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United States Terrorism - Operations and Training Thesis

… United States Terrorism - Operations and Training, Interactions with the Media, and Domestic Terrorism

Introduction and Brief History

Long before September 11, 2001, terrorism was a sore subject in the United States. Dating back to the 1800s and the Old West with its bands of outlaws, renegade Native American bands, and citizen militias, terrorist attacks made themselves a monumental part of American history. In the 1900s, nationalist terrorism -- or terrorists fueled by allegiances to particular groups or nations -- made the world conscious of its power with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, a terrorist act that drew the world into war.

Closer to home, president William McKinley was assassinated by a terrorist associated with anarchists, and a series of homegrown bombings…. [read more]

Terrorism Memo to the Department Term Paper

… The U.S. currently uses the resources of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), which is located in Brussels and serves as a "hub for international funds transfers" (Elsea, CRS-1). What was the authority for the Treasury Department to access banking information from SWIFT? The authors of this report reference the Executive Order #13224, "Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions With Persons Who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism," signed by President George W. Bush on September 23, 2001, just days after the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and on the World Trade Center (Elsea, CRS-2). President Bush had the power to issue that Executive Order under the "International Emergency Economic Powers Ace (IEEPA)," which is the statute 50 U.S. Code § 1701-1706 (Elsea,…. [read more]

Terrorism Preparedness Since September 11 Research Paper

… The perceived problem is that the NRP does not full address the problem associated with the hurricane problems. Moreover, there is a lack of effective operation plan with response to the NRP.

Essentially, the CIA (Catastrophic Incident Annex) is the overarching strategy to accelerate and coordinate proactive response to catastrophic incident. Essentially, the CIA-NRP is intended to address short-notice or no-notice incidents with respect to catastrophes. However, integrating non-federal stakeholders in the NRP is other issues that make policy maker think that NRP is not appropriate for the Katrina emergence. For example, the state government, local government, non-profits organizations and private sectors have been poorly integrated to address the national emergency policy that NRP could have implemented.

One of weakness of CIA-NRF is that many…. [read more]

Terrorism Organizations What Is Terrorism? Research Paper

… Prevention and mitigation methods are complex and often somewhat controversial in that some see Civil Rights being eroded, while others feel that the protection of the many, utilitarianism, is worth losing some personal liberty. In any case, diligence, scholarship and preparation are necessary as never before.


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Masters, J. (2011). Militant Extremists in the United States. Council on Foreign Relations. Retrieved…. [read more]

United States Investing Too Much in WMD A2 Coursework

… United States investing too much in WMD protection

Is the United States investing too much time and money in WMD protection?

America has made massive investments of their resources towards founding the nation's WMD threat reduction programs. These programs have quickly developed into an effort from multiple agencies including state and departments of defense. Approximately $2 billion has been directed towards security programs, which have made impressive achievements of securing and destroying WMD materials. Over the decade, the world has undergone substantial changes as efforts to secure threats from WMD materials become complex. Policymakers and scholars have requested the federal government to revise security programs. These groups have made extensive recommendations, which have seen the U.S. government secure all nuclear material and protect the country…. [read more]

Domestic and International Terrorism Essay

… It is also to plan the budget of the successful execution of the missions of homeland security. 2009 saw the first conduct of QHSR, and the report was handed over to the Congress on 1 February 2010. This report was a complete evaluation of the strategies of the homeland security for the nation and involved the recommended longstanding strategic concerns of the Nation in its homeland security (Burnett, 2007).

The report was inclusive of the outcome of the QHSR, a strategy of the national homeland security, an account of the dangerous Nation's mission of the homeland security, and details of the assumptions that are beneath that were used in the course of carrying out the review. The report is persistent and expounds more on the…. [read more]

Global War on Terror United Essay

… We need to develop a better foreign policy that would be intensely just and fair and not religion based.


