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Leadership United States Essay

… In his presidency, however, published critiques for social conditions and injustices began to appear increasingly. His ineffectiveness may have been a result of him being too rational and cool about situations. Liberal groups criticize this aspect of his leadership and declare it ineffective as weak when he reaches the public directly. He was also declared as an impassionate leader and required that more passion be shown on his side (Bush, 2001).

The American society believes that the president be elected with the consent of the people and that is what democracy is all about. With the concept of direct leadership, President Kennedy understood the vitality of the outcomes that could result when the masses are leaded directly that is when the president communicates to the…. [read more]

Independent United States Shed Colonial Essay

… This form of democracy was a distinct departure from the form of monarchy which previously governed the United States when it was a series of colonies under British rule.

Economically, then, the United States was able to distance itself from its colonial history by founding a national banking institution, the Bank of the United States, in 1791 during the presidency of George Washington (who was president during the ratification of the Constitution in 1790). The founding of the national bank, which was initially championed by Alexander Hamilton, reinforced the notion of national solidarity by buttressing the conception of a strong central government -- which was of course diametrically opposed to the loose affiliation of colonies and even states that preceded the bank's inception. The fact…. [read more]

United States Postal Service Essay

… 12






FedEx Express Saver









FedEx Two Day









FedEx Overnight









FedEx First Overnight









UPS Ground









UPS Three Day









UPS Two Day









UPS Next Day









UPS Next Day Early









Note: From

From the above analysis, FedEx has the best and most reduced shipping prices while as regards packaging, USPS…. [read more]

United States and the Trans-Atlantic Essay

… "[footnoteRef:6] Consequently, in the earliest months of the war, the Confederacy could have successfully exported most of its 1860 cotton crop.[footnoteRef:7] Nevertheless, the Confederacy abruptly stopped exporting cotton to Britain and France, believing that an abrupt and total stoppage would make it much likelier that those two countries would diplomatically recognize the Confederacy, intervene in the U.S. Civil War and either fight on the side of the Confederacy or force the Union to negotiate peaceful secession for the Confederacy.[footnoteRef:8] [1: Steven E. Woodworth, This Great Struggle: America's Civil War (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2011), 67.] [2: Ibid.] [3: Ibid.] [4: Ibid., 68.] [5: Ibid.] [6: Ibid.] [7: Ibid.] [8: Ibid., 68-9.]

Other than the Confederacy's reliance on the importance of cotton, there…. [read more]

USA as Policeman Thesis

… (B) Three aspects of U.S. history since 1865 that led to the U.S.'s rise as a world super-power policeman would entail an examination of (B-1) the Spanish-American War and the subsequent U.S. annexation of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and other territories;

(B-2) the establishment of the Cold War balance of power in the latter half of the 20th century, in which America's military and financial clout was used to fight proxy wars with the Soviets in places like Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Grenada, and Afghanistan; and (B-3) the collapse of the Soviet Union followed rapidly by 9/11 and the War on Terror, in which the Cold War-era military-industrial complex was repurposed for an enemy without a state, and thus a "war" that defies all established 20th…. [read more]

United States Steel Corporation Research Paper

… United States Steel Corp v. Commissioner

In United States Steel Corporation v. Commissioner, the court was called upon to determine that appropriate way of allocating additional income to a corporation with wholly-held foreign subsidiaries. This is a critical question, particularly in a global economy, when businesses may have dual motives for the creation of wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the reduction or avoidance of taxes may be among the taxpayer's legitimate goals in forming those corporations.

Petitioner United States Steel Corporation, the world's largest producer of steel, wanted a way to develop iron ore found in Bolivar, Venezuela and transport it to the United States for processing into steel. United States Steel Corporation organized Orinoco Mining Company, a Delaware Corporation, to develop the deposits, and then Navios…. [read more]

United States of America Essay

… Whenever a Republican President is elected, the policies devised under him contains traditional beliefs despite of the fact that these policies are to be applied in an environment subjected to continuous mammoth changes. Moreover, since the Republicans are mainly Conservatives, they support the idea of culture in which people bear personal weapons that imposes a grave threat to the security and safety of common people. This is reflected by a brutal incident of present times in which innocent children were shot down by a heavily armed person (Deutsch, 2010).

