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United States History 1492-1865 Term Paper

… Thus, the leaders decided to change the legislation and reframe it according to the need of the hour.

Q.2) What compromises were made in Philadelphia to placate the small states and the large states?

The Context

The basic reason why compromises had to be made was the fact that the representatives in the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia and their states had extensively dissimilar interests. Even if each individual state aimed at forming a government exclusively for its own benefit, it would not have been possible. The thirteen small and large states had varying geography, demographics and public interests according to their economies. For instance, some delegates intended to abolish the slavery convention while others chose to safeguard it. Such disagreements further worsened the situation when…. [read more]

United States Government Is a Republic Term Paper

… United States Government is a Republic, formed on democratic principles. This means that the United States operates under a system of democracy that is "for the people, by the people." Citizens of the United States are participants in their democracy by way of the electoral processes that allow them to elect members to the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and the president and his vice president. The president's term is limited to two four-year terms, to ensure that no elected official ever has such a taste of power for the office of the President of the United States - an office that has come to represent one of the most powerful people not just in the United States, but in the world; such…. [read more]

Uniting and Strengthening America Research Paper

… S. upon whom no existing evidence of terrorist ties is available. The controversial elements surrounding the three sections have sprung due to explicit beliefs that the Patriot Act inhibits most peoples' constitutional liberties in regards to privacy. Whereas in the past, intercept orders were required to establish surveillance, the three expiring sections lead to the evident conclusion that the U.S. government has enforced law agencies with legal rights over any individuals' data storage. Furthermore, law agencies are not required to present evidence in supporting allegations but can establish electronic surveillance more freely than ever before. Indeed, criticism has arisen because the Patriot Act ?makes it easier for the government to skirt what are supposed to be limitations on permissible domestic surveillance. (Henderson, 2002, p. 195)…. [read more]

United Healthcare Essay

… This has become obvious from an average job rate of 14% (Shi, 2007). Many groups, as well as the United Healthcare, are expressing their interests regarding the developing nursing predicament (Safavi, 2006). The IOM delivered a document in 1996 that documented the rank of determining the suitable nurse-patient ratios and delivery of skills for making sure that patients obtain health care that is quality. A lot of the stakeholders that are within the health care system, particularly Federal and State governments, nurse associations and accreditation organizations, are conscious of the lack of qualified nursing staff and connected difficulties and are vigorously looking for solutions (Safavi, 2006). Part of United Healthcare strategy is using the, Nurse Reinvestment Act, which Congress passed which has put into effect…. [read more]

Leadership United States Essay

… In his presidency, however, published critiques for social conditions and injustices began to appear increasingly. His ineffectiveness may have been a result of him being too rational and cool about situations. Liberal groups criticize this aspect of his leadership and declare it ineffective as weak when he reaches the public directly. He was also declared as an impassionate leader and required that more passion be shown on his side (Bush, 2001).

The American society believes that the president be elected with the consent of the people and that is what democracy is all about. With the concept of direct leadership, President Kennedy understood the vitality of the outcomes that could result when the masses are leaded directly that is when the president communicates to the…. [read more]

United States' President Comparing Essay

… In Canada the delay time is set according to the accessibility of services in the location and by the relative demand of the individual requiring treatment. Additionally, the doctor-to-patient percentage is inferior in Canada than in the United States. In accordance to a 2009 Commonwealth agreement, Veteran's healthcare facilities in Pennsylvania and New York city, respectively, have even more physicians readily available individually than in Canada (Snowdon A, and Cohen, 2011).

With concerns to Patient-Physician Relationship, when the physician is satisfying a client for the first time, the physician needs to determine the client's requirements and expectations, reveal to the patient the necessary details about their level of understanding, abilities, restrictions of practice and mode of after-hours operation, and figure out whether the regards to…. [read more]

United Nations Research Paper

… S. involvement in the UN

Believing that the UN has no right to intervene or interfere in other countries' affairs, Paul introduced H.R. 1146.IH during the 111th Congress

H.R. 1146 if passed, would have terminated U.S. participation the UN (which was Public Law 79-264; 22 U.S.C. 287 et seq)

"No funds may be obligated or expended to support the participation of any member of the Armed Forces of the U.S. As part of any United Nations…peacekeeping operation or force" (H.R. 1146.IH)

This legislation did not pass the Senate, but it reflects the view of some politicians that the UN should not become involved in other states' affairs

TWO: Intervention in the Internal Affairs of States (Paphiti, e-International Relations)

The UN is authorized to "maintain international…. [read more]

USA Hegemony Term Paper

… S. kept Haiti economically and politically isolated for decades and refused any diplomatic recognition until after the Civil War. In more recent history, Jean Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest and advocate of liberation theology, was overthrown twice in military coups in 1991 and again in 2004, which had all the classic hallmarks of CIA-style covert operations. Not surprisingly, Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world, dominated by a corrupt and repressive oligarchy that the U.S. has helped to install and maintain over many decades.