The reason we mention foreign policy is because it is the foreign policy that determines how our war on terrorism will transpire in the years to come. We moved from an isolationist state to one that has become a bit too meddling and we are intervening too much in private affairs of every country around the globe. This is making the terrorism situation even worse because all those who feel that America is hurting their national interest are quick to take action against the U.S. Or its citizens around the world. For this reason, we need to change our stand on war on terrorism by…. [read more]

Terrorism in Kenya Acts Thesis

… The U.S.A. has several areas of interest in Kenya as a beacon of democracy and peace and the fact that Kenya hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees of war and natural calamities like famine from other regions. Kenya also hosts training grounds for several countries Britain inclusive (Crown, 2012). The reason for picking the country is the delicate balance of its diplomatic relations bearing that it is closely neighbored by the Islamic and chaotic Somalia to the East, volatile Sudan to the North and Ethiopia that occasionally poses small arm proliferation and raids, the non-democratic Uganda to the West and it still maintains the peace and stems terror at its best.

These factors among many that will be discussed puts Kenya at a delicate podium…. [read more]

Latin American Terrorism Issues Research Paper

… United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)

This group of terrorist is relatively weak and less active. Very few activities have been reported by this group. It has more than 32000 members dismissed. Thus, it remains inactive as a formal group. Despite of its less activities, many old members of AUC are engaged in criminal activities mostly drug trafficking, in newly emerging criminal organizations (known as BACRIM, BandasCriminalesEmergentes). This newly emerging group has more than 3500 and less than 6000 members. To cope with this situation, Colombian government has taken multiple steps and made new laws. These laws are being implemented properly in order to generate peace in the region. One of the unique and most effective laws made in this context is the thorough and…. [read more]

Cyber-Citizen, USA Cyber-Citizen USA the Debate Research Paper

… Cyber-Citizen, USA

Cyber-citizen USA

The debate over systems security

"If you see something, say something," the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) promotes the use of internet communications to warn of potential threats to national security. Targeting technologically savvy young adults, the DHS attention to domestic terrorism has increased precipitously since the events of 9/11, when the overall attention to the scope of terrorism internationally resulted in a number of strategic commissions to transform security risks into manageable operations. Cyberterrorism according to the National Strategy for Securing Cyberspace, 2003 offers recommendation to protection of critical infrastructure where industrial computer control networks monitoring energy may be vulnerable. The foregoing essay looks at the convergence of public and private efforts in counter terrorism, and particularly in the…. [read more]

Counter Terrorism Essay

… (Mickoulus, 2011, pg. 164)

He immediately contacted the police. They began working with federal officials to reach out these individuals as members of Al Queada. Their strategy was to begin selling the group weapons and talk with them about their plans. After nearly two years of collecting evidence, law enforcement arrested everyone involved with the plot (prior to attacking). (Mickoulus, 2011, pg. 164)

These elements are illustrating the need to maintain constant vigilance overseas (which will help to identify the threats at home and abroad). This is because, this kind of concentration will require everyone monitoring for suspicious activity. When there is a large presence overseas, the entire country is aware of the possible threats. This is when ordinary citizens can provide useful tips (which…. [read more]

Terrorism Assess the Likelihood of a Terrorist Term Paper

… Terrorism

Assess the likelihood of a terrorist group use of CBRN weapons

There is a high and rising probability of the usage of the chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear -CBRN weapons by majority of terrorists even though certain established terrorist groups are expected to remain restricted by such aspects like being alien to the weapon and its dubious political usefulness. The possible danger caused by CBRN weapons in the hands of terrorists is observed with increasing anxiety by both government and society following the current highly destructive terrorist events. Al-Qaeda and other concerned terrorist gangs persist to show their knack in large-scale killing of human beings through the use of CBRN i.e. chemical, radiological and nuclear arsenals.

