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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Essay

… It might appear at a first reading that this system is unnecessarily complicated, with the complexities causing unnecessary costs for the city to keep track of all of the different allocations. A uniform system would thus appear initially to be more rational and therefore a better use of public funds. However, because the tasks themselves are not uniform, the costs cannot be allocated in a uniform fashion.

Apportioning costs is not irrational: It is an acknowledgement that tasks (whether in manufacturing or in many other realms) are complex and that labor and other resources are proportioned in accurate ways among the different jobs that share these resources.

3. Why does the U.S. Department of Human Services have a special division just for Cost Allocation? What…. [read more]

Historical Analysis of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Case Study

… ¶ … U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Statement of the Purpose:

The purpose of this case study is to provide a description of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers a chronological summary of key events in its history, an evaluation of its effectiveness in achieving its ever-changing mission and lessons learned from these experiences. One of the primary strengths of the case study methodology is that a given topic can be investigated in depth and with greater attention to details that might be of interest to the researcher compared to other types of qualitative research (Leedy, 1997).

Formally established as a separate, permanent branch of the armed forces on March 16, 1802, the Corps was initially tasked with building and operating the U.S. Military Academy…. [read more]

Army Engineers Term Paper

… ¶ … Evolution of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

An adage suggests that an army moves on its stomach, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would likely suggest that it moves on passable roadways, rivers and bridges. During its 230-year history, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been transformed from its earliest form as superintendents of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to become one of the most important branches of the military service. The Corps' peacetime contributions to the development of America's infrastructure and its wartime contributions to facilitating the movement of U.S. troops while impeding the movements of its enemies are legend. To gain some further insights into the proud history of this branch of the military, this paper…. [read more]

Has the Army Corps of Engineers Lived Up to Its Responsibilities Chapter

… Revenue Source for a Public Safety Service

This document has as a goal to present current fiscal realities, asset conditions, and to pass along appropriate recommendations to mitigate related problems to the executives of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE or "the Corps"). Potential new revenue sources for public safety are needed. While it is true that the USACE is in need of new funding sources, it is also true that the Corps needs to firm up its reputation to show that it deserves to receive additional funding. To wit, the USACE needs tighten its belt, and it can be helped financially by entering into more public / private partnerships (PPP) than it currently is engaged with.

This paper delves into what the Corps…. [read more]

Environmental Term Paper

… The court disagreed with the site qualifying under Section 404(a)'s definition of 'navigable waters' because of being a habitat for the migratory birds. The courts disagreement was based on the consideration that it would assume the statute did not have any independent significance. The court explained that, in the aggregate, the substantial effects on the interstate commerce were not clear because the petitioner's, SWANCC's, landfill was clearly of commercial nature and clearly not connected to 'navigable waters' and 'waters of the United States' that the statute extends the terms to. The court rejected the request for Administrative deference based on the state and federal balance where Congress extended rights and responsibilities to the States. The aggregate balance of the economic loss of natural resources and…. [read more]

Flight and Its Impact Research Paper

… Military -- Flight and its Impact on the U.S. Military

Though military use of flight was slow in the earliest days of 20th Century America, Post-World War IU.S. military involvements rapidly accelerated the development of flight, revolutionizing warfare. Initially a matter of curiosity during the Wright Brothers' historic flight, aviation gradually gained ground in the mindset of the U.S. Military. As a result, during the 20th Century and particularly in the course of each war in which the United States participated, aviation became a vital factor in America's supremacy over the globe and Space.

Though military use of flight was slow in the earliest days of 20th Century America, Post-World War IU.S. military involvements rapidly accelerated the development of flight, revolutionizing warfare. In the earliest…. [read more]

Army Structure From 3-Brigade Division Term Paper

… With the Division-86 system change, the Army also published a Training and Doctrine Command guide in order to execute successful implementation. On October 1, 1982, the Command published tables of organization and equipment in order to implement this second attempt at achieving the heavy division concept. The tables, which outlined both armored division and mechanized infantry, set out five variations for deployment. The different cases involved the assignment of either five or six armored and four or five mechanized infantry battalions to an armored division; additionally, each mechanized infantry division was regimentally equipped with both five armor and five mechanized infantry battalions.

