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Manifest Destiny the United States Term Paper

… Manifest Destiny

The United States has often been accused of promoting the image of exceptional values and moral norms. Indeed, the fact that the U.S. is the result of a historical context in which the forces of imperialism were defeated at the hands of the revolutionary armies offered historians, politicians, journalists, and even common people the base for constructing a belief in the predestined fate of the American land and of an apostolic mission towards the world. this perspective on the foreign policy was more or less a constant incentive for the United States and in the last century it can be said that the notion of "manifest destiny" has been the driving force of every accomplishments and failures of the U.S. Administrations.

The notion…. [read more]

Juvenile Crime United States Essay

… Therefore, it was pointed by the researcher that even if the child sees violence in neighbourhood, it might affect his/her behaviour.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the agencies to provide their services for the better upbringing of the child. They need to provide support and prevention services to the youth in where they live. But in the large country like U.S., these agencies have higher number of responsibilities and so they are unable to manage activities in each area. (Mandel, 2008)


The children who watch violent movies and play fighting or violent video games for long hours from very early age are more likely to develop delinquent behaviour. Since, in most of Hollywood movies, cartoons and games promotes the elimination of enemies by…. [read more]

United States: Mitigate China's Influence in African Continent Research Paper

… China's Influence In Africa

Though the United States remain the sole true global superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, over the subsequent two decades China has risen to fill some of the subsequent power vacuum, particularly in regions where the United States has never maintained a substantial presence. This is nowhere more true than on the African continent, here China has made important economic, diplomatic, and military inroads with numerous governments at the same time that the United States' focus is directed towards the Middle East, and particularly the War on Terror. China's success in Africa and the United States' own difficulties in the region are the result of historical and cultural factors that benefit the…. [read more]

United States Department of Defense US Military Branches Research Paper

… United States Department of Defense / Military Branches

United States Department of Defense Military Branches

Issue / Policy Area of Interest

Over the last several years, the role of the U.S. military has been changing, as the overall nature of the threats to the nation has evolved. This is part of a larger historical trend that has caused the various branches of the military, to adapt to the different challenges that are taking place. A good example of this can be seen by looking at the history of the United States Marine Corps. Where, it would originally begin in 1775, after it was modeled from the Royal Marines of Great Britain. Their original objective was to serve on the various naval vessels, with the goals…. [read more]

USA Patriot Act: Discussion Questions Essay

… S. PATRIOT Act has many implications for technology -- and hence users and vendors of the same. It is important to note that thanks to technology, the world is increasingly becoming a global village. Technology has also made our lives easier, meaning that we can now conduct business and undertake various duties in a more efficient manner. However, technology has also been seen as an aid to crime, particularly terrorism. This is particularly the case given that modern information communication technologies are vital and could be used as vital tools for the exchange of information leading to attacks and other criminal acts. As per the provisions of the Act, federal law enforcement agencies are permitted to not only "conduct roving wiretaps without probable cause" but…. [read more]

Copenhagen COP15 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference Essay

… Geography

Copenhagen - COP15-15th United Nations Climate Change Conference

From December 7-18, more than 15,000 people including Government officials and advisers from 192 nations, civil society and the media from nearly every country in the world, came together in the Danish capital, Copenhagen in one of the most significant gatherings in history. It is being referred to as the most complex and vital agreement the world has ever seen. Copenhagen or COP 15 which is the 15th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) -- negotiated future plan agreements for countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as their current commitments under the Kyoto Protocol expire in 2012. The main parties at Copenhagen included the African Group, the Alliance of…. [read more]

United States Has the Most Expensive Healthcare Literature Review

… ¶ … United States "has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, [yet] 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Healthcare is the country's largest economic sector…. Four times larger than national defense… yet millions cannot afford to take care of their health needs" (Farrell, 2009, 1). Despite being an international leader in science and technology, what has happened to the entire healthcare system in America? Fifteen years ago the subject was at the forefront of the new Clinton Administrator, but now, despite technological advances and increased modernization, America finds hospital emergency rooms stretched far beyond any reasonable capacity, the inability for many doctors to afford adequate malpractice insurance, costs for procedures escalating, and even those with insurance unable to afford the basic standards…. [read more]

US Foreign Policy on Family Planning Research Paper

… ¶ … United States should use its foreign policy to promote family planning in other countries, especially in developing countries in the third world. To answer this question, one must consider all of the following: the purposes of foreign policy; the social, economic, and medical benefits that are advanced by promoting family planning; and the social, economic, and medical problems that may follow from the promotion of family planning. Answering this question also involves a consideration of the history of United States foreign policy as it relates to the promotion of family planning.

