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United States Department of Defense US Military Branches Research Paper

… United States Department of Defense / Military Branches

United States Department of Defense Military Branches

Issue / Policy Area of Interest

Over the last several years, the role of the U.S. military has been changing, as the overall nature of the threats to the nation has evolved. This is part of a larger historical trend that has caused the various branches of the military, to adapt to the different challenges that are taking place. A good example of this can be seen by looking at the history of the United States Marine Corps. Where, it would originally begin in 1775, after it was modeled from the Royal Marines of Great Britain. Their original objective was to serve on the various naval vessels, with the goals…. [read more]

U.S. Reliance of the National Essay

… The continental United States of America was served by units that were spread in one hundred and thirty posts that were the vestiges of the Indian wars for the most part (Doubler, 2003). 9 infantry and 2 divisions of cavalry made up the combat units. However, those units just serving as paper organizations and had little significance as none of the division was in close proximity to its sanctioned peace-time power. The Second Division had almost ten thousand men. However, this number was also four thousand men short (Sligh & Beaumont, 1992).

In 1938, Roosevelt had given considerable attention to the Army Air Corps believing that this military unit would serve as a major strength for defending the United States of America from any sea…. [read more]

United States Army Do to Improve Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Army

Do to Improve on Enforcing Hearing Protection Standards

To Reduce Hearing Loss Among Soldiers

Nearly one third of the close to thirty million Americans with hearing loss today can attribute their disability to what has been deemed as 'toxic noise.' With a loss of hearing, humans cannot fully function in their environments. The working surroundings are by far the biggest culprit to the problem as many Americans have lost their hearing while working in steel mills and mines. "According to OSHA enforcement policy, employers must record work-related shifts in hearing of an average of 25 dB or more at 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 hertz in either ear. In January 2001, OSHA proposed changing this trigger for a recordable injury to…. [read more]

National Security Council or Nsc Research Paper

… Among its accomplishments for 2006, Homeland Security responded to liquid explosive and terrorist threats in London; strengthening air cargo safety; screened thousands of port workers; raised freight rail security baseline and started baseline security evaluations for mass transit and passenger rail systems; strengthened border security; installed 880 radiation portal monitors at land and sea ports; expended container security initiative to 50 ports or more than 80% coverage of containers; processed 61 repatriation flights; increased capabilities to secure northern borders; made ports port entry the first line of defense at land borders; set record compliance in alien removals; enhanced national security by upholding public safety and immigration and customs enforcement or ICE; increased the number of fugitive operations teams to nearly three times; dismantled one of…. [read more]

Army Structure From 3-Brigade Division Term Paper

… With the Division-86 system change, the Army also published a Training and Doctrine Command guide in order to execute successful implementation. On October 1, 1982, the Command published tables of organization and equipment in order to implement this second attempt at achieving the heavy division concept. The tables, which outlined both armored division and mechanized infantry, set out five variations for deployment. The different cases involved the assignment of either five or six armored and four or five mechanized infantry battalions to an armored division; additionally, each mechanized infantry division was regimentally equipped with both five armor and five mechanized infantry battalions.

Institutional variations also covered the integration of varying equipment, including M60 tanks, M113 armored personnel carriers, the new M1 Abrams tanks, and Bradley…. [read more]

Budgetary Politics the United States Term Paper

… While the program is aimed at destroying crops that produce illegal substances, on another front it is also responsible for the destruction of a large quantity of legitimate crops and livestock that are the chief providers of revenue to the Colombian people.

It has also been reported that the chemical being used in the process, Roundup Ultra, has made many people, especially children, sick with respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal diseases. Roundup Ultra is being manufactured by the renowned chemical giant Monsanto. It is the very same company that manufactured the infamous Agent Orange that was used in operations by the United States armed forces in Vietnam. The United States government being the chief buyer of Roundup Ultra spends millions of dollars acquiring it. Despite all…. [read more]

Foreign and Domestic Intelligence Term Paper

… Foreign and Domestic Intelligence

The intelligence system of the United States is the most capable one assembled in the history of man. This intelligence community (IC) has undergone reforms since 2005 after President Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. However, transformations of analytical initiatives have constantly reduced the barriers between individuals and organizations across the IC and have prioritized missions effectively. A window of opportunity was evident in the 1990s that reexamined the existing structures and processes of intelligence. Emphasis for the intelligence community included, downsizing, streamlining, and consolidating, which forced them to prioritize on resources scarce to the environment. Members of Congress, think-tank analysts, and executive branch senior officials are a community growing interest of the U.S. government organization on how…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Analysis of the Middle East From the President's Perspective Essay