Institutional variations also covered the integration of varying equipment, including M60 tanks, M113 armored personnel carriers, the new M1 Abrams tanks, and Bradley…. [read more]

U S Army Corps of Engineers Research Proposal

… Effective Communication & Public Safety Challenges within the U.S. Army Corp's of Engineers.

For over two hundred and thirty years, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has guided America in the course of its development. A significant aspect of this agency is the collaboration between its military and civil operations. Further to the USACE Civil Works Program's direct contribution to national environment safety and economic growth, the agency also uses Civil Works knowledge for supporting defense missions, like operations that foster stability and peace throughout the world. The USACE, in turn, draws broader experiences and greater depth from international operations by positing as a fundamental component of the bigger Defense and Army agencies. Most recently, the USACE has proven this synergy in disaster…. [read more]

Stress: Regulation of Wetlands Term Paper

… For regulatory purpose of the Clean Water Act, the term wetlands refers to those areas that are saturated or inundated through ground or surface water at a duration and frequency sufficient to foster and that which under normal circumstances do support a prevalence of vegetation adapted for life in saturated soil status (Spray and McGlothin 102).

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of 2001, wetlands include marshes, swamps and other akin areas. Most of wetlands regulation politics revolves around fine-tuning the common regulatory description through delineation of wetlands. The permitting program established to execute Section 404 is governed through the United States Army Corps of Engineers. However, the EPA upholds oversight via comment and review and the body holds to authority to veto specific…. [read more]

Effects of the Defense Authorization Act of 1916 and 1920 on the National Guard Research Paper

… ¶ … Defense Authorization Act of 1916 & 1920 on the National Guard

In 1790, President George Washington and Henry Knox, who was a military leader at that time tried to persuade the Continental Congress to establish a federally controlled militia, and despite their convincing argument about the benefits that the United States would derive from such military policy, the Continental Congress did not accept their proposal. For over 150 years after President Washington and Henry Knox failed to persuade the Continental Congress, numerous military and political leaders repeated similar efforts, however, the Congress repeatedly denied their initiations. During this period, attempt to rectify wars by the War Department met with ideological protests and several military and political leaders revealed the impact of the threats…. [read more]

Changing Nature of Warfare Term Paper

… For this purpose, regular policing is far preferable to the use of military force. In a society in which innocent civilians can be arrested, incarcerated or summarily executed, rule of law and popular support for government will not exist. Just the opposite, "the more measures to impose order involve terrorizing the population, the more the position of the opponent as their defender is enhanced" (Smith 388). A minimal use of force that will achieve the objective is the most desirable strategy, along with a military force that is restrained by the rule of law in its conduct toward civilians. In these types of conflicts the "morality of the use of force cannot be overemphasized" (Smith 391). Success in counterinsurgency warfare also requires asking the serious…. [read more]

Military -- Naval Questions Essay

… Military -- Naval Questions

In What Ways does Sea, Naval and Maritime Power Aid in the Prosecution of the Land Battle and Enhance the Ability of States to Project Power Beyond their Shores?

The efficacy of Sea, Naval and Maritime Power for land battles and projection of power is created in multiple roles, often carried out in tandem with land and air forces, to prevent wars and to win wars, as the case may be. Historically in war, navies have been employed in outright naval and amphibious warfare.[footnoteRef:1] in addition, they have transported troops and related materiel such as weapons, ammunition, equipment and supplies.[footnoteRef:2] for example, from January to June of 1944 alone, Allied navies transported nearly 9 million tons of supplies and 800,000 troops…. [read more]

New Orleans Research Proposal

… New Orleans is a city still ill-Equipped to face future storms.