When all of these factors are considered, I conclude that the United States should use its foreign policy to promote family planning around the world. Family planning can be an important, if…. [read more]

Earthquakes Occur Rapidly Warning Essay

… There's usually substantial language, cultural, as well as religious diverseness, and there's generally a populace of recent migrants, some overseas, and a few undocumented or even illegitimate. "Illegality" as well as "irregularity" may also extend towards the nonimmigrant populace, in which in depth squatter settlements have risen (Fernandes and Varley 1998).

2. For each of the impediments you described, provide specific examples in recent earthquake disasters. Describe strategies for addressing the impediments in your examples.

It's this final attribute of the mega city, its cultural diverseness, which provides not just problem but also opportunity. A study carried out over a four-tear period (1997-2001) based on the United Nations (UN) University uncovered a wealthy variety of societal systems, dealing and developing assistance systems, and citizen-centered endeavors…. [read more]

Obesity Essay

… Obesity is one of the most prevalent forms of malady in the European and American continents. The ranks of obese individuals are augmented each year to the extent that obesity is now very often referred to as pandemic in either first-world or undeveloped countries from across the world. The purpose of this paper is to observe, compare and contrast the health policies of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, with special focus on the measures allocated to preventing and decreasing the obesity rate among the countries' inhabitants.

Trends from the past 18 years in the United Kingdom seem to indicate a tremendous increase in the percentage of obese persons. In fact, reports show that 21% of adult women and 17% of adult…. [read more]

Language in the United States Term Paper

… NRC Language in the United States

Language diversity is a hot-button issue in today's modern political climate. English-only proponents have a variety of reasons for suggesting that English become the single official language of the United States. Some of these reasons are legitimate, such as ensuring that all Americans have an unfettered ability to communicate with one another, while some of them seem to disproportionately impact brown-skinned immigrant groups, and should be examined for any underlying racist motivation. Regardless of the legitimacy of English-only policies, multi-lingualism is completely supported by American traditions. The United States does not have, and has never had an official language, but has always been a multicultural and multi-lingual country. The United States' official policies have either been hands-off with regard…. [read more]

United States Government Should Grant Conditional Amnesty Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Government should grant conditional amnesty -- and offer a path to citizenship -- to undocumented students living in the U.S. that have finished high school and qualify under "The Dream Act" legislation. This paper presents solid arguments as to why the U.S. Congress should the pass legislation known as "The Dream Act" -- technically called "The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act" -- and reasons why The Dream Act did pass the House of Representatives but did not pass muster with the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Why is There an Immigration Crisis? Brief Background

It is widely known that the United States is facing a serious crisis with reference to the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants that are living…. [read more]

Temperatures and Tempers Are Soaring Term Paper

… Appoint, not elect. The United States wants to control every aspect of Saddam-free Iraq; the meaning of "democracy" seems to be eluding U.S. officials. The Iraqi people understandably hold "deep reservations about Mr. Brenner's insistence on putting off elections, and his opposition to turning over sovereignty to a provisional assembly or government," (Tyler 2).

Instead of focusing attention on the real problems of humanitarian services, infrastructures, institutions, and creating a new constitution for the people of Iraq, the United States concentrates on military might. The occupying forces, both American and British, hope to build a new Iraqi army of 40,000 soldiers within three years (Tyler 1). Moreover, salaries of now unemployed Iraqi military men, those who once served under Saddam Hussein, will be paid. The…. [read more]

Preventing Dropouts Among Minority Middle Term Paper

… Apparent changes in self-esteem developed over the eight-week period.

Daisey & Jose-Kampfner (2002) report that the dropout rate is currently increasing for Latinos. This results from students feeling discouragement, which they attribute to teacher stereotyping, low expectations, and tracking. Latinos face special social and cultural pressures that prompt many students, especially girls, to leave school during the middle school years. Confusion also comes from mixed messages from home and school, with often competing values about career, marriage, and motherhood (Canedy, 2001). Studies (Banfield, Johnson, Thomas, & Thieroff, 2002) have also identified the following reasons for Latino dropouts: stereotyping of new students and a lack of self-confidence.

