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Consumer Behavior in Travel Literature Review

… Familial determinants of buying behavior are even stronger than a trusted relationship forged between a merchant and a client (Davidow). Because of this link to the social background of the consumer, a seller can either make many customers through one transaction, or defeat that possibility completely (Salegna & Goodwin). How a buyer views a transaction can have myriad rippling effects.

Consumer Behavior in Travel

The travel market is one of the largest in the United States. The billions of dollars spent every year in the travel industry is a result of factors that range from the adventurous nature of consumers and world-wide availability of destinations to relationships that have been cemented between certain agencies, destinations, and travelers (Schor). Literature is rife with examples of what…. [read more]

Travelling America: The Diaries Essay

… Unlike many social movements that have taken place over the course of history throughout the world and throughout America, the environmental movement did not fade with time, but increased significantly, receiving political support, increased media attention, and unfathomable support from the masses.

In the early 1970s, around the same time that writer Jean Baudrillard was beginning his travels through America, the first environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were beginning to pick up steam and support in the political spectrum (Mol 2000, pp. 43). This movement continued at a fast-paced basis through the 1980s and has today turned from a movement into a lifestyle for much of the American population. Today, cultural and environmental awareness has reverted back to the time when the "American Dream" was first…. [read more]

Travel Agents Analysis Term Paper

… Travel Agents Analysis

The following pages will focus on providing an outlook on the situation of the U.K. tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular. The main aspects brought under discussion by this research paper regard the differences between traditional travel agents, on the one hand, and of e-tourism, on the other hand. Also, future trends in the field are presented, together with recommendations designed for improving travel agents' activity.

The introduction presents the importance of the problem and its implications. Also, the introduction provides a brief presentation of the research methodology used in this paper.

The following section focuses on establishing the hypotheses and the objectives of the research, as the starting point of any research. This is a very important section…. [read more]

Behavior Modification and Skill Enhancement Term Paper

… The preparation issue is arguably the most important challenge community colleges currently confront. It cannot be neutralized by redefining outcomes, nor avoided by excluding high-risk students.

Changing the learning environment, especially student interactions with faculty members, by employing an achievement model that builds upon students' strengths rather than focuses on their weaknesses is the only alternative promising long- term improvement.

The task of implementing achievement models in institutions historically committed to access is, above all, a task of managing culture. It is the only approach through which the faculty who control the nature of the learning environment and its impact on students can be influenced to alter their prevailing deficiency views and practices.

There are emerging models of the way the process works. Efforts to…. [read more]

Tourist Behavior Toward Nature-Based Tourism Multiple Chapters

… The primary concept that is a part of ecotourism is that it entails consciousness and admiration of the Mother Nature and the activities based on it (Fennell, 2001, 2008).

Another concept that is a vital part of ecotourism is pertinent to the regional communal groups like contribution (Ross and Wall, 1999), prospective advantages (Honey, 2008) and authorisation (Scheyvens, 2002). The next concept is related to knowledge (Honey, 2002) and such tourism in which people consider themselves accountable (Fennell and Dowling, 2003). Lastly, ecotourism fosters maintainability (Blamey, 2001; Cole and Sinclair, 2002) and preservation (Wood, 2002).

Although various experts have investigated the definition, influence and shortcomings of ecotourism, comparatively less have discovered the viewpoints and behaviours of players dealing with the supply chain connecting a traveller…. [read more]

Understanding Travel Behavior Essay

… ¶ … Travel Behaviour

"The concept of 'mobilities' encompasses both the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital, and information across the world, as well as the more local processes of daily transportation, movement through public space, and the travel of material things within everyday life"

Howard Rheingold (2004, ¶ 5).


For a person to work; to socialize; to live, he must continually move; engage in mobility. Even though mobilities may not be entirely new, nevertheless they now reportedly depict a new code word for one to grasp the global, as well as the new, extensive ways one lives. In the book, Mobility, Peter Adey (2010), lecturer in cultural geography at Keele University, contends that mobilities occur from the time one awakens and arises out…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior: Segmentation, Targeting Term Paper

… These optional upgrades are a major catalyst for targeted marketing, particularly through the airlines' own credit cards. Generally, though, some differences between the flight class segments are relatively stable. For instance, when an airline creates a customer persona for First Class travelers, one attribute is a lack of price sensitivity. First Class travelers value convenience, special treatment, exclusivity, and traveler status over price. Business Class travelers must often meet corporate requirements for flying and so are forced to be price sensitive; but Business Class travelers are also quite likely to hold annual passes for flight clubs, like Red Carpet rooms. Economy Class travelers do tend to be price sensitive, but they will upgrade to gain additional legroom and a roomier seat, and are often on…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Essay

… The company failed to recognize the disruption that the Olympics would have on the ritualistic vacation habits of Londoners.