Renowned persons in the U.S., has been expressive…. [read more]

Terrorism and Democracy Term Paper

… (Quoted by Hoffmann) This was followed by another resolution that called for international crackdown on financing for terrorism and greater exchange information between countries to fight terrorism. All of this proves that international co-operation and perhaps an International Committee on Prevention of Terrorism under the auspices of the UN would prove more effective in combating terrorism than say, the U.S. attack on Iraq.


Terrorism, as we have seen in this paper, undermines democracy in more than one way. Its effect on democracy becomes more pronounced when democratic countries such as the United States react by curtailing such cherished democratic traditions such as civil rights, liberties, freedom of expression, and the free flow of information in their own societies. It is also clear that terrorism…. [read more]

Terrorism There Have Been Various Essay

… The DHS has been involved in several security operations like border patrols, cybercrime security, and disaster response and even to smaller things like availing information for families to use in case of emergencies (Homeland Security, 2011) as well as promptly responding to emergencies whenever there is one.

From the above engagements of the homeland security it is apparent that there is a close link between the community preparedness and the homeland security. It is only when the local citizens are equipped enough with the relevant security information that it will be possible to maintain internal security. This effort has borne fruits as we have had several instances of citizens informing the authority about suspicious activities most of which have turned out to be true attempts…. [read more]

United States Department of Defense US Military Branches Research Paper

… United States Department of Defense / Military Branches

United States Department of Defense Military Branches

Issue / Policy Area of Interest

Over the last several years, the role of the U.S. military has been changing, as the overall nature of the threats to the nation has evolved. This is part of a larger historical trend that has caused the various branches of the military, to adapt to the different challenges that are taking place. A good example of this can be seen by looking at the history of the United States Marine Corps. Where, it would originally begin in 1775, after it was modeled from the Royal Marines of Great Britain. Their original objective was to serve on the various naval vessels, with the goals…. [read more]

American Terrorism for Many People Research Paper

… American Terrorism

For many people, terrorism was first brought to their attention after the events surrounding September 11th. As they were quickly made aware of the underlying threats that these groups can be. However, the last several years have seen a shift in tactics. As many organizations are focused on conducting domestic terrorism. This has caused the number of incidents to increase dramatically. In this research project, we examine the impact that domestic terrorism is having on the nation. As we are looking at how the overall threat has become so severe, that there needs to be a change in this strategy. This will improve the reader's understanding of the threat, through knowing the way this kind of terrorism is: increasing the risks and how…. [read more]

How Homeland Security Combats the Financing of Terrorism Research Paper

… Financing Terrorism: America's Unique Position In Blocking Such Efforts

Aside from issues in foreign policy and tense international relations, arguments about oil, and other factors which contributed to 9/11, the destruction of the World Trade Center would not have occurred if there hadn't been entities to back such an attack. While most civilians don't consider the practical and financial issues in connection to terrorism, they are incredibly real and incredibly immediate. Without proper funding, there would be no terrorism. Financial institutions in the United States play a major role in the government's ability to combat these actions.

Harnessing the power of financial institutions has been one tactic that the government has taken to thwart terrorist operatives and the people who back them; in fact the…. [read more]

Norfolk Virginia Is a Medium Research Paper

… Norfolk Virginia has long since had a special operations team to assist patrol officers with special circumstances that may have arisen, for instance, hostage situations, bank robberies, and other such criminal activities. But because of the threats posed by terrorism "the Special Operations Team has received specialized training in Weapons of Mass Destruction and anti-terrorism response, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive), and HAZMAT operations." ("Homeland Security Division") In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the responsibility for categorize the city's infrastructure assets and providing these assets with the information to aid in the event of a terrorist attack. Potential assets include government buildings like schools, power generating stations, public utilities, shipyards, and a variety of public venues. In addition, the team…. [read more]

International Terrorism Violence in the Middle East Essay

… International Terrorism

Violence in the Middle East:

