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U.S. History Indian Giver Essay

… U.S. History -- Indian Giver

Despite dwindling numbers of Native Americans seen in today's world, they were once the reigning power in the United States. After centuries of development separate from Europeans, Native Americans were introduced to new settlers who later forced them into the decrepit state they are in today. However, before Europeans had such a negative impact on Native American life, it was the Native Americans who had positive influences on the Europeans traveling from overseas. Ideas about fair treatment of prisoners and a strong democracy trickled into mainstream American society and helped influence how the country functions today.

The initial indigenous people who lied and worked in the North Atlantic helped mold the country as we know it today. Native Americans had…. [read more]

U.S. History Indian Giver Essay

… ¶ … Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World by Jack Weatherford. Specifically it will contain a book report on the book. Weatherford's thesis for writing this book is clear. He wants people to know that Native Americans, in both North and South America, and been forgotten and misrepresented with it comes to history. This book proves this point in many areas, from food to our basic democracy, and it is an engrossing book that acknowledges the importance of Native Americans in so many ways.

This book includes dozens of instances where the Native Americans influenced culture, society, and even capitalism in the world. The author begins with a discussion of South American gold and silver, mined by Natives, which led…. [read more]

Patriarch Nothing Stays With Us Term Paper

… This perceived abandonment of her father, and her father's leadership in her life left Anzia empty. She later wrote that pursuing the obsession to lift herself out of material poverty left her with poverty of the soul.

The magnitude of Anzia's decision to move from her family's heritage toward her own destiny can only be understood from the perspective of the family. And the familial considerations further created emotional strife from which Anzia could never separate herself. In Russia, and in America, the family was the foundation for success. One partner was the bread winner. The other kept the home, and provided a safe haven from which the warrior could come forth, compete in the marketplace, and return to find safety, and shelter. In Anzia's…. [read more]

Business Culture and Expansion Trends Research Paper

… From the North comes Kathak, which is understood for its utilization of even more than hundered ankle bells. Odissi is among the earliest dances which likewise come from holy places with the 'devadaisis.' Odissi as well has 2 various designs within it, Abhinaya (stylized) and the Nritta (non-representational). Manipuri dance is called after the North-Eastern area of Manipur from where it stemmed. Like numerous other Indian types, this type of dance is distinguished by slow-moving motions and essential hand motions. Each sort of dance represents its area, history and culture. It is remarkable the number of old designs of dance have actually been kept active throughout India (Doh, J., and Luthans, 2009).


There are various types of typical dresses in India which vary based…. [read more]

Cherokee Woman Time Period Between 1600's to 1820 Term Paper

… Cherorkee Women

Agasga's Journal

In the last few moons before she died, my grandmother told me many things. She knew that she would soon go to the Darkening Land in the West and wanted me to know all that she had not told me before. She spoke to me then about the need to pass on the ways of Ani Yunweya (the principal people) to the next generation. She said for thousands of years our people had kept the same customs and ways. But now change had come mightily with the white settlers, and the ways of our people were changing too. She said it is all right to change, to adopt new ways of doing things -- like when we started to grow sweet…. [read more]

Years Leading to Rev War Essay

… ¶ … Revolutionary War

The history of the United States can be considered to be the result of hundreds of years of struggles and torments which have set their mark on the culture and traditions of the American people. Given their wide experience in the area of democracy it is difficult to say what are the main factors and elements which contributed to the establishment of the American society in the top of the democratic world and have set it as the essence of democratic practices. However, it is fair to say that it is precisely this tradition that has proven the world the infallibility of democracy. Even so, there have been great struggles for the American people to find its way, path, and best…. [read more]

Anthropological Thought Essay

… Anthropology

Historical Foundations of Anthropology

How do the methods of 19th Century Evolutionists explain the development of marriage, family, political organization, and religion?

The development of the evolutionary theory of societal development arose from the precept that all cultures arose in a uniform manner. Early theorists believed that various cultures represented different stages along the path to development. Evolutionary anthropology arose from encounters with cultures that were different Theorists such as Tylor and Morgan developed opposing viewpoints on the development of society.

Tylor disagreed that groups, such as the Native American population, were a degenerated culture (Tylor, cited in Anthropological Theory, 1871:30). He felt that culture from simple to complex and that it progressed through three distinct stages. Tylor argued that civilization progressed from savagery…. [read more]

Grandparent Caregivers Societal Antecedents as Predictors Dissertation

… Grandparent Caregivers

Societal Antecedents as Predictors of Resilience, Caregiving/Parenting Stress and Coping Strategies in Custodial and Non-Custodial Grandmothers of African-American or African Decent