From the federal, state, and local government to the geography of New Orleans and its unstable levees, Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005 was a disaster in more ways than just the physical damage. It is possible that if another category 3+ storm strikes that city, the damage and loss could be just as great as it was four years ago.


In order to understand the magnitude of what might happen in the future, it is imperative that we understand the level of disaster Hurricane Katrina wrought on New Orleans, southeast Louisiana, and the state of Mississippi.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2005, a tropical storm rising in the Caribbean was named Katrina. On…. [read more]

Role of Engineers in Water Industry Research Proposal

… Water Engineering

The Role of Engineers in the Water Industry

From the times the Romans built the aqueducts -- indeed, since the time the fields of Mesopotamia were irrigated -- one of the most essential services of engineering to society has been the manipulation of water. As one of the basic necessities of life, the ability to provide water where none can be found is vital to today's agricultural industry and the upkeep of many cities and whole populations of people. Just as essential, though perhaps somewhat less grand in the way it comes across, is the use of water in the removal of wastes, both in the form of sewage and industrial waste. The prevention of disease and environmental degradation depends upon the ability…. [read more]

Military Imparts in an Individual Research Paper

… Most elected officials, especially presidents see military experience, military leadership as a stepping ground to political success. If it were not for the military experience acquired by these former presidents, they perhaps would have not led such triumphant lives.

III. Government/civil service managers

Managers in government and civil service sectors can benefit from possessing military leadership experience. Just like with CEOs, government managers must deal with a wide array of situations and learn to function well in a team dynamic. Having a military background not only enables a person seeking such position to be a strong leader, but also to work well with others. Military training forces an individual to follow strict guidelines and see themselves as part of a unit rather than an individual.…. [read more]

War of 1812 Term Paper

… " The "humiliating and tragic lesson aroused public opinion to demand strong measures for protection (Lattimore)."

After the War of 1812, Secretary of War John C. Calhoun created the office of commanding general in an "effort to bring greater centralization and professionalization to the management of the U.S. Army (Rafuse)."

When the war with Britain ended in 1814 with the Treaty of Ghent, Congress was instructed by President Madison to "appropriate funds to complete all forts then under construction and to extend the system of fortifications in order that the United States might at all times be prepared to prevent or repel the danger of foreign invasion (Lattimore)."

The duty of "developing entirely new and adequate fortifications along the far-flung Atlantic and Gulf coasts was…. [read more]

Transportation in the Supply Chain Case Study

… Around 14% of the bulk movement of commerce within the United States moves throughbarge. Three major types of barge are used on the inland as well as intracoasatal waterways. These are an open hopper, one covered by dry cargo and tank barge. In Brinkmann two types of barge are used which are the tank barge and thecovered dry cargo barge.

This mode of transport is quite effective since its manatainance cost is less compared to corresponding costs of road or rail. The most important factor about this mode of transport is the fact that it provides service that is environmentally friendly.

Ocean transportation

This is a method of transport that involves carrying of people or goods using large boats, ships or snail boats across water…. [read more]

Water Restoration of the Everglades Case Study

… ¶ … U.S. Sugar Deal purchase for the Everglades water restoration project.

In August 2010, a contract was drafted by the South Florida Water Management for 26,800 acres of United States Sugar Corporation lands in order to assist in rejuvenation of the Everglades Project.

The project was controversial since it was widely suspected that political and monetary agendas were at stake. Nonetheless, the deal will send more clean water into the Everglades and nearby ecosystem regions and for these reasons it has won some approval whilst incurring criticism.