The principle cause of perpetual violence in the Middle East is the extremist attitudes prevailing amongst Palestinian Arabs and other Arab states and militant groups toward the nation of Israel. Still today, large Arab nations like Iran and militant Islamic

organizations in positions of power throughout the Palestinian territories maintain formal

declarations of their intention to destroy Israel by any means necessary and refuse ever to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist as a nation. While extremist groups like the Moshe Amon exist in Israel too, the principal difference is that extremist influences neither reflect the predominant view of the Israeli populace nor do they dictate national policy. In Israel, anti-Arab extremist acts of violence are defined…. [read more]

Al Queda Has Shaped Research Paper

… They believe this voice comes with the possession of WMD capabilities. Any such capability certainly gives the group who possesses it the potential to gain collective support from, and further unify, Islamic radicals and certainly makes the rest of the world pay attention.

Al-Qaeda and United States

The discussion of voice highlights the difference between what targets terrorist threaten, and what is at actually at stake. Terrorists threaten the security of U.S. citizens at home and abroad. They threaten the security of developing nations. They threaten the sovereignty of weakened states. They threaten everyone with the potential proliferation of WMDs. Indeed, their targeting is indiscriminate. Patterson characterizes terrorist views as follows:

"...terrorists and guerrillas see no distinction between combatants and non-combatants. Al Qaeda and other…. [read more]

Counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework Terrorism Essay

… The use of floating blimps, CCTVs, eyes on ground, and close ties with foreign police departments, is all technology formed in the past decade that has enhance U.S. intelligence. (Masters, J, n.d.)

American counterterrorism can also be improved with three specific non-agency related policy recommendations. The first is successfully closing off the gaps in the border between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The ease in which individuals are able to traverse the expanse of land between the U.S. And Mexico is alarming, to say the least. Even with the 600-mile wall that has been built, a massive portion of the dangerous land between the two nations is still inhabited each year by those looking for higher wages and a higher standard of living. These borders…. [read more]

Piracy Maritime Terrorism Term Paper

… Maritime Piracy and Terrorism in the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans - a Methodology to Counteract

More than six years after the attacks of September 11th, 2001 showed the United States to be a nation deeply vulnerable to the type of attacks which are favored by terrorist organizations, the security policies and approaches to protecting the American people and America's friends and interests remain deeply impeachable. Security responses relating to the combat of foreign wars, the bureaucratic consolidation of American security agencies, the enhancement of surveillance freedoms to be used against the American people and the selling of America's port security to a state-run firm in the United Arab Emirates are all suggestive of a government which has not taken the proper steps to address the…. [read more]

Domestic Terrorism on Policing Essay

… Within the terrorism arena, the key strength of local agencies clings to their experience in criminal investigation of both individuals and enterprises. Their techniques in investigation create a robust understanding of the extent in which the broad networks of individuals and enterprises link. As a result, the agencies developed a crime-fighting model that is useful in investigations of organized crimes, gangs, and narcotics trafficking enterprises (Innes, 2006). They can picture out the structure, strategies and players involved in terrorist networks. The 9/11 American counterterrorism commission realized the significance of collaboration and integration of law enforcement policies and assets at all levels of government activities. The state and local police personnel thereby have an obligation of collaborating with the federal partners in order to come up…. [read more]

National Security Implications of Transnational Essay

… S. banks. China is trying to steal patents and U.S. technology that companies keep in their sites and in their computers, and the attack on Government increased almost nine fold, to "48,562 in fiscal 2012 from 5,503 in 2006.

Thus Afghanistan, Pakistan, or the region in terms of stability and U.S. concerns, and from Afghanistan the post-withdrawal relationship with the governments involved, the level of development and security it desires, and what kind of peace are not clear. Afghanistan is one example where making and arming insurgents have made the proverbial finger poke the eye. This type of criminals is entering the U.S. As legal and illegal immigrants too.