However, when the ritual aspect is extended to the online searching notes in Goel et al., Easyjet should have realized that the travel purchase decision typically involves a significant amount of online research. For example, consumers would likely have search Easyjet's website for late August flights (without purchasing) to a greater extent than in other years. A change in search patterns over the usual would have allowed Easyjet to forecast the change in demand at least a few months in demand. Perhaps it was aware of the changes, but chose to see the changes as a pleasant surprise that would improve late season load factors. Alternately,…. [read more]

Gods Children Need Traveling Shoes Essay

… There is also an account of Maya's tragic personal experience of being a mother of a son who was in a horrible car accident. This begins to open up the concept that the cultural differences experienced by African-Americans do have an impact on their healthcare here in the United States and abroad. Maya's son, Guy, was in a terrible accident just after arriving in Ghana. Alone and scared, Maya felt even more helpless than ever before, even back when she was in the United States. She was worried about the type of healthcare that her son would receive and how she would be able to cope with such a tragedy all alone thousands of miles from home. Essentially, her fears were driven by the tainted…. [read more]

Cognitive Therapy Provides a Structured Essay

… This is a much deeper insight than is required for successful CBT. Unconscious processes are at the heart of this therapy. The main assumption is that these processes are the result of past dysfunctional relationship. Hence the focus on unearthing the client's past in order to inform the therapeutic process. What this means is that unresolved conflicts created by these past relationships result in current problematic manifestations such as substance abuse or other psychological disorders.

According to Haggerty (2006), psychodynamic therapy is also the oldest of the therapies used by psychiatrists today. It is therefore a relatively complex system that is based upon complex theories that have developed over time. As such, four major schools of psychoanalytic theory have developed over time since Freud developed…. [read more]

Therapy Techniques Case Behavioral Case Study

… Learned thought patterns, especially negative ones, cause us to feel negative about ourselves, others, and certain situations in life. By identifying these patterns and learning to understand them, it helps to understand how these patterns are affecting everyday behaviors and feelings about ourselves. Once these patterns are understood and how they affect us, it can be determined how to change these patterns into productive ones that help to deal with stressful situations, triggers that bring out behavior, and build self-confidence.

Case 3

The first thing that needs to happen is the understanding of the legal, emotional, and physical options of the abusive situation (Fredrick). The legal options are calling the police and filing charges, divorce, or legal separation. Emotional options include staying and putting up…. [read more]

Use of Social Media Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Media

Travel and tourism, a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, with the UK being one of the premier tourist destinations, has constantly relied greatly on endorsement and advertising as platforms for the enormous number of destinations, spots, and vacation selections; hotels, resorts, areas, and countries; challenging for travel business, not to bring up the crowd of carriers, airlines, trains, cruise liners, buses, and other transport vehicles for travellers to those destinations. So imperative is the business that there are whole venues (together with smaller nations) whose financial systems are just about wholly reliant on tourism.

Travel PR in a Digital Age

Just like most other industries, the social media revolution has had a deep impact on the travel and tourism markets; both in terms…. [read more]

Organizational Culture Analysis Travel Incorporated Essay

… Individuals working with Travel Incorporated are encouraged to develop strong relations with customers and to do everything in their power in order to enable these people to express particular appreciation toward the company. This practically means that workers go through great efforts to provide the best service available regardless of the situation they are in. The company's philosophy involves making employees identify with customers and thus influences workers to feel that it is in their best interest to help the people they work with.

With employees being unhesitant about acting in accordance with the company's provisions, one can address the idea of enacted values by considering how they sometimes voluntarily get involved in making customers feel as satisfied as possible with the services they are…. [read more]

Understanding Self Research Proposal

… ¶ … Self

Understanding myself

We are all unique and no two humans have exactly identical personalities.

I have learned that, above all, we have different pre-conceived notions of how things are and how they should be. We have different values, different expectations and different meanings that we attach to our experiences, event and circumstances we are into. We live in a highly subjective world, and the world as you know it may be the exact opposite of the world as I see it. This is because reality can be so many-faceted, broad, all-encompassing and complex that it can never be fully understood.

As (Wood, p. 31) had pointed out, the external world and our experiences are meaningless by themselves; the meanings come from us.…. [read more]

Perfect Society in Gulliver's Travels Research Paper

… Perfect Society in Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift was first published in 1726 and was a major success in England, despite the controversy that surrounded it, or perhaps it was because of this controversy. During the time that Swift was writing Gulliver's Travels, there was major political strife in England having to do with the monarchy and political parties. First of all, in 1714, George I, a prince from Germany, had ascended the British throne the death of Queen Anne's, putting an end to the Stuart line. George I was not a bad king; he was not oppressive or cruel; he was just widely disliked -- plain and simple. George I had ascended the British throne with the help of the Whig party…. [read more]

Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… By educating himself about the various backgrounds of the teams, a manager can create a positive impact within the workplace."