The past three decades have seen a break from the traditional nuclear family roles. During this time, society has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of children being raised by their grandparents. Many grandparents assume the role of primary caregiver for their grandchildren and/or childcare provider because of the impact of numerous societal antecedents which cause the parent or parents to be absent from the home. These societal antecedents include child abandonment, and/or neglect, parental employment obligations, parental education endeavors, and parental military obligations. These represent the key reasons for grandparents assuming the care of grandchildren. This comes at a time…. [read more]

Right to Die Term Paper

… According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, "bills on assisted suicide were introduced in twenty-six states in 1997 and 1998...all defeated, usually dying in committee." During this same period, Virginia, Michigan and South Carolina passed new bans on assisted suicide, after Iowa and Rhode Island enacted bans in 1996, and Kansas and South Dakota recently "clarified their existing criminal statutes and added civil penalties for assisting a suicide." In 1999, thirty-eight states had specific statutes against assisted suicide, although "Oregon created an exception for terminally ill patients who fulfill certain guidelines," while eight forbid the practice by common law or interpretation of the state homicide statute, and four, Nevada, Hawaii, Utah and Wyoming have no clear law on the matter.

Those against the right…. [read more]

Literature and Cross-Cultural Encounters Essay

… Mohsin Hamid's 2007 novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist depicts a protagonist, Changez, who is essentially a cultural hybrid. Changez's name, as Hamid tells us, is the Urdu equivalent of Genghis -- reminding the reader perhaps that "Khan" remains a relatively common Pakistani surname even in the twenty-first century -- and thus ironically calls to the reader's mind the notion of hostile and warlike foreign invaders, terror and violence. Yet the story is narrated by Changez himself, who is represented as unfailingly polite and charming, as he tells his life story to an unnamed American (revealed in the final pages as potentially an assassin). Yet the major literary device of The Reluctant Fundamentalist is irony, and it can be demonstrated that Hamid's larger point is perhaps that…. [read more]

Globalization and Food in Film Term Paper

… Chocolat

There is no better commodity to discuss than chocolate, when looking at the globalization of food. Food can tell the most astounding stories as well as create a sense of identity for and entire culture. In the film Chocolat, through American eyes, is an example of the changes that can be symbolized by the power of a single food item, in this case the rich historical and global food, chocolate.

A food is the ideal cultural symbol that allows the historian to uncover hidden levels of meaning in social relationships and arrive at new understandings of the human experience. The tug of cultural anthropology and sociology is strong here, and underscores food as symbol and metaphor, a cultural numerator essential to the human equation.…. [read more]

Likeability Is Effected by Management Dissertation

… The best leaders are able to balance the emotional and the logical, underscoring the need for continual improvement and innovation to ensure challenging objectives are accomplished (Den, Deanne & Belschak, 2012). Theorists and researchers alike show that just creating a culture of trust and transparency is not enough, team members want someone to hold them to a standard of what they can achieve, and help them get to that level of attainment when and if they need help (Cavazotte, Moreno & Hickmann, 2012). The leader emerges as coach and mentor, a person capable of creating the combination of transformational factors that gain subordinates' commitment to a challenging goal or vision, while being transparent and trustworthy enough to gain cooperation, all underscored by a high level…. [read more]

Coetzee and Defoe Coetzee's Novels Essay

… 148). Living in London at the heart of the imperial metropolis, Friday is no longer exactly a slave, but he is far from being a truly free man with equal rights to whites. Susan makes him sleep in the cellar, and he is not allowed to eat with her and Foe, while whites on the streets are cruel to him. In short, Friday's situation in London is like that of poor and segregated minority groups in the U.S., South Africa and other Western nations in the 20th Century, in that 'freedom' generally proved illusory. Even Susan has a paternalistic attitude towards him, stating that "I do not love him, but he is mine," which puts her in the category of well-meaning, liberal whites who are…. [read more]

Martin Luther King, Jr Essay

… This was also evident in "I Have a Dream," where he repeatedly mentions the same phrase of "I have a dream" to emphasize the importance of each and every line he spoke after the statement, that people would "one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" ("I Have a Dream").

The speeches, letters, and sermons delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are still quoted and alluded to today. His contributions to African-American history and fight toward civil rights have led this man to be further honored in the country. Without King's leadership, who knows where the United States would have gone in the way of segregation and…. [read more]

Children's Literature Thesis

… ¶ … children's literature to dispel the popular premise that a diametric difference separate good literature and good multicultural literature, as it asserts that children's literature may promote interracial respect, yet lack bias and still possess exceptional literary qualities.

Contemporary book publishers face the challenge of fulfilling their the responsibility to produce good children's literature, yet not compromise that responsibility and/or fabricate culturally authentic works to satisfy the demands of the marketplace. Parents and educators face the challenge be another set of eyes to challenge a book, whether it advertises itself as multicultural or not, to qualify first and foremost as "good."


"Children's literature opens up a world of ideas and ways of thinking.

bringing children's literature into the classroom is…. [read more]

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