… American foreign policy as it manifests itself in the Middle East has long been a struggle. The last few decades have demonstrated America's attempts at finding allies and the challenges of controlling the area. After a tremendous amount of analysis and assessment, the best methods to be taken in this particular area are ones of strategic humanitarian action and development. As this paper will demonstrate, much of the discord of the area is directly connected to the fact that it's so impoverished and disadvantaged. Helping the Middle East and building where other governments would blow up, is the best way to develop the area. Such actions not only help develop the global economy, but they help to stabilize America' footing in the rest of the…. [read more]

20th Century US Foreign Policy Research Proposal

… Truman in Hypothetical Crisis

As President Harry Truman faces the Russian missile crisis in Venezuela, the situation in the states is one of cautious alert. President Truman is known for his hard line position when it comes to the Russians (Brown, Seyom, 1994, p. 17). Truman believes in flexing his American Military muscle, and will stand up to the threat of Russian missiles in Venezuela. The Venezuelan's claim that they fear the United States has a goal of "regime change," for Venezuela. President Truman abandoned what was once a successful and mutually beneficial "good neighbor" policy between the United States and South American countries (Rabe, Stephen G., 1998, 1). This kind of approach to foreign affairs is not Truman's way. He is a president that…. [read more]

Incorporating Knowledge Management in Organization Essay

… ¶ … open economy' a 'closed economy', discuss potential economic advantages economic disadvantages a country open economy.

Incorporating knowledge management at the Army National Guard G6

The military institutions have always represented the backbone of a country's security and safety system. Within the United States, they are part of the national symbols and the trusted organizations of the entire population. The scope of the military institutions is that of ensuring safety of the people and peace within the country.

In rapidly changing times however, the means in which the military institutions come to complete their roles and functions change and they become more demanding. In the specific case of the Army National Guard, more and more emphasis is being placed on the organization's ability to…. [read more]

Private Security Contractors Thesis

… Private Military Contractors

Private Security Contractors

This paper

Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contractors (PMCs) are a necessary but imperfect tool in today's rapidly changing and increasingly unstable world, utilized by the United State military, rife with ethical and other complications. Today's world is burgeoning with modern, powerful democratic states. As a means of filling roles once reserved exclusively for the military, these states are increasingly relying on the services of PMCs. The services provided by these contractors vary and can include: logistical, technical, supply, protecting vital governmental entities, and consulting services regarding the restructuring of the client's armed forces. One of the largest PMCs used by the United States is Blackwater, recently renamed Xe, who has assisted the American military on a variety of…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Protecting American Ground-Based Space Assets From Terrorists Term Paper

… Protecting American Ground-Based Space Assets

The objective of this work is to examine how the United States will be best able to protect ground based assets from terrorist attacks, such as down-link radar sites, launch facilities including control rooms and fuel supplies and to further examine whether terrorism in space is a viable option to the 'lowest bidder' such as Iran being close to putting rockets into low-earth orbit.

Cyber-warfare or electronic-warfare are both terms used to describe the nature of warfare in today's conflicts. Cyber-warfare is enabled through information technology and electronic communications on and off the battlefield, in space and on ground, and in real-time. A news article in the Economist reports: "These days America fights not in a fog of war but,…. [read more]

Driven (Principi and Task Force) Term Paper

… The video that was created was one of the most important parts of the ceremony and therefore the video team was asked to focus on five specific areas of the guest of honor's life. These included the generation of service he provided to the country, the service he gave to the country in the military, the service that he gave as the staff leader for the Senate armed services committee, the family legacy that he had created with two sons that were currently serving in the U.S. Air Force, and the impact that his tenure as secretary of Veterans Affairs had in five specific areas.

Team meetings were held three times per week, and site visits and walk-throughs were conducted with team members and higher-ups…. [read more]

Awarding Audit Contracts by U.S Term Paper


3.1 Summary

The information available for researching this project was based on a cross-section of materials. Although this was an immense task because of all the government guides available on the subject, not to mention non-government materials, most of it was readily available on the Internet.

Some of the major websites that provided basic information included the following.

Non-Government Sites

American Bar Association Section of Public Contract Law. It is organized into six divisions that have links on the home page.

NASPO-National Association of Procurement Officials. Has a section on contract information and auditing procedures., The Federal Marketplace

Government Sites

Defense Contract Audit Agency. Provides audits, reports and financial advisory services.

CBDnet, which is Commerce Business Daily. Provides information…. [read more]

Drones Preliminary Analysis Term Paper

… Brooks has been assigned the committee assignments of Armed Forces, Space and Technology and Aeronautics so it is very much likely that he would raise questions about the technicalities that are involved in the operation of drones. He might ask as to how the operations of these drones can be improved and other questions regarding the mechanics of drones.