2. Organizational impact of diversity

2.1. Diversity, productivity and the bottom line organization

At a general level, workforce diversity -- when adequately implemented -- can create positive impacts on bottom line and productivity. And this is the result of a more skilled and better capable team, which performs at higher standards and as such generates higher productivity and bottom line.

As Major Ben Brooks points out, the bottom line operations and results are strictly linked to the people, who are managed with the aid of diversity policies and decisions. And these strategies ensure that all human resources are adequately utilized to enhance productivity and also…. [read more]

Adoption of Online Travel Shopping in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

… Adoption Of Online Travel Shopping in Saudi Arabia

The developments in the information technology and communications are beyond what anybody would have imagined five decades ago. The modern day society evolves at an extremely rapid pace and this pace is most often imposed by technologic advancements. The 1990s decade brought about the internet, creating a revolution that would change the face of the world for ever.

The internet is the number one source of information for anybody, from young children to university professors. The internet is not just an application, but it has become a way of life. People meet, socialize and set the basis for life long relationships within the virtual environment. They work online or they shop online.

The internet was initially present…. [read more]

Women's Rights Traveling Outside Essay

… The religious impacts on society in Saudi Arabia are immense as the government itself is drastically impacted by the Shura Council, an executive branch of the government that imposes Islamic law into the communities. The religious powers that dictate the actions of man are often marginalized and dismissed, but the power of this faction must be respected and incorporated into understanding and eventually working with such outside groups.

It appears things are getting better, or at lest more modern in Saudi Arabia today. Coleman (2013) recently reported that "in a 2011 speech, King Abdullah introduced the decision as a vital step for keeping up with the times, saying, 'Balanced modernization in line with our Islamic values, which preserve rights, is an important requirement in an…. [read more]

Women in the United States Essay

… Regarding the geographic location, some of the study will be conducted through the Internet. The face-to-face interview will however, take place in areas characterized by a higher density of the studied group.

The information collected and analyzed in this study can be considered an important basis for social change. The aspects addressed by the research project can produce effects on a national level such as the investment proportion by the Baby Boomers and the amount of financial control they have on the economy. The lifestyle of these individuals and their households is affected by their retirement decisions. The way they handle their retirement plans is likely to influence similar plans for other generations.

Nature of the Study

Since the content to be investigated in this…. [read more]

Phobias and Addictions Grade Course Essay

… Another aspect of behaviorism is operant conditioning that was introduced by B.F. Skinner. It is a way of learning which incorporates reward and punishment to increase or decrease a behavior. By applying a proper form of reinforcement, an association is made between behaviors and the consequences which follow these actions. As a result, while taking a look at the routine events, people learn behaviors when they are rewarded for their actions. Some of them include events like the promotion of an employee or children getting good grades at school. In contrast, undesirable and unacceptable behaviors are often punished in order to decrease their intensity. Examples of such learning process is seen when rapists are imprisoned or a student cheating in an exam is expelled. These…. [read more]

Thai Consumer Behavior Toward Online Games Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Consumer Perceptions

Toward Personal Behavior Related To Playing Online Games

Conflicting concepts and concerns accompany the current billion dollars online game playing "business." Some consider the practice of playing games online harmful, while others argue it can ultimately work for the good of the player. During the mixed-method study, the researcher analyzes literature and results of the researcher's survey to determine how Thai game players personally perceive their personal behavior related to playing online games. The study also relates a number of online players' personal perceptions, motivations, and behaviors. During the survey of participants, the researcher investigates:

Thai online game players' personal perceptions of online games;

significant reasons that motivate the participants to play online games;

factors that motivate participants to choose an…. [read more]

Gulliver's Travels Gulliver's Mental/Emotional State Essay

… Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's mental/emotional state as he adjusts to life in Houyhnhnmland

Swift describes the voyage of Gulliver to Houyhnhnms country in the fourth book. Yahoos which are emotional monkey like beings and rational horses inhabit this land. Gulliver presents the Houynhms in an entirely positive attitude as he considers them judicious and rational. Gulliver's identity crisis is as a result of the process of cultural adjustment which becomes problematic in the event that he cannot get out of this culture. Because of the treacherous and emotional nature of the Yahoo, they are hated by Gulliver just like the Houyhnhnms. Gulliver is more drawn to an identity with the Houyhnhnm, he enjoys their company and their rational talk is also appealing to him. Gulliver is…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Essay

… It is in the company's best interest to not only lure new customers into its fold, and get them to be loyal to the brand, it is imperative that the advertising message put out by the company or its marketing component to "…retain the old ones through advertising and fulfilling of promises" (Abbasi 6).