Democrats who are chiefly Liberals believe in providing social and economic assistance to its people. This has promoted a culture of dependency where people are not willing to realize that self-reliance is actual code of life…. [read more]

US Role as "Policeman of the World Term Paper

… " clearly marking the U.S. As a global policeman. Furthermore, he went on to say "Even a limited strike will send a message to Assad that no other nation can deliver." (Federal News Service, 2013)

Another example of the way in which the U.S. intervenes as a global policeman is through diplomatic and political means. The Tunisian situation is relevant in this sense. In 2011, Tunisia was the first country to break away as part of the Arab Spring revolution and, despite the fact that there are reports of the U.S. having supported the previous regime of Ben Ali, the American government was among the first ones to encourage the democratic transition for Tunisia (Shahshahani and Mullin, 2012). This was a result of certain fears…. [read more]

United States: Mitigate China's Influence in African Continent Research Paper

… China's Influence In Africa

Though the United States remain the sole true global superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, over the subsequent two decades China has risen to fill some of the subsequent power vacuum, particularly in regions where the United States has never maintained a substantial presence. This is nowhere more true than on the African continent, here China has made important economic, diplomatic, and military inroads with numerous governments at the same time that the United States' focus is directed towards the Middle East, and particularly the War on Terror. China's success in Africa and the United States' own difficulties in the region are the result of historical and cultural factors that benefit the…. [read more]

United States Should Be Against Immigration Research Paper

… Immigration: Why the United States Should Be Opposed to It

Today, the U.S. plays host to millions of both legal and illegal immigrants. Those who oppose the current levels of immigration include but they are not limited to labor advocates and nativists. While labor advocates are concerned that some U.S. citizens could lose their jobs to immigrants, nativists are convinced that immigrants of non-European descent could threaten the American culture going forward. However, there are those who are of the opinion that the current immigration levels are both acceptable and perhaps beneficial. Those in support of immigration include humanitarians, religious activists, and a number of corporate entities. While corporate entities in support of the prevailing levels of immigration are chiefly beneficiaries of the same via…. [read more]

American History the United States Term Paper

… This was also the region where black slavery intensified, even regulated for its economic efficiency and benefit to the cotton farmers.

The Trans-Mississippi west expansion was accomplished right after the Louisiana Purchase, wherein an expedition headed by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark was conducted to survey the territory bought by the new American government. In this stage of the U.S. expansion, the new government encountered numerous hindrances due to strong opposition from the Indians, specifically the Sioux tribe, who were the first inhabitants of the Americas. Thus, apart from the problem of black slavery, another social problem that the expansion had brought to society was the continued oppression and antagonism against the Indians.

The inclusion of Oregon and Texas in the American territory was also…. [read more]

American West United States Research Paper

… Competition and Regulation

During the time when railroads were being developed in the West and some of the railroad companies had experience bankruptcy, some of them were in debt and some started the wars regarding the rate. For this purpose, there was need to limit competition and therefore, lines that worked in the same territory had to either share the area or there was call of distributing the profit equally. This agreement among railroad companies led to the process of pooling, in which the rates were high (Bianculli, 56). The companies lacked cooperation and therefore, ensure that they would get maximum number of customers and therefore, they would pay bribes or rewards to large customers in order to ensure that they would use their lines…. [read more]

USA Hegemony Term Paper

… S. kept Haiti economically and politically isolated for decades and refused any diplomatic recognition until after the Civil War. In more recent history, Jean Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest and advocate of liberation theology, was overthrown twice in military coups in 1991 and again in 2004, which had all the classic hallmarks of CIA-style covert operations. Not surprisingly, Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world, dominated by a corrupt and repressive oligarchy that the U.S. has helped to install and maintain over many decades.

Michael Doyle counters Rosato in asserting that Kant's Perpetual Peace between democracies is real, as is their tendency to be war-prone with authoritarian or non-liberal states. Not all groups within democracies are liberal or democratic, of course, but…. [read more]

Legal Immigration Is Good Research Paper

… However, as I have highlighted elsewhere in this text, legal immigrants benefit the economy on a number of fronts i.e. In terms of contribution to the nation's tax revenues and GDP, in terms of provision of cheap labor which in turn benefits consumers and in terms of provision of specialist skills and capabilities relating to technology, entrepreneurship etc. Further, there are those who feel that the influx of immigrants in the recent past has put a strain on the nation's social and government services. However, this assertion in Isidore's (2006) view is largely misplaced as according to economists, such an occurrence "is outweighed by the increased economic activity." Lastly, since the September 11 terrorist attack, there are those who have time and again expressed their…. [read more]

Mill and U.S. Constitution None Research Paper

… By the beginning of the Civil War, there were over four million slaves in the U.S. And this institution was more profitable than ever. Even after it was officially destroyed in 1865, it continued in everything but name, usually in the form of sharecropping and tenant farming in the South that left most blacks in absolute poverty.