Martin, Tobin, and Sugai (2002) found research that identified the top ten reasons that students dropped out of schools…. [read more]

US Patriot Act Term Paper

… U.S. Patriot Act

How the U.S. Patriot Act facilitates foreign intelligence operations

Patriot Act has been helping the FBI with efforts of sharing information. The Act has made significant contributions through its information sharing provisions. The provision of information sharing has formalized the directorate of FBI intelligence. According to the consolidate appropriations of this Act, the FBI has been given the mandate to implement a new intelligence directorate. The necessity for capabilities of intelligence has cut across various programs of the FBI. This has done away with stove piping of information while enabling the FBI to adapt quickly to the changing threats. Experts have projected that this will work on improving the capability of FBI to share intelligence. This is not only between the intelligence…. [read more]

DOS and DDOS Attacks Term Paper

… ¶ … DDOS Attacks

Computers, computer networks, and the Internet are not only a part of daily life for most individuals in the developed world, but are also an essential element of businesses, governments, and other organizations large and small. The variety and virulence of attacks that can be carried out on organizational websites, computers, and networks is a matter of pressing concern, and is something that it would behoove most individuals to understand at least a little something about. The following paragraphs present a summary of research into one common type of attack, a denial of service or DOS attack, which can also be called a distributed denial of service attack depending on how it is carried out. Understanding how these attacks are carried…. [read more]

Post-Conflict, Peace / Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan Term Paper

… Post-Conflict, Peace/Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan

Somehow, within a forty year span of time, the United States has found itself ensnared in multiple wars in Asia at the same time. Again, unless we can influence the postwar nation building process, powers that are inimical to United States interests (in the present Iran) will fill the vacuum upon the American withdrawal. In this short essay, this author will list two lessons learned from our wars apply it to the defacto American raj in Afghanistan and Iraq. First is not to become too closely associated with present unpopular regimes as it is doing with the present administrations in the countries in which we are "nation-building." Also, staying engaged in a never ending guerrilla war that has…. [read more]

United Nations Could Have Done to Prevent Term Paper

… ¶ … United Nations could have done to prevent the genocide in Rwanda. Assess this view

The Rwanda genocide, unprecedented in magnitude since the Second World War, happened in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The deliberate killings of the minority ethnic group Tutsis was unleashed with such viciousness that even its perpetrators could not gauge its gigantic dimension. With a span of 100 days about more than 8, 00,000 Rwandans lost their lives. The Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi were killed in two surface-to-air missiles which opened the floodgates for the brutal killings of Tutsis and Hutu moderates in Kigali. Apart from that, 10 Belgian paratroopers, part of the group of the UN force, were defused and murdered by the Rwandan government troops as they…. [read more]

United States Army Do to Improve Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Army

Do to Improve on Enforcing Hearing Protection Standards

To Reduce Hearing Loss Among Soldiers

Nearly one third of the close to thirty million Americans with hearing loss today can attribute their disability to what has been deemed as 'toxic noise.' With a loss of hearing, humans cannot fully function in their environments. The working surroundings are by far the biggest culprit to the problem as many Americans have lost their hearing while working in steel mills and mines. "According to OSHA enforcement policy, employers must record work-related shifts in hearing of an average of 25 dB or more at 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 hertz in either ear. In January 2001, OSHA proposed changing this trigger for a recordable injury to…. [read more]

United States Has the Highest Essay

… However, 78% of sentences imposed by United States federal courts in 2005 involved incarceration, whereas 3% of sentences involved only fines and in 2004 70% of convicted felons in state courts were sentenced to incarceration. Essentially, in the United States people are more likely to be sentenced to prison for federal and drug offenses than other countries and these sentences are lengthier in duration. A person sentenced in the United States for burglary will serve about 16 months in prison, whereas in Canada they will serve about 5 months and in England about 7 months. In England only 12% of prisoners, compared to 41% in the United States have been sentenced to 10 years or more. Six percent of prisoners in England convicted of drug…. [read more]

U.S. National Strategy What Three Essay

… CCDRs determine theater strategy "based on analysis of changing events in the operational environment and the development of options to set conditions for success" (JP 3-0 I-3). They are expected to modify old plans or formulate new ones based on changing conditions in the operational environment or new directives from national command authorities. In their theaters, these estimates will also be based on less comprehensive efforts of subordinate commanders, and will be focused on threats and also "consider other circumstances affecting the military situation as they develop and analyze COAs" (JP 3-0 I-4). Commanders use strategic estimates to determine the likely intent of the enemy and consider alternatives in a continuous process. Theater Strategic Concepts describe the types of operations to be conducted, when and…. [read more]

Canadian Border: Current Political Issues Term Paper

… Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, however, both the United States and Canada have been working on ways to help increase security at the border.