Paul Gosar

Paul Anthony Gosar, member of the Republican Party is the United States House of Represented since the year 2011 from Arizona. Born on 27th November 1958 he is the representative of the 4th congressional district of Arizona. The district that he represents includes most part of the rural western portion of Arizona. During his first term, Gosar was the representative of the 1st district…. [read more]

Risk Management and Analysis Process and Policy Before Technology Research Proposal

… ¶ … released by the FBI and the Computer Security Institute (CSI), over 70% of all attacks on sensitive data and resources reported by organizations occurred from within the organization itself. Implementing an internal security policy appears to be just as important as an external strategy. The objective of this report is to highlight the necessity of internal processes and policy alongside technology when managing and mitigating risk. The author narrates the problems of security from the unseen forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. Once organizations truly understand the psychology behind the motivations of software engineers and developers, risk analysis and risk management strategies will become more efficient. The research contained in this report establishes that there is some connection between…. [read more]

Dod: Pursuing Alternative Energy Conservation Essay

… The Navy has indeed been long leading the way in the regard, by engaging in proactive testing of biofuels and demonstrating that there is absolutely no reason that the future of the Department of Defense has to include a dependence on foreign fuels. The Navy was the branch of the DOD which engaged in the testing and certification of 50-50 blends of advanced hydrotreated biofuel and aviation gas as a means of testing, evaluating and demonstrating the wide-range utility and functionality of advanced biofuels in an operational setting. "The military's ability to use fuels other than petroleum reduces vulnerability to rapid and unforeseen changes in the price of oil that can negatively impact readiness, while also increasing energy security….Kaiser delivered 700,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable…. [read more]

Attacks on Pearl Harbor Term Paper

… Indications leading to the Attacks

Even though the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center have been portrayed as completely unexpected and unforeseen actions, both these events had been directed by apparent signs and signals that the United States had been confronting a looming danger (36). Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the relationship between the Americans and the Japanese had arrived at its lowest point (7). Not later than the summer of 1941, the government of the then American President, Franklin Roosevelt, had set economic sanctions on the Japanese government to compel them to stop their conflict with China. Historians have given reference to these sanctions as the contiguous reason of the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor. The Japanese government refused…. [read more]

Department of Homeland Security Research Paper

… On October 1, 2002, DOD activated a new regional combatant command, Northern Command (NORCOM), which plays the lead role in homeland defense for missile or air attack defense. Yet unclear is where DOD will fit into a support role for other homeland security missions, such as intelligence analysis; intelligence gathering and law enforcement; research and development, particularly in the chemical/biological area; and use of reserves and the National Guard in functions ranging from protecting airports and borders to assisting in the wake of national disasters.

We must be mindful that if we look at missions from the DOD perspective, much interest centers on keeping overseas military operations as the department's primary focus. Providing personnel and resources to the support of a homeland security mission, though…. [read more]

Future of Cuba Term Paper

… Cuba After Castro

Cuba is an island nation some 90 miles from Florida, and proximity alone gives this country great importance in the thinking of American leaders. More than this, however, Cuba represents a major loss in the Western Hemisphere, a country that is Communist-led and that has therefore been viewed as a major security threat to the United States. At times, that threat has been given even more weight, as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. At other times, the threat has been less specific and often derives largely from antipathy to the leadership and to the very idea of Communism. In addition, Cuba holds a place of importance because of the many exiles from Cuba who have come to the…. [read more]

U.S. Intelligence by Seeking an Initial $400 Thesis

… U.S. Intelligence

By seeking an initial $400 million from Congress to help Greece and Turkey in March 1947, President Harry Truman argued for the support of "free peoples resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures (Pike 2008)." The argument, which later translated into the Truman Doctrine, extended financial and military assistance to countries threatened by communism, such as Greece and Turkey. The fundamental American policy created the U.S. intelligence, which has undergone changes in various aspects. This year, former President George W. Bush described as "extremely significant" a study's finding that U.S. intelligence agencies knew "disturbingly little" about enemy weapons programs (BBC 2009). He said that U.S. intelligence needed "fundamental change" to meet the challenges of the present century (BBC). Senior leaders,…. [read more]

Veterans Healthcare Its Past Present and Future Research Paper

… Veterans Healthcare in the U.S. -- Past, Present and Future


Providing healthcare services and benefits to veterans of American armed forces began as far back as 1636, according to the New York University Internal Medicine Blog written by Dr. Erin E. Ducharme (2008). In fact in 1636 during the regional war between the Plymouth Pilgrims and the Pequot Indians, a law was passed by the Pilgrims that stated: "If any man shall be sent forth as a soldier and shall return maimed, he shall be maintained competently by the colony during his life (Ducharme). In 1776 -- during the Revolutionary War -- the Continental Congress (CC) wanted to encourage enlistments and cut back on desertions, so the CC authorized the payment of "half pay…. [read more]