Michael Doyle counters Rosato in asserting that Kant's Perpetual Peace between democracies is real, as is their tendency to be war-prone with authoritarian or non-liberal states. Not all groups within democracies are liberal or democratic, of course, but…. [read more]

2nd Continental Congress Essay

… In such a setting, it became virtually impossible to modify the Articles, since all members could not agree.

Last, the final weakness of the Articles of Confederation is represented by an expansion of the previous limitation, in the meaning that the Congress had the power to create new laws, but could only enforce them upon receiving a majority of 9 votes out of 13 (Kelly).

Having recognized the shortages of the Articles of Confederation, representatives of the U.S. states met up to adjust the Articles. However, the delegates ended up creating a new document that would better address the issues identified within the United States. The Constitutional Convention was as such formed from educated men, better educated than the average American citizens, and most of…. [read more]

Articles of Confederation and Constitution Essay

… For a fifth example, the Articles did not give the federal government power to control the military; therefore, the Constitution's Article I, Section 8 gave Congress the power to create, support and make rules for an army and navy (United States of America, 1789). In sum, the Constitution "cured" the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation by setting up specific powers, rights and divisions in the federal government.

c. What the Great Compromise was and how Representation of States in Congress is Determined

The Great Compromise, also known as the Connecticut Compromise, was approved on July 16, 1787 during a Constitutional Convention and solved a dispute between larger and smaller states about how representation of each state in Congress would be determined. The Virginia Plan,…. [read more]

Federal and State Government Essay

… The 10th Amendment tersely identifies the powers of the States in this way: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" (U.S. Constitution). In other words, anything that is not listed in those 18 powers identified in Article I, Section 8, by definition is a power that belongs to the States.

There are also limitations to the power of the federal government. Article I, Section 9, "sets definite limits on what Congress may do" (McClellan, 2000, p. 300). Some of the restraints placed upon Congress are archaic, such as the restraint stating that Congress may not forbid the importation of slaves until 1808. Article I,…. [read more]

Culture and the United States Essay

… Economy, Energy and Infrastructure

The United States of America has remarkable mineral and agricultural resources. In the past, the country was almost self-reliant. However, the continuous and escalating consumption of energy has made America reliant on certain imports. Yet, it is the largest producer of both electrical and nuclear energy in the world. It is also recognized as the chief producer of "copper, gold, coal, crude oil, nitrogen, iron ore, silver, uranium, lead, zinc, mica, molybdenum, and magnesium" ("United States," 2009). As far as the agriculture is concerned, America leads the world in "cheese, corn, soybeans, and tobacco" ("United States," 2009) production. Moreover, America is also the leading exporter of wheat and corn in the world and is the third biggest exporter of rice. The…. [read more]

Diversity in the United States Essay

… Such an attempt was never even proposed at the federal level before 1981, because it had never been that big of an issue. The issue of an official language has surfaced periodically throughout U.S. history but was not raised in Congress until 1981, when Senator S.I. Hayakawa of California introduced a constitutional amendment to make English the official language (Leweling, 1997).

However, the English language movement was given credence by 23 states and in 1996 Congress designated English as the Federal Government's official language. Many people have criticized such attempts at making the official U.S. language English because they fear that it will detract from many citizens right to be culturally diverse. There have also been attempts to only provide information about government programs and…. [read more]

United States Engaged in a World Term Paper

… ¶ … United States engaged in a world wide war against terrorism in the wake of September 11th, it is believed that we have become much more isolationist in our economic and foreign policies. Many view this as a reactionary step to the events of September 11th, however this view obscures a longstanding and growing set of dysfunctional relationships that have been developing between the U.S. And other nations. Ever since the post Cold War era, the United States seems to have become disconnected with the rest of the world, ignoring their particular interests and perspectives and engaging in our own set of strongly isolationist and unilateral actions. Although it is true that the Bush Administration has aggravated this circumstance through much of its own…. [read more]

Independent United States Shed Colonial Essay

… This form of democracy was a distinct departure from the form of monarchy which previously governed the United States when it was a series of colonies under British rule.