Illegal Immigrants and Crime

Illegal immigration also causes burdens in the economy and affects national safety.…. [read more]

Anti Terrorism Measures Effective Essay

… These vehicles may be parked near buildings, in garage parking, or near a potential target These and other situational factors must be considered in any anti-terrorist plan. They also should be filtered through the considered judgment and interpretation of security personnel. Of course, to the extent practical, people should be made aware of these factors. Indeed, it is well advised to train employees, particularly security personnel, to be cognizant of these factors. Going beyond awareness, relevant policies and procedures in how to react to these indicators are crucial to an effective anti-terrorism response. Obviously, this is easier said than done. However, short of direct intelligence or mind-reading abilities, these are the best security practices available to date. Above all, it is important to maintain vigilance…. [read more]

Al Qaeda's Next Major Domestic Research Paper

… "

Given the high-profile nature of the New Year's Eve celebration in New York's Times Square, it is reasonable to suggest that Homeland Security authorities and local, regional and state agencies are actively involved in developing contingency plans for a wide range of potential scenarios. In this regard, Davis and his associates add that, "For the scenarios to be useful in designing an individual strategy, they need to be as representative as possible of the broad spectrum of potential types of terrorist attacks."

According to Interpol's guidance, complex problems require complex solutions and this is certainly the case with the response needed to CBRNe threats. In this regard, Interpol advises that, "Due to the complex nature of CBRNe prevention and response, a multi-disciplinary approach is…. [read more]

Somalia and Global Terrorism Research Proposal

… Somalia and Global Terrorism

This will be able to give us a critical examination of state letdown and the associated

Issues of terrorism and piracy that have been plaguing the country of Somalia for nearly two decades. Keeping the focus mainly on the events that happened inside of the nation following the exiling of the Union of Islamic Courts government which occurred in 2007, three research questions are searched in the investigation 1.) What were all the issues that brought everything letdown of the state in Somalia 2.) What actions directed to the increase of piracy and also terrorism in the nation of Somalia 3.) What international exertions attached at worldwide and local levels could aid in restoring peace in Somalia, and what can be…. [read more]

Combatting Future Terrorism Term Paper

… He therefore notes that the prison departments have a noble duty of promoting positive influence with a lot of zeal as well as facilitating the transition of prisoners back to the mainstream society with great innovation. These correctional facilities within the country can act as a special and effective venue for ensuring that the convicted terrorists are de-radicalized and also the spreading of the network of the terrorists is stopped.

The use of airplanes as weapons of terror has been the latest trend and indeed was the tool that was used by the terrorists in the fatal 9/11 attack on the U.S.A. Indeed even before the attack using the planes, Rodney Stitch who was a specialist in air travel safety suggested that the cockpit doors…. [read more]

Domestic Terrorism the Al-Qaeda Group Term Paper

… Across the country in many airports faulty metal detectors are letting hundreds through security unchecked. There are also many baggage screeners that are ill trained or not interested in their job and thousands of bags are not screened properly or not screened at all. Many of the screeners are outdated anyway, they can a 2D figure and the screeners are unable to tell a bomb from normal items (Huges). More training and newer equipment are needed to outsmart today's terrorist. The latest in screening devices is the backscatter which takes an x-ray picture of you to see you have any concealed weapons. There are other systems that can scan you for bomb making materials (Halperin). The problem with these is that they are still being…. [read more]

Terrorism Is a Major Threat Term Paper

… This has effectively deterred the country from harboring those terrorists, and has enticed them to fully cooperate with the United States (NCT, 5)

In addition, the allied forces have used military force within Afghanistan, attacking key elements within terrorist networks within the country. By eliminating certain areas within the network, the military is effectively deterring terrorism by showing dire consequences for any association with a terrorist group. However, since the groups are relatively small, and difficult to find, other deterrents are also needed (Pillar, 11).

The recent attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden within Afghanistan and other countries, and the attempts to capture his allies, uses the deterrent of the intelligence networks. Using international law enforcement and intelligence, terrorists are deterred from traveling internationally in…. [read more]

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