Health-Related Advertising

Jeremy Kees and colleagues point out that the various differences in consumers' "temporal orientation" to advertising must be understood in order to understand the risk perceptions, the attitudes, and the behavior intentions of that consumer (Kees, et al., 2010). This particular study us aimed at understanding the most effective way to reach people that are overweight in America. The article asserts that 33% of Americans are not just overweight,…. [read more]

Ethical and Moral Behavior Term Paper

… ¶ … ethical and moral behavior and why such behaviors are necessary in the enforcement of the rules of the criminal justice system

Relationships of Criminal justice system, ethics and morality

The principles of criminal justice lead to acts which are similar to crime in content, and a distinction can be made with crime only if it is understood that criminal justice is moral while crime is immoral. This question has been asked from ancient times and even Saint Augustine had stated that without justice, kingdoms are only great robberies. Thus there is a use of force by both the state which is enforcing justice and the criminal who is committing the crime. The only distinction of the two uses of force is that the…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior and Motivation Term Paper

… Motivation

Organizational behavior has long been a subject of discussion for both private and public organizations. In addition, the concept of motivation in the workplace has also been the topic of a great deal of debate. The purpose of this discourse is to examine motivation as it applies to organizational behavior. Let us begin our discussion by describing the theory of motivation.

The theory of motivation was first made popular by Maslow, who asserted that human beings have a hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow, this hierarchy of needs is composed of five needs: "physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love, esteem needs and self-actualization needs. These needs are further categorized as de-cit needs and being needs (Kermally, 2005, pg 26)."

Maslow's assertion was that…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior: Shift From Individual Term Paper

… Ratzburg makes specific recommendations from preventing team conflict, namely open and honest communication and integration to make the fullest possible use of all team members. Someone is needed to integrate all team members by seeking their opinions and to moderate individuals who monopolize discussions. A strong team leader is required to make this happen.

This type of leader is different from the traditional hierarchical manager in that his or her role is one of a facilitator rather than an authoritarian. All team members are decision makers and have equal weight in the decision process.

To develop a successful team, a company needs to pay attention to the members they choose for the group, and the ability of the group to communicate. Team members need to…. [read more]

Individual Analysis Group Behavior Term Paper

… Individual Analysis-Group Behavior

Wilfred Bion's Psychoanalytical Group Theories Analyzed

Through analysis and interpretation of Wilfred Bion's various writings on the psychology of groups and how that psychology affects the individuals within that group I have made several associations of his theories to my everyday life. His theories on Work give insight on how groups can be successful in various tasks by inspiring individuals to support each other in completion of certain tasks. With this knowledge, one can see how to use elements of this theory to organize groups with successful results. His Work Avoidance theories also show how many people put off taking charge to complete a goal and instead substitute their ambition for things such as religion, as well as being tainted by the…. [read more]

Race and Psychology Term Paper

… This finding suggests that changes in either depressive symptoms or self-esteem are not due to past experiences of ethnic/racial discrimination or economic stress. This is consistent with other findings in the literature that show that for Asian-American youth ethnic/racial discrimination predicted current psychological functioning but not longitudinally, " (p.211).

The Impact of Racism on Psychology

The demonization of the word "racism" has created many problems in society and leave many in a sense of wonder about their place in society and how their race contributes to the cultural development of that collective. Racism implies that a judgment has been made depending on someone's race. Many times this innocuous mental process is never revealed or communicated in any way, but societies pressure to apply guilt to…. [read more]

Islamic Marketing Strategy Article

… (Miller, 1996) This is to differentiate the Islamic production process such that the Islamic process considers the impact the product would have on the whole society. Thus, more importance is given to the welfare of the society and satisfying human needs. (Al-Faruqi, 1992)

2.1.4 False advertisements prohibited.

The idea of propaganda through the media is prohibited in Islam. (Hassan, 2008 p 32) That is to say that the supply and demand chain cannot be disrupted by flaunting one's products more than the other is. A major advertising technique that is out rightly declared wrong in Islam is to provide wrong proof for a product. (Hassan, 2008 p 33) Thus, covering up any defects in a product or falsely flaunting the product is also…. [read more]

Understanding Ethical Problems Term Paper

… ¶ … ethical problems involves the development of moral theories to apply to problems. Specifically for this report, an examination of various moral theories offers insights as to how to approach ethical problems for engineering applications. By understanding basic theory in ethics and morality, the door opens to exploring problem solving from a new angle, through the application of such moral theories. The paper begins with a statement of instructional objectives, followed by a review of Chapter 3 "Understanding Ethical Problems" in 'Engineering Ethics' by C. Fleddermann, 2008, in a section-by-section format. A summary is offered to highlight the main points of this paper and to synthesize the topics.

Instructional Objectives

After reading and summarizing Chapter 3 "Understanding Ethical Problems" the student will:

Discuss the…. [read more]

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