An additional benefit is that it will transplant a region of agricultural land that has become a major source of pollution and use it instead for increasing water treatment capacities in order to decrease phosphorus loads in…. [read more]

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Case Study

… S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006) Two -- dimensional and hydraulic and sediment transport models have the ability t o model the variation of hydraulic and sediment properties across the reservoir cross section" as well as modeling the failure of the reservoir banks. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006, paraphrased) Processes that are not well represented in sediment transport models include those of:

(1) Headcut migration through cohesive material;

(2) Bank erosion;

(3) Large width changes; and (4) Stratified bed sediment. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006 )

Thesis statement

Decommissioning of the Hoover Dam will be a process that requires a span of several years to ensure proper and effective safe decommissioning.

Materials and methods

This work in writing addresses system engineering (SE) concepts…. [read more]

Role of a Soldier Essay

… Thanks to web cameras and e-mails and cellular telephones, it is far easier to keep in contact with those you need and those you love. Still the fear and isolationist portion of being a soldier is one of the most difficult roles a man or woman entering the United States Army will have to face.

Over time, the position of the American soldier has changed. In the modern moment, there is no draft board. A person who joins the Army does not do so through coercion or collusion. Instead, the individual must look within and determine that the need to serve, fight, and die for their country is what they were meant to do. As explained throughout the above, there is no one role which…. [read more]

Twelve O'Clock High and Be Know Term Paper

… Leadership

Dramatic, major changes are sometimes difficult, whether in the civilian industry or in government institutions such as the military. Often times a leader (whether a politician or an officer) who attempts to institute changes is challenged by those who are entrenched at their positions. Sometimes even though the individuals are entrenched in their own habits and rituals, a good leader can come in and make needed changes. An article History Today extols the leadership abilities of British Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, who led British ships into battle in the late 1700s, defeating, among other notable forces, Napoleon's fleet in the Battle of the Nile (1798). His leadership philosophy, according to historic records in his own words: "A commander gives his orders in a manner…. [read more]

Integrated Networks Support Warfighting Research Paper

… Future of Army Signal Corp: Restructuring DOIM to Network Enterprise Centers

In October 2009, the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) changed its name and affiliation to the U.S. Army Signal Network Enterprise Center (NEC). In addition to improving the provision of network service to field and unifying authority and responsibility under one command structure, the restructuring of Directorates of Information Management (DOIM) to Network Enterprise Centers (NEC) has made the job of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) S6 easier. [1: Fort Jackson Leader staff report. (October 2009). "It organization changes affiliation, name." Available from Accessed 8 April 2015. ] [2: Ibid.]

Integrative and Intelligence Functions of BCT

The United States Army Signal Corps is responsible for developing, testing, providing, and managing communications and…. [read more]

Dam Break Excutive Summary Analytical Literature Review

… During actual application, he calculated the height of the break by assuming that the break gegins from the top of the dam to the natural ground elevationbeing at the centreline of the break point unlike MacDonald and Langridge -- Monopolis (Froehlich, 1995)

Von Thun and Gillette (Von Thun, 1990)

He used a total of 57 dams from both the MacDonald and Langridge -- Monopolis and Froehlich researcg to come up with thier methodology. These methods advocates application of break slopes of 1.2H:1.2V; excepting dams that have cohesive layer of soil, whereas the side slopes of thedams ought to be arranged in the manner 0.6V:1.0V to 0.34:1.1V (Von Thun, and Gillette, 1990). Von Thun and Gillette come up with two dismillar set of equations to be…. [read more]

Manhattan Project, and Examines Term Paper

… Truman knew that dropping the bomb had the potential to end the war quickly and with minimal loss of life. The civilian casualties were regrettable, but Truman considered this a sacrifice for the good of all. He gave the order for the bombs to be dropped.

As predicted, the dropping of the atomic bombs did cause Japan to surrender quickly. It realized that there was no way it could compete with a nation with such superior fire power. Though the ethics of dropping the bombs are still debated today, there are few who think it was a bad moral choice. Loss of life and the duration of the war were greatly reduced by using the bombs. Further, since so many saw the awesome destructive power…. [read more]

Managing Recruitment Performance and Development Essay

… Managing Recruitment, Performance, And Development

American Army: Recruitment, compensation, management, performance and development

Army functions as the land-based branch of the U.S. armed force. It is the biggest and earliest developed branch of 7 U.S. uniformed services. The Army reports to the Division of Defense and is comprised of 3 elements: the active element, the conventional army; and 2 reserve elements, the Army National Guard along with the Army Reserve (U.S. Army, 2012).