Economically, then, the United States was able to distance itself from its colonial history by founding a national banking institution, the Bank of the United States, in 1791 during the presidency of George Washington (who was president during the ratification of the Constitution in 1790). The founding of the national bank, which was initially championed by Alexander Hamilton, reinforced the notion of national solidarity by buttressing the conception of a strong central government -- which was of course diametrically opposed to the loose affiliation of colonies and even states that preceded the bank's inception. The fact…. [read more]

Jefferson Davis Views on State Research Paper

… This aspect was by far the most common feeling for a majority of the states during Davis reign in the Civil War. This was especially true because of Davis's own lenient approach to secession and how the sovereignty and independence of the state was perceived to be a far more important aspect for the senate and Confederacy to uphold in order to ensure that the fundamentals with which their constitution was formed were not violated (Swanson. 2010).

Actually, none from the states ever came close, during Davis's reign, to really exercising their right to secede from the Senate of the Confederacy. Furthermore, the majority of them were able to avoid designing or implementing an extreme state rights structure throughout the civil war years. Despite that,…. [read more]

United States Term Paper

… South Carolina did not want to act alone, however, which caused them to move forward somewhat cautiously, and with ample planning.

Before Lincoln could even take office, secession rallies began erupting across the Southern states. Because of their immense supporters, the elected secession delegates of South Carolina decided to move ahead earlier than planned, on December 20, 1860 (451). The following year in February, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Louisiana followed suit (451).

Lincoln's Presidential Inaugural Address was meant to calm the fears of Southerners, along with smooth over the immediate threats to peace, while buying time in the hopes that a resolution could be worked out (454). He attempted to calm a fear that "seems to exist among the people of the Southern…. [read more]

Political Science the USA Patriot Term Paper

… Civil liberties groups attack the extent of this section, which permits investigators to get any tangible thing, including books, records, papers, documents and other items, as long as the records are wanted in association with a terror investigation. Library groups say that the law could be utilized to require the reading records of customers. But the government points out that the First Amendment actions of Americans are expressly protected by the law (Abramson & Godoy, 2066).

In May of 2011, Congress passed a four-year extension of three provisions of the Patriot Act that were expiring. No of the changes thought to be needed by some were made at this time. The extended provisions are set now set to expire on June 1, 2015. In spite…. [read more]

United States History on April Term Paper

… The perceived need for a more powerful and complete federal government led, in 1787, to the calling of a convention, to consider revising the Articles. That Convention, meeting in Philadelphia, chose, instead, to write a Constitution, which was ratified by eleven States in 1788.

In 1789, the Constitution of the United States was put into operation, and George Washington was elected the first President of the United States.

Centralization proved difficult for many people to accept. America had been settled in large part by Europeans who had left their homelands to escape religious or political oppression, as well as the rigid economic patterns of the Old World that locked individuals into a particular station in life regardless of their skill or energy. These settlers highly…. [read more]

Economic Crisis Policies US Current Research Paper

… S. money market back to its operations by assuming that U.S. financial system had enough liquidity to expand the market operations. Fed Reserve accepted the less credit worthy securities as collateral and held safe U.S. treasuries to keep the money supply constant. These were later termed as "toxic waste removal" policies.

Fed Reserve introduces another set of program by taking over multinational insurance company American International Group (AIG) on September 2008. This program was implemented through option of purchasing asset backed commercial paper from money market mutual funds. This policy was termed as Quantitative easing by Bernake.


First the U.S. economic crisis was only of real estate and later on it developed into global financial crisis. If it is to be judged that Fed…. [read more]

US Economy Hypothetical Economic Scenarios Term Paper

… The GDP will thus contract, and the overall rate of growth will contract.

Hypothetical Occurrence 5#: Congress passes an increase in income tax rates to take effect next year

This hypothetical economic scenario proposes that the exact opposite political action has occurred. According to Keynes, the effects of this measure should be salutary -- but only if the increased funds accrued by the federal government are accrued and utilized properly. In other words, increased revenue should be used to create jobs by expanding the government programs of public works. This will increase consumer confidence because of an expected and real decrease in unemployment, thus causing the GDP of goods to increase, the economy to expand, and, as people have more disposable income to compete for…. [read more]

American West United States Research Paper

… Competition and Regulation

During the time when railroads were being developed in the West and some of the railroad companies had experience bankruptcy, some of them were in debt and some started the wars regarding the rate. For this purpose, there was need to limit competition and therefore, lines that worked in the same territory had to either share the area or there was call of distributing the profit equally. This agreement among railroad companies led to the process of pooling, in which the rates were high (Bianculli, 56). The companies lacked cooperation and therefore, ensure that they would get maximum number of customers and therefore, they would pay bribes or rewards to large customers in order to ensure that they would use their lines…. [read more]

United States Has Become Preoccupied Essay

… But, America is making its best effort to educate common people as they should understand the laws and regulations to follow and to elect the right person as their representatives (Kurth, 2009).

Military development:

The innovation in military is changing the way of war of America. As American economy is re-creating itself, the America's military has also started taking advantage of the technology. In 20th century, there was no other power to match America's military power.