Counterterrorism the Future of Counterterrorism Policies: Examining Literature Review

… Counterterrorism

The Future of Counterterrorism Policies:

Examining Partnerships


Special Operations Forces

Law Enforcement Agencies

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten by the millions of people who witnessed them, whether live or on television, whether American or foreign, and whether old or young. This date has surely joined others as an infamous date in American history. In addition to the palpable shockwaves of grief and shock that these attacks sent around the world, the September 11 attacks have also ignited a fight between the United States and the forces that plot against it, namely the terrorist forces that exist all around the world, hidden from sight. This "fight" has been labeled by the United States government as a fight against…. [read more]

Tea Party the American Research Paper

… This 1774 congress came up with a declaration of rights put in simple words as "We ask only for peace, liberty and security. We wish no diminution of royal prerogatives, we demand no new rights." (James L. Roark eds.) This declaration never went down well with Britain who felt that the demand for the rights by the Americans was already too radical.

What followed was bloodshed in Massachusetts even before the second Continental Congress could be held. Thomas Gage requested for reinforcement, an idea which fortified the local farmers even to take more arms with the reason that they were defending intrusion into their farms and a denial of their rights. During the winter of 1774-75 Americans pressed on with the boycotts with the…. [read more]

Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Term Paper

… The international scene in the 1980s presented an opportunity for Reagan. Change was in the air. People were seeking freedom and Reagan was able to take advantage of this with tougher anti-communist policies. The prestige of the Soviet empire was diminishing, and that country was in an economic crisis. "The early 1980s found an aging and unimaginative Soviet leadership facing intractable domestic problems and an increasingly difficult international environment. As the old guard died off or retired, a new generation of leaders, influenced more by Khrushchev's thaw than by Stalin's terror, moved into the highest echelons of power."

Reagan made the abolition of communism and the implementation of supply-side economics the primary focuses of his presidency. "In 1983, Reagan had shocked many Americans by delivering…. [read more]

European Security and Defense Policy Term Paper

… Possessing the most advanced technology was tantamount to being the lead nation. According to this line of thought, the United States of America controlled NATO, and played a leading role in European affairs by virtue of her technological preeminence. This technological preeminence was something that had to be preserved at all costs, for without it, America would be forced to give way. In the "alliance of equals," that was NATO during the Cold War; no nation could be permitted to hold a rank as "equal" as that of the United States. A classic example of this mindset is to be found in the following anecdote, from the pen of an eyewitness:

prime example of [this] behavior in my personal experience was U.S. reluctance to tell…. [read more]

U.S. Presidential Disabilities and How Society and the Media Reacts Thesis

… Perceptions of Presidents With Disabilities

Bibliographical Essay

The perception of American presidents as healthy and able-bodied men has always been one that served to convey confidence and support of them by voters during their campaign bids for the office. For voters, this highest office of authority and operations has required a man who is on top of his game, physically and mentally fit, in order to bear the heavy burdens of the office and weighty-decisions that he must make on behalf of the American people. To this end, there exists an industry, an army, of image makers, men and women trained in the skillful art of public image making, and who work hard to ensure that the image in the public mind and eye of…. [read more]

American Government and Politics Today Essay

… Government

Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a bicameral legislature? Was part of the reason for a two-house legislature the idea that it would be more difficult to pass legislation, therefore serving as a check on a runaway legislature? What impact does this have today? Is it easy for Congress to agree on legislation?

There are three main reasons.

The primary reason was an issue of chronological precedent. At the same time as the American colonists had revolted against British regulation in the Revolutionary War, they silently drew a lot of their ideas about government from their colonial understanding as British citizens. In addition, the British Parliament had two houses -- an upper chamber, the House of Lords, packed with representatives of the…. [read more]

Bilateral Relations Term Paper

… Bilateral Relations: For the Better or for the Worse?

The relationship between the Dominican Republic and the United States between the historical period of 1960 and 2000 is a long-standing relationship like a marriage between humans, which can be reported as mutually symbiotic at some times in history, but more often than not, was sycophantic in nature on the part of the Dominican Republic and imperialistic on the part of the United States. This research is concerned with the presentation of how the relationship between the two countries has evolved throughout the centuries; has it been for the better or for the worse? This research should be found useful to readers who are looking to better understand the complexities of an old history of servile…. [read more]

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