Both reserve parts are comprised of part-time soldiers who train at least once a month. Battle assemblies carry out 2 to 3 weeks of yearly training each year. Despite possessing various elements, the Army carries out both functional and institutional goals. The functional Army includes numbered militaries, corps, departments, brigades, and battalions…. [read more]

In the Army Managing a Quality Workforce in the 2100 Century Term Paper

… Business

The United States Military after the Iraq Invasion:

Maintaining Quality and Quantity

Generally when one thinks of business management, one thinks of a corporation. However, one of the largest business operations in the world is not a business in the traditional sense - it is a government entity - the United States Military. The American Military "employs" hundreds and hundreds of thousands of men and women in all different fields of operation. These "employees" are not all soldiers. Many of them are physicians, or engineers, or scientists, and various kinds of support personnel. This "army" of workers is scattered at locations all across the globe. The logistical requirements of such a vast and complex organization would scare off even the most seasoned corporate boss.…. [read more]

GE Aviation Division, Aircraft Engines Essay

… A GE J35 engine was behind a Douglas Skystreak's 1947 speed record of 650 miles per hour (GE Aviation, 2011).

After 1947, GEA experienced several years of competition from other manufacturers due to the desire of the U.S. Air Corps for a more diverse supply base for turbosupercharger-based aircraft engines. GEA responded to the challenge with the subsequent release of its J47 model, which effectively took over the American military aircraft engine market. The J47 engine generated sufficient demand for GEA to open a second manufacturing plant in Ohio in 1949. The second J47 plant was named Evendale, which eventually expanded to become GEA's central worldwide headquarters. The GE J47 served the needs of the Korean War, with over 35,000 units placed into service before…. [read more]

National Disaster Management by Federal Interagency Working Groups Collaboration Emphasis Housing Matters Article

… ¶ … inter-agency collaboration to facilitate cross-departmental efforts to deliver emergency preparedness response including an integration of the Housing for Urban Development program to the National Disaster Housing Strategy. The research shows that Federal policies administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), and the Housing of Urban Development, proved ineffective in handling the emergencies faced domestically, notably the lack of a coordinated response to Hurricane Katrina. The Federal emergency response is contingent on the integrated network of communications linkage between the responsible agencies and inter-agency collaboration has shown to be the framework to enable coordinated responses to mitigate future disasters.


Since the creation of modern government administration, Federal Inter-agency Planning has been non-existent in the framework of…. [read more]

Snake River Term Paper

… Snake River is part of the larger Columbia River system. The natural ecology of the Snake River has been altered by the placement of dams on the river, altering the way Salmon move through the entire region and raising a number of questions about whether the dams are doing more harm than good. The Snake River is the main tributary of the Columbia River and extends some 1028 miles through both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. The river originates in Wyoming. The river empowers a number of hydroelectric plants along its route and so is a vital energy source for the country. The ecology of the Snake River has changed as a result of many of the projects along the length of…. [read more]

Poisoning Our Planet Term Paper

… Poisoning Our Planet

If it is the air we breathe, the land we use, or the water we drink, we do not pay any heed to the indiscriminate use of the resources of our planet. Nevertheless we are dependent on these resources for innumerable part of our present and future welfare. Similar to as we human beings are dependent on the planet Earth, every part of the ecosystem depends on the other. This feature of co-relatedness is obviously palpable when the situation becomes out of control. (Preserve Planet Earth Program) Lack of awareness of threats to the environment is the reason which lies behind many destructive activities combined with man's greed for wealth and short-term gains. For the bygone 4 billion years, our planet has…. [read more]

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