Although Thomas Jefferson was in Paris at the time the Constitution was written, he was on the whole skeptical of granting too much power to the central government, and politically skilled enough to rally Western farmers to join an Antifederalist coalition with the Southern planters in the 1790s. Jefferson was always a paradoxical character, given his deep hostility to banks, factories and corporations, but at the same time…. [read more]

Sea Around Us Rachel Carson Essay

… It has also inspired people to take steps to further the protection of these spaces. One such group, the Sea around Us Project, has embarked on a massive investigation into the fishing industry and how fisheries impact marine life and the ecosystems which are disrupted by human intervention (Pauly 1). This research has led to quantified data which shows how the fishing industry negatively impacts marine ecosystems, particularly for mammals who survive by feeding on the fish which are being harvested for human consumption. The project's founders state that they began investigating marine biology and the potential danger to the marine ecosystem because of the writing and publication of Rachel Carson's book. The lasting effects of Carson's book have shown exactly how important a text…. [read more]

Praise Let Us Praise Famous Essay

… The homes in which they lived, the lives teetering on the brink of subsistence, the importance of animals for survival, and the incredible hardships involved in farming cotton were a revelation to the rest of the country. Most Americans believed that the lives endured by the Woods, Ricketts, and Gudgers were a thing of the past, something that America had evolved out of. But the vivid and detailed descriptions of the lives of these families spurred Americans to action, which included the Bankhead-Jones Farm Act.

President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal included a number of provisions to aid rural Americans, including tenant farmers like the Woods, Ricketts, and Gudgers. One such provision, the Bankhead-Jones Farm Act, among its provisions, included an attempt to define the provisions…. [read more]

Environmental Ethics US Government Term Paper

… The 1930s brought about a strange environmental phenomenon called the Dust Bowl, which spread over several states that had been agriculturally important to the United States, and wreaked havoc on the country at a time when many people were suffering due to the Great Depression. The Department of Agriculture created for the promotion of farming in 1862, had become much more than a simple technology promoting agency. Now, the very survival of tens of thousands of farmers and their families was at stake. The U.S. federal government had to make an ethical choice, whether to assist these farmers in their troubles, or whether to allow them to lose all that they had created overnight. This was the beginning of an ethical age for the United…. [read more]

Postwar Relationship United States Japan Essay

… S. In the postwar years. The most salient example of the United States all but bullying the Japanese into handing over their land can be evinced in the scandal regarding Article Nine of the Japanese constitution, a clause that that was inserted to allow for a commitment to peace. When a Japanese judge ruled that U.S. occupation of both the mainland and Okinawa were in violation of the article and a threat to peace in the country, U.S. bureaucracy determined a way to continue its dominance and disrespect the Japanese right to govern the land, as the following quotation from McCormack's article succinctly demonstrates. "…the appeal process was short cut short by having the matter referred directly to the Supreme Court, and MacArthur then met…. [read more]

Manifest Destiny the United States Term Paper

… Manifest Destiny

The United States has often been accused of promoting the image of exceptional values and moral norms. Indeed, the fact that the U.S. is the result of a historical context in which the forces of imperialism were defeated at the hands of the revolutionary armies offered historians, politicians, journalists, and even common people the base for constructing a belief in the predestined fate of the American land and of an apostolic mission towards the world. this perspective on the foreign policy was more or less a constant incentive for the United States and in the last century it can be said that the notion of "manifest destiny" has been the driving force of every accomplishments and failures of the U.S. Administrations.

The notion…. [read more]

USA Patriot Act: Discussion Questions Essay

… S. PATRIOT Act has many implications for technology -- and hence users and vendors of the same. It is important to note that thanks to technology, the world is increasingly becoming a global village. Technology has also made our lives easier, meaning that we can now conduct business and undertake various duties in a more efficient manner. However, technology has also been seen as an aid to crime, particularly terrorism. This is particularly the case given that modern information communication technologies are vital and could be used as vital tools for the exchange of information leading to attacks and other criminal acts. As per the provisions of the Act, federal law enforcement agencies are permitted to not only "conduct roving wiretaps without probable cause" but…. [read more]

United States Postal Service Essay

… The letters and mails are then sorted so that mails in similar ZIP Code range are grouped together. It is after the letters (as per their appropriate ZIP Code range) arrive at their destination that they are sent out to the mail processing plants serving the center that that will deliver the letter. Here, letters are separated "for a specific ZIP Code from other letters in that ZIP Code range" using a barcode sorter (USPS, 2014). Before the eventual transportation to delivery post office, they are sorted to specific delivery carriers and order of delivery using a delivery barcode sorter. On being delivered to a center in which the carrier operates via a track, loads of mail are loaded into motor vehicles so as to…. [read more]

US Security the Evolving U.S. Security Theory Essay

… US Security

The Evolving U.S. Security Theory: Cold War, War on Terror and Beyond

For the larger part of the 20th century following World War II, United States security policy revolved on Cold War theories of containment and nation-building. The United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in an indirect form of philosophical, military and economic contention that drove alternate strategies of regional occupation and government propping, as well as arms and space exploration races. America's security priorities and emphases were on the demand to meet communist and Soviet threats abroad and to construct a policy of internal monitoring intended to prevent its internal spread. As we further explore the current security outlook and safety policy vagaries for the United States, particularly those occurring…. [read more]

