper

… Leaders are prone to attend to those who are most active and vocal in their work. This may include shareholders and stakeholders. This may create a communication gap and create a void of perspectives (Groom and Fritz, 2011).

If Ford had taken heed of its customers earlier or listened to their risk management team before, a contingency plan would have been created. This wouldn't have a crisis buildup. Firestone neglected the red flags as insignificant (Groom and Fritz, 2011).

The leaders should gather opinions from all segments of their departments. This includes top to lower hierarchy. Leaders should influence their management to let the subordinate's voice their concerns and work accordingly. Crisis experts examine thoroughly with a strict eye and reflect on the data collected.…. [read more]

Sar Teams That Responded to the Oklahoma Essay

… ¶ … SAR teams that responded to the Oklahoma City attack perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh. The second question pertains to Hurricane Katrina and the NRP/NRF responses. The final question deals with key players relative to the NIMS process.

OKC SAR Response

The official report issued by Oklahoma had a "lessons learned" section and part of that section related directly to the response and recovery operations that ensued after the bombing. Issue 1 of that section was very striking. Due to the chaos and the overloading of networks such as those from cell phones, the overall communication abilities of the SAR teams was very limited to nothing. The fact that these teams were ostensibly relying on civilian communication arrays is fairly jaw-dropping but not surprising given…. [read more]

Media Worlds Term Paper

… Media Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election

The diverse and sometimes ugly stories, attacks and sundry reports that have been published in print and broadcast in the media (including electronic media) thus far in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election campaign reflect just how divided the nation is. These stories and ads in fact say as much about the sorry moral state of America -- and about how out-of-control the issue of politically motivated money is -- as they do about the campaign or the candidates. It is the opinion of this writer that there has rarely been a time in recent American history when conservatives and progressives have been so bitterly divided, and have attacked one another with such meanness and fierce antipathy -- in…. [read more]

Celebrity Endorsement Strategy: An Investigation Essay

… (Source:

What you have here than in short is the first stage where no definite action is taken and the company cursorily becomes acquainted with the celebrity and decides whether or not to move forward. Frequently, the process tops just where it is with company and endorser parting on friendly, but non- businesslike terms.

In the second stage, the company cautiously proceeds to test whether celebrity may be a good fit, whether celebrity is interested; negotiations are casually mentioned; and objectives and measurements are tentatively formulated.

The last stage is the most serious of all, when the company actually hires the celebrity and conducts serious and drawn out negotiations regarding goal objectives, the contract, measurements to assess outcome, and results are conveyed to stakeholders.…. [read more]

Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness (U.S Term Paper

… Flood Insurance offers an alternative to disaster support. It assists in reducing the increasing expenses of repairing flood-damaged buildings and their contents. Floodplain management regulates to reduce the flood damages. The NFIP also categorizes the national territory and maps the floodplains. By mapping flood hazards, widespread awareness about the flood dangers can be created. Mapping also provides the important data that is required for floodplain management programs ("The National Flood Insurance Program," 2010).

2. National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP)

The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) is a federal program that assists the government in efforts to lessen the number of victims, injuries, and losses of property that are caused by earthquakes. It was established in 1977 by Congress. Four federal agencies (FEMA, the…. [read more]

U.S. Auto Industry the Motor Vehicle Essay

… U.S. Auto Industry

The motor vehicle industry is of paramount importance to the U.S. economy. It has served as a model of adaptation, over the years taking many hits from import status and pricing to increased cost of doing business under the high cost of American labor industry (Macduffie 1995) and globalization (Lung 2000) and finally in its most recent remaking it has diversified and attempted to create and maintain headway in a market that demands innovation, especially with regard to energy utilization. (Studer-Noguez 2002)The industry has faced all these challenges with a valiant effort to remake itself under almost any circumstances, including but not limited to even restructuring the way it manufactures according to Japanese lean manufacturing tenets. (Klier 1995) (Rubenstein 1992)

The restructuring…. [read more]

Force of the Winds Essay

… ¶ … force of the winds is the major cause of patterns produced on the ocean surface. They are then modified by the effect of the Carioles Force due to the earth's rotation. Like gyres, the ocean floor dictates their characteristics (Gardiner, 2010). On question 2, swells, breaking surf and tsunamis despite all being products of the ocean activities, the tsunamis prove more violent in terms of force and speed (Crouse, n.d.). On question 3, the paper illustrates that tidal patterns will vary depending on their location in the ocean as there exists varying gravitational forces that changes from the equator towards the poles, hence the characteristics and types of tidal patterns (Lee, and Normark, 2009, p. 223). On question 4, pelagic and benthic survival…. [read more]

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