The initial response of the United States to the Canadian border issues after the terrorist attacks was to send in uniformed and armed U.S. military troops to patrol the border. The Canadians did not approve of this measure, and many viewed it as a kind of threat to them. Many referred to this act as the "Mexicanization" of the Canadian border, comparing the actions of the United States toward the Canadian border to its long-standing actions at the Mexican border (Day, 2001). Canadians expressed concern that the armed soldiers would injure innocent civilians and that traffic at border crossings would…. [read more]

Abraham Lincoln Past President of United States Term Paper

… Abraham Lincoln past president of United States of America, played a significant role during the American Civil War. He was recognized for his leadership and determination by many historians and laymen not only as American President but also the greatest American of all time. He started with little formal education but this never regarded him to be inferior among his fellowmen. His determination and perseverance put him to be a frontier lawyer and held the nation together through the worst crisis in its history (Abraham Lincoln, 2006a). There is no other president in American history faced the kind of problems that Abraham Lincoln faced upon taking his term. Immediately after his election, Southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America…. [read more]

Attacks on Pearl Harbor Term Paper

… Indications leading to the Attacks

Even though the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center have been portrayed as completely unexpected and unforeseen actions, both these events had been directed by apparent signs and signals that the United States had been confronting a looming danger (36). Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the relationship between the Americans and the Japanese had arrived at its lowest point (7). Not later than the summer of 1941, the government of the then American President, Franklin Roosevelt, had set economic sanctions on the Japanese government to compel them to stop their conflict with China. Historians have given reference to these sanctions as the contiguous reason of the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor. The Japanese government refused…. [read more]

Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gangs: Threat to National Security? Thesis

… ¶ … predominantly Latino Gangs, Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13), and the 18th Street Gang operating on the streets of communities across America. This study is significant because it will provide a snapshot in time concerning how these violent gangs operate in this country in ways that can inform and alert both civilian society and government agencies concerning optimal responses to the problem created by these gangs. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of documentary evidence and governmental statistics about the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang, this study developed several conclusive findings on the negative effects of these groups in the United States. The Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang are becoming transnational criminal organizations given the fact that they originated in Central America and…. [read more]

Chinese Acquisition of Nuclear Weapon Research Paper

… ¶ … Chinese acquisition of nuclear weapon, which may cause national security threats against the United States, is a matter of much concern. The research addresses the following research question:

What are the national security reasons for the U.S. involvement and political strategy in discouraging the implosion of a nuclear war with China?

The research question is important to address because recent Chinese modernization of nuclear weapons may lead to act of aggression on the United States. With potential destructive nature of nuclear weapons, it is critical for the U.S. To formulate appropriate foreign policy in discouraging the implosion of nuclear war with China since U.S.-China relations have been cordial in the recent years. More importantly, the research question is important to address because of…. [read more]

Attack on the Naval Base Essay

… "

In response, the United States froze all Japanese assets in the country and placed an embargo on all petroleum exports to Japan unless they had a special license, which were ultimately never issued.

From here, war became almost inevitable, because Yamamoto "never thought Japan could win a protracted war against the United States," and so a decisive and stunning surprise victory was its best chance for removing the United States as a strategic and economic threat.

The planning and execution of the attack need not be elucidated here, as it has been discussed with almost fetishistic devotion in numerous books and journals. Instead, because the central argument of this essay is that the attack and the numerous deaths it resulted in, both immediately afterward…. [read more]

Corporal Punishment UN Convention Essay

… corporal punishment UN Convention


The work of Johnny (2005) entitled: "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Rationale for Implementing Participatory Rights in Schools" reported in regards to child rights in the Canadian Context as follows: "Despite its international recognition the Convention has been met with great opposition from conservative groups who claim that the participatory principle threatens the rights of adults by providing children with excessive autonomy. This logic has largely dissuaded the United States from ratifying the Convention and has also sparked debate in Canada where the government has been sluggish in their attempts to fully implement this international document into domestic policy and law. Correspondingly, this has thwarted the participation of youth in institutions such as…. [read more]

Globalize Barriers Are Coming Down Term Paper

… Equally, to strive for leisure as an alternative to work would be considered a complete misunderstanding of one of the basic truths of human existence, namely, that work and leisure are complementary parts of the same living process and cannot be separated without destroying the joy of work and the bliss of leisure."

We may be witnessing the opening battles in a new kind of politics that will raise basic questions about growth -- questions that defy the conventional left-right divide. Where the old politics was largely concerned with the role of government -- with the relation between public and private sectors -- the emerging one will be more concerned with such issues as central vs. local, market culture vs. family and community culture, material…. [read more]

International Disaster: The Indian Ocean Research Paper

… While organization such as Direct Relief performed many social services and helped rebuild entire villages, as well as ensure proper sanitation procedures in various countries affected by the disaster, many state, again, that this has not been enough. According to one website, "The disaster relief that was offered just did not seem to be what others would have expected them to contribute in correspondence to the tsunami relief that the nations that were affected by the disaster had needed. The disaster relief that was offered was believed to not offer the amount of resources that they could have in order to help with the recovery. It has even been said by several sources that the United Nations did not exactly favor the disaster relief that…. [read more]

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