Uniting and Strengthening America Research Paper

… S. upon whom no existing evidence of terrorist ties is available. The controversial elements surrounding the three sections have sprung due to explicit beliefs that the Patriot Act inhibits most peoples' constitutional liberties in regards to privacy. Whereas in the past, intercept orders were required to establish surveillance, the three expiring sections lead to the evident conclusion that the U.S. government has enforced law agencies with legal rights over any individuals' data storage. Furthermore, law agencies are not required to present evidence in supporting allegations but can establish electronic surveillance more freely than ever before. Indeed, criticism has arisen because the Patriot Act ?makes it easier for the government to skirt what are supposed to be limitations on permissible domestic surveillance. (Henderson, 2002, p. 195)…. [read more]

United States Role in the Ending of Apartheid Term Paper

… United States Role in the Ending of Apartheid

The Role of the United States in the Ending of Apartheid

The United States played a strong role in the ending of apartheid in South Africa. This is significant in and of itself, but it is also important to take a look at how this happened and why the United States became so involved in a cause that was thousands of miles away. Apartheid in South Africa began in 1948 (Brown, 40). It was a system whereby individuals were racially and geographically segregated, and was similar to the segregation that took place in America in the past when blacks and whites were not allowed to use the same restrooms, ride the same buses, or attend the same…. [read more]

United States and Nigeria Thesis

… United States and Nigeria

Prior to the 1990s, there was very little "relationship" between the U.S. And Nigeria. This is mainly because of the lack of democracy, human right violations, and Nigeria's military backed dictatorship type of government. It obtained its independence from Great Britain in 1960, and for the first 30 years of its existence as an independent nation has suffered through political corruption and uncountable military coups.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller's presence, representing President Eisenhower, at the Nigerian independence ceremonies on October 1, 1960, was the first time the U.S. had official representation with that country. With the beginning of the Cold War, soon after, our policy regarding Nigeria revolved around two points: providing aid and strengthening economic ties including purchase of Nigerian oil;…. [read more]

United States Has the Most Expensive Healthcare Literature Review

… ¶ … United States "has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, [yet] 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Healthcare is the country's largest economic sector…. Four times larger than national defense… yet millions cannot afford to take care of their health needs" (Farrell, 2009, 1). Despite being an international leader in science and technology, what has happened to the entire healthcare system in America? Fifteen years ago the subject was at the forefront of the new Clinton Administrator, but now, despite technological advances and increased modernization, America finds hospital emergency rooms stretched far beyond any reasonable capacity, the inability for many doctors to afford adequate malpractice insurance, costs for procedures escalating, and even those with insurance unable to afford the basic standards…. [read more]

Domestic Terrorism Essay

… With respects to such understanding, terrorists plot encompassing citizens of United States inspired by foreign terrorists with an example of Al Qaeda constitutes domestic terrorism.

Domestic terrorists are accountable for committing more than two dozen incidents from 2004 in the United States (White, 2011). In the United States, there seems to be a development of antigovernment extremist actions as noted through watchdog groups in the last numerous years. Just like their jihadist counterparts, domestic terrorists are usually internet savvy. More so, they utilize the internet as a key resource of their operations. Perpetrators of terrorism activities get inspiration from certain ideologies. As such, domestic terrorists are a broadly divergent lot, drawing from a wide range of worldviews and philosophies. Such people get the motivation to…. [read more]

US Postal Service Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Postal Service

Summary of Organization

The Unites States Postal Service (USPS) employs more than half a million civilian employees. It operates more than 30,000 individual post offices throughout the nation and delivers approximately 660 million letters and parcels to more than 140 individual delivery points every day, amounting to approximately 175 billion pieces of mail every year (Edwards, Wattenberg, & Lineberry, 2009). The USPS was originally conceived by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 in connection with which Benjamin Franklin served as the nation's first Postmaster General. The USPS is an independent federal agency; as such, it is considered the second largest civilian employer in the U.S. (Edwards, Wattenberg, & Lineberry, 2009).

Structural Framework

Working Units and Management

In general, the…. [read more]

United States, Woodrow Wilson Essay

… Moreover, he wanted Americans to accept that neutrality would benefit them in the long run, especially considering the resources that the country had to consume in order to join the conflict. Wilson promoted the belief that all Americans were responsible for the fate of their country in an attempt to have them refrain from performing any kind of activities that affected the nation as a whole. The President was well aware of the fact that many Americans had roots in Europe and that they would pressure him in joining the war in order to assist their home countries.

Whereas most Americans were initially unhesitant about supporting Wilson's position and actually encouraged neutrality, matters gradually changed as the U.S. started to demonstrate its connection with the…. [read more]

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