United States consider the military power as an essential element of its national strategy and it is viewing military as a key to achieve the objectives in globe. United States military instruments serve several crucial purposes such as to facilitate the Beijing's integration into cooperative security oriented processes and…. [read more]

United Nations: Failures Research Paper

… They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

However, were people actually treated with the "spirit of brotherhood"? For the Tutsis, the answer to this question was an ominous "no." As the international peace keeping the organization, the UN should have intervened and salvaged the lives of thousands of Tutsis who were moribund.

Of course, this initial discriminatory may be plausible and acknowledgeable because it would have been a hassle to rescue the Tutsis in great numbers. However, no help returned to the Tutsis who were suffering in agony

About a week into the conflict, the UN, instead of increasing the number of UN peacekeeping force in order to prevent the rampage, voted to withdraw…. [read more]

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Term Paper

… In the same way, by adopting a more modern approach to the status of women, UAE aims to provide a more Westernized, progressive society to the large number of foreigners working within its borders. Both Arab nationalism and UAE try to separate themselves from the world's negative view of Islam, which is often labeled as imperialist and reactionary. In the eyes of the world, Islamic states oppress ethnic and religious minorities and treat women as second-class citizens.

To combat these stereotypes, Arab nationalism and UAE try to promote the image of a new Arab state with a secular higher authority that is moving towards a more modern and progressive culture and society. However, in the end, Islam is a fundamental part of Arab identity. It…. [read more]

USA Patriot Act: Discussion Questions Essay

… S. PATRIOT Act has many implications for technology -- and hence users and vendors of the same. It is important to note that thanks to technology, the world is increasingly becoming a global village. Technology has also made our lives easier, meaning that we can now conduct business and undertake various duties in a more efficient manner. However, technology has also been seen as an aid to crime, particularly terrorism. This is particularly the case given that modern information communication technologies are vital and could be used as vital tools for the exchange of information leading to attacks and other criminal acts. As per the provisions of the Act, federal law enforcement agencies are permitted to not only "conduct roving wiretaps without probable cause" but…. [read more]

United Nations and US Foreign Term Paper

… Since then, U.S. foreign policy - and the role of the United Nations in it -- has consistently been changing.

One of the main factors that contributed to recent changes in U.S. foreign policy was the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2002 (Barisch, 2004). Weeks later, without prior Security Council authorization, the President gave orders to U.S. military forces to attack Afghanistan.

In the fall of 2002, the United States went to the U.N. To draw up a new resolution designed to force Saddam Hussein to allow U.N. weapons inspectors to reenter Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction and, ultimately, to trigger war (Barisch, 2004). U.N. Security Council resolution 1441 was adopted unanimously. After months of weapons inspections…. [read more]

United States: Mitigate China's Influence in African Continent Research Paper

… China's Influence In Africa

Though the United States remain the sole true global superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, over the subsequent two decades China has risen to fill some of the subsequent power vacuum, particularly in regions where the United States has never maintained a substantial presence. This is nowhere more true than on the African continent, here China has made important economic, diplomatic, and military inroads with numerous governments at the same time that the United States' focus is directed towards the Middle East, and particularly the War on Terror. China's success in Africa and the United States' own difficulties in the region are the result of historical and cultural factors that benefit the…. [read more]

Environmental Term Paper

… The court disagreed with the site qualifying under Section 404(a)'s definition of 'navigable waters' because of being a habitat for the migratory birds. The courts disagreement was based on the consideration that it would assume the statute did not have any independent significance. The court explained that, in the aggregate, the substantial effects on the interstate commerce were not clear because the petitioner's, SWANCC's, landfill was clearly of commercial nature and clearly not connected to 'navigable waters' and 'waters of the United States' that the statute extends the terms to. The court rejected the request for Administrative deference based on the state and federal balance where Congress extended rights and responsibilities to the States. The aggregate balance of the economic loss of natural resources and…. [read more]

NAFTA Clinton, Congress, the Constitution Research Paper

… This ruling repeatedly referred to NAFTA as a 'treaty' and relied on interpretations of past treaties as justification for the decision" (Schlafly, 2004).

Yet, as Schlafly states, NAFTA was not submitted for Senate approval as a treaty, and this is exactly how it was able to pass. Had it been submitted as a treaty it would have required two-thirds approval -- which it did not receive. Instead, it passed by a congressional-executive agreement. Thus, one of the ramifications of NAFTA (aside from the moral, social, and economic upheaval) is the fact that it is one more nail in the coffin of the Constitution. As Schlafly remarks, "implicitly at stake in this case is whether congressional bypass of the Treaty Clause, Article II, Section 2, can